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First thing’s first, can we have a whoop whoop, high fives and champagne clinks to say some huge congratulations to some special people? Mr and Mrs Curtis AKA Real Bride Jackie Brown got hitched on Sunday :: *spoiler alert* :: the bride and groom looked absolutely gorgeous (totes obvs!) and I just can’t wait for us all to see their special day in all its glory on these polka dot pages. A second huge congratulations and cwtches go to Mr and Mrs O’Shea AKA the blog queen herself, who welcomed baby Mabel Rose to the world!!

Oouff, all this lovin’ is just soooo lush!! But… on to wedding blogging business…

What The F {lower}?!

Without doubt one of the trickiest part of wedding planning for me has been deciding on the flora and fauna. I didn’t have a scooby-doo of what flowers I liked or wanted for bouquets or décor. Usually when people don’t know what they want; they know what they don’t want, but not me – I was that clueless!! Back in those early days of wedding planning I could name a maximum of three types of flowers: roses, daisies and sweetpeas (and only because that’s the nickname of my bestie, hiya Sweetpea!). So I needed to educate myself. Hi, Pinterest!

At this stage of my learning curve I wasn’t really paying attention to the types of flowers being used to make up arrangements, I was focused on the overall macro aesthetic. Not sure if that’s the best thing to do, but it worked for me. It didn’t take too-long before I picked-up on some flower power trends that all began with an M, strangely!

  • Mono-white
  • Meadow
  • Manicured
  • Minty


I was mega drawn to the aesthetic of this look. It is pretty and elegant but also rather subtle. I wouldn’t say that I’m usually drawn to anything subtle so I was surprised by my love for the simplicity of this look. Maybe it’s because I am not a “flower type of girl” but I like this look for not being over bearing and for adding just the right amount of texture, pouffiness and lushness to an outfit or a room.



This has been a huge wedding trend and the on-trend-RMW-folks wrote a good blog post about it a few months ago which you can read here. “I-just-hand-picked-these-from-my-back-garden” look is everywhere and is always ethereal and whimsical. Whether bouquets are on the larger or smaller side, the overall feel portrays a virginal softness. I can totally see why bridelings dig this look so much, but it really isn’t me. My style is not very boho or just-thrown-together, I fall guilty of always looking a bit too “try-hard” to be able pull this bouquet trend off.



Which brings me on to the manicured trend. Neat and tight without a twig or leaf out of place. This look appeals to my lust for symmetrical design. I am one of those annoying people that has to have a piece of furniture centralized (ie a bed) with side tables either side for a symmetrical look. Finding a way to balance this type of design aesthetic so it doesn’t look too clinical is a challenge, but that’s where my love of textures come in to play. Is it because I’m a Virgo that I am drawn to this perfectionist look? Maybe. I love the pulled-togetherness of the manicured type of bouquets of flower species that are uniform in size, shape and colour and are so identical they look scientifically pretty as a picture. I like these, a lot!



I would say the other three trends are often evidenced in this trend but I’ve called out Minty as its own trend as I was noticing a lot of gorgeous minty green succulents being used in bridal arrangements. These types of bouquets scream freshness, modernity and elegance and I think would work during any season. I can see the minty hues of the succulents working equally as well for a winter white wedding or outdoors spring garden party- such a versatile look, what’s not to love?


What Had The Flower Factor?

Although I kept asking Jacko for his opinion on flowery-related things, it’s not that he wasn’t bothered, he just didn’t really have much of an opinion so I’ve ended up making 99% of the flower decisions myself. You can read a bit about the boys’ perspective on this kind of stuff in one of my previous posts when Jacko wrote a bit for us https://www.rockmywedding.co.uk/what-nicola-did-music-man-stuff/

Before we (I) made the final decision on the flowers, I let the rest of our plans come together slowly and surely. Our decision compass has largely been “do we love it”? I’ve got to be honest and admit that when I (we) started planning our wedding I thought I’d try and make us stick much tighter to a theme but things have ended up coming together in a much more organic way and we’ve not really ended up with a theme per se – just a mix match of styles, colours and stuff that we love. Hopefully it will all come together on the day, but we’re not trying to win any style awards here – we are getting married!! Whoop!! So if it looks a little higgledy piggeldy, then that’s ok because we’re a little bit higgledy piggeldy people!!

Once I had decided on my preferred bouquet style the decision on flower type was pretty easy. I just love the flirtiness and pouffiness of open white peonies. They are soooo lush. Peonies will be in season – which I learnt was a big yay or nay factor when deciding upon florals; and they are actually a bit cheaper in France. Winner.


What about the bridesmaids, the buttonholes and the décor flowers? We consciously decided to have a small flower budget so we could afford bad-ass lighting and other décor items. But luckily, during my flower-power research I discovered that my joint-second-favourite flower types was gypsophila and hydrangeas – both really beautiful and affordable. So the maids will carry a substantial and manicured round bouquet of gypsophila and the boyos are going to have really lovely and simple gypsophila buttonholes.


Another tricky decision was what to tie the bouquets and button holes with. I think we have made a final decision… it will be something sparkly!! You will have to wait and see what it looks like (as will I as we have no idea if it will work yet!)

We didn’t want to over clutter the dinner tables so we have decided to have a mix of low white cut glass vases filled with full bunches of gypsophila and really poufy white hydrangeas. I am hoping the all-white look and feel will be glam and add lots of texture to the venue without feeling too stuffy.


I am not worried if my manicured mono-white peony bouquet will “go” with our French venue or work with my dress or match the bridesmaids outfits… it’s what I ended up loving the most, and as I won’t be seeing a mock up or anything until the actual day, I can’t wait to see what it turns out like.

Other Accomplishments Since My Last Blog

Things have really started to come together over the last few weeks. We skyped the awesome Jonny and Morgane from M&J Photos who we’re lucky to have as our photographers and basically just asked them to do their thing – we trust them implicitly. I am sure we are meant to have a few more things to discuss with them or lists to request, but we love what they do and want them to do just that! We both have small families so the formal portraits will take place as and when on the day.

We’ve decided on seating plans, escort cards, cocktail lists and signage and are just in the midst of getting everything designed and waiting to receive the proofs from the designer. We’re using the same lady who designed and printed our invitations Invited By You who we discovered via Etsy – she’s absolutely lovely! Can really start to see it all coming together… eeeek!!!

I’ve ordered a calligraphy starter set from an awesome chick called Laura Hooper who I discovered via Etsy. My plan, I say plan… is to write out the name cards and menu cards for the Sunday BBQ using my own fair hand. Goodness knows if this will be a success or not, but I am going to make it my hobby for the next seven weeks!! Laura makes it look so easy. Any calligraphers out there with any tips?? I am going to try and achieve the type of font that has those pretty lines that runoff each side of the pages… biting off more than I can chew?! Probably!!!


I am going to do my own make-up. Ahhh!!! My Mum thoughtfully and kindly booked me in for a MAC make-up lesson with an awesome chick called Stephanie who works on the MAC counter in Debenhams, Cardiff. It was a mammoth 2 hours that flew by so quickly. Steph did the left side and I did the right side. My inspiration was actually the make-up look from the RMW En Pointe editorial (it massively helped that our photographers, M&J shot that editorial feature!). I am not totally useless at doing make-up, but I am not much of a make-up wearer so I had a lot to learn. I was bummed that I had to do the right hand side of my face because for some reason my right eye is the harder of the two to do with liquid eyeliner!!! It was good practice though.

My top tips learnt were:
Do your eyes first so you can clean up anything that falls without mucking up your face
Use a primer, the difference was amazing!
Let someone pick out colours for you, I would never have chosen the colours based on what they looked like on the shelf, but they went on awesome
The art is having a soft and fluid brushing movement – don’t be too fragile though. Buff, buff, buff!
If you want to change your lipstick from day to night make sure you think about how both colours will work with your colour palette


So that’s it for this blog post bridelings, can’t believe my next one will be only nine days before w-day!!

Can I just say a big happy wedding day to Stef-baby for next weekend!!! Ooh lassy, your time is nearly here


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Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

15 thoughts on “What Nicola Did… Learnt About Stuff!!

  1. Loved reading your post Nicola, what a minefield the flowers are – love the ‘minty’ theme! haha. I’m intrigued to find out more about the gypsophila, it looks lovely.

    Etsy is just brilliant, I love getting everything I can from there! Great to hear you found so many gems!

    You sound totally on top of things, I’m really looking forward to hearing about your day and seeing the photos!

    You mac session sounds very helpful, might get myself booked in for one of those.

    Thanks for sharing Nicola x

    1. Hi Harriet, OMG – totally book yourself in for a MAC session, time it with a night out as you’ll definitely want to go out and rock your new face (I did!! Went to the pub with my Dad!)

      I fell in love with Gypsophilia, I think it’s a bit retro, but in a fun way 🙂

      Looking forward to sharing more with you 🙂


  2. Holy smokes girl you look HOT!!! I adore your eyeshadow! Good old MAC. Those folks are awesome aren’t they? I too learned that trick about eyes first when my sister did a trial on me. I’d always done face first.

    Your flowers are DIVINE! For a girl without a clue you’ve picked some winners!! They all look amazing. I definitely think you can’t go wrong with peonies. Such gorgeous flowers. And they’re individually so stunning that a little goes a long way.

    I love the way you write hun. Your blogs always make me laugh!

    And yes, huuuuuge big congratulations to Charlotte and our own Jackie. She really did look amazing. I’m so excited for her write up!

    Mwah! xxx

    1. I am soooo jel that you have your sister to do your face on the day, those MAC ladies are so talented.

      Yes, I feel rather pleased as punch with the flower choices, there is so much to learn, i have enjoyed it though (still can not seem to unpack a bunch of blooms and make them look decent in a vase at home though!)

      I am glad my whining on entertains someone…!!!!


  3. Gee what gorgeous flowers! I love the peonies that you chose (especially the picture with just that tiny bit of pink inside the peonies)! And you chose my absolute favourite: white hydrangeas! They were my wedding flowers so I might be a bit biased 🙂 Seems like you’ve got that problem solved. You’ll love them on the actual day!

    And of course a massive congratulations to Mr & Mrs O’Shea on their first baby daughter!

  4. Hi Nicola!!

    Lovely post – I must admit I favour a large wild bouquet over a structured symmetrical one…BUT done with peonies, it just looks so feathery and pretty – I can see why you’ve fallen for them.

    Great make up choice – the make up for the En Pointe shoot was soooooo Bridal, I loved it & you’re going to look amazing!!

    I think white is going to look stunning for the tables, very French.

    Have you ever heard of le diner en blanc? It’s this French ‘thing’ where large groups of friends and family dine outside together en masse and kind of impromptu, but they all wear white and the decor is white and it just looks so fabulous & stylish. I think it started in Paris…well that’s what your wedding is going to be like!!!

    (If anyone French can explain or elaborate a little better then please do!!)

    M&J are amazing too – many of my fave weddings come from them!!

    Fern x

    1. What is this party you speak of… it sounds amazing!! Can we start our own?!!

      I think it might be a bit late to request all our guests wear white, but if I had known earlier….tee hee!!!

      We are going to Paris for honeymoon so i will try and scout one out. Although I bet you need to be a cool cat to find these parties, we’ll be in an Irish pub i no doubt (i am joking… kind of!)


  5. Oh how timely I was just at the my florist finalising my bits and bobs, I am still just as clueless but I trust Kim to make my flora and fauna beautiful!!

    I adore that make up look! I still need to take a trip to MAC to get myself my lippy! I fancy booking myself in for a wee session at MAC now! Maybe a post wedding blues pick me up?! Good enough excuse?

    Yes my time is very near and I am a little scared but so excited to marry my man!!
    x x x

    1. Oh Stef – i am bubbling with excitement for you my love!!

      I am sure Kim will kill it on the day for you – fake it til we make it hun, that’s our flower motto!! I am also leaving it all to come together by the professionals. Totes hats off to peeps like Jackie who did their own.

      Now, go and get that lippy darl

  6. WITWOO, looking hot my lovely. You are going to look stunning☺ . Such an amazing variety of forestry going on. I think I went into this wedding millarcy blind when it came to the flowers. I had a set idea of what I wanted without realising what else was out there. You sound like you have everything in hand and everything is going to look oh-so-beautiful.
    BIG CONGRATULATIONS to our jackie who looked out of this world, cant wait to see more of her big day. And also to adam charlotte and baba mabel who is the cutest thing xx

    1. Aw, you are so sweet Carly!! I can’t wait to see what you decided on for your flowers, it scarily is all coming together!

  7. Peonies are cheaper in France?! Right if that’s ever a good reason to move to the land of my ancestors and consume my body weight in cheese and wine then that is it!

    As ever Nicola you are looking gorgeous and I loved the make-up and in my opinion you did just as good a job as the make-up pro so you’ll be absolutely fine for w-day!

    Can’t wait to read your next post…

    1. Oh Lolly, you are too sweet. Thank you (the make up maestro Steph had to go over my botched up bits, so the end result looked even!!!)

      It sounds to me like we need to get us gals all a little petite chateau in the french countryside so we can collectively enjoy ALL the delights of our fair french friends – *sigh* – one day….

      I am excited to write my next post too, it means our day will be here all the sooner


  8. love love peonies too, sadly i got married in october so that wasnt possible! (well not exactly sadly as it was amzing but you know what i mean!)
    look forward to seeing the event!

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