What Naomi Did… Flashing the Goods & My Big Dirty Secret

1 month & 10 days

Good Golly Miss Molly… How did I get here? I feel as though time has melted away and here I stand one month before I am due to be wed. I imagined a very flustered and flappy version of me to be running around crying and freaking out at bows and confetti… but alas! I am calm. Cucumber calm. In fact I would go as far as serene. The reason for this, I do not know for sure. But I believe it to be the fact that I am organised. I have this thing pinned down and I am all over it like a pigeon with a chip.

The dress, the photographers, the videographers, the venue, the flowers, the rings, the bridesmaids, the kilts (yum), the shoes… an endless list of To Do’s pretty much all ticked off. I am proud. Super proud. In actual fact, I am normally a last minute Annie. I can honestly say that the only thing I believe has gotten me this far is the fact that for the last year and a half I have been wedding blog obsessive. I believe that left to my own devices I would maybe be thinking about choosing my bridesmaids at this stage. So thank you Rock My Wedding and all the other lovely inspirational blogs out there, this one’s for you…

…Ahem, wake up Naomi, you still have a month and a bit to go. Plenty of meltdown time. But you know what? I’m ok with that. I think a bit of emotion is good. But at the minute I am going to enjoy my successes and show you a little bit of the most important tasks I have accomplished.

Invitations. You remember I was doing them myself? I had allocated a good month to get them designed, printed and sent. Queue day two of the design part, I experienced a massive Photoshop fail and in my huff decided to punt out a plea on Twitter for a designer to take over for me as I was failing miserably doing it myself. I received a ba-jillion tweets from designers offering their services, but one stood out from the rest. Lynsey from You Say I Make. She offered me help and encouragement to complete the task myself. She calmed me down, told me not to throw in the towel and kindly sent me email after email of free font websites and design tutorials. After a few more goes… I gave up. It was too much for me to take on at that moment in time and as I had received so much faith and support from Lynsey, I felt totally comfortable handing the whole thing over to her.

I was blown away when I received the box with all our invites… It rendered me speechless. After only a few emails and a 3 week turnaround, Lynsey had managed to capture exactly what I had planned in my head and make it real for me. I was so disheartened when I first started struggling, and I can hand on my heart say that Lynsey single handedly pulled me out of that and created a beautiful set of invitations that have perfectly set the mood for our day. Every one of our guests have raved about them!

My Shoes. The sparkly little sex bomb beauties. £60 from Aldo. I love these. In fact, so much so that I am thinking of wearing them to bed on the wedding night (I’m sure Gavin won’t mind). I could just lick the glitter right off these puppies… but I won’t. ‘Cause that would be weird.

Our rings. I should tell you that I dislike wedding bands. I like them on people with normal hands. But me? I have child fingers. Seriously, when shopping for engagement rings I was told by every feckin assistant “Oh, you’ve got such tiiiny little fingers!”. I was going to poke one of my miniscule digits in an eyeball if that persisted any longer. The idea of looking for a wedding band stressed me out. I knew that none of the beautiful bands I had my eye on would look right on me. The ring needed to be something fine, dainty and … well, a bit different. Then I spotted this from Azendi…

I was sooo disappointed to find out it was, in fact, a bangle. I searched for a ring similar but could not find one even remotely like it. Then Gavin suggested getting our rings made! I searched local designers and found Kirsty Eaglesfield. The girl is a genius. She took my image and Gavin’s idea of his perfect wedding ring and made us these. I am beyond delighted with them and cannot wait to have mine as a permanent fixture on my left hand.

My headpiece. Another fail. Well… kinda. I had it all cut out and hand beaded. Then stupidly left it in the sun for a few weeks. The beads were bleached gold. Not the colour I was going for. Running out of time and patience, I decided to sack the idea all together. I found an old Primark headband (yes really) and ripped the beaded part off. I have since been replacing some beads with my Swarovski crystals, stitched on some hairclips and a detachable veil and I absolutely love it! Bear in mind my hair won’t be like this on the day, but it’s pretty much where it will sit. Epic win for £1.50 I think!

I could go on more about my happy accidents and ticked off To Do’s, but I have a more pressing matter. A secret. A big… dirty… secret. Something I have been keeping from you. It’s about our honeymoon you see and I couldn’t tell you. But now I can, because last week, I told my boss. So I’m leaving… on a jet plane… don’t know when I’ll be back again. Yup, that’s right folks, Gavin and I have decided to sack everything. Jobs, flat, plants, everything! We are off on a one way flight to Thailand with nothing but a couple of backpacks. Our plan is to land in Bangkok, head for an island and spend the following however long travelling around, going where the wind takes us and enjoying our first year of marriage. *Sigh*… I’m glad that’s out. I feel so much better now I’ve told you…

Ever the big dirty backpacker,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

51 thoughts on “What Naomi Did… Flashing the Goods & My Big Dirty Secret

  1. Naomi, Naomi my sugar plum. Please stop being so funny. The thought of you licking your shoes had me in snorty fits of laughter!
    Headband, wedding rings and invites are gorge and get the big thumbs up from me. And, “we made the moon our mirrorball”? You know I only have one response to this as thats le sigh!

    As for your big dirty secret, I seem to remember you mentioning this at the big RMW Photoshoot, but now its all official like. Congrats, excitements eeks and all that! You and Gavin will have the BEST time. I am in serious awe of this mahoosive leap you are taking with your soon-to-be new hubby. I salute you chicky.


    PS. If you are around the Penang/KL area on the 25th July ish, give us a shout!!

  2. Ahahaha! “all over it like a pigeon with a chip”! Made me snort with laughter! Sounds like you are all set and ready to go. Are you getting married on May 21st? If so, ME TOO! xx

  3. WOW… what an amazing trip to make. Very super brave and exciting, I am in awe. 😀

    I also have stupidly tiny fingers, particularly because I am tiny in no other way, shape or form, so they’re entirely disproportionate to the rest of me. If one more person tells me my engagement ring looks like a child’s toy ring… I shall not be answerable for smushing them.

    I love your invites and shoes. Oh, the shoes. Sparkle toes!


    Ps: On it like a pigeon with a chip = my new favourite phrase!!

  4. “On it like a pigeon on a chip” – cue much snorting that had to turn into a rather long drawn out cough! BEST phrase EVER!!! Loves it!

    Shoes & Invitations = le sigh!

    And the big dirty secret…….OMFG!!!!!! So happy for you both – and very jealous too! You’ll have the most fabby dabby time! Enjoy every second!


  5. Invites – Beautiful(plus I love Elbow!)

    Shoes – Glitter Heaven

    Hairpiece – Ridiculously Impressed – wish I had some of those skills!

    The Big Secret – Amazing! Hope you have the time of your lives!

    Another fabulous reminder that life is for living and if something sounds exciting but scary, we should probably go for it!

    RMW this week has been very inspiring… not just ‘wedding’ but how we live and the exciting options available if we just stop and think about what we want!

  6. What a honeymoon, like wow!!!!! That’s going to be sooooooooo fab!!

    Shoes – love. Invites – love. Headband – love. Whatever else you said that I’ve forgotten – love.

  7. Wow, that sounds amazing!! What a great secret and a fantastic way to start married life, you’ll have such a great time!
    Loving the invites and the shoes, so very sparkly and pretty! x

  8. Wow Naomi!

    Love love love your invites and the shoes, they are just gorgeous! Oh and not forgetting the rings, wow!

    Insanely jealous of your big dirty secret, what a way to start married life! Have a ball chick xx

  9. Holy moly Naomi – your backpacking honeymoon is going to be the most amazing trip! Enjoy every second and soak up all the sunshine and culture. Xx

    Ps in Thailand please eat a banana pancake for me from a street vendor. They have bananas and condensed milk and cost nothing!! I shall now be dreaming of this all afternoon. Nom nom nom.

  10. Everything looks brill, and you are super pretty and will look stunning on your big day….cannot wait to see pics galore on here!
    The headband is genius and looks a million dollars!
    Invites are ah-ma-zing! And you started them so I would totally be taking some credit for those on the big day if I were you…wow!
    Oh and the backpacking….would love to do something like that! Its a total once in a lifetime never forget and something to always look back at as the start of your marriage! Genius! I wish I could do that…I have a dog. Love her.Maybe later in life for us then.
    Well done with the really good organisation! x

  11. This is my FIRST ever comment on a blogsite – in fact I don’t know if I am even doing it right.

    But I just had to comment: I just have to say Naomi I am so ridiculously jealous….I am 2 weeks away and have SO MUCH TO DO – my usually super organised excel geek self has turned into a quivering mess.

    I am going to try and absorb some of your inner calm and hope to goodness it works for me 🙂

    Well done you and good luck for the big day xx

  12. Wow…love those shoes!

    I am also going for a BIG honeymooon backpacking but not until November. So…what would be amazing would be a regular post about your travels!

    You could give loads of ideas of good places to honeymoon and tips for anyone else planning a long trip as well! It’s bound to make great reading!

    Pleeeaseee!! 🙂

  13. Sounds like the most perfect way to start your life as husband and wifey – echo everyone’s comments about being very jealous! Am off to plan a holiday now!

    I have the same headband from Primark and thought when I bought it ‘ I wish I’d had this when I was getting married’ – it looks 100 times more expensive than it was on you in the picture above and you’ll be able to wear it afterwards – although maybe you won’t have room for it in your backpack!

  14. Naomi I love your invitations! Would you be willing to share where we can find some of these free font websites? I am keen to get some pretty unusual fonts but do not know where to get hold of free fonts!

    Oh I also have tiny fingers and my engagement ring got stuck on my 6 year old niece’s finger so I feel your pain. I also have tiny feet – size 2 – and it is driving me nuts trying to get a hold of pretty heals that are affordable!

    I just LOVE that you are going back packing. My advice – pack half as much as what you think you need as it is all cheaper there and take as much money as you can so you can experience everything. My brown eyes are turning green with jealousy as my hubby-to-be and I went on a round the world ticket a few years ago and I have had itchy feet since. Enjoy!

  15. OMG – Super jealous about the backpacking 🙂 And the stationery is so fabulous!!!
    Good luck with the wedding lovely – its gonna be amazing!!
    Rachie xo

  16. Jeez- Naomi you have STONES! I’d love to jet off all loved up… you enjoy it! I’m getting married May 28th- you must be very close??
    Lovely post!

  17. What an amazing honeymoon! I would love to be brave enough to pack it all in and do that with the boy!!!! So cool! xox

    p.s. Stationary looks fantastic!

  18. Wow. So jealous of your Thailand trip that I nearly booked some tickets myself. I graduate this year and really wanted to run off with my fiance post wedding and see a bit of the world but the fear of not having a job to come back to and lack of money has put us off. Hopefully spend a year or two saving and working and we’ll be off!
    What a wonderful way to spend your first year of marriage 🙂
    LOVE the invites and very impressed with your cool attitude, I imagine I’ll be in meltdown come August!

  19. Naomi – OMG what an AMAZING way to start married life together, completely jealous…so wish had done something like that! Loving all the invites, the so pretty and bargain headband, rings….can’t wait to see it all come together on your big day!! Congrats xx 🙂

  20. Oh Naomi…the midget fingers comment made me laugh so much!!!

    Well…I am so glad to hear someone else is not coming back after their honeymoon!! I am still absolutely terrified about our decision but post wedding, my husband and I (eek!) are taking an extended honeymoon and then spending a year living in Australia!! I never did any travelling after school so thought…why not!!! How soon are you going??

    Thank you for getting me excited about this post-wedding venture.

    Also…love the head piece…wish I was a creative genius!! Your wedding is going to be GORGEOUS!!!!!


  21. Wow, wow, wow Naomi! I love your whole post, you’re so funny, but mainly today I’m amazingly jealous of a) the fact that you’re so organised while I’m having panic attacks about how much I’ve still got to do, and b) the honeymoon with no return date! I thought our 4 week trip was going to be a long time away from our normal lives but I’m so impressed and jealous that you’ve both taken the decision to head off together into the sunset without any worries of ‘how many emails will I have when I get back to work’ (something I’m already worried about and we head off in August!). Inspirational stuff!

    Wedding blogs so do rule, and RMW in particular! There’s no other community like it.


    P.S. I can’t find a wedding ring either – my problem is my knuckles are stupidly big and my engagement ring seems to dwarf all the lovely wedding bands on offer! Perhaps having them made is the way to go.

  22. Wow – so excited for you. I love Thailand and lost many months there just after uni!

    One month to go and you’re done! I’m so impressed. I have three weeks and I’m beginning to think I should do the orders of service (or celebration or whatever they’re called if it is a humanist wedding)!

    I’m pretty relaxed too. I just can’t wait but I’m loving the days right now. Every day has a fun wedding thing and its all so exciting.

    Sigh – happy days.

  23. Naomi – wow that’s so exciting!

    Reading this made me feel like it’s me talking. My lounge is currently surrounded by Laura Ashley wall paper, cream broderie anglaise fabric, ivory linen card, Pritt sticks, cutting matts, scalpels (and plasters and bandages for all the accidents I’ve had with said scalpels) because I too am attempting to make my invitations. At 58 minutes per invitation (not joking) I am so close to throwing the towel in too and would love someone to come and rescue me. Anyone?

    Me and my Gavin – weird! – are also quitting everything post wedding (will need to after the stress of these invites) and going off for our big dirty backpacking adventure too. Exciting!

    Good luck with everything in the next few months and come back and give us all more info again soon. I love your posts!


  24. Hah! Not me talking in terms of the midget fingers though. I have the opposite problem of mahooosive giant fingers. Same issue of wanting to punch jewellers with them (would do more damage than yours I bet) when they tell me I need fat great big chunky rings to balance out my giant digits!

    🙂 xx

  25. Oh wow a year honeymoon, fantabulouso! I’m not even going to pretend that I’m not fluorescent green with envy, I wish I had made better life choices so I could afford to do something like that!

    Also Thailand/Malaysia seems to be the place for honeymoons this year, 3 of my friends who are getting married this year are going thereabouts. I am trying to convince Mr very-Scottish-who-goes-on-holiday-to-shade-bathe-wearing-factor-50 that it won’t be too hot over there in June……..he’s not buying it.

  26. WOW Naomi-what an absolutely amazing way to start married life! My H2b and I spent a magical month backpacking around Southern Europe when we graduated from uni 10 years ago. Everyone thought we were mad for doing it but I can safely say it’s one of the best things we have ever done-and we still love talking about it all these years later!! I salute you both-and hope you have the most amazing experience. Regular updates of your travels-via these blue polka dot pages-would be brill!

    Love the fact you are super calm with just a month to go-I’ve got 5 months to go and feel like I’m in total meltdown 

    Good luck with everything x

  27. Hello you lot! Thank you so much for all your comments & compliments. Never fails to make mr smile… In fact. This whole Real Bride thing has been a non stop reassuring confidence booster. And for that, I thank thee.

    Mahj!!!!! We plan to do Malaysia all of July!!!!!!!! Were soooo meeting up btw. Imagine!

    MJ- May 27th is our date. Uh-oh, did I get the days wrong? I’m crap at maths


  28. Hello you lot! Thank you so much for all your comments & compliments. Never fails to make mr smile… In fact. This whole Real Bride thing has been a non stop reassuring confidence booster. And for that, I thank thee.

    Mahj!!!!! We plan to do Malaysia all of July!!!!!!!! Were soooo meeting up btw. Imagine!

    MJ- May 27th is our date. Uh-oh, did I get the days wrong? I’m crap at maths

    Abi – your so right, life IS for living. Anything is within your grasp. You just need to work for it & take chances.

    In fact, I should probably point out that Gavin & I are in no way minted. We have slaved our asses off for the last year & a half for this. It has been really really difficult. I barely remember what a cocktail tastes like. But you know what? It will be worth every baked bean dinner and frustrated tantrum in Topshop because I get something more precious… Time with my man friend.

    So any of you that are out there thinking I would love to do that (or anything else for that matter) please know that you can. It just takes a little work & a lotta love.

  29. Stupid phone… Will reply to the rest of you when I’m plugged to a wall!
    Your all just too Goddamn cool to half arse on the phone.
    Oh yeah… Should mention I’m at the airport. Heading home to Belfast. For my HEN WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!! YeeHaa!!!

  30. I am sitting here so excited for you! You really will be living the dream, what an incredible journey you will have! Have the most amazing time x x x

  31. Naomi…wow…this actually brought a lump to my throat, and we’ve never even met! (Wedding) hats off to you both for grabbing life by its precious horns and throwing caution to the wind. Your braveness is breathtakingly inspiring…what a phenomenal start to married life!

    You may remember I emailed you a few months back about your gorgeous save the dates…well, we’ve finally booked the wedding and have spent the last 3 nights sat together rating fonts and doing mock-ups from the websites you suggested. I’ll email you the finished product to show just how much your advice helped us formulate an idea when faced with a task that felt so mahoosively daunting!

    Anyway, your invites are just so pretty, and I have to say I’m really going to miss your blog when you jet-off. Maybe a travel one is called for…we did one when we went travelling for 4 months a few years ago and it’s just lovely to read every now and again to remind us of the amazing experiences we shared.

    C x

  32. seriously; we did that 3 years ago and haven’t stopped since! if you make it to NZ, look us up; we are here currently!

    well done and enjoy your last month as a miss! x

  33. Naomi you are amazing I so admire your courage I wish I had the balls to do something like that.

    Your invites are so cool we made our own not as easy as we thought!

    Your shoes are gorgeous I spotted those lovelies in aldo the sparkle was calling the magpie in me very jealous 🙂

    Loving your head band very pretty and very clever I love it when you make something yourself that looks like it costs big money

    Naomi you rock! Xxx

  34. Naomi, no my maths is probably wrong! I get married 5 weeks tomorrow, so that made me think one month plus a week plus a few days… so that’s how I thought it was the same day. Never mind, all of this maths is pointless, it’s still scarily close! Wish I was as calm as you. Honeymoon sounds AWESOME. Enjoy the rest of your planning, can’t wait to see you wedding pics. xx

  35. Sometimes it’s like RMW reads my mind! When we were doing our music you had a post on playlists, when we start talking table plans and timetables up pop extremely helpful posts on that! And yesterday morning on my way to work I decided that really there must be more to life and perhaps it was time for another adventure with my man…and here is brave, wonderful Naomi doing just that.
    I do wish I was a bit calmer like you tho! With 3 weeks to go I am completely in a flap about all the little bits that still need doing! Kate – we must be wedding twins and glad to hear that you’re in a similar position as us with your order of service!
    Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures, Naomi x

  36. NAOMI!!!

    Finally, another Scottish bride with non-tacky, unique and fun ideas!!!!

    I’m a bride to be based in Aberdeen and it’s so nice to hear of another Scottish bride doing things her way!!!

    I got engaged in Edinburgh on Feb 27 (my Kiwi fiance’s birthday), and now…well the whole thing is planned. And I have to wait 11 months till Friday, March 16 to actually have the wedding. Boo.

    Have been raking back through your posts and loving them. Your engagement photos are amazeballs, and make me very excited for ours which are being taken next month!


  37. WOW! You go for it – we spent a month travelling around Malaysia and Borneo, and would have loved to have been able to just carry on until we made it back home sometime – ooo i feel all excited for you! enjoy xxx

  38. Oh my lovely cousin, oh how I will miss you while your away galavanting across the world 🙁 but so proud of you darling and cant WAIT for the big day, THANK YOU for letting me such a big part 🙂 I love you with all of my heart your my favourite

  39. OMG this is spooky. Everyone’s off to Malaysia and Elisabeth you’re went to Borneo too. That’s where we’ll be in 3 weeks time for our month long honeymoon


    Naomi and Colene – I’m another scottish bride and I agree its lovely to see a Scottish Wedding that’s fun and don’t the couples way.

    FINALLY Caroline K we must be wedding twins – 7th May? I can’t wait. Only 6 full days at work left and then 5 weeks off. I’m excited to see all our plans come together finally and then jet off into the sunset. SIGH xxx Have an amazing day CK. x

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