What Naomi Did – A Whole Lotta Love…

I don’t usually butt in on the Real RMW Brides posts, but I just had to say, this is Naomi’s very last (pre-wedding) post. We gush a lot on the blog about what we *love*, but truthfully, I shed a tear reading this from Naomi. It’s a brilliant read and she actually included an image of her wedding planning scrapbook, but I decided to leave it out as the words here are all you need. And for an image heavy blog, that says an awful lot.

Naomi, it’s been a pleasure having you, meeting you, dressing you up for the shoot and hearing your wedding planning journey. I hope the wedding and married life itself are better than you even dream of…

1 day to go

What the fudge?

As you read this… I will have parted ways with my gorgeous man and most likely be sipping some bubbly at lunch with my girlies (read: running around like a blue arsed fly). But as you may know, these posts are written a tiny bit in advance. So, although I cannot tell you how I am going to be feeling today. I can tell you how I was feeling a week ago when this post was written.

Scared/excited/anticipating/tired/happy/nervous/euphoric/angry/self conscious/loved up/ underappreciated/unreasonable/numb/jittery/lazy/energectic/overwhelmed/proud/passionate/impatient/courageous/confident/exhilarated/relieved/free/appreciated/ grateful.

Yeah… I know… It’s being really exhausting. I just feel like I’m in a giant washing machine full of all these emotions just coming at me in waves. But you know what? It’s so so exciting! I have never ever felt this strongly about someone or something before in my life. I want it with all of my heart and soul and now it’s actually going to happen.

I would have drowned in it all if it wasn’t for my big bag of rocks.

Rock #1: My Mum: This has been a difficult process for my Mum and I, being in different countries. At times we have both felt isolated and lonely. But now that the day draws nearer, I can honestly say that I am so superbly proud of her. She has been the rock that I needed, always on the end of the phone with a comforting word or reassuring solution to my problems.

Rock #2: The Chief: Aisling. My cousin. My best friend. My sister. Often referred to as ‘my souls counterpart in another.’ This girl has intensively studied the role of chief bridesmaid. To the point that I now hear the words “You don’t need to worry, that’s my job”, on a daily basis.

Rock #3: Becks: Bridesmaid numero deux and best friend extraordinaire. As a fellow planning bride (with impeccable taste), Becks has been my go to woman for all creative decisions and melt down reassurances along the way. I love this girl.

Rock #4: Sarah: My one and only sister. This fourteen year old beauty has been more than patient with my constant changes of mind. She has been pulled from pillar to post looking for everything from Bridesmaids dresses to eyeliner. And not a single teenage strop in sight.

Rock #5: Gerard: My big wee brother. Who gave me his laptop when our computer broke, who came to technophobe Gavin’s rescue by downloading our entire wedding reception playlist, who always helps me cope when things became too much.

Rock #6: My Dad: The single most generous man that ever existed and Daddy of all problem solvers. He made regular hour long trips to our flat (he works in Scotland) to cook Gavin and I steak dinners, while we slaved away on some DIY project. I am a total Daddy’s girl and I know I will break at the point he hands me over.

Rock#7: Gavin: No words will ever describe just how deep the love I feel for this man goes. He is, and will always be, my favourite.

What Gavin Did…

Naomi asked me a few months ago if I’d like to help contribute to her last post as a RMW Real Bride. To give the guys side of all the ups and downs of the whirl wind which has been our life for the last year and a half. So here I am; a RMW Real Groom (just writing that freaked my beans so bear with me and we’ll all get through this together).

I knew way before Naomi did that I was going to marry her. I had told my brother (the best man), and his casual reaction, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, only cemented the fact that in my heart of hearts I already knew: I was going to ask the girl my dad calls Belfast Betty to marry me.

Immediately after I proposed, we went head long into planning our wedding. Well Naomi did, I just went head long into a brain melt down. We had set ourselves such a huge goal in such a small amount of time, before I knew it I was up at the doctors getting advice on stress relief. Had I bitten off more than I could chew? For a while it felt as if the financial strain had head butted me like a Glaswegian after a Celtic v Rangers match. I had started all this by proposing but it was Naomi who saved me, countless times, from complete meltdown. It has been hard over the last year and a half but I’m so so so proud of us both. Sure things are still to be done, the flat is a total kip and wee jitters wobble us both every now and then but I wouldn’t want to be in any other persons shoes right now. If there are any regrets over the engagement it’s that too often I’ve wished it away. I just want to be married.

Naomi took complete control of the wedding planning straight from the off. (Do you brides-to-be get this knowledge implanted at birth?) Anyway, I was totally eager to do as much as I could to help with the wedding planning. In the end it’s been pretty much all Naomi’s work (I bet you could see that one coming). Don’t get me wrong I’ve put forward ideas and my opinions on loads of stuff and worked long hard hours to keep us afloat but Naomi’s interior designer head was way out in front. I found the planning tedious and frustrating at times. When we had to start physically doing stuff, I felt way better. 140 handmade favours when it turns out there are only 110 people going to the meal? I’m brilliant at that.

So it’s squeaky bum time. The wedding is next week as I write (tomorrow as you read this) and I’m busting to be married to my beautiful girl. I have no nerves at all although I’m sure I will on the day. I haven’t written my speech because deep down I know, as big Rab Marley once sang, “every little thing, is gonna be alright.” I’m really looking forward to having all the ones we love in the same place and to having a blast together. Even without all the hoo-ha that goes along with a wedding, I’m just looking forward to declaring myself to Naomi and that’s really all there is to it.

As for marriage and the rest of our lives together. I want it all but this time I’m not gonna wish it away. I’m looking forward to watching Naomi grow into the most amazing woman. To doing all our firsts together; from deciding which island is next on our round the world honeymoon to deciding what house to buy. It feels a big blank canvas and me and my amazing wife to be have all the crayons to colour it in with. It feels like I’m about to start my life.

So as we bugger off, leaving the world of wedding planning mania behind, we would like to say thank you. Thank you to Rebecca, Charlotte, Adam and the entire Rock My Wedding community. You have made this whole process feel like the world’s longest girly sleepover (sorry Adam) full of love, advice and support. Tomorrow’s gonna rock.

See you on the flipside.

Ever the grateful,

Naomi & Gavin

Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

46 thoughts on “What Naomi Did – A Whole Lotta Love…

  1. Jaysus Naomi & Gavin!

    Actual real life tears – and I’m sat at my work desk being given odd looks by my colleagues.

    So much love for tomorrow. xxxx

  2. oh Naomi and Gavin – what a beautiful, beautiful post. Such wise and loving words. Enjoy colouring in your married life but first enjoy tomorrow x

  3. OK so I know people always say “I am crying in the office” but I really AM crying in the office.

    Naomi you have a total sweetheart. Honest. Caring and the world’s biggest romantic “I knew way before she did”. Jeees Louise.

    I scream.

    Naomi and Gavin. I hope you have the best god damn day of your whole life. Infact, I know you will. Enjoy every single second.

    Jesus guys. First RMW Real Bride of 2011. I am a MESS.

  4. Well shizzle my nizzle! Did Gavin really say “freaked my beans”? Greatest. Comment. Ever.

    Oh you guys, I feel so so sad to be saying goodbye to gorgous Naomi (sniff, gulp, sniff) but how freakin awesome that Gavin contributed to your last post and in such an a.mazing way. Think RMW may have found their first Husband & Wife Blogging Duo!

    There is no doubt in my mind that your day will be wonderful, fantastic, kerazy and emotional. I for one, cannay wait to see and read your wedding report on these blue polka dot pages 🙂

    So congratulations in advance for tmrw and bon voyage for your fab world honeymoon trip.


  5. Oh goodness – this also made me cry! The sweetest post from Gavin – Ahh! 🙂

    I have truly enjoyed all of your posts Naomi. Hugest Congratulations and Good luck for tomorrow for you both!
    Cannot wait to see the pics!
    Rachie xo
    PS: Around the world honeymoon??! OMG Jealous -much?!!

  6. OK. So I also have actual tears.

    So, so heartfelt and beautiful – I can feel the love between you both in the words that you write (errrr… does that sounds at all weird?!)

    It feels really strange to be saying farwell to the first of us Real Brides, a bit like it’s the beginning of the end for all of us, but really it is just the beginning.

    Wishing you the best day of your actual life, enjoy every single moment and I hope you have the most amazing time on your fab world honeymoon adventure!!


  7. Such a lovely post! Gavin’s words really brought a tear to my eye!

    I’ve really enjoyed your posts Naomi – congratulations in advance, have the most amazing day tomorrow and a fantastic honeymoon round the world!!

  8. Lump in throat for sure! So heartfelt and emotional. Have a truly wonderful day tomorrow, and cannot wait to see the pics!
    Excited bride-to-be with 3 weeks to go! 🙂

  9. Utterly fantastic! And what a lovely, candid, and downright adorable post from Gavin.
    Tomorrow will be amazing guys – have a blast! Can’t wait to see the pics! x

  10. This gave me goosebumps and a lump in the throat! Congrats guys – it really will be the best day ever x

  11. Jesus! Between tears and laughter that was the best, most heartfelt, amazingly beautiful post I’ve ever read.

    Naomi – thank you so much for the honesty, laughter and gorgeousness of your posts – totally worth nearly being caught at work so many times!

    To Gavin and his Belfast Betty – the hugest congratulations for tomorrow. Have the best day and enjoy colouring in the rest of your lives.


  12. Goosebumps… I think Gavin has just written most of his speech right there – it’s really beautiful
    Good luck and enjoy! xxx

  13. Right… I never cry…. But the ‘feels like a big blank canvas and me and my amazing wife to be have all the crayons to colour it in with’… Sob… beautiful

    Have a wonderful wonderful day… We will all miss you! x

  14. I’m reading this on my break at work & I’ll definitely be re-touching my make-up before heading back to the grind. This was far too beautiful not to bring a tear to the eye. What an amazing tribute for a bride-to-be.
    I can only imagine how excited you both are. I cannot wait to see the pictures of your wedding- if there is as much love as there is evident in this post, it’ll be mind-blowing!

  15. Naomi….

    You had me at “Hello”….. literally – on the phone, when I was expecting this strong jaunty Scottish accent only to be met with a sexy Northern Irish lilt.


    ‘feels like a big blank canvas and me and my amazing wife to be have all the crayons to colour it in with’

    The nicest thing ever quoted on RMW.


    You two are a beautiful, amazing and cool as couple. I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world.

    Big Love

    Charlotte xxx

  16. Sob. Can’t believe our gal is getting married tomorrow. Lots of love to you and G gorgeous. Your wedding is going to be (stealing one of your words here) AMAZEBALLS.

  17. Well… I made the mistake of reading this at work…. trying to fight back the tears whilst reading. Such an amazing, heartfelt post and I felt like I had ridden the emotional train with you.

    Congratulations Naomi and Gavin. Wishing you all the best for tomorrow and for the rest of your lives together.

    Louise xx

  18. I have goosebumps, shivers, tears and possibly a teeny bit of snot (sorry!) at reading your post.

    You both sound like and amazing couple and I wish you both all the love, luck and happiness in the world!

    P.S. “I haven’t written my speech because deep down I know, as big Rab Marley once sang, “every little thing, is gonna be alright.” Gavin and Naomi…..every little thing is gonna be waaaaaaaaaaaay more than alright!!

    Big Love to you Both. xxx

  19. I have a massive frog in my throat- I’m trying so hard not to cry right now! What amazing words from Gavin and a great final post before your big day…

    I wish you both all the happiness in the world. Have an amazing time tomorrow. I cannot wait to see you pics and hear about your special day.

    Much love, Robyn xxxx

  20. Ooo such a beautiful final post! Gavin..I’m crying as I’m writing this!
    Wishing you all the luck in the world for tomorrow. I’m sure it will be an amazing day.

  21. Ohhhhhhhh Gavin has made me cry. The dude writes words to melt the heart, his speech will be fab! I am so excited to see the wedding write up!!!

    All the best for tomorrow! And for your amazing honeymoon! And the rest of your wonderful life together!


    p.s. hahaha a friend of mine calls me Belfast Bertha. I moved to England a few years ago and I still haven’t quite got it through to him that Northern Ireland is bigger then just Belfast and i in fact live in Dromore. Oh well!!!! YAY for a Northern Irish bride!

    Good luck! 🙂

  22. This is great. Can’t wait to see the wedding photos & you must send RMW some honeymoon/trip of a lifetime photos too!!!

  23. Congratulations Naomi and Gavin – I have no doubt at all that tomorrow’s gonna rock! Enjoy every single minute tomorrow, and then enjoy using those crayons to make your wonderful colourful life canvas together xxx

  24. Oh my goodness what a beautiful post! Naomi made me tear up and Gavin made me laugh out loud! (Gavin you’re sentiment was lovely too but the squeaky bum time comment was too funny!) I love your bag of rocks Naomi, that is a lovely way to look at it. And the crayons Gavin, fab. You guys are good at symbolism!

    Super duper good luck and congratulations for tomorrow! I’ll be thinking of you whilst I’m sat at my boring desk. It sounds weird but I feel proud of you as you fly the RMW real bride nest. And have an amaaaazing time on your round the world honeymoon, so jealous! I’ll be in California doing my mini trip in August if you’re around 😉

    Gonna miss your posts Naomi!


  25. Aww Naomi and Gavin, you made me tear up there!!

    All the luck in the world for tomorrow you two, I hope its all you ever wished for and more!

    And all the best on your travels….eeeep


  26. sniff….that was so gorgeous,funny and cool just like you Naomi and Gavin not only are you going to have the coolest wedding ever you are also embarking on the coolest honeymoon that has no end! I wish you the biggest luck and I really can’t wait to hear all about your big day and your big travels.

    its been a blast 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  27. What a beautiful post. Wishing all the very very best for tomorrow, I hope you have the most fantastic day. I’ve only been married a month and am still riding high, being married is amazing. Enjoy! X x

  28. “It feels a big blank canvas and me and my amazing wife to be have all the crayons to colour it in with”
    May have to steal that one! Awesome post, have an amazingly fan-tab-ulous day guys! xx

  29. Eeeeek you’re gettIng married in the morning!!! Have loved your posts and this one from your soon to be husband 😀

    Enjoy every second of your day, so cannot wait to see it all on here xx

  30. This has made me all teary – it’s amazing how much love can be communicated through some very special words!!

    I hope you have an incredible day today and that it is everything you hoped it would be…after reading your posts I have no doubt that it will be. Congratulations xx

  31. Have a fantastic day! Loved your blog posts and the last post was soooooo lovely!
    Cant wait to see the pics! Yay!!!!!

  32. Back again to wish you a very happy wedding day, hope it’s everything you deserve and full of life’s crayons.

  33. Gah!!! Its today! (obviously you know this but I am VERY excited for you guys!!!)

    awesome last post, awesome every post in fact.

    I know you’ll have an amazing day today, enjoy every single minute – you deserve it.

    tons and tons of big RMW stylee love
    mrs r.now x x x x

  34. Naomi (& Gavin), hope you have the best day ever – it’s been lovely reading your posts! Just a little tip for the travelling – Koh Lipe, Thailand is a hidden gem of an island – utterly beautiful, you HAVE to go there for a slice of honeymoon paradise – we caught a boat there from Koh Lanta (stayed in Kantiang Bay, which was also brilliant – Drunken Sailors bar is one of my fave places in the world!).
    Canee wait to see your wedding piccies!!

  35. Sob. To coin a phrase… *I die*.

    This is the first day of the rest of your lives together and that quite literally makes my heart go bang. Anyone who has found another person who shares their dreams and their heart is SO blessed. It certainly sounds like the world is made a better place by these two facing it together.

    Big love xxx

  36. Actually nearly cried at work, kept on having to look away before I read some more!

    Absolutely beautiful, all the best for today!


  37. Congratulations and big love to you both – I thought I was doing well holdign it together when my big day is only 2 weeks away but this post brought out the blubs………..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  38. Oh my goodness…real life tears.
    I’m sitting here and thinking of you both; good luck for today. It sounds like you were made for each other x

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