What Kelly Did… Moodboards, Make-up, Bunting And Jugs.

Nooooooo, my last pre-wedding post (sob) so please indulge me for a minute or two as I plan to make the most of it! I have to confess that I am very sad this chapter is over. I have so enjoyed making a teeny contribution to these pages and I have so very much appreciated the advice and comments from you lovely readers, so thank you.

When I made my entry to become a ‘Real Bride’, I submitted a mood board based on the type of feel I wanted for our big day. Over a year later, naturally things have evolved and ‘just for the craic’, I decided to put together a new mood board based on what I know now:

If I can achieve even just a patch of the pretty from above, I will be more than happy. So here’s what I’ve been doing this month to try and get there.

Since the last time I wrote, wedding plans and progress went slightly off course. Without going completely off topic, I will try briefly to explain. What turned into a casual “lets go and view that property for research purposes”, turned into an offer made, an offer accepted, (lots of boring paperwork blah, blah, blah), and then completion. Between this post and my last post we have got out of the rental and into the home, and we love it.

So, wedding planning took a temporary backseat. That lasted for maybe a fortnight, until I was itching to get on with it again and tearing into our boxes to get hold of my latest DIY projects.

Goodbye DIY

Last post, last bout of DIY and please forgive me, some are still a work in progress! Top left is the start of the table plan.

I would love to take credit for the hanger bottom left, but alas no, it was bought from Etsy. My new name (excited squeals!)

I have always wondered how Bride and Grooms get such amazing confetti shots when as a guest at weddings I, without fail, forget to take some. So, to help all the ‘forgetters’ like me, I bought some for the Groomsmen to hand out (bottom right).

And, I love a frame and sign. The Bride and Groom graphics were downloaded for free from Wedding Chicks.

On the next image top left is some ‘Mr & Mrs Moloney’ doily bunting for the top table. Bottom left is for our getaway car and on the right are bunting signs for the reception.

A Jug-gling Act

Our florist emailed us to ask if we would like to hire her jugs for the centre pieces (this is what we were considering doing), and then she mentioned that they were £6…each. Whilst I recognise that weddings are pricey, even I thought this seemed rather ridiculous. We declined the use of her jugs (that almost sounds a bit rude) and we decided to use what we had at home, supplemented with a couple of bits from TK Maxx where, indecently, it was cheaper to BUY a jug than it was to hire. We now have enough ‘vessels’ for the tables, here is a selection:

(Flower) Girl Power

I am very lucky to have possibly the most gorgeous niece (slightly biased I know) who will be our flower girl. She is three years old and the cutest thing ever. My Mum has bought her a “pretty dress” and bolero and has made her a headband and flower girl basket. She has tried the dress on and it is safe to say she loves it. She asked my Mum the other day “why does Aunty Kelly want to get married? Is it so she can wear a pretty dress like me?” she then went on to ask if she could get married, ahhhhhh! And, she’s a natural:


I have bought all my accessories, with the exception of a statement pair of earring which I will leave to the last minute as I have a habit of changing my mind. Shoes, I hear you ask? Well go on then!

One pair of sparkly Kate Spades, check. I am also in love with my garter; I bought this from a British designer who made it out of super old vintage lace (Andy is so not allowed to pull it down with his teeth, ahem).

Made Up?

I had my hair and make-up trial a few weeks ago. I confess, I rather vainly found this a tricky one. Whilst I would like a ‘professional’ to do it so it is nice and it takes that stress away from me (trying to attach false eyelashes under pressure is so not cool), I had such fixed ideas and ‘likes’, I was never going to look exactly how I had pictured in my minds eye, which I most definitely did not. Coupled with being somewhat messed about by the lady I had booked, and my lack of assertiveness in, errr, demanding what I wanted, I was left feeling slightly apprehensive about the whole thing. However, as Andy pointed out, there are more important things to worry about so I am not going to get too hung up about it. If I need to, I will just have to wash it off and start again, I’m sure all that nice honeymoon make-up I’ve been buying could be put to even better use!

My beauty staples I am ‘demanding’:

And my wedding hair inspirations:

It’s Time to Call in the Professionals

I have taken the advice of many a gorgeous Bride to have graced these pages and decided to book an on-the-day-co-ordinator. I am planning on sitting back and drinking champagne as I leave the stresses and pressures in someone else’s capable hands. A quick Internet search and I came across Marie at Isabella Weddings. One of the best wedding planning decisions I’ve made. Before Marie came on board, I was already over thinking who would do what and how it would be done, but all that ceased as soon as the email was sent. There is something secure about the knowledge that someone will be there to organise and arrange things whilst all I have to worry about is enjoying myself. It’s a tough life!

Dress Up

You may remember that THE dress was bought on-line via America so when it arrived it needed altering. Well, it is now altered and hanging up at home eekkkk, and just to be a bit annoying, here is a sneak peek:

And seeing as this is my last post, I thought you wouldn’t mind if I gushed a little bit about Andy. I remember one Sunday afternoon some time ago, Charlotte posed the question of fate, which has stuck with me ever since. The big and sometimes insignificant decisions or choices we have made or are made for us through default; have all led us to the paths we tread today…

Rewind a few years…my temporary contract had expired at my ‘then’ job in Surrey. I was disappointed to be hunting for a new one and was wondering what life could throw at me next. My woes however, paled into insignificance when at the same point in time; a young man I had never met, had recently recovered from a brain tumour and, back to full health and a little later than planned, was able to begin his first teaching post in Sussex. A few months later, I rock into the same Sussex school, having fluked my interview, and meet this generous, caring man with literally a heart made of gold. His name was Andy.

Several years later we got together and never looked back. With Andy’s big ideas and my know how, we quit our jobs, travelled the world and came back to England with big plans of settling down and planning our wedding, which, leads us to where we are today. I can’t express how excited, happy and thankful I am to have met Andy. He has taught me so much; you don’t have to settle for second best, you can achieve your goals, and above all; you can be happy. I love him and can’t wait for the day I can proudly call him husband.

If you are still reading this, thank you! To all the Real Brides class of 2011/2012, you’ve been my heroes, over and out. Charlotte, Adam and the RMW team; words cannot express how happy you have made me, RMW continues to go from strength to strength and I wish you all the luck in the world.

Big See-You-On-The-Flipside Love,

Kelly (Reds) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

21 thoughts on “What Kelly Did… Moodboards, Make-up, Bunting And Jugs.

  1. Ok, so my day today was ok, then i nearly passed out in the gym *embarassing* Im still feeling a little squiggly.

    Then I read this. and now Im crying.

    I’m excited about your wedding and Im not even going!! I LOVE your bunting is it paper?

    Can’t wait to see your dress, and if you want to sell any of your ‘jugs’ 😉 oo-er, after give me a shout – hmaustin@hotmail.com

    Good luck with your day, with all that you have shown us I have no doubt that it will be anything but AMAZING!!


  2. @ Kelly wow everything looks amazing! and PLEASE PLEASE tell me how you made that amazing bunting! I have been umming and ahhing on the bunting front but now seeing that I know I def want it :o) What date is your big day? Mine is 5th August and sooo excited! Liking the idea of having a co-ordinator too might have a google session :o) xx

  3. Love everything! Especially the cute niece. I had two very little flower girls and one of them kept asking her mum ‘Abi wedding now peas mummy, freya wear pretty dress’ So lovely! And so much fun to have there on the day. And boy arent you talented! Love everything about your DIY touches and cant wait to see it all come together 🙂

  4. OMG that last photo of you two is absolutely frigging GORGEOUS! You’re SO photogenic – your photographer must be rubbing his/hers hands together in glee!

  5. Kelly you have really cheered me up this afternoon with that post, for the first time all day I am smiling (not feeling very well, blah) ear to ear!

    I LOVE your doily bunting, it’s so pretty!

    And I totally hear you on the expensive jug/jar/bowl hire front! We have been buying up some things too and have saved ourselves about £100, not to be sniffed at!

    Good luck for the wedding, I’m sure with your organisational superstar of a planner you’ll be able to sip champagne in true relaxed bridal fashion!

    Looking forward to your post-wedding report 🙂 x

  6. If I had to describe Kelly in one word I’d say she was fabulous.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly on the Real Brides photoshoot and she spent the whole day grinning from ear to ear and making everyone giggle despite the torrential rain.

    RMW wish you all the best with your big day and we’re absolutely positive that it will be filled to the brim with a whole heap of prettiness – we can’t wait to see the final pictures and of course – THE DRESS!

  7. Your niece is just so damn cute! can’t wait to see the rest of the wedding … your ‘gush’ may have made me cry a little x

  8. Hello gorgeous ladies 🙂 Thank you for your comments. It was my last day at school today till September, so am in a super happy mood, and not long till the wedding woo!

    @Helen hope you are feeling better?! A large glass of wine is normally a good cure haha! Thanks for the love and will let you know about the centrepieces. The bunting is paper 🙂

    @Claire no probs…I bought some lovely ‘designer’ card from Hobbycraft, it was quite pricey, about £20, but I have used it for loads of wedding bits. It came in a big pack with different patterns, the make is K&Company. I then made a template, drew and cut out all my triangles, printed out the letter on ‘normal’ A4 plain paper and cut out, then glued to the triangles. REALLY, REALLY simple really! Used a small hole punch and some jute string and voila!

    @Abi thank you! Gotta love the young’uns! And as someone who has seen your wedding pics, you MUST send them to team RMW…they are amazing!

    @Peridot haha, thanks, I did however choose the ‘best’ pic!!!

    @Kitty you are lovely, thank you so much. Can’t wait for the big day and then writing my report. I too can’t wait to see yours, but guess I will have a while to wait!

    @Lauren I have often been accused of grinning too much! I loved the shoot so much, it was a dream come true and I loved meeitng you. Ta for the luck.

    @Alice the niece rocks! Ooohhh and I can’t believe I made someone cry (am I allowed to be slightly proud of myself?!)

  9. So, I’m in France, surrounded by blokes, and I’m crying! Redman, I bloody love you, you legend – can’t believe that’s our last (collective) pre-wedding post for the RMW Real Brides of 2011/12!

    I cannot wait to see all your hard work in action in your pictures – have a ruddy amazing day, gorgeous!

    See you on t’other side 🙂

    J xx

  10. Well missy reds, this is just delightful! Your ideas are beautiful and your wedding is goin to be so flipping gorgeous, I just knows it. Please tell me you’ll be purchasing a tub of millions for the occasion!!

    My nephew was the star of the show! The morning after he asked his mum “mummy, do we get to put on our posh clothes and smile for the man with the big camera again today”!!

    Can’t wait to see you in your gorgeousness xxxxx

  11. Kelly- loved reading your last post, everything looks fabulous and THANK YOU for introducing me to the Wedding Chicks website . . . . I have just spent the last hour looking through their free templates. What a find!!

    Good luck for the big day xx

  12. Oh Miss Redman, what a gorgeous post. Particularly the bit about lovely lovely Andy (wipes a tear) I can not wait for your wedding!!!!!!!!

  13. Kelly- how did buying your dress in the States work out for you? I’m hoping to buy mine in NYC this October but not sure if it’s a silly idea….?

    Good luck for your wedding, it all looks stunning!

  14. Great post Kelly.

    Looking forward to seeing your wedding.

    Sorry to hear that your makeup artist didn’t work out. If u need any product advise for the big day give me a message, you can’t go wrong with MAC though. X

  15. Oh my lovely lady Kelly!

    What a fabulous post!

    Your DIY is fabulous! Love the jugs and moodboard! OH and those A-MAZ-ING shoes! I would SO love those if only I could walk in them!

    Your wedding will be ace, which is a guarantee from me! Because your ruddy ACE and it couldn’t be any other way!

    Can’t wait to see your happy smiling beautiful face in the wedding report!

  16. @MrsA have a ‘fabbers’ (your words!) holiday, thanks for the love xxxxx
    @Rachel unfortunately the DWEEBS won’t be making an appearance at the wedding!!!!
    @Lucy your’re more than welcome 🙂
    @Jenny thanking you!
    @Jess course it’s not a silly idea, go for it! Although I didn’t “go” to the states to buy my dress, ordered it online, the whole thing was pain free and easy. I was confident in who I was buying from though. If you are buying online, the only issue you may have is with customs as they like to charge a hefty import tax. I asked the botique I bought my dress from to state the package was of ‘no value’. This is a little risky as if it gets damaged/lost in transit, there is no come back insurance wise, however it saves the import tax when it does arrive.
    @Chloe ta for the help/advice, may well take you up on that!
    @Amanda you are too sweet, hope our day will be as good as yours 🙂 xxxxx

  17. What an awesome post Kelly – everything looks amazing! I LOVE the shoes and that is one kick-ass mood board.

    Your recommendation of hiring a Wedding Day Coordinator has already been taken on board! I had a mega lightbulb moment when I read that bit and I have just emailed Marie. My future hubby got offered a fabulous job abroad a week ago which means we move to a completely new country literally days after the Wedding. This has thrown all of our plans totally out of synch as you can imagine, so hiring someone to make sure all the details are in place (and so I don’t stress myself in to a frenzy) would be brilliant.

    Thanks again and best of luck with everything 🙂 xxx

  18. I personally loved the part where you were gushing about your Hubby to be – brought a tear to my eye! Good luck!! xx

  19. Ahhhh Kelly, what an epic post. I’ve loved seeing how you’ve brought your style together as you always had such a strong look to your day right from the beginning. You have a real talent for creating pretty things, I hope we will be seeing you designing bits and bobs for other people’s weddings as well (have you thought about setting up a side business??)

    But most of all, I love how very in-love you are …. it just leaps off the page, so mahooosive congratulations. I can’t wait to see your write up and pics of your gorgeous dress. Muchos love xxx

  20. Sorry catching up after my hols!
    Kelly, what a lovely last post. All your little details look amazing. Cannot wait to see the photos of the day 🙂

    Have an absolutely fabulous day xxx

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