What Kelly Did… Staved Off The Winter Blues.

Hello lovely people, Adam here.

I’m just barging in on Kelly’s post to remind you all that it is retro week here on RMW and anyone who comments on todays post stands the chance of winning a notebook or retro film camera from the super cool people at lomography.com. Have a look at our retro week introduction post for full details. You can also learn how to enter the lomography.com competition where you can win a couples shoot styled by Rock My Wedding and shot by some of our favourite photographers.

Right, that’s all the ‘business’ out the way – as it’s retro week who better than Kelly our vintage real bride to update you on her latest W-day shenanigans. Wow, it’s like we actually plan all this or something…

Afternoon lovely readers.

Doesn’t Christmas and New Year feel like a distant dream, as we are thrust full force into ‘gloomy’ January and February? According to professionals, about now we should be depressed, broke, failures with out new years resolutions and erm, cold. If you’re planning a wedding though, the realisation of ‘oh-em-gee-I’m-getting-married-this-year’ has probably hit you full on in the face and the previously somewhat distant concept has become, well, very, very REAL. Down in the dumps? Didn’t think so.

NYE saw our ‘engagement’ anniversary. Last year it was sunscreen, straw hats and sparkly rings in Sydney and this year it was thermals, rain and wine in London. Now, I’ve never been one for setting resolutions. We’ve all heard the stats that 90% of them fail in the first two weeks, so why set your self up for a failure? Well this year is no ordinary year…

The year of 2012 will see the London Olympics (don’t mention tickets), the apocalypse (Mesoamerican Calendar, what?!), the Diamond Jubilee (how cool), and the wedding of Kelly and Andy (!) so, in an attempt to look half decent on the wedding day, get myself healthy and improve my energy levels, off I went and investigated gym memberships. Unsurprisingly, it was cheaper to pay up front for the year (at this point Andy rolls his eyes and gives one of his ‘knowing’ looks) so that’s what I did. Paid-up-front-for-the-year. Gulp. I am hoping that now I have publicly declared my year long sign-up, the shame of quitting will be too much to bear haha!


Meeting up with friends and family over the festive period also meant some important wedding talk. I am very lucky to have four beautiful ladies to be my best girls. There is Samantha, my maid of honour, twin sister and best friend. Djamilla, one of my oldest been-through-it-all-together friends. Samm, Andy’s oldest sister and super cool friend and Becca, Andy’s younger sister and super trendy friend.

So when it came to choice of bridesmaid dresses, I was somewhat worried. You couldn’t get four more individual people if you tried. So with carefully thought out wisdom, I gave them three different options to choose from:

  1. Was a skirt and top option, bit different but thought I’d throw it out there
  2. Was the option of the same or similar colour but different style dress
  3. Was everyone wears the same dress

Each of the girls came back with their decision, and they all agreed on option number 2. But did they mean ‘exactly’ the same colour or ‘roughly’ the same colour. Now most people know I love a bit of a moodboard, so I sent them the next one:

First option being the same fabric but different style, and the second option was the same colour ‘palette’. Again, they all agreed (am I lucky or what to have such agreeable gals?!) that they would like a different dress but exactly the same colour. So after trawling through websites, I picked out some dresses I liked that could all be made with the same fabric. All that was left was for the girls to pick which style they wanted:

The girls duly made their choices and that was as far as I got. Roll on several weeks and I’m browsing on-line and I come across a short-style cream dress. My heart beats a bit faster. I zoom in. I look at the different views. I click on the on-line catwalk and my mind whirrs. I love this dress. It fits better with the style of the wedding. I can imagine each of the four girls wearing it. It has lace and pleats and a little belt! So even though the decision about BM dresses had been ‘somewhat’ made, I emailed it to the girls and awaited their reactions… They loved it too! (Bridesmaid dresses. Check).


Lastly, if you remember my last post about invitations, we went for design number 2. I would love to take the credit for the design, but it is a mish-mash of ideas I’ve seen and liked whilst browsing on-line:

They have been a labour of love and there is still more to make, but we are really happy with them. In total, they will have cost about £20 to make and I’d encourage anyone, particularly if you are on a budget to give it a go. As long as you have good quality paper and a craft knife, you’d be amazed at what you can produce.

Big I’m-off-to-the-gym-(ahem) Love,

Kelly (Reds) xxxxx

P.S. I’ve also been a busy bee making some ‘props’ which I am quite pleased with (big satisfied smile alert). Excuse the look I am making, I think I’m ‘trying’ to pose!

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

65 thoughts on “What Kelly Did… Staved Off The Winter Blues.

  1. I love the brown card invites, I had to have ones similar as I just love the black against the natural colour. Cannot wait to see the big day! x

  2. These invites are stylish and look way more expensive – well done. I hadbakers twine on my invites – love it. Was a bit worried scrolling through all those bm dresses, so glad you chose the one you did. Also lovely to have agreeable girls – it’s all going to look delicious! 🙂

  3. 20 quid for those invitations? Blaady Bargain!

    They look amazing – well done you!

    Love the choice of BM dress too…..your girls are going to look fabulous.


  4. Love this post, and had a little giggle over the BM dress story. Similar to my own, being a very organised Bride I too went through websites and gave the BM dresses ALOT of thought, I knew I needed to know what kind of style they would have before I took all 4 of BM’s shopping, so shopping trip planned and a few days before I was killing time in TK Maxx on my lunch when there it was… the PERFECT bridesmaids dress! Not one of the girls with me, so I snappily made the decision to pick up the two dresses they had, a couple of phone calls later and I had all 4.

    I was dreading the girls reactions because I really loved them, but individually they tried them on, and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Amazing! Sometimes it doesn’t matter how organised you are, or how much planning goes in, because they one little thing will take you by surprise and knock you off your feet!! Oh and did I mention they were only £40 each! Lot’s of budget left for accessories!!

    Wish everything else could have been that easy peasy!! 😉 x

  5. those invites look so professional and chic! well done you & your helpers! i had also thought on the same dress different shades of purple, lilac etc but when i saw a dress on M&S Autograph (surprisingly!) i just knew it was the right colour/style and was waaayyy cheaper than the bridal shop prices! The dresses you have gone with are so cute & fun…the collar is very on trend…love them!

    We are having lilac but the other half, while picking out his kilt tartans, said will teal go with this? me: wtf? oh: the bridesmaid dresses… me: they are lilac & have been hanging up in the spare room for 6months. Kind of 8 months behind dear (was going to have teal then changed) oh:…ok… right….erm… so even though i do include him in all decisions, it clearly shows he still isn’t really listening….oh well! 😉


  6. Love the cream dress!! Where is it from?

    My new year’s resolution was to quit the gym. I did it! First time I ever stuck to a resolution 😀

  7. Hi Kelly

    I think we have really similar ideas re: BM dresses! I’m still not there though (feck 4 months – need to get a wriggle on!) But currently they are all leaning towards the Lightinthebox No1… Ive just got to decide on colour… Awaiting fabric samples 😉

  8. Love the invites! I also want to print some stationery on to brown paper. 1. Where did you buy the brown paper? and 2. Did it print okay using conventional home printer?

    PS: The BM dresses are gorgeous!

  9. Kelly Kelly Kelly what a stunner you are!
    I had nearly the exact same thoughts abut BM’s! I wanted different dresses but same colour but could only afford highstreet! When we all wnet shopping, I shortly came to the conclusion that this was easier said then done!
    But your final pick is very quirky and chic! great combo in my opinion!
    However LOVE LOVE LOVE option one, with that big tutu skirt! Maybe I could find an occasion to buy one for!

    As for those invites!!!! Well there delightful and for only £20 they get a massive tick in three of my main wedding boxes: DIY tick BARGIN tick FABULOUSLY GREAT tick!

    So all in all a ruddy great post me thinks!

  10. You’re so organised – I love all the mood boarding!

    The invites look fantastic and the BM dress is gorgeous. Brilliant find! 🙂

  11. For a minute there I nearly typed a rude word (to emphasise the greatness you understand…) but hell Kel, those invitations are so quirky and cute and delicious! loves!

    And the lace BM dress?!!!! If it was me getting married I would so be copying those….

    Charlotte xxx

  12. I LOVE your invitations – they look so professional! And I’d love a retro film camera! I’ve given up shopping for a year and it would be a perfect treat!

  13. I love the invites and the bridesmaids’ choices!!!! Well done Kelly!

    I can’t believe you got all your invites made for £20 too, that’s an absolute bargain (do you want to do mine now…..?)!

    I’m going bridesmaid dress shopping this weekend and still have NO idea what i want!! It’s fine I still have 40 hours to research the question….

    Let us know how the gym is going 🙂

  14. Your invites are fab! They look so professional. I must have missed your earlier post about choosing them. I’m off to rummage through previous posts to find it now.

  15. @Josie – you have given up shopping for a WHOLE year – HOW im lords name are you doing that girl?!

    Love the tutu skirt…I am desperate to put my little flower girl in one purely because I quite fancy one myself…

  16. I love your invitations. We went down the brown route and bought paper from recycled-paper.co.uk who were very efficient and very good quality.

    Where is that bm dress from? It’s brilliant, in such a dither about this topic, seem to be finding much harder than buying my dress.

  17. I can believe you’ve made those invites yourself, and those bridesmaid dresses are so cute, you have lucky best girls that your dressing them so stylish, looking forward to seeing the big day xx

  18. I cant believe you’ve made those invites yourself, and those bridesmaid dresses are so cute, you have lucky best girls that your dressing them so stylish, looking forward to seeing the big day xx

  19. Great post Kelly as always. I’m with Amanda, Pamela and Rhiannon – I love the tutu skirt and top combo, it would have been so different 🙂 Ah well, someday someone will have that and RMW will feature it so that we can all get to drool over it.

    Can’t believe you did your invites for £20 – very jealous!! Did you make your props from foam core board? And if so, did you find the cutting out difficult? I’m struggling with mine despite having a sharp blade, so any tips would be very welcome thanks 🙂

  20. LOVE the props (we used RMW tutorials to make similar for our wedding and they went down a storm) and LOVING the b-maids choices – they’re all going to look awesome!

    PS the invites also rock (immense taste all round!!) 🙂

  21. I love it when things seem to fall into place & your bridesmaids sound fab!!! Also the invites are fab – mine were similar but were cinema tickets which we painstakingly handmade! We were so proud of them though! Can’t beat that feeling! Well done hun, can’t wait to see what else you’ve got planned! X

  22. LOVE the skirt from the ‘skirt and top option’! how fantastic would that look? (also love the dress you went for 🙂 )

    Top tip for anyone looking for a gym in Birmingham, Bristol, Newport, Nottingham, Cheltenham and Cardiff (and possibly a couple of others) – I go to a Fitness2less gym in Brum which is 14.99 a month you pay by direct debit but can cancel at any point and the gym’s pretty good no swimming pool or sauna etc but you can go to as many classes as you want and it works well if you think you may not continue for ‘ahem’ any time after the wedding (!). It’s been a saver for my diet!

    ps Just re-read this I promise I don’t work for them! just a happy customer and a huge advocate of gym going 🙂

  23. Kelly you are beautiful! – Just getting that out there!

    Loving your bridesmaid choices, would love to wear that tutu but I think your choice of the lace white dresses is just lovely! I am going for the different dresses in a colour palate for my lovely bridesmaids and slightly panicking about how i’m going to pull this off!

    Lastly your invites are ace – clever lady!

    Rachie xo

  24. Evening ladies, thank you for all the lovely comments and the extra ‘lomography camera please’ ones! Much appreciated.

    @Emma, loving the sound of your BM dresses, would like to see a pic. Can’t beat about of the T-to-the-K-to-the-Maxx!
    @Lynsey Reid I wish I had helpers! Andy is good at many things but ‘careful crafting’ isn’t one of them. Is that just men in general and like your OH they don’t listen anyway or go off at a tangent! Hope the colour combo is all sorted.
    @Lauren A & Lizzie & Rachel Hilton & Louise the dress was from Next, gotta love a browse through their catalouge.
    @Abi Lady HarHar I like the choice on LIB too, so many options. Let us know what the fabric samples are like, did you find them expensive or no?
    @Jenny I got the paper from eco-craft.co.uk I have a fairly cheap Epson printer and they came out really well. The card absorbs the ink and they look good.
    @Amanda Champness I would really like one of those tutu skirts too even to dress up in and prance around in front of the mirror, they look so fun!
    @Charlotte thanks! I got a bit of BM dress inspiration from your wedding. Love the neutral colours.
    @Celine if you need a hand with your invites, give us a shout, I love all this making stuff. Let us know how your shopping trip goes, with pictures please!
    @Shirley thanks! I made the props just using card. I made a template, drew and cut round the template on a thick card and then I glued some felt onto the cut out shape and then cut out the felt just using scissors. Worked really well and (I think) they look good!

    And thanks everyone for the kind words about the invites. There is a real sense of satisfaction when they are all done!

  25. I love the BM dress you ended up with. I’m thinking of doing something similar, actually! Plus, anything that can be worn again is always a plus!

  26. Great mood board action! I too am dreading finding dresses to suit my two very differently shaped sisters who have VERY different personalities . Think I might steal your choice-giving idea…x

  27. Hells bells Kells, you’ve had a busy few months love!
    The invites look top banana, and were a seeeeerious bargain – maximum lovage for the finished item!

    Andy is totally rocking that mo – you’re going to have a job getting him out of that photo booth methinks 😉

  28. Kel, you are so madly organized! We have 9 weeks to go and I’ve only just bought the bridesmaid dresses (don’t even meantion shoes!) Your invites look fab, your a cleaver girl! Can’t wait till it arrives on our door step! see ya in 9 weeks arghhh 🙂 x x.

  29. Oooh bridesmaid dresses, can’t wait to go shopping for ours! Meeting up with the girls very soon 🙂 They were always going to be purple but I am really starting to be swayed into ivory, love the one you chose and your mood boards! xx

  30. Bridesmaids dresses are fab!

    Stationery looks very professional too.

    You must be up to your eyes in craft heaven at the minute.

    Best of luck!

  31. Those invitations are amazing and have just re-inspired me to get DIY-ing at the weekend. I can’t believe you made something so incredibly professional looking for such a bargain!

  32. I love this post – i have four bridesmaids and i am in the same predicament as to what direction to go in! Big Help!
    🙂 Loves xxxx

  33. @Helen pinch away lovely!
    @Fiona let us know which way your sisters chose in the end.
    @Crispy am soooo excited for your wedding it’s ridiculous. Can’t wait to see you in 9 weeks, they are gonna fly.
    @Jenny thanks!
    And again, thank you everyone for the kind words, you spur me on this whole planning process. xxxxxxxxxxx

  34. I am also a fan of the same colour and fabric but different style dresses. I am currently thinking Sailor Blue (think bright sapphire) but I’m also loving coral. I imagine the Sailor Blue will win – matches my ring! 😉

  35. @Emma I went onto TK Maxx and typed in ‘London Times’ think I have found your BM dress. Is it the one with the layers? I LOVE it. Bet your girls will look brilliant in them.
    @Sarah Sailor Blue all the way, but agree coral is a great second choice. The blue matches your ring eh, I wanna see it now! xxxx

  36. Hi Kelly.

    I am also a daffodil waves bride and found my way here via Nicola’s blog. I love your invites!! I was thinking of something similar but am struggling to find card at a reasonable price! Any suggestions about where I could find some?

    Thanks x

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