What Rebecca Did… Photos & Fittings.

Happy New Year gorgeous RMW-ers!

So, 2013 is here, which means one thing……………..I’M GETTING MARRIED THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness I cannot believe how quick the time has flown by. It feels like only yesterday that Dave had finally plucked up the courage to ask me to marry him! But that was over 2 years ago…and now we only have 6 months left! Eeeeeeeeeeeee!!

So, as you may have guessed, I’m just a teensy bit excited about 2013!

Before I get too excited we have a pretty big list of things still left to do! But we are the King & Queen of last minute so I know that it will all come good on the day! (I hope!!!)

Say Cheese!

So, did Santa bring us all that we wanted?

For Dave & I Santa was very kind indeed and along with an amazing array of gifts (we were seriously spoilt! 🙂 ) he also supplied us with some funds for our next wedding project – the photobooth! Ever since going to the National Wedding Show with my MoH, I have longed for a photobooth at our wedding, because what’s not to love about dressing up in silly hats & getting your pic taken?!! Just look how much fun they are…..


Even though we don’t really have the space for a proper photobooth, I am determined to incorporate some photobooth fun into our day. Having scoured the internet for ideas, I have discovered that a home-made photobooth needn’t be a huge challenge all we really need is this:

  2. PROPS


So project photobooth begins here…..

Gorgeous Treats & Pretty Sequins

Another favourite I have seen grace many a RMW page is the gorgeous sweetie table! A table adorned with jars and jars of sweeties, or stand after stand of gorgeous cakey-ness…… Mmmmmmmm. So without giving too much away Dave & I have decided to have a display of treats for our guests (and us!) to enjoy – and we think they are going to love it!

So now to decide how to display these gorgeous treats? There are just so many gorgeous treat table displays, just look at these


But a while back, at a little soiree in Birmingham (!), I stumbled upon a fabulous alternative to the table display – the vintage wooden step ladder!!! Yup, sorry team RMW but I am stealing your immense display idea!


And to go with my step ladders (they still need to be collected from various family members & painted) I have bought some of these gorgeous table runners from H&M – I am hoping they will add a little glamour to the display, what do you think?


So are any of you gorgeous lot including a treat table? Are you a sweetie lover or a cake fiend? Or are you going for something completely different? I’d love to hear your ideas….

The Big Pink Bag

Finally……I am now the proud owner of my very own gorgeous wedding dress!!!! Yes, that’s right I have picked up my dress, Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 😀

I have to say I don’t think I’ve been quite as nervous as I was trying on MY dress! What if it didn’t fit, what if I didn’t like it anymore……? I have already suffered once with the dreaded dress wobbles, I can’t go through that again!! So with a thousand butterflies fluttering around my tummy I made the journey back to Signature Brides to try on the most expensive dress I have ever bought! Off I trotted into the dressing room to be introduced to the dress I would spend my whole wedding day in, she was beautiful! Just as I remembered! So first worry out of the way, now to try the thing on! Now down to just my smalls and the assistant attempts to help me into my dress – there is a mild panic when it feels like it is not going to do up, but the removal of my bra does the trick!

My dress fits perfectly! And by this I mean I need absolutely no alterations what-so-ever!!??! Seriously how on earth is this possible? (even the shop assistants are surprised – apparently I am only the 4th person they have known this happen to!!) Wandering around the shop in MY dress I feel like a princess, I could wear this all day! Unfortunately the shop assistant reminds me that I should probably put it back in the bag so it doesn’t get dirty! So reluctantly I head back to the dressing room & that is it, my dress is back in her pink bag & I am waving the shop assistants goodbye for the last time!!


WOW, this just got real! I’m getting married!!!

Big ‘it’s really happening’ love

Rebecca xx

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

50 thoughts on “What Rebecca Did… Photos & Fittings.

  1. Rebecca your happiness is infectious – I get it every time I read one of your posts!

    Very flattered you are putting together a similar display to our step ladders – my friend Lisa is doing the same, a pretty way of displaying flowers, photo’s and whatnot.

    And I LOVE H&M – for both clothes and homeware

    Charlotte xxx

  2. Eeeee reading your posts makes me feel even more excited, especially seen as our big days are only two weeks apart (it’s true I just checked!)

    I am so in love with your table runners, they are going to look fabulous! I’m currently having a bit of a dilemma about a photobooth, I REALLY want one but I can’t figure out how to fit it in the marquee humph!

    Wait till you see the dress folks, she’s a knockout!


  3. Oh Rebecca I’m super excited to see your day on these pages!

    Just a quick note on the photobooth idea… we also did a homemade photobooth… total cost about £60 (which covered paper, inks, computer program called sparkbooth and a fancy webcam). The hubster talks about it a bit more on our wedding post (“10 weeks to i do”) but it wasn’t too hard, and very successful indeed! the photos came out brilliantly! Scour parents’ dressing up boxes (or is that just my family?) for backgrounds and props, and hit the charity shops instead of buying super expensive hats – you’ll be suprised what a begging-status on FB can gleam! But ours was all v home madey and last minute so with 6 months you’ll be able to be a bit more snazzy no doubt 🙂 Let me know if you want any more info/photos!

    also totes adore the step ladder ideas.


  4. Oh my I LOVE the step ladder idea for the sweetie display so much I may have to steal it 😉 Thank you
    Not long to go now. I can’t wait until I can say “I’m getting married this year” let alone only having 6 months heehe

  5. What a gorgeous post and mega mega exciting!! Loving all the ideas, it’s gonna be wonderful :). We made our own make shift photo booth with a bit of wood, material, a home made washing line and a Polaroid camera…. It was ace! 🙂 looking forward to seeing this dress too!

  6. @Rebecca Have you received the pink sparkly table runners from H&M yet? If so, how do they look? Was thinking about ordering the silver ones and just using them as intended!

  7. OMG Becca! we’re getting married this year!!!!! It’s all so real now! What a great idea on the step ladder..love, love love it..and especially with added glam! And your dress is absolutely gorgeous…I’m jealous yours fit first time…the alterations are such a pain! eek..im nearly at the three months mark…it’s all getting a bit real for all of us now! xx


    Becca I am OUT. OF. BREATH. reading your post, I love the joy and excitement!! I also freaking LOVE the runners and the stepladders. How amazing are those big gingham flowers and poms too?!

    I AM VERY VERY EXCITED BY ALL OF THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxx

  9. Oh bless you sweetheart!!

    I have to say that Charlotte is absolutely bang on the money when she says that your posts are infectious because they really are – you make me smile as I read them!

    And OMG those table runners. Huge LOVE for those sparkly beauties. And I simply must know more about your photo booth project – I need to hear all about your ideas for your background and how you’re going to make it!!

    Not long to go. EEEEEEK!

  10. Thanks for the lovely comments people 🙂
    @LynseyB – I have my dear, in fact I have both silver & the pink ones & I love them, they’ve got lovely little sequins all over that glisten! I’m very tempted to get some more (although have no idea what I’d use them for! haha)
    @Hails – glad I’ve inspired – although all the credit really goes to the super talented RMW team!
    @Hannah – aaaahhhhh you’re the lovely bride with the awesome camera invites!!! They looked awesome! And I remember looking at your photobooth trying to work out if we could do something similar (we have some slight space constraints) Thanks for the tips!
    ps. we used to have a fancy dress box, but I think it is no longer 🙁 sad times!!!
    @Tabitha – thanks lovely 🙂 We don’t have much space for ours at all (I’ll find you a pic) which is why I’m having to be inventive! I’m hoping to get an old wooden screen & then cover it in paper/fabric to make the back drop & then have a small table of props & that’s it!!! So you never know, you might manage it 🙂
    @Jenny Lane-Smith – thanks lovely 🙂 your photobooth sounds a lot like my idea!
    @Becky – Wouldn’t that be immense!!! 🙂
    @Charlotte – thanks lovely 😀 You should’ve seen my family’s face when I asked around for wooden stepladders, I think they thought I’d gone mad!!! haha

  11. @Karen – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry love!
    & I KNOW – I want that whole display!!! 🙂

    @Hannah – I’m just glad as alterations would’ve meant countless trips to Folkestone (which is at least 1 & half hours each way!! (plus all the wine I’d inevitably drink with my maids!! haha

    @Lolly – Awww bless you, glad I am making people smile! You are all making me smile with your lovely comments 🙂
    I promise I will make sure I do some more on the photobooth 🙂

    YAY FOR THE 2013 BRIDES!!! 😀

  12. Such an exciting year for many of us bride-to-bes… The countdown starts now (142 days!!!!). Love these posts, but I too have been having the photo booth quandry as they are super fun yet expensive enough when added to the rest of the money… Does anyone have tips on the actual camera/film/ you need? How do guests use it, print it etc…. @Hannah, you seem to be the girl in the know, what did you do? x

  13. Infectious with a massive I! 2013 Here We COME!!!!

    Those runners are awesome. I’m really feeling the glitter/sequin look – I’m off to google to find me some aqua runners like yours. Burlap can DO ONE!!!! 😀

  14. @Sarah L – this is Hannah’s wedding post from these lovely pages & here lovely husband explains the programs etc he used (https://www.rockmywedding.co.uk/10-weeks-to-i-do/)
    I am currently considering getting the camera shown in above post – It is a Polaroid that not only prints on the spot like an old Polaroid but also stored the pics digitally! The prints from this particular camera are not the same size as the old Polaroid but you can get one that does (it’s just a bit more money) Then we will have an area set up, with a little note explaining how to hang pics up & away they go, taking pics like it’s an ordinary camera (may also get one of the groomsmen on refilling the camera film duty!)

    PS. 142 days!! exciting 😀 x

  15. @sarah L …. You can do it!….

    We used https://sparkbooth.com/ software (i think they have a free trial download for you play with) and from that designed the surround/background for the prints – you can choose whether you want four photos in a line down a 6*4 inch photo, or four in a square etc… and your wording/logo wherever you want. As Becca said (LOVE you for that comment!), our invites were “cameranvitations” https://i0.wp.com/www.rockmywedding.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Hannah-Portraits-1.jpg?resize=600%2C1200 and had photos instead of words, so we used them as the surround/background to the photobooth prints. We bought a webcam better than the usual (£30 i think?) and then took our laptop, connected it to a printer and set it up there. https://i1.wp.com/www.rockmywedding.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Hannah-Photo-Booth.jpg?resize=600%2C1200 It helps if you have a friend who works in video production and can bring photo shoot lights for you 😉 They made all the difference!

    Good luck! xx

    1. Thanks all – sounds much easier that I thought…. ! My Mac will have a webcam, but I’ll give the download a go and then see if I need to upgrade. Seems you just need this software (which does look super easy), a laptop, printer and background. Now, only 142 days to find a friend who works in video production!
      @Rebecca, would love an old polaroid – so cool!!!
      @Hannah, I had seen, and loved, your wedding (as I am a RMW stalker, like all of us…!), and had loved it for many of the other things you did – love it!!!

  16. haha! I didn’t have any stepladders until Christmas Day – mentioned it to family & they all suddenly piped up that they had some & as long as I didn’t want to keep them then I could use them (Have told them I will be painting them & they all seem pretty OK with that!!)

    As for tablerunners – I have barely sourced all my table decorations! I have a couple of candlesticks & that’s about it!! Hoping to go to a local Vintage Emporium and get the lot!! (Am sure Dave will LOVE that shopping trip!!! haha)
    Do you know what tablerunners you want? Do you even need them? xx

  17. Oh God, I’m not even getting married but now I feel I need a table runner?! I had a special Xmas one (from H&M!!!!) and now my table looks naked….and not in a good way.

    Anyone know where I can get a kind of linen/cool/slightly urban looking one?

    Charlotte xxx

  18. @LynseyB @karen – I LOVE you two! Lynsey I had some of those cushions too, didn’t realise they had a table runner?! and @Karen I am down with the chevron (oh lord….I could spend all day on Etsy!)

    Charlotte xxx

  19. Here’s a question… Table runners on round tables. Weird or good? Or should I have round cloths? Another thought is to get vintage fabric in our colours and make something – no idea which shape though! x

  20. 2013 will be an amazing year!!! can’t wait to see the dress, now you got me all excited about it, curious how it looks like. bet you’ll be gorgeous! xxx

  21. @Karen – wouldn’t look weird but personally not my fav. We are having round tables so I am leaving table linen as it is set out & then just decorating the centre. But that is just personal preference & lots of people do have long runners on round tables.
    I like the sound of you getting vintage fabrics, maybe it could be a circular shape that any table decoration is stood on?

    @Irina – thanks sweet 🙂 xx

  22. SEQUINS!!!!!!!! BLOODY HELL YES!!!

    We were looking at instant cameras and even bought a pogo printer from eBay but had to send it back as the battery wouldn’t charge. We instead opted for a Canon Selphy which you can connect to a camera or insert the memory card. It needs special paper which is s bit annoying but the quality is really good and the process very simple. Maybe be worth exploring. Have you seen those homemade lemonade stand booths. That would fit into a small space.

  23. Rebecca!! You just keep amazing me! Fantastic…your ideas are fabulous and they fit together so so well! amazing job hunny!! the lollipop cake is immense!! and I love the table runners…I never knew that H&M did homeware…Im getting on that pronto!! so excited for you babes!!

  24. Eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk…just had to join in with the excitement for 2013 brides! Can’t believe we now get to say we get married THIS YEAR 🙂
    @Sarah L – we get married in 143 days! Not that I’m counting or anything! Hehe.
    @Rebecca – amazing post and loving the step ladder idea too! We are having a sweet table but I may need to reconsider and have a sweet ladder! So exciting trying on YOUR dress – I tried mine on before Christmas and I totally know what you mean. I felt completely different knowing it was actually mine, made it all the more real!
    Good luck to everyone planning over the next few months x

  25. @karen … I was planning circles in the middle of our round tables, but then I’m sure on here just before Christmas I saw long table runners on round tables in like a ditsy fabric that looked fab!!! So now I’m contemplating long runners in the same fabric as some of my bunting (I’ve got big plans for bunting!!!) x

  26. @Michelle – Oooh thanks hun, I’ll have to look into that 🙂

    @Lia – stop it, you’re making me blush! Thanks hun 🙂
    Oh yeah H&M homeware is fabulous, you defo need to get a look in!

    @EmilyLouise – thanks my dear 🙂 Exciting isn’t it 😀

    @Amy – don’t talk bunting! I’m kind of sad that bunting doesn’t really fit in with our venue, I have a load I made for my brother’s wedding just sat in a box, it’s sooooo sad 🙁

    Thanks for all the lovely comments people, you have all been really kind 🙂 xxx

  27. Rebecca, your posts are a joy to read! So happy 🙂

    I’m just popping by to say that we had a dessert/cake table at our wedding and it went down a treat! (pun intended!) Our guests loved it and 6 months later, they still talk about it xx

  28. Happy wedding year Rebecca! I’ve been reading your posts since you started with RMW but only just realised that I went to school with you 🙂 I’m also getting married this year (May 4th – I know, I know)! An art deco wedding sounds gorgeous – good luck with all the planning, though don’t stress, we’ve got so much still left to do and ours is only 4 months away – I’ve decided that the big details being perfect will distract attention from whether or not I’ve managed to make any of the millions of little details I have as ideas!

  29. @dreamalittledreamalot – well that had me googling!! Hello *waves* 😀
    Congrats on being a 2013 bride.

    @Nikki – glad I could help! The red ones did look gorgeous, If I had a proper dinning room table, I would’ve been all over them! Ha!


  30. Rebecca, what a gorgeous post! You’re excitement really is infectious (a comment that I was leaving, thinking it to be a unique sentiment – though I see how you have made everyone feel this way!). Your ideas are hot.

    I’m doing a massive cake table for a Wedding in the Spring and all the cake table pics made me actually bounce around with excitement! Why have one cake when you can have many? What can I say? I’m a girl with a sweet tooth! Had cake and a sweetie bar at my own Wedding ;0)

    Good luck to you with the rest of your planning. Please write us some more posts!

    Charlotte x

  31. Loving your ideas. Those sweetie tables look EPIC! So many ways to display the goods, we’re working out ways to do the same with our sweetie table.We have a few ideas, which I’m sure will get mentioned in Kitty’s next post, but it’s great to see other examples!

  32. Oh the shame, I’m so sorry I didn’t see this yesterday! Echoing everyone else, your excitement is definitely infectious! It seemed so far away when we started writing on here, but I don’t have a clue where that time has gone?!

    Very jealous of your lack of dress alterations, mine definitely needs taking in and needs taking up a smidge too!

    Al’s already got in there and commented on the epicness of the sweets, but those pictures are amazing!

  33. Just catching up!

    I love the excitement from your post that travels through all 45 comments! Love the photo booth ideas. I have been looking at the camera on Adam’s Christmas wish list that also stores digitally and you choose which ones you want to print. Sounds like the perfect option and you get to keep the camera and have a photobooth at your disposal whenever the need arise…which is often right? Also totally catching the table running fever. Like Karen I wondering about round tables and table runners. I have ‘pinned’ pictures of having table runner crosses, but I am thinking of making a circle for the middle of the table like a massive place setting; making a feature of the table center.

    Sorry ramble.
    Love it all!

  34. As usual RMW seems to read my mind – been blowing my mind trying to find sequin table runners but they were all sooooo expensive!! Have now lost my mind and ordered 4 of the pinky ones – @Rebecca – are they true pink or rose gold – they look kinda goldy??? Even if they aren’t I’m hoping they’ll go with the gold bits I have – eeeek!! My theory is you have never have to many sequins!!!

    Ur excitement matches mine – been driving all the girls at work with “I’m getting married this year”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love the photobooth plan – my boy has poo pooed the cost of one but you’ve inspired me to try some DIY!

    Love ur posts!!! 🙂

  35. @amy D a woman after my own heart…

    you can never have too many sequins.


  36. @Kitty & @ Al – thanks guys 🙂 looking forward to your next post

    @Charlotte – thanks for the lovely comment 🙂
    Cakes….exactly my sentiment! Amazing!! Promise there are still a few more posts to come from me!! 🙂

    @Stef – thanks my dear, yes the digital polaroid does sound awesome & constant access to a photobooth is definitely why I am hoping for this camera! 😉
    Like the table idea, would be my preference

    @Amy D – they are a rose-gold colour, quite pink but yes they have a gold tint so should definitely go with the gold you have 🙂
    And yes you & @Hannah are right – you can never have too many sequins!!! 😉

    Thanks lovelies xxx

  37. @charlotte I hope that being poetic is a good thing! Shouldn’t weddings be poetic? Just like love is, like this pictures in your blog, shouldn’t live be poetic? 🙂 xx

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