What Rebecca Did… The Final Countdown.


WOW! So here it is…my final RMW Real Bride post!!!!!!!

Where on Earth has the time gone? 18 months of planning have whizzed by and here we are with only 2 days to go! TWO DAYS!!!

Yup, You’ve Guessed It… More Craft!

So before I get all soppy and emotional, let me catch you up on all the DIY we have sorted….


Not bad really! And YES we have made all of those bits ourselves!! Well, the stationery was designed by the awesome Real Bride Hannah again! . Oh and the confetti was punched out by the fair hands of my lovely mum!! But the rest, that was us!! See Dave even took a picture to prove it! Haha


I think our photo booth backdrop may be one of my favourite creations! I am just so excited to see it in action! Which reminds me… we are now the (very) proud owners of a Fuji Instax Camera! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I can honestly say I have never been so excited by a camera in all my life, but this bad boy… well I just couldn’t contain myself! (Yes, I did squeal when it arrived at work!!) It was just calling out to me to be ‘tested’ and I was only too willing to oblige one sunny afternoon in a pub garden (yes, I did say sunny, we did have some sun, once – I think!!!)


But, wait for it… there is some even bigger news…


Yes my lovelies, these are my 5 bridesmaid fabric flower bouquets!!! Eeeeeeeeeeee!!!

I cannot quite believe they are done! There have been many, many flower making weekends (a humongous thanks needs to go out to my ridiculously kind friends and family who have all helped me immensely) and many, many nights spent wiring ALL the flowers up, but I can honestly say all the tears and hard work were definitely worth it! I know I am a little biased but I ruddy love these… I am just so proud that I can say I made these!!! Little ol’ Rebecca made her wedding day bouquets!!

And you want to know something even more exciting…

I have pretty much finished my bridal bouquet!!! But I’m afraid I’m going to be a meanie and not show you my gorgeous bouquet today… well I need to have some surprises up my sleeve! :-p

It Was Acceptable In The 80s

So in amongst all the wedding craft I also managed to have me a Hen Do (or 2!!). Yup, I had 2 Hen Dos! Well I’ve never been one for doing things the normal way!!

Anyway, my first Hen Do was a scrumptious meal at Jamie’s Italian in St Albans with all the lovely ladies from my family. Lots of Prosecco was drunk, lots of yummy food was eaten and there was a ‘know your partner’ quiz (thanks to my bridesmaid and sister-in-law Mims) and a hell of a lot of giggling! And even though my mum insisted on dressing me up in a sash and veil (cheers for that Mum!!) I had a wonderful evening . We even got cute little goodie bags (yes they were filled with phallic items!!! Again, thanks Mum!! Haha)


My second Hen Do was a big-un! 3 nights in a little place you may have heard of… Brighton!! And girlies it was EPIC! I mean… we quite possibly got through over 30 bottles of sparkly wine of various varieties… 30+ BOTTLES!!! (Ooops!)

We stayed in a gorgeous town house, decorated from top-to-toe with dodgy pictures of yours truly, with lots of balloons and goodies for all. But aside from that there was Fish (well sausage for me!) and Chips on the beach, late night dancing in dodgy bars, fabric flower making, a Mr & Mrs game (15 out of 19 – not too bad, I think!), Joseph the Pinata (yes ladies I finally had some Pinata fun!!!), Lucky Voice karaoke, and, wait for it… One giant poufy 80’s wedding dress!!!

Yes girlies, my darling Hens dressed me up as an 80’s bride!!!


Finally on the Sunday night the hardcore (that’s me and my Maid of Honour) went for a yummy Tapas dinner followed by cocktails at a gorgeous bar called Bohemia


So a HUMUNGOUS thank you goes out to all my Hens for giving me a ruddy brilliant send off! You guys rock!!

A band With A Tuba & Banjo? Why Not!

Right my future hubby has been dying to get in on the blogging action and I figured seeing as I’m going to be his wife (in 2 days!!!) I should probably do the nice thing and let him have his 5 minutes!!! So here’s Dave to tell you all about our pretty darn awesome band!!!

DAVE: I’m going to try and keep this brief (update: I failed), as I’m just a few days away from making Rebecca Whitney my Mrs Moore and things are getting a bit busy! I feel extremely excited and very lucky, but right now it’s panic stations!!!

If I’m honest, Becca is taking up most of the strain because she is AMAZING. She has put loads of hard work and skill into making our big day really special (with more than a little help from her RMW friends), and I am as proud of her as I have ever been. I, on the other hand, have been of… erm… limited use as I am a little bit out of my depth with all the arts and crafts!

HOWEVER: One thing I have done that I’m really pleased about is booking these guys. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Watling Street Band!


I know what you’re thinking (and so do they): BANJO?? TUBA?? DRUMS?? TOGETHER?? Can this really rock our wedding and get limbs flailing on the dancefloor?


Erm…YES! A few Youtube clips (check out their stripped back version of Hey Ya or slightly hillbilly Eye of The Tiger) plus a ridiculously wide-ranging list of songs gave me all the confidence I needed. A few e-mails later, the boys had helped earn me some good brownie points with the minimum of fuss. Still curious to get a proper sneak preview, I managed to find an excuse to see them play at a pub at the same time as picking up our amazing “Photobooth” sign from Doris Loves (who are lovely). When I spoke to the guys before the gig, they told me not to worry if it was a bit full on, as they were just as happy taking it down a few notches for weddings. However, I left the pub that night hoping they wouldn’t tone it down too much as it was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! Fresh Prince, Paul Simon, Rihanna, Eminem, Elvis to name but a few. And don’t get me started on the seamless 3 or 4 song mash-ups! All this was done with swagger and increasing velocity – these guys know how to party!


Let me be completely clear – the main thing I am looking forward to is seeing the love of my life walk down the aisle, and celebrating with beloved family and friends… but… I ALSO REALLY CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THIS BAND PLAY AT MY WEDDING RECEPTION!!!!

No pressure guys…

So that’s my future hubby there!! 😀

Seriously, I cannot believe that in TWO days time I will be married to the most wonderful man I know.

This is the guy who knows me better than I know myself, who spends all his time and energy trying (and succeeding) to make me the happiest girl alive! Who puts up with my craziness, (well, he’s a little crazy too!) and who know exactly how to make me laugh uncontrollably! Who gives the best hugs ever (you know the ones that just swallow you up? Them!) and he makes sure he issues them daily!

This year marked 10 years together for Dave and I – I mean 10 years?!! Can you believe it! But being able to share this thing called life with someone who gets you completely is the best feeling ever. Oh, and when that person gets you your very own Lulu Guinness for the wedding day… yeah that’s pretty darn awesome too!!!


So Mr Moore……I’ll see you at the altar! 🙂

A Final Bit Of Pretty

Which reminds me… we have wedding rings!!! YAY!

Just look at them…..they’re soooooo pretty!


Well, that’s all from me! I had better get myself back to that giant whiteboard of tasks! (Hopefully by now it will not be quite so monstrous!)

But before I go I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to the wonderful RMW team for letting me be one of their Real Brides. It has been one of the scariest and best experiences ever – I’m still not sure what made me apply but I am so pleased I did as I have loved sharing my journey with you, the wonderful RMW community. I’m really going to miss these posts! But obviously getting married won’t stop me popping by!!

And thank you to my gorgeous fellow Real Brides, a fabulous bunch of girlies who have been there for me throughout this crazy journey!

WOW! That was a bit of an EPIC post! Sorry guys!



🙂 xxx

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

17 thoughts on “What Rebecca Did… The Final Countdown.

  1. Just when you thought Rebecca couldn’t get more excitable, she blows the virtual decibels on by monitor via the medium of the exclamation mark…….. Seriously, your enthusiasm has been so much fun to witness over the months.

    Good shout on the instax. Our instax guestbook went down a storm, we saved viewing it until the last day of our honeymoon which I thoroughly recommend… looking through it was like watching the closing credits of a brilliant film, all those fleeting moments captured forever in the most ridiculous spontaneous unedited images. You will LOVE it. I highly recommend appointing an instax operative… otherwise your precious more-expensive-by-weight-than-gold film will get used up and snaffled off before you know it.

    All the very best of luck, lovely, have a wonderful day and can’t wait to hear all about it!

  2. Aaaahhh Rebecca I love all the personal touches and good work on the flower bouquets, they look gorgeous! I can’t wait to see it all come together and a huge congratulations and good luck for the big day!


  3. LOVE IT………Honestly that gave me goosebumps reading 🙂 Best of luck for Saturday and cannot wait to see you guys in the evening to dance the night away to the best band ever (daves words not mine!!) xxx

  4. @Sophie, I got the fear that we might be massively disappointed, but it was great! After the first swathe of entries in the book, there was a huge inexplicable 50 page gap of nothing, and after that when the entries started up again, the comments had begun to descend into drunken ramblings and the pen was clearly running out – but that added to the hilarity of it. Style Me Pretty-worthy it might not be, but that didn’t matter. My niece and nephew had sone a sterling job of making sure they got round everyone.

    What’s more, looking at it at it the night before we left made us feel that returning home at the end of the amazing honeymoon wasn’t as depressing as we feared, having been reminded about all of these well-wishers we were returning to.


    Have loved getting to know you throughout this crazy crazy wedding journey, you and Dave are such an awesome couple and I have no doubts your wedding will be the most amazing day!

    Your DIY efforts are so beautiful Rebecca, you should be so proud of what you’ve created! Those bouquets are just stunning and mean all the more when we know how much effort has gone into them!

    I will be freakishly stalking you on Facebook during Saturday to get that first glimpse, hope you don’t mind! 😛

    Lots of love xxx

  6. Awesome Awesome Awesome! I love how much work you put in to all the DIY! Your flowers look immense and are so worth the hours and hours/weeks spend on them!

    I want to see the result of your guest book as we are planning the same, but with a different camera, but your test runs look so great I may be swayed! I also would love to see that band! Good job Dave!

    Enjoy these days!! and enjoy the wedding! 😀
    x x x

  7. 10/10 for effort on the old DIY Miss thing. You’ve worked so hard and it’ll all pay off in TWO DAYS!!!

    Lots of love to you and Dave. Your day will be absolutely perfect, you’re such a fab couple you deserve the best day EVER. Cant wait to see the pics! Like Tab I’ll have one eye on my news feed ALL DAY xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Oh wow- 2 days! How did it sneak up so fast?! I cannot wait to see your wedding photos Bec, your theme is fantastic and I can’t wait to see all your hard work come together. Have a wonderful day, you deserve it x

  9. This is so exciting Rebecca! And I’m completely in love with your stationery. Sending you buckets of luck! Have a wonderful day! xxx

  10. Your getting married in the MORNING….ah, I am so excited and happy and did I mention excited for you guys?! This is an epic post sweetie but nearly as epic as tomorrow will be:) See you very soon lovely xoxoxo

  11. Well I think i had a tear when i just read this, lovely lovely Dave and looking forward to partying the night away.
    Rebecca has been great reading all these months. Looking forward to seeing your get married after seeing you grow up into a wonderful young lady.

    All the best for the future to you both

    Love A. Jackie and family xxxx

  12. Hello! I too am planning my own photo booth, but I’m worried about lights and the clothes rail falling over and no-one using it… please let me know how you get on!!

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