What Rebecca Did… The Anti-Honeymoon.

So lovely RMW-ers last time we ‘spoke’ I was eagerly awaiting the sale of Glastonbury tickets and as you can probably tell from the title of this post WE GOT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

Yup a huge group of friends led by the awesome Jons got up early on a Sunday morning and spent what felt like a life time frantically attempting to get into the all important ticket sale! Now, I thought buying tickets for our favourite bands was stressful (I almost cried when I thought I hadn’t managed to get tickets to Sigur Ros recently!) but nothing prepared me for the stress of buying Glastonbury tickets! Far too many times I was close to throwing the laptop across the room and many times I screamed at the computer for the ridiculous ‘Oops we’re sorry but we cannot find that page’ page!! And after what felt like an eternity I turned to Dave and declared, teary eyed, that we were obviously not going to get our dream Glasto honeymoon as we were NEVER going to get tickets! (Melodramatic? Moi? Never!!!! 😉 )

Well we all persisted, adamant that this awful ticket system was not going to get the better of us, and then it came……the call from the fabulous Jons! They had got through…..we had tickets to Glastonbury Festival 2013!!! I cannot begin to explain how excited Dave & I were. Honeymoon (part one!) was booked!!!

Are You Nuts?!

So why on earth would a couple of newlyweds chose to spend the first week of their married life together with a huge group of friends in a muddy field in Somerset?……why not?!!!
Dave and I are pretty big music fans and some of our best nights out have been at gigs, our engagement even ended with an Arcade Fire gig at the O2! (BEST. NIGHT. EVER!) And over the years we have loved discovering new bands together (well, most of the time it’s Dave introducing me to them, but don’t tell him that or he’ll get a big head! 😉 ).

Together we have also been to both Reading festival and Latitude and while these have been amazing (Latitude had a theatre stage!!) we have always, always wanted to go to Glastonbury. So what better excuse to finally go than to celebrate the wedding!?!
Obviously, me being me, I have gotten just a little bit excited about the idea of spending our time at Glastonbury and much to Dave’s dismay I have been planning how to make the perfect honeymoon camp!!! I’m sure all the guys are going to love it when I rock up and surround all of our tents in fairy lights, bunting, lanterns, maybe a ‘just married’ sign….. well I wouldn’t be a true RMW Real Bride if I didn’t add a bit of pretty to it all!!!
So here are a few pics to show you how I envisage our Glastonbury Honeymoon…..
(yes, yes I know none of these pictures include the massive amounts of mud that will inevitably feature, but a girl can dream, can’t she?!)

So……are any of you Glastonbury honeymoon couples? If it’s good enough for Lilly Allen surely it’s good enough for us?! Or do you think we’re completely nuts?!

And the more important question…….how many of you want to stay in that silver caravan surrounded by fairy lights in the picture above, amazing isn’t it?!!!

Honeymoon – Part Deux

Well….you didn’t think that was going to be it did you?! 
Oh no, Dave and I are having a honeymoon part two!! And as I have been writing this post we have finally booked it! YAY!!! 

As we have a close friend’s wedding to attend in early July we realised we had a very small window of opportunity for said honeymoon so after a little deliberation we decided that maybe we could hold off of going on part two until later in the year, hopefully this way we would miss all the families on their summer hols & keep it within budget!!! So after trawling through the library of holiday/honeymoon brochures I had acquired (it wasn’t quite as hard as I make it out to be, in fact I recall our first ‘trawl’ being while we were sat in a pub garden drinking a bottle of wine one sunny summer day! 😉 ) we decided we wanted the following from our honeymoon…..sun, sea, sand, culture, relaxation, activities, nice food, yummy wine, lovely hotel, & preferably a few stunning locations to visit!!! Not much to ask really is it? Heehee
So where could we go to get all this?…….Turkey? Maybe. Croatia? We’ve heard it’s pretty romantic there! 😉 Italy? mmmmmmm wine and pizza! Marrakech? Oooooooo…

So peeps next September, just over 2 months after the wedding, Dave and I will be packing our bags and heading off on a Moroccan adventure! 😀 We start with 4 nights in Marrakech, where we hope to go on a little trip to the Atlas mountains, visit the amazing market stalls of the city (no doubt that will involve purchasing numerous trinkets for the home, shhhh don’t tell Dave!), and sampling some of the local food & wine, obviously! We’ve booked a sweet little Riad not far from the hustle and bustle, it’s not one of your big luxurious beach resorts but it does have a courtyard pool, roof terrace and only a total of 11 rooms!

After the excitement of Marrakech we will head over to Agadir, one of Morocco’s beach resorts, for 6 nights of luxurious relaxation! We’re thinking lazy days by the massive pool (they have those bed sunbed things!!!), the odd game of tennis (if Dave has his way) and slow wanders along the beach at night…..heaven!

So guys, what are you all planning for your honeymoon? 
Are any of you being greedy like us & having two honeymoons?! 
Have any of you been to Morocco? We would certainly welcome any tips for our trip!

Big ‘can you tell I’m really excited about the honeymoons’ love

Rebecca 🙂 xxx

Ps. by the time you all read this I will have collected THE dress from the bridal shop!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! 😀

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

35 thoughts on “What Rebecca Did… The Anti-Honeymoon.

  1. I LOVE that your excitement just bubbles off the page! So exciting and so pleased that all of your plans have come together hun 🙂 #meanttobe

    I really really want to stay in the caravan btw

    You guys should go to Secret Garden Party festival (fancy dress obligatory)

    I haven’t been to Glasto, but one of my friends has been a few times and always raves about it, although I do remember asking her once how it was and the response I got was “Unbelievable…although there was this one day where I lost the group, and then I fell over on my bottom in the mud and RUINED my tutu and fairy wings and cried. They were pretty” LOL!

    I’m being greedy with a long honeymoon, I haven’t had more than 10 days off in 10 years! so we’re taking a month off work to spend time in Cornwall and then head to Africa YIPPEE


  2. Honeymoon(s) sound awesome! We went to Cornwall for ours and now we’re off to Thailand in 6 WEEKS! WOO HOO cannot wait. Did Glasto last year and yes wanted to throw the computer out of the window. Had a great time once we were there though (despite the rain!) X Have a good one! X

  3. Hi Rebecca!

    Well, I’m not with you on the festival honeymoon idea – I’m so not a camping person (I tried Reading festival once, went home after the first night, tragic!). But the idea of spending it with your friends, drinking, dancing, listening to cool music is something I can definitely get on board with.

    I’ve been a bit unconventional with mine, too. We got married in Ibiza in August, spent some time at a lovely spa afterwards, but are having our proper honeymoon in New York in a few weeks. So excited!!

    Think the moral of the story is basically do what you like to do. Why should your honeymoon be a 2-week laze on the beach (although there’s nothing wrong with that) if that’s not the kind of person you are. Honeymoons should be as individual as weddings! You’ll have such an amazing time!


  4. Aaaw you guys are going to have such an awesome time, what better way to celebrate getting married than with all with your friends around you! Plus part 2 looks heavenly and will be lovely to have something else to look forward when the wedding is done.

    We’re having two as well, part 1 is a week away in France. My bridesmaid’s family own a house out there and they are kindly letting us stay there :). Then we’re hoping to do some more saving and go on a massive holiday, possibly the year after and possibly to Malaysia but this is still TBC!!!


    P.S. Do you think my bridesmaid would mind if I decorated her house like that caravan?? Looks frgging amazing! x

  5. Love it! I have not been to a festival and I am not sure it is quite for me but it does sound like great fun.

    However it sounds more like wedding part 2 than honeymoon part 1. Extended celebrations with your hubby and friends. Sounds perfect. A great way to celebrate and enjoy without worrying about organisation! Amazing.

    x x x


    Wow Glastonbury sounds amazing, we plan in going to Reading festival in 2014, one of the items on our ever growing list of things to do “after the wedding”.

    So pleased you got the tickets, my news feed that day was full of Boo’s and only a few Yay’s so well done!

    Love the post too 🙂 xx

  7. Hi there – this sounds amazing and you can really tell how excited you are!

    Me and a bunch of girlfriends are booked for Glastonbury 2013 too – i cannot wait!! Ive done reading festival ’10 and isle of wight festival for past 3 years which is really good vibe so hopefully it is just as good! (no doubt with just as bad mud!)

    I have been both to Marrakech and Agadir – both really nice! When we went Marrakech we got a horse drawn carriage around the town which was a really lovely way to see everything but you will have a really awesome time xx

  8. Glasto = an awesome idea!! I’ve never been but everyone I’ve ever spoken to has loved it, mud an’ all! Much to the horror of some of our friends, we think we might go back to Antigua, to exactly the same resort where we got engaged! It’s terribly unoriginal but it was just absolute and complete paradise…think all-inclusive a la carte food and amazing cocktails…white sand, warm sea and a private villa with a private plunge pool….and pretty much guaranteed sunshine (yippee!). Like Jenny said – you’ve got to do what you want to do – its our honeymoon at the end of the day!

  9. Awww thanks guys, loving the comment love!!! 😀
    @Vix – fairy wings and a tutu?!!!…..*puts on wish list* And yes Secret Garden Party does sound amazeballs!
    Your honeymoon sounds ace! would love to go to Africa it’s our dream trip!

    @Abi – Thanks my dear! Thailand is another on the dream trip list!

    @Jenny – only one night at Reading! 🙁 oh dear! Am excited to spend the week with friends!
    Loving your comment about your honeymoon being as individual as your wedding – why should we be told what type of honeymoon we MUST have!
    Oh & New York – again another place on my list of ‘places to visit before I die’!!!

    @Tabitha – DO IT!!!
    and yes exactly – just as post wedding blues might be setting in we will jet off on holiday!!! & pretend we’ve just married again! hee hee 😉

    @Stef – I suppose it’s a bit of both, maybe a little wedding-like without the hassle of organising it all!! 😉

    @Charlie – Heehee! thanks. You should definitely go to Reading – soooo much fun

    Ps. guys, can you stop making me envious of your amazing honeymoon destinations!!! hee hee :-p


  10. Awww bless you Mum!!! heehee

    @Charlotte – OMG I want to see that costume!! Bet you looked adorable!

    @Shelly1233 – See you there!!! hee hee 😉
    And the horse-drawn carriage sounds amazing!

    @Katie – Awww Antigua sounds lovely & if you guys want to go there who’s to stop you!!! You go for it! 🙂


  11. Oh man I love Glastonbury – you’ll have the best time, trust me! My silly brother is getting married that weekend else I’d be there with you (well not WITH you, but you know what I mean).

    And – we booked our honeymoon this week to Morocco too! We’re doing 5 nights in Marrakech, in a riad with pool, then two nights at Kasbah Tamadot which is Richard Branson’s hotel in the mountains, it is DREAMY. So you can give me some top Morrocco honeymoon tips in your wedding post, rigtht? 😉

  12. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s what you make of your honeymoon that counts. The boy and I couldn’t afford a swanky swoo honeymoon – there just wasn’t enough time to save up money for both the wedding and the moon in 5 months.

    So we decided on a city break. I must confess I had my concerns. Ste is the type of boy who can’t sit still for longer than five minutes – beach holidays can be hard work with him since all I want to do is laze the day away complete with book and cocktail. So how was an adrenaline junkie going to cope with a city break, which is basically just eating, drinking and walking.

    To my utter surprise he came into his own turning into an avid photographer and culture vulture. He’s now determined to learn Italian too.

    So I suppose the point I’m trying to make is that a honeymoon is as good as you decide to make it. And it doesn’t matter where you are or what you do as long as you’re both happy.

    So Rebecca I salute you!

  13. @Emily – WOW!!! Kasbah Tamadot looks amazing! I am just a teency bit jealous!!! heehee 😉
    Will try to give some tips!! let me know if you hear of any aswell! Have feeling the Marrakech bit is going to be nuts! 😀
    & boo to your silly brother!!! haha (only joking!)

  14. Awww thanks @Lolly!
    Your honeymoon photos (sorry Instagram stalking!!!) did look lush. We very nearly went for a similar honeymoon as I’ve always wanted to go there.
    We were the same and as much as we both would’ve loved to go on a big safari honeymoon it just wasn’t going to happen, but that’s ok – we can just make that an anniversary celebration one year!! 😉

    Dave is the same with the lazing around – he hates it, has to be doing some kind of sport/activity! So he is taking charge of planning our activities for the honeymoon (I think he’s worried I’m just going to spend all the time shopping!!! heehee)

  15. I salute you for having a festival honeymoon, don’t think I could do it myself! I have been to a couple of Reading fests, a couple of V’s and Latitude (loved the variety there!), but the camping really tested me!! Though if we could sleep in a gorgeous caravan or camper I would reconsider!

    We are also in the two honeymoons club. Straight after the wedding we went to a cottage on the Norfolk coast for a few nights, and in February 2013 (almost 6 months after the wedding) we’re going to New Zealand for a month, I cannot wait!! I’m glad we’ve spread it all out so we have something exciting to look forward to!!

  16. Just had to chip in with a tip for Marrakech – we went there last year and had an amazing meal at Le Comptoir Darna. It’s just outside the city walls, yummy food, good wine and belly dancers! In fact we found loads of great food in Marrakech – will be a perfect honeymoon destination for you!

  17. I can vouch for Marrakesh!! Been there twice so far and I’m actually getting married there September 2013 (with another planning trip early next year booked too)!

    The phrase ‘assault on the senses’ was made for Marrakesh! It has a little of everything, stunning peaceful havens for hotels/riads, a wealth of culture that makes you feel you’ve stepped into another time, and some fabulous bars restaurants and shopping.

    After our wedding we’re planning on spending a few days at Kadbah Tamadot and a couple in Essaouria!

    Really hope you enjoy and the Glasto part sounds wicked too!!

  18. Love the idea of a festival wedding. I’m trying to convince Andrew airwaves in Iceland should be ours. Might even get to see the lights.

    Honeymoon with your friends sounds fun and if music is a big part of your life it’s perfect

  19. Arrrhhh I have just read this after another rubbish day in the office…its made me want hotter climates..that pool looks amazing! I haven’t ever been to a festival so can’t really comment on that bit..the mud and toilets put me off..but I do get it if you’re massive music fans…and defiantly love the glamming it up! soooo cute…if I was going to do it I’d do it like that, so ignore the boys and get the bunting out I’d say! Jons booking our honeymoon as a surprise! I AM VERY EXCITED! (mainly because its the one thing that i won’t have even had to think about and i have a sneaky suspicion he’ll do a great job!) Maybe I need to start hinting at Morocco…looks beautiful!xx

  20. I feel like a fraud nowadays, used to have such wild times at festivals but at such a grand old age now it gives me the fear! The legacy of a misspent youth!

    Becca and Dave you’ll have an amazing time, and Morocco is sha-mazing!!! x

  21. @Olivia – thanks my dear, will note that place down, defo!

    @Lorna – wow a wedding in Marrakech?! Sounds amazing & we definitely need to hear about that 🙂
    and as I said to @Emily – Kasbah Tamadot looks lush, enjoy!

    @Michelle – Iceland would be pretty awesome, you should defo try!

    @Gosia – love you my dear!

    @Hannah – I know the feeling, could definitely do with getting somewhere sunny right now! It’s lovely that Jon’s doing yours as a surprise, will be so nice for you to find out what he’s planned & yes I’m sure he will do a fab job

    @Karen – I don’t believe you – surely you could still manage a festival or two! your not that old!!! 😉 Can just imagine you in a tutu and fairy wings?!!!! haha


  22. W are HMooning at Glastonbury too! With a quick trip to France first for a bit of tanning ;-)!!

    We went to Morroco a couple of years ago and it was by far our best holiday, the whole place is amazing! Get lost in the souks, eat loads and buy loads in Marrakech! The pottery is divine, so if that’s your thing make sure you leave room in your luggage!

    We did a walk for four days in the mountains with Journey Beyond Travel, they were amazing – the best experience out there.

    Hope that helps a tiny bit! Xx

  23. Oh man, I’m ridiculously jealous of your Glasto honeymoon! And don’t even get me started on part 2 – I flippin’ LOVE Morocco! I’m sure you will have a fabulous time in Marrakech (go to the markets at night, the atmosphere is INCREDIBLE!) and the Atlas Mountains are phenomenal.

    We were planning on doing a 2-in-1 honeymoon – such as New York & LA. At one point in turned into a 3-in-1 (Spain, France & Italy), but we finally decided to stay in one place. Monaco to be exact – I for one am very much looking forward to 10 days of sun, food, a bit of culture and some cheeky bets in the casino 🙂 The boy is currently clueing up on his F1 knowledge so he can give me a step by step guide to the track (did you know the roundabouts are all temporary so they can remove them easily? Yeah me neither…)

    In fact, I think I’m more excited about the honeymoon than the actual wedding itself… lol.

  24. @Sophie – YAY a fellow Glasto honeymooner! See you there! 😉
    As for Marrakech, thanks for the tips – will keep some space in my (Dave’s!!) luggage! hee hee

    @Jo – Monaco sounds awesome, I keep telling Dave I really want to go to the Monaco Grand Prix!!! Don’t ask for much really! heehee 😉
    But yes, had no idea about the roundabouts!

    Thanks guys for all your comments, it’s so great to hear about all your honeymoons, they are all so varied 🙂

  25. Rebecca, me and my new husband will see you there! We got married 22nd June so we plan to have glasto as our anniversary holiday every year! (except when the cows get the field every 5 years!)


  26. I completely get your mega honeymoon excitement!

    I’m going through a bit of a phase at the moment where I’m over planning and just want it all to happen! I’m definitely counting down to our honeymoon and think I went round telling anyone and everyone who would listen about ours after it was booked!

    I will be keeping my fingers crossed for a sunny Glasto next year for you, and will eagerly await the photos of your prettied up camp!

    Hooray for honeymoons! Although we won’t be having a second one, Al is already talking about taking us to New York for our first anniversary! xxxx

  27. Way to go Rebecca!
    Well written and fun to read. I’m just a little concerned that if you get any more excited you might EXPLODE before the wedding!
    Emma x

  28. Your honeymoons sound brilliant. Never been to a festival but it does sound like it will be brilliant. And Morocco sounds epic, its on my list for possible honeymoon destinations. Another great instalment Rebecca. x

  29. This sounds incredible and I love the idea of glamming it up and making a ‘Honeymoon Camp’! I think it sounds like great fun! The Morocco holiday sounds great too! Morocco is on my holiday wish-list! xxx

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