What Rebecca Did… Got A Bit Crafty.

Hey you gorgeous lot!

So it’s time for my third post!? Gosh how time flies when you’re having fun (or when you have a wedding to plan!!!) The months just seem to be flying past and scarily we are only 9 months away from the Big Day!

Slow And Steady

So after Hannah’s last post about getting organised I thought it was about time Dave and I actually sat down and looked at what we still needed to do, big and small. I knew it would be a big list, but boy I didn’t count on it being that big!! Eeek!
So….what have we managed to tick off our list so far?

Date set…………check
Venue booked…………check
Church booked…………check
Insurance bought…………check
Photographer booked…………check

Yup, we’ve finally booked our photographer, Hurray!!

We are so pleased that Hannah from Hannah Mia Photography will be covering our wedding day. Her reportage, with a hint of vintage, style will be perfect for our big day and Hannah herself is just lovely and a fellow pinterest addict, so we’ve been getting on like a house on fire. In fact we’re currently looking at ideas for a winter pre-wedding shoot… we’re thinking big wooly jumpers, carpet coats, roaring fires, hot chocolates… needless to say I am super excited so watch this space…! 🙂

Oh and here are a few pictures from Hannah’s previous work to show you why we’ve picked her!

Let’s Get Creative

So another thing I have started on is my fabric flower & brooch bouquet….well when I say started I really mean that I’ve started practising making fabric flowers!! So I thought maybe you lovely lot would like to see how I’m getting on……

(please note as fabulous as I am I cannot take credit for these methods, I have just taken the ideas from various different blogs and chosen which bits work best for me – google fabric flower tutorials and you will not be short of a result or two, or three!!)

Carnation style flower

So this is the first style I tried and I love how big and fluffy it can look, this works best with chiffon style material (I used an old Tie Rack scarf).

Firstly you need the following:

  • A number of circles cut out of your chosen material (I’ve got 8)
  • A small felt circle
  • Needle & thread
  • Scissors
  • Beads (optional)

Now all you do is fold your circles into quarters and sew the middles onto the small circle of felt
Here I have done 2 layers of 4 circles quartered, making sure the second layer covers any gaps from the first layer

And now you have a carnation style fabric flower, I have also sewn small beads into the middle of the flower but as you can see this is not really necessary as you can’t really see them through the ruffles of fabric!
Want to make it bigger? Just add more layers.
So simple and so effective, I love it & these will definitely be featuring in my bouquets

Silky/Satin fabric flower

Not sure what flower this would represent (sorry, my flower knowledge is dreadful!) but I think they look quite pretty.

So this is what you’ll need:

  • A number of circles cut out of a satin style material, the circles need to be of various sizes (I have used 5 circles here)
  • Needle & thread
  • Scissors
  • Lighter or tea light
  • Beads or brooch

So this one is pretty simple.

Firstly you need to singe the edges of all the circles, this is how the material curls up like petals. It doesn’t take much to singe the edges so don’t hold the fabric too close to the flame and only hold the material over it briefly. If you are worried, practise on a few scraps of material first

Then all you do is layer the fabric circles on top of each other, so the largest is at the bottom & the smallest on the top. Now sew a couple of stitches through the middle to keep them all together.
All you need to do now it decorate the centre, here I have sewn a few little bead to the middle but I am also thinking this would look lovely with a small glitzy brooch in the centre.

So they are my two test flowers, I am so chuffed with them and really looking forward to starting using the actual fabric. What do you think of these…..?

So that’s it from me for now, I’d love to hear how many of you guys are DIY-ing at the mo. Anyone else had a go at making fabric flowers? If so are they for a bouquet or simply for venue decoration? I am seriously considering making fabric flowers for all the table centrepieces!!!! Am I mad?!!

Oh & I nearly forgot….Glastonbury tickets go on sale on Sunday so keep your fingers & toes crossed for Dave & I – if we get tickets that will be the first leg of our Honeymoon!!! *closes her eyes and prays very hard*

Love & Hugs
Rebecca 🙂

Ps. big thanks to Hannah for taking Kitty & I on a little visit to the Fancy Silk Store in Birmingham – it had four floors of fabric…..FOUR floors!!! 🙂

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

33 thoughts on “What Rebecca Did… Got A Bit Crafty.

  1. FOUR FLOORS! Yes lovely readers, it was amazing and me and Al bought some fabric in there too.

    We also helped Rebecca pick hers!

    Great post my lovely, bite-sized and easy for me to read on the sly when I should be typing up meeting minutes (oops!).


  2. Arh thanks Rebecca…no worries about the fancy silk store…you couldn’t come to b’ham and not go there! (Though I don’t think the boys were thanking me!) Your fabric flowers are beautiful…i’m contemplating adding some into my hairslides to go among the paper ones now! Your photographer looks amazing too and perfect for your style! all very lovely! xxx

  3. Ooh, good luck with getting the Glastonbury tickets! I really want to go, but, have been way too late thinking about who I would go with! Fingers crossed for you!!

    So excited about photographing your big day! And I am really looking forward to your engagement shoot – loving the Pinterest action!


  4. Wow huni – you know how to do awesome weddings! If I ever get married, I’m going to hire you to organise it all 😀 lol. All very beautiful and stylish 🙂 xxx

  5. Haha we were far more entertained by the “sexy shop” outside that sold aprons and oven gloves!! Wish I’d have come in now.

    Ooooh the fabric flowers are cute as hell, I never realised they were that simple. When, I say that, but I think I’d end up with a giant pile of fabric weeds instead with my cack-handed approach.

    And THEN I would set myself on fire.

    great work Rebecca!!


  6. @Karen – you crack me up!!! Then you really would be HOT.LIKE.FIRE!!!!!
    Yes that ‘sexy sho’ was amazing! So, should’ve got myself a nice slinky number for the wedding night from there!!!! 😉

    @Kitty – shhh….I won’t tell! Thanks 🙂

    @Nikki – thanks 🙂 Hannah is lovely isn’t she! Anyone who likes a micro-pig is a winner in my eyes! 😉

    @Hannah – glad I’ve inspired you! 🙂 was so chuffed to find out how easy they are, thought it was going to be a complete nightmare!!
    Yeah, Dave was doing alright until I made him pull out the 6th & 7th rolls of material to choose from!!! hee hee

    @Keli – thank you my lovely….any time 😉

  7. Oooh I love your fabric flowers, they’re going to look fab!! I should really read things before I look at the pics though, I was thinking ‘how the heck has she got them to curl at the edges like that??’ Doh, if I’d just read it properly!

    So happy you got your photographer sorted too, she looks fab!

    Fingers crossed for Glastonbury, we were thinking about going but it’s the weekend before our wedding so thought it might not be a wise plan!


  8. ps. in the post it should say I’ve got 8 – with relation to the carnation flower.
    I’m not making my flowers with a cool sunglassed dude!!!!!!!!! hee hee xx

  9. How exciting to see it all coming together now. I know whatever you make will be as beautiful as the home made cakes you bring in for us to sample at work:) As for making centre piece flower arrangements by hand… hmmmm you really may have a lot of work on your hands. How is Dave with arts and crafts?:))
    Lots of love

  10. @Tabs – hee hee! 🙂 thanks my lovely.
    Oh….but you could’ve joined us for our honeymoon!!!!! Fingers crossed we’ve got so many friends coming it’s going to be a bit of a weird honeymoon….but then it is Dave & I!!!

    @Lexa – thanks hun, Dave helped chose the fabric so should give him a little bit of credit (well when I say helped….I mean I made him go fetch all the rolls!!) 😉

  11. @Rebecca – sounds like an awesome honeymoon, I’m sure you wouldn’t want me cramping your style on your honeymoon!!

    P.S. I had a sudden flashback yesterday to the two of us scribbling all over that blackboard at Pretty Naughty! Cringe, what did we write?? xxx

  12. @Hannah Mia – thanks lovely!! Really am quite excited about the engagement shoot! eeeeeeee! 😀

    @Jude – thanks, not sure Dave would be too chuffed if I tried to teach him to sew!!! (or maybe it’s just that I don’t have the patience!! heehee) 😉

    @Charlotte – I know!!! And they are a REAL couple, they look like flipping ‘hot as’ models! Their engagement shoot was immense. Not sure I can quite pull that smouldering look off but hey I’ll give it a try!!!

    @Tabs – oh dear lord! I had completely forgotten!!! ha ha – no doubt it was something suitably naughty! oops!!
    Oh & cramping our style? Don’t be silly!! As I’ve said it’s not gonna be just Dave & I…..it’s almost an ‘anti-honeymoon’ but we are so excited 😀
    (please, please, please let us get tickets Mr Eavis!!!)

  13. ps. @Hannah Mia – come with us!!!!! You can photograph my honeymoon as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha xx

  14. Gorgeous! Clever lady, the flowers are beautiful – I think the unnamed ones look like ranunculus 🙂

    Loving the photographs as well, absolutely stunning! xx

  15. @Rebecca – I think it might have been something along the lines of ‘RMW Real Brides 2013 woz ere!’ we are just too cool!!

    I really wanted to go, I know I’ll be kicking myself when the line-up comes out, but hey ho! You are going to have an awesome time, what better way to celebrate getting married 🙂 xxx

  16. Becca, this is making me so excited about next June….. I can’t wait for Glastonbury!! Oh, and the wedding of course. Seriously though, I’m really liking your blogs and they are definitely getting me excited about our big day.

    Those flowers look really good in the flesh too. I do have one question though…..
    WHY haven’t you let me help with them yet? Surely you must realise that if you arm me with scissors and unleash me on the fabric something magical will happen. FACT.

    I’m also backing you to pull out some serious smoulder at our shoot, but I’ll try and bring along enough for the both of us just in case. Am I allowed a moustache to help with this?




  17. @Tabs – oh yeah!! we really are too cool for school (or should that be the other way around!!) 😉

    @Jilly – thanks, hopefully I won’t disappoint!

    @Miss Vix – & we were gutted you couldn’t make it either 🙁 really need to sort something out soon
    Ranunculus!!! That’s the one 🙂 thanks xxx

    @Amy brown to be – yes my love, will be somehow attaching to some kind of wire then turning into a bunch – not sure how easy that part will be!!! heehee

    And finally @David Moore
    No moustaches allowed I’m afraid (not unless you want me in hysterics on the shoot,,,,not quite the loved up feel I was going for!!!)
    Sorry about the flower making, completely forgot how amazing you are with crafts. (ladies, here’s wrapping up skills are second to none!!!) Maybe I can let you lose on one & then post it up on here for all to marvel at?! 😉
    Glad you’re looking forward to Glasto, tis gonna be awesome. & Yeah the wedding should be fairly good! 😉


  18. Sounds like Rebecca you’ve pretty much got everything organised. Love the pictures of the photographer, can see why you’ve booked her!

  19. Fabric centre pieces all the way!!!! Both the flowers are fab (plus a handy tutorial too, amazing!) I love the blue chiffon one best, it’s so cute and fluffy looking! 🙂

    Your photographer sounds amazing, people just don’t realise how important the pictures are until it’s too late. Hannah sounds fun and her style is very beautiful.

    I love the fabric colour choices, in particular the grey and the pink in the middle, very elegant indeed.

    And 9 months away….already…….really???? Where has the time gone indeed!! Blimey!!! Tee hee but of course you are indeed the most organised person I know so weather you had 9 months or 9 days to finish I know you would pull it off 😀 XxX

  20. @Rebecca – I actually totally thought of that (haha, how tragic right?!) In my head I was like “Glastonbury post-wedding shoot!!” and trying to work out the logistics of taking all my kit… But, my friends were all a bit non-comittal. I once went to Glastonbury by myself (and met up with some not-very-close-friends that I hardly saw) it was a sorry affair… Did you get tickets?!

    Oh and thanks all so much for the lovely comments about my photos!! So excited about photographing Rebecca and Dave


  21. Rebecca nice bit of DIY there my lovely! I do like some clear instructions! I also a bit jealous of your trip to that fabric shop! Sounds AMAZING! How come no one told me about it when I lived in Birmingham???

    Your photographer looks fab too! That first picture is HOT!

    Can’t wait to see your next post!

  22. Wow! I love the flowers for your bouquet! I do love a crafty bride!

    Hannah Mia is possibly the best wedding photographer in the UK! I know this because she took my pictures! Those shoes and that wind swept bride is me!!! Enjoy your engagement shoot I’m mighty jealous you’re having one! X

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