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Afternoon lovelies! 🙂

Right, before I go any further, can I just say a humongous ‘congratulations’ to Real Brides Hannah & Vix who are now married ladies!!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 😀 
Hope you girlies had the best days EVER! And we cannot wait to see all the pictures!
I cannot believe the first 2 girlies have had their wedding already, time is just flying by!

Paper Love

I am super, super excited to finally be able to share with you all our pretty darn awesome invites! These beauties were designed by our very own RMW Real Bride Hannah
Like many brides, my original plan was to try & design the invites myself. However, it soon became apparent that I was seriously lacking in design skills! Nothing I could come up with looked anywhere near as nice as I wanted it to. It just looked like a school project, rather than the amazing invites that would get all our guests excited about our big day! So in stepped Hannah, and after sending her a 3 page PDF file of our ‘ideas’ (1 of which was JUST fonts!!!) she created these beautiful invites for us……..


Aren’t they just gorgeous?! They are everything we wanted them to be; a little bit different, a little bit art deco and ticket like! They are 100 times better than anything I could have hashed together and just fit the whole design of our wedding perfectly! Plus it has been amazing getting all the lovely compliments from our family and friends; apparently they love them almost as much as us! 😀 Getting Hannah to design these beauties might possibly be the best decision of our wedding so far!

Oh and good news for you lovely lot, Hannah has started up her own stationery business – Love Doodle!

Getting My Craft On!

I am also pretty excited to be able to show you some actual button holes and the flower girl’s wand designed by yours truly!!!


Yup, I am actually starting to get somewhere with my fabric flowers…..this is mainly because of the help of a few very kind friends & family members who have spent their lunchtimes and weekends making hundreds of the things! I’ve still got a fair few to make, but I can safely say that if it wasn’t for my lovely friends I would be nowhere near to making anything! They really have been lifesavers & I owe them all vast quantities of sparkly wine to say thank you!

Here is a short description of how we put together the button holes….

  1. We took a couple of feathers attached to wire (I just wrapped floral wire around the stems of the feather a few times to keep secure), held in the position we wanted we then twisted the wire together.
  2. Next we took a scrabble tile (which I had pre-attached to some wire), positioned alongside the feathers and then wrapped the wire around the wire of the feathers.
  3. Then we selected a fabric flower (again pre-attached to some wire), held that in the desired position and then twisted the wire around the rest of the wire.
  4. This made the basis of our buttonhole. Now all we needed to do was fold the wire a couple of times to determine the length of the stem we wanted, then cut off any excess.
  5. We then wrapped the wire with floral tape to keep it all together.
  6. Lastly we covered the stem with some satin ribbon (using a glue gun to keep the ribbon in place).


What do you think?

I think they look pretty fabulous (big headed, moi?!)! To have all the male buttonholes done is such a huge relief! At one point it looked like I would never get there, but seeing these come together has shown me that with a little help from your friends anything is possible 🙂

To make the flower girl’s wand I used the same technique as above but added more flowers & feathers and kept the stems longer to give it more of a wand look. I have finished it off with tassels made from ribbons, perfect for a little princess!
Now I just need to get the bouquets together!! Eeek!! Are any of you making your own bouquet? If so, how are you putting it together? All tips very, very much welcome (I’ll let you know how I get on next time) 🙂

But that’s not all the DIY-ing I’ve been doing! I’ve also been getting my glitter on with some sparkly candle-holders. And they were pretty darn simple to achieve…

Just take some washed glass jars and mark off the areas you want glittered with masking tape. Coat the area you want glittered with a mix of PVA glue & water. Now just cover the glued area with glitter, leave to dry, shake off the excess and remove the tape et voila, you have a glittered jar!

These will hold candles and will be used on all the outside tables. Just imagine them twinkling away as the sun sets 😀


Pretty Dresses For Pretty Girls

Another big thing I have almost got ticked off the never-ending to-do list is the bridesmaid dresses. I love my girlies dearly and one thing I have been adamant about from the start is that I wanted them to look and feel their best. My only request was that they were in shades of either pink or grey to make sure they would go with all the fabric flowers and the invites. In the end the girls decided on floor length dresses and have all chosen dresses in various shades of pink, and here are the five dresses…..


I have to admit I thought finding the bridesmaid dresses would be a lot easier than it was. One big sticking point for us being the lack of bridesmaid dresses with proper straps. I’m not talking about little spaghetti straps, I am talking about dresses where the wearer can actually wear a bra with them! It seems that the moment a designer looks to design a floor length gown they forget that not everyone enjoys wearing a dress without the support of a bra. Yes there are a few, but we are talking about a small handful and an even smaller amount of them were even close to the budget! Another issue we had was that I was so flexible about the style and was so desperate to find the girls their perfect dress, I ended up bombarding them with a ridiculous number of dresses for them to choose from. But luckily for me the girls managed to cope with my barrage of messages and pictures and, fingers crossed, we can now tick this task off the list

Have any of you found similar issues when searching for bridesmaid dresses? Were you overwhelmed by all the different choices (well, for those not wanting straps! 😉 ), or did you have a much clearer idea of how you wanted your best girls to look?

While on the subject of the bridal party, I don’t think I have shared with you the outfit for my oh-so-adorable flower girl! She is going to look abso-flipping-lutely amazing 🙂


So What’s Next?

So I am slowly but surely getting quite a few things ticked off the never ending to-do list; my hair trial – done(LOVED it!), had a chat with the lady doing church flowers (Lolly, I’m having a wreath on the church door, eeeeeee!!!), wedding rings are ordered (& almost ready to pick up), pork pies ordered for the pork pie layer of our cheese ‘cake’, cake topper purchased and Dave & his boys have their suits (and yes, they look flipping dapper!). But there is still plenty to be getting on with! Seriously, my whiteboard is covered in tasks…


Picture Credits: Style Me Pretty | 100LayerCake (invitations) | 100LayerCake (drink stirrers) | Rock My Wedding | dsmeebee | etsy

And just before I go, I’d love to say a big thanks to Dave’s mum for doing a fab job reading our Banns in church the other weekend! Yup, Dave’s mum is actually a Lay Preacher at the church we will be getting married in, so the other week when the vicar was not around she stepped up to the plate. It was a special moment for Dave & I 🙂

Well that’s all from me for now, back to the crafting I go!

Big crafty love,

Rebecca xxx

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