What Mahj did…The Holy Crapballs Countdown and the Top Secret Hen Do


That is the word that I would use to best describe myself these days. Also excited. I am hovering between overwhelmed and excited. It’s precarious.

So much has happened in the last 6 weeks that its making my head spin to think about it, but here goes….(deep breath)…we have met with our florist and decided on bouquets, button holes and centrepieces. And my oh my are they going to be purdy! I wish I could tell you which flowers were being featured but this is so not my forte. Alls I can tell you is that they are super colourful and smell really nice!

We met with our jewellers and tried on our wedding rings….which was freakin awesome! What an odd thing that this little band of gold will forever signify (after the 22nd July), that I am a married laydee. Le sigh.

We also met with our wedding co-ordinator and ran through the whole day and timings and food and drink and some more food. It was actually after this appointment when I was left with a feeling that could only be best described as “woah”. I never considered the level of detail that we needed to cover, e.g. how long it will take to shepherd in and seat 115 people into the room for the wedding breakfast. How they allocate the time for the speeches. Do you have a cake? Do you want it on a separate stand? Do you want the red carpet (still deliberating!)? When will your florist turn up? Who is your DJ? What size shoes do you wear? Ok ok, I threw that one in there but you get the jist!

We had our menu tasting at our venue which was seriously fun, esp when the Chef was asking us if we wanted to “tweak anything”. I nearly died with barely surpressed glee that he was asking us and then promptly asked him if he wanted to come home and cook for me permanantly!

The bridesmaid dresses have arrived, all ready and fitting my ladies beautifully in their colourful glory.

Me and the ladies had our hair and make up trial which was more amazingness! Definitely the best way I have found yet of spending a normally dull Monday afternoon! I deliberated about including some photos but then decided against it (sorry). Purely because Mr B looks at my blog when its published and I don’t want to spoil the surprise!

I had my Top Secret Hen Do in Edinburgh, but more on that later…

And finally (phew), Martin and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary. It was poignant for me for a lot of reasons, including the fact that it’s so close to our wedding and the next time we celebrate an anniversary, it will be our first wedding one. Like resetting the counter as one of my bridesmaids put it!. And (please excuse the following mushiness), I would like to take this opportunity to thank my lovely fella for the past 6 years. I wouldn’t have wanted to share it with anyone else. I love you.

Sweet nothings to my future husband aside, I have realised a few things in the past 6 months, which I am sure you clever lot have already figured out (I can be slow at times!):

Pennies make pounds. Sometimes they make large piles of pounds that can be used to buy fun stuff and high jinks. And as it became apparent that we weren’t going to have the full 150 guests for the day (we have a smaller-but-not-by-much 115 instead), working out the budget became fun. Yeap, I just used budget and fun in the same sentence. For every penny-that-became-a-pound we saved, we have ploughed that back into the day for our guests. Just little gestures here and there that we hope they appreciate and make our day as memorable as the ones who have come before us.

The 22nd July 2011 is the day that I get married. To Martin. I become a wife. His wife. A Mrs. He becomes my husband. By the time you read this, I will be 6 weeks and 1 day away from officially becoming Mrs B. Holy crapballs Batman!

And finally, I have learned that you just can’t please everyone. There will always be a guest who doesn’t like the starter/main/dessert/wine/music/venue (delete as applicable) and the important thing is to realise this and move on. The vast majority of people won’t give a hoot as its someone else’s day and not theirs. And for those individuals that will come, turn their nose up and comment, well, there are a couple of phrases that come to mind, but as I am in polite company, I shall refrain!

And so we come to the weekend. Sat 28th – Monday 30th May. Location: Edinburgh. Knowledge of the weekend? None until I was actually in Edinburgh! In a moment of obvious stupidity now in retrospect, I decided that I would ask for one of two locations for my do (Edinburgh or Bristol) and then leave the rest in the hands of my extremely capable bridesmaids. Stupidity because I am like a child when it comes to surprises. And I tried anything and everything to find out clues. Wheedling, moaning, whinging, sly questions, outright pleading. Nothing worked, not even a smidge. If MI5 is hiring, I have 3 ladies I could recommend!

But was it worth it? The cloak and dagger of it all? The way my sister had terrified everyone into keeping schtum? Hells yeah.

Rather than bore to you all to, erm, boredom with a heavily detailed description of the weekend’s escapades, I will instead summarise and amuse you all with some photos (sorry hens!).

So Saturday saw a smooth journey up to Edinburgh and the surprise of one of my oldest friends turning up when I thought she couldn’t make it. There were tears!

This was followed by a ghost tour (scary yet educational!) and the big night out which had a Hollywood Glamour theme and involved feather boas and me winning my first Oscar. If you know me, this was possibly the greatest thing ever!

Sunday involved My Hangover and shopping. Edinburgh is so amazing for many things and shopping is definitely one of them. Everyone gathered for afternoon tea at Tigerlily’s which was astounding. The cakes! The cakes! And then Sunday night was rounded off in true classy style with wine tasting and a 3 course meal. Le sigh (again).

I was lucky enough to have 13 ladies altogether, from old friends to work friends to family. A truly gorgeous bunch of ladies that gelled so well, you would think they had known each other for years. I was touched by the effort that all of them had gone to for my weekend and I cant wait for us all to be together again in 6 weeks and 1 days time!

But the biggest thanks goes to these 3 ladies:

An amazing trio who planned my weekend with military precision, style and grace! Everything went flawlessly and I was so pleased for them as I know how hard they had planned the weekend – they made me quite paranoid with their secret hen do whispering!

Your-very-spoiled-lady-after this-past-weekend-bride,

Mahj xoxo

Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

21 thoughts on “What Mahj did…The Holy Crapballs Countdown and the Top Secret Hen Do

  1. Mahj… your post sounds scarily similar to the point that we are at in our planning… and I feel my next post may be pretty similar!!

    I’ve recently had my hen do (also top secret!) and we had the Hollywood theme for one of the nights… did you play the games?!


  2. Oh my goodness you have been busy. I totally feel the overwhelmed/exited feeling. There area so many details to think about, holy crapballs indeed!! It sounds like you have everything under control though and I seriously cannot wait to see your wedding. Following your journey has been awesome…

    Your Hen-Do sounds like it was SO MUCH FUN!! What a great place to have it and amazing that you didn’t have to stress about arranging anything. I too am being spoilt by my sister and bridesmaids. I don’t know any details but a friend accidentally blurted out that it’s in Dublin. Kew sister being REALLY mad that someone spilled the beans! I don’t care at all though – I just feel so lucky that I haven’t had to organise anything. After reading your post I AM SO EXITED about going on my hen do next weekend!!! Eeeeeeeeek.

    x x x x

  3. Mahj! Pretty pretty please…can you have another hen do and CAN I COME????

    A boa is a hard thing to rock. You succeed!

    And what gorgeous, amazing, super-organised hens you have…you lucky thing! x

  4. I reckon 6 weeks is when it hits you – when it starts being ‘weeks’ rather than ‘months’ to go! I am 3 weeks away now…(sorry just had to pause for a minor heart attack there) and it feels scary close. But it’s BRILLIANT as well.
    My fiance had his stag in Edinburgh that same weekend, dressed as Rocky Balboa! Apologies if you were one of the hens he had to do dares with!

  5. Mahj – you’ve done it again and summed up exactly how I feel in so many ways. From the precarious balance of emotions to being so touched and happy after the efforts of your favourite girls on your hen do. I just read your post with a constant nod and a tear in my eye as I think back through doing all the same things in the past weeks. Isn’t it fab? Only 9 days left for me now. Since going on my hen do I’m so excited to have everyone in the same place! So glad your hen weekend was amazing and all is going well. Good luck for the final 6 weeks and 1 day of planning! x

  6. Mahj, I would just like to say it was actually a pleasure to organise your hen do with the other bridesmaids! Believe it or not! He he, 6 weeks is going to go soooo fast now, I can’t believe it is nearly here! It is going to be such an amazing day! maybe we should have another hen do, I want to go back to Edinburgh-like now! X x

  7. Ah Mahj I LOVE your posts! How busy have you been! – Slightly daunted that i have all this to come!! But looking forward to the menu tasting! 🙂

    Your hen night looks so fab and I am loving your gold dress! Umm details please!!

    Enjoy your last few weeks as a singleton!
    Rachie xo
    PS: how sweet are the words for your H2B – ahh! xx

  8. love your posts Mahj. You always make me smile.

    We are off to Edinburgh for my Hen too… tomorrow morning!

    It’s all very exciting. Good luck for the wedding.


  9. eeek, six weeks!!

    Sorry, that probably isn’t helpful is it!

    anyhoo, we all know that your wedding is going to be totally AMAZEBALLS and I cannot wait to see it!

    over and out
    mrs r.now x x x

  10. I went to Edinburgh on my hen too and it was amazing. Loved every second of it, in fact it might be the best weekend of my life ever!

    Anyway… LouLou, have the best time, and Mrs R Now (apologies if you already have and I haven’t heard yet…) SEND YOUR WEDDING IN BEFORE THE READERS LYNCH US!


  11. Hi Mahj,

    I’m getting married the day after you and yes, the 6 week stress out hit me badly last night. I felt so overwhelmed by all the stuff that was going around in my head but H2B made me write a to do list, which sort of helped – it’s a page long and there is more that I’ve thought of today to put on!

    I got my bridesmaids to do the Hen Do as well. They didn’t know each other before hand and I thought it was a great way for them to meet. Can’t wait to see what we’re getting up to! I bet you were very glad that they didn’t get you dressed up in the typical Hen fashion. I think you got away with that one.

    Best of luck for the next 6 weeks and quoting one of the real wedding brides –
    “The day passed so quickly and advice given to us was very true – that you need to take a step back every now and again through the day and take it all in. The times the two of you have together alone are also very special and one of my favourite parts of the day was having some photographs taken with my husband just after the ceremony.

    Stick with your instincts. Your head can be turned by lots of beautiful weddings on wedding blogs which can make you feel inadequate. Remember the day is about you and your husband and a party with friends. Keep it personal and it will work.”


  12. The Mahj has her “A” Game on! Great post- what a buzy bee you are!
    As an old married now (yes, it’s all over!) this has bought back so many memories of my Hen. Looks like a blooming great laugh, and I echo Anna K and would love a Hen Night 2 invite! I also had the same moment of clarity about how marriage is just so BIG. Coming from the Other Side I’m telling you, it does feel different!
    The very best of luck with it all x

  13. Lovely Mahj. This sounds like the best hen do. I love your “Film cut” images 😉

    The O’Shea’s got engaged in Edinburgh so it holds a special place in my heart too, in fact we went to Tigerlily’s on the eve to celebrate, it’s one of my all time favourite restaurants.

    Congratulations on your 6 year milestone and your very soon to come around (eek!) W-day

    Charlotte xxx

  14. oh wow you sound like you’ve been very productive. Love the pictures of your hen do. i’m a child when it comes to surprises (impatient) so i hope my bridesmaids will be able to stay as strong as yours!

  15. Oh my goodness Mahj, you have just made me realise that if it’s six weeks for you… crikey, I only have six weeks to get everything organised?!!

    @ Emily – we’re getting married on 23rd July as well!

  16. Awww this brightened up my day! Lovely pics and so excited for you with only 6 weeks to go!

    Tigerlily is sooooooooooooooo good! We are planning on staying there next year! Was going to this year but alas have put it on hold. Love love the pics! xx

  17. Mahj – great post as always, I can’t wait to see your big day come together 🙂 sounds like you had a wonderful hen do, like you I had a mix of friends who didn’t all know each other and they got on so well, it meant a lot that they were all there for me. Ahhh Tigerlily I took Matt there for his birthday the first year we were together, such a fab restaurant and hotel….sooo want to go back one day, missed out on trying their cakes though booo, next time!! Good luck with the next 6 weeks of finalising everything, you won’t believe how quickly it comes around so enjoy, you’ll have an AMAZING day, can’t wait to see the photos! All the best xx

  18. Georgous gals –

    As ever thank you so much for all the lovely words, you guys just radiate awesomeness! And as always, in answer to your questions/comments….:

    Katie – where was your hen do? We did indeed have games: Mahj Hen Bingo which was about me (I got quite a swelled head!) and also a game where you had to write down your shameful celeb crush. So not going to tell you what mine was!

    Robyn DIY Queen – you will have such an amazing time on your hen do, I am jealous even though I have had mine already! I felt so overwhelmed on mine that I kept bursting into tears – I am such a dork!

    the barbers – love you guys!

    Anna K – lets do it!

    Kathryn – sadly I didnt see a Rocky Balboa, but I did see Bananaman and some of my friends met the Portugese Rugby Team!!

    Val – 9 days left?? Weeeeeeeeeee! Hope you have an amazing day chuck.

    Leanne – love you laydee 🙂

    Rachie – the dress was an absolute steal for £30 from New Look about 2 years ago! I’m such a magpie, I saw it, pounced on it and bought it in about 15 secs!

    Loulou – I’m sooo excited for you. Arrrgghhh! Can I come (again)??

    mrs r.now – I’m with Rebecca, for the love of all that is wedding pretty, PLEASE submit your wedding!!

    Rebecca – another Edinburgh Hen Do Twin!

    Emily – I have so many lists, its quite moronic, but its the only way I can keep track of everything!

    Luci – YES! When the hen do was over, I was left thinking “oh my gosh, now I have to get MARRIED”?!

    Charlotte – I was so, err, vigerous with the clapping of my clapper board that I kinda broke it! It doesnt clap anymore 🙁 but I am going to buy a new one for the wedding for more amusing photos! Also, Tigerlily is so lush! I first went there with Martin so its special for me/us also.

    Ria H – thank you so much chicky, very kind of you to say.

    Madison – if they do, you will have the BEST time. Actually, even if they dont, you will still have the best time regardless!

    Fiona&Emily – you guys have both got plenty of time. Promise. Just make a list. Or 5!

    Alex84 – how envious am I of you staying at Tigerlily’s, I have only ever eaten and drunk there. Having said that, I have mooned over hotel part and my oh my, its like another world of pretty!

    Inga – it was so amazing to see all the ladies get along and also for your Tigerlily love!

    Over and out!
    Mahj xoxo

  19. I know that this is a late comment (I’ve been in Marbelllla on a long holiday with the girls) but Mahj, you have the most perfect eyebrows!! Random comment, I know, but you do!


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