What Naomi did… Gavin, the Leaf Man and I.

4 Months and 7 days…

Things are officially starting to happen people. My measurement for this was simultaneously receiving two emails… one from my Dad telling me that all the family have booked their flights and the other from Winton House asking to me to pick the colour of chair that I would like for the ceremony!! I thought that the day decision making overtook faffing would never come. But It’s here. It’s a subtle reminder though, that our days of engagement are numbered. It is so easy to spend the whole time looking forward, that you forget to enjoy actually just being engaged! 

This is something that Gavin and I have been determined to do from the start. To relish these years of being a young, betrothed couple. We want to be able to look back on them fondly and not think that we spent the whole time with our heads buried in brochures and sample books. So in order to truly remember these days we should really have an engagement shoot, right? Well, that’s how I pitched it to Gavin back in November anyway. And not being camera shy, my (formal male model) Fiancé agreed. As photo’s of Gavin and I usually consist of him looking delicious and me pulling some sort of weird cockeyed frozen smile, I was determined to be fabulous in these ones. 

We spoke with the guys at Duke Photography and decided on a date for the magic to take place. I was preened, plucked and styled to within an inch of my life as we rocked up to the studio. Whilst parking we were greeted with what can only be described as a torrential downpour… there goes our lovely beach front location shoot then. We were greeted by an equally disappointed but ever cheerful Robbie, who told us that himself and Dom were willing to take some studio shots and reschedule our shoot for another, drier day. The studio shots were lush. I mean, they are some of the best photos ever taken of me and Gavin… well of course he looks great. But these are not what I want to share with you today. 

A few weeks later, whilst on annual leave, I awoke to a gorgeously bright autumn day. After running a few errands and nipping into work (as you do on holiday!) I called Robbie on the off chance that he would have some free time that afternoon. To which he responded “Yeah, how about we meet up in an hour? The light will be lovely and I have a great location we could use.” So, unable to resist the sound of lovely light, I agreed and called Gavin. The following few minutes resulted in me running around in a blind panic thinking make up, hair, clothes, an hour… Noooo!!!! In fear of losing out on said light, I sacked the sprucing, grabbed a coat and ran to meet Gavin. After much reassuring that I looked fine, I conceded myself to the fact that these images were not going to be remotely Vogue cover feature but more likely Heat’s circle of shame. But screw it… this was our engagement shoot and I was going to enjoy it.

There and then, we made the decision that we were not going to try to make these photo’s perfect. That we were just going to be ourselves and do what we would normally do if we went for a walk in the park. So we kissed, we cuddled, we raced each other and just generally engaged in all sorts of fun and mischief. The result is not a perfectly polished picture of us looking our best but an array of beautifully captured images of our relationship together, with all the tom foolery that it entails. 

The location Robbie picked was a beautiful riverside walkway in Stockbridge, Edinburgh. Which just so happened to be where Gavin and I first lived together. We have some really funny memories of long walks along that path, so taking a trip back for our engagement shoot was amazing. On this particular occasion there was an art installation of fabulous (albeit creepy) life sized figures made out of autumn leaves. The image of us with a leaf man on a bench is one of my favourites from the shoot. Gavin’s face says it all!

I have to say a massive thank you to Dom and Robbie at Duke Photography for their fun, flexible approach. For the wonderful job they do with keeping Gavin and I relaxed, the emails full of ideas and inspiration, their genuine interest in our plans and for just generally going out of their way to help us make the planning process enjoyable. We are really looking forward to having them as part of our wedding and I rest easy knowing that they will capture the essence of our day. To have fun.

Ever the messer,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

24 thoughts on “What Naomi did… Gavin, the Leaf Man and I.

  1. Gorgeous photographs, I love the water of Leith! We had Robbie as photographer at our wedding in September and you’ll not be disappointed. He’s lots of fun to work with and really seems to love his job.

  2. You guys are hotties!! What gorgeous photos- you’ll be able look back at these when your old and wrinkly and marvel at how beautiful you both were. Although Im sure you’ll be still be gorgeous as grannies. *Note to self to shut up now!*

    I know what you mean about engagement days being numbered. It’s so weird to say ‘I’m getting married this year!’ EEEk, it’s scary and exiting…


  3. Holy Handsome Couple Batman!
    Love the autumn e-shoot, you guys both looked chillled and in lurve!
    I keep giggling at Gavin’s face in the photo with the leaf man. You on the other hand look like its the most natural thing in the world to be sat next to a man made entirely of leaves!
    Like you and Robyn, I am “eeeeking” at the engagement days slowly dwindling down to nil. xoxo

  4. You are both disgustingly gorgeous. I am horribly jealous of the way you manage to look wonderful whilst running around in the leaves – I know for sure that I would look a sweaty, frizzy haired mess.

    Oh, and eeep….4 months is going to fly. FLY I tell you.

  5. Having had the worst afternoon in the history of the world at work I really needed todays RMW afternoon report and RMW geek I am, saved it until 5pm as a special treat.

    And what a treat. Gorgeous. I agree that you were right to get out of the studio. I wish it was autumn again rather than dreary old January. Roll on Spring and the start of the Wedding Season in ernest.

    I need the frivolity of spring in my life.

    Now to try and convince my boy to have an engagement shoot. Seriously, he hates having his photograph taken because “he knows what we look like”. Pah.

    On the plus side I re-read all of the readings last night and have decided to order the Coulson McLeod print for my wall. Just because I can’t be bothered to wait until the wedding. Now just to wait until payday.

  6. you both look great and really relaxed, hope my engagement shoot goes this well, its always the way that the unplanned events are always the best!

  7. Ok, I didn’t know whether to actually comment or not today. In all honesty I’m completely blown away & a tad bashful about all your amazing comments. Thank you so so much! You have all made my day.

    We had sooo much fun on that shoot! Such a giggle. I feckin love Gavins face in the leaf man shot. He’s so cute.

    Here’s to engagement ladies! Let’s rock it!… Well, what’s left of it.

  8. Wow the photos are stunning and you both look super happy like all engaged couples should!!!
    Congrats to you both and can’t wait to see the wedding pics!!!

  9. Love that these photos are so natural – its the kind of shoot we all want to persuade our other halves to do but I’ve never been able to manage it! Lovely memories to keep. Also love that you’re in Edinburgh as I’m in glasgow and seeing somewhere I know just makes me smile! Keep up the lovely posts x

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