What Robyn Did…. Mission Complete.

* Yes I know I know….sticking my big old beak in again…

Just to say that this is Robyn’s last post before W-day so I would really appreciate everyone leaving her a comment of support and thanks. Because there is D.I.Y and then there is ROBYN AND ROBIN D.I.Y.

Seriously, building a wedding venue from scratch?! There are pictures of actual SCAFFOLDING AND EVERYTHING.

Robyn and Robin we salute you. Paper poms ain’t got NOTHIN’ on you pair.

Have a fabulous day Saturday πŸ˜‰

The time has come to write my last post before the big day. My feelings are pretty mixed right now. Sad that this wonderful world of RMW is coming to an end and excited to start a new chapter with my husband. Ooooh, HUSBAND. Such a novelty. I have been debating whether to write this in here or save it up for the marathon write up of the big day but I thought what the hell – I better share this now while the feelings and memories are still crisp in my mind.

Robin and I are legally married. Eeeeep! Yep, that’s right folks. We are husband and wife. As most of you know we weren’t able to do the legal bit on the farm so for a few reasons we decided to do it bit a wee earlier than initially planned…

The night before the Registry office was pretty damn emotional. Partly because of the excitement/anticipation/stress/nerves I could go on, that you encounter and partly because I felt like I was saying goodbye to my parents – no matter how much I knew they would always be there for me. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would feel this much emotion and I sure as hell never thought I would cry a little, OK a lot the night before. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me?!

When I woke up the next morning I felt so calm and after Rob being as cool as a cucumber the night before he was the one starting to flap. There are a couple of things that really got me going on the day…

My Mom and my Sister

My mom, sister and I got ready together – I wanted to spend some time with them before saying ‘I do’. We didn’t have long to get ready but the time spent together that morning will always stay with me. I would find it very difficult to function without them, they are a huge part of my life and I wouldn’t wish it any other way.

My Dad

I will never forget the feeling of hugging my dad and holding his hand before we walked into the room. It took everything inside me to keep it together, I was trying desperately to swallow the giant frog that was lingering in my throat – wobbly lip alert! I adore my dad, he is always full of wisdom and can get the room roaring with laughter in a couple of seconds. Letting go of his hand to take my place next to Rob made everything feel very real.

Saying I do to ‘The one and only’

Standing next to Rob, clutching our clammy palms (mmm, nice) and saying our vows was the most amazing feeling. Every other stress melted away and the moments that we shared were unforgettable. Now, I’m going to try not to gush as there are far more pressing matters to fill you in on such as the building of our bar (sorry Rob) but I will say that I have never met a more amazing man, he is my soul mate and I feel incredibly lucky to have found him. I love him unconditionally and I hope that we both feel this way for the rest of our lives. It was seven years ago this summer that I met Robin on my parents farm (they have an annual summer picnic). I can vividly picture what he was wearing and I remember thinking, DAMN – that guy is HOT. We got talking (and laughed about how we had the same name.. I was doing my best eyelash flutter) and the rest was history. If the weather is good we will actually be having our blessing in the very spot we met, which by the way has only dawned on me a couple of weeks ago.

We had our parents and siblings at the ceremony/no photographers/no massive celebration and we kept it on ‘the down low’ because we wanted it to be as low key as possible. So, family and friends who are reading this and don’t know.. surprise! We haven’t exchanged rings, we will do so at the blessing and cannot wait to celebrate with everyone now. We are gonna P.A.R.T.YYYYYYYYYY, because you gotta and WE WANNA!

Right, well speaking of THIS SATURDAY here’s how the prep is going.

The Bar

The bard was built by my cousin Toni, my Mom and Rob. It is looking FAB-U-LOUS and we can already see all the boys hanging out at the counter waiting for their pints of beer. It’s another brainchild of Military Mom. She had the idea to make it look like a wine bar so we have been collecting empty wine bottles from friends and family and ourselves of course… It is the best excuse to drink wine EVER.

The Flowers

The flowers have done exceptionally well. We cannot quite believe our baby seedlings have withstood the life threatening weather conditions. The have grown from strength to strength and exceeded all our expectations. The lavender flowered far too early (from the very early heat this year) and the other flowers have almost overtaken the Red Robin trees but hey we are not striving for perfection – they are alive!

Bits & Bobs

Even though all the grafting is done we still had a heap of crafty bits to do. As the time has whittled away we called in some friends and family to give us a hand at our sweatshop. We made lanterns out of jars and frosted on some little Robin’s, cleaned up all the remaining jars for the flower arrangements, painted the piggy (to be revealed at the wedding- I shall say no more) restored an old suitcase for pressies, cut and painted MDF to make blackboards, cut and sanded all the cheeseboards and cake stand and started writing up all the place names. Rob and his dad started hanging all the fairy lights up and sorted out the electrics. All in all it was a pretty successful day. All these things are really easy to make so in the big write up I can do an easy step by step guide if you like. I have waffled on for too long to do it here.

There are endless people to thank for helping us, our friend Robert – who has been coming up once a week to help for the past year! Our beautiful bridesmaids, sister and friends who have been there every step of the way and of course our families. Thank you guys for your love and support, we really, really appreciate it!! Last but not least, a HUGE thank you to Rebecca, Adam & Charlotte and to you RMW readers, for being here on our slightly mad journey and confirming the choices we have made are the right ones. Without sounding like a Barclycard advert, your support has been priceless!

See you after the honeymoon,

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
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43 thoughts on “What Robyn Did…. Mission Complete.

  1. Robyn – a HUGE congratulations on your marriage, I am thrilled for you both. You seem a match made, (and you are both ridiculously hot, by the way), and I couldn’t be happier for you.

    And this weekend it’s the PARTY…man, I bet I can speak for every single bride-that-was and bride-to-be when I say we will all be cheering you on this weekend, wishing we were there, because it’s been one hell of a journey. I’ve never seen anyone put more effort or passion into their Big Day and you both deserve to enjoy it to its fullest.

    And, I do not doubt, you will in absolute style!

    Anna K x

  2. Wow, you’re married! CONGRATULATIONS! I love how you did it in secret with no fuss, it was about the most important thing, that you guys love each other. HOW you kept that a secret is beyond me, I bet you are just bursting with happiness and excitement! And I’m sure you’ll be nervous on the big day still, but you’ll be able to enjoy your big celebration even more as the most nerve-wracking part (for me anyway) has been done. Everything is looking fab, all your hard work will definitely pay off, there are so many special wee details that will knock your guests’ socks off! Good luck for Saturday, enjoy, and congrats again! xx
    P.s. looking gorgeous in your couple photo, was that the actual wedding day photo? Lovely!

  3. Well, isn’t SHE just going to be the most beautiful bride? Is kinda already….

    I cannot wait to see all their efforts pay off – this has to be the very definition of ‘labour of love’.

    Congratulations Robin and Robyn – hope you have a wonderful day.

    PS is this American? It sounds it – I am confused

  4. Robyn, have the most amazing day!

    You are most truly an inspiration and your guests will have the BEST time ever.

    Cannot wait for your write up!



    Robyn: you have so much guts and determination that I am sure you and your husband will have the most AMAZING life together.

    Thank you for sharing this incredible journey with us! Now is the time to sit back, enjoy and have the best day ever.

    You are just bloody brilliant! πŸ™‚

  6. Robyn – I salute you for everything that you’ve done whilst planning your w-day… it really is amazing!!

    I absolutely can not wait to see the pictures of the DIY fabulousness, its going to look stunning!!

    Congratulations on your marriage already – make sure you celebrate in style on the day.

    See you on the other side….


  7. WOW! Congratulations! I hope you have the most fantastic day and all your hard work pays off – you definitely deserve a drink at that way too cool bar!
    I think its so wonderful you had an intimate ceremony with just your family, then get to do it all again and celebrate with your friends, the best of both worlds.
    Plus you get to celebrate 2 anniversaries every year!
    x x

  8. Congratulations to you both…!

    Can’t wait to read your wedding report and see the pics – have been in awe of all the hard work and effort you and your family have put in.

  9. OMG Robyn – I cant wait to see the pictures!! It all looks so amazing and i am especially loving the bar – I would cut off my right arm to be invited to this wedding!

    Hugest congratulations on your marriage – sounds like such a lovely ceremony. Enjoy every bit of Saturday and your honeymoon – you deserve it Miss DIY QUEEN! (or should I say mrs ;-))

    Lots of love
    Rachie xo

    PS: We share a photographer – no doubt Chanelle and Craig will do a beyond awesome job for you! xxx

  10. Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS!!! A secret wedding – how romantic, and private, and simply wonderful!!

    Secondly – Have the BEST time ever on Saturday. Your hard work (and my there is such a lot of it!) is inspirational, and you deserve the party of a lifetime to celebrate!

    Thirdly – I wish you both a lifetime of happiness, you look like the absolute perfect couple, who are clearly head over heels for each other.

    Robyn and Robin – you most definately ROCK!!

    Love Charlotte xxx

  11. This has been my favourite real bride blog and in fact my fave bit of RMW ever so I can’t wait to read the wedding report.
    I live on a farm and would love to nick loads of your ideas but…God you have done so much I think I would need to borrow Military Mum.
    Have an amazing day.

  12. Congratulations Robyn! I love how you get the best of both worlds – a small intimate ceremony with those you love most, then an amazing party with all your family and friends!

    I’m dying to see all the real brides’ weddings, but this is the one I am most looking forward to – the journey’s been incredible, I’m sure not many people can say they practically BUILT their wedding venue FROM SCRATCH!! What a fantastic story to tell your kids. Hope you have the most fabulous day and I can’t wait to see the results of all your hard work – I think this is going to be one of the best weddings RMW has ever seen! πŸ™‚

  13. Charl, as IF I needed any encouragement to comment on this….. I have loved your wedding from the very start Robyn, and wish you a MILLION congratulations on your wedding- it must be so exciting being legally married even if the best is yet to come. I cannot wait to see and sigh over every single detail, but most important of all I hope you and Robin have an incredible day full of laughter, happiness and suffused with your love xxxxxxxxxx

  14. This is, in my mind, the epitome of RMW. Robyn you are my DIY hero. I hope Saturday is just perfect – a huge congratulaions on your marriage!


  15. Congratulations on being MARRIED!!! Feels amazing doesn’t it?!

    Enjoy your wedding, you have both done so exceptionally well and I think your mum should start renting the barn out for weddings yourself – you will make a mint.

    I hope you have a fabulous wedding and all your hard work pays off. Fingers crossed the sun will shine on you xxxxx

  16. Robyn and Robin – CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy and excited for you both! Enjoy Saturday, have the most amazing time – we all wish we were there!


  17. Awww Robyn you are so lovely and you really are a stunning couple!
    I love that you got married in secret sort of style that is fabuloso and I have massive envy!
    Also I would really love to find out where you live and sit in a field nearby seeing it all going on, it will be SPECTACULAR!

    All the best in your married life and for the big day itself, I cannot wait to see the fruits of your hard labour (or something that makes sense) on the day!

    Lots of love
    Alex xx

  18. Well done Mrs! Huge congrats and well done, and good on you for holding it together.

    I am FLOORED by what you are doing for your celebration, my husband will weep real tears of envy when he sees that incredible bar.

    Dying to be a fly on your newly painted wall on the big day itself….. GOOD LUCK and enjoy every second. Make sure you get to sit back and drink in all your hard work paying off.


  19. Just beautiful! Congratulations! I can’t wait to see all the little teensy tiny details that y’all have obviously worked your socks off on!

  20. Good luck for Saturday. I guess whatever happens, even if heaven forbid something did go wrong – you are married, and that really is all that counts. That, and having an awesome time celebrating! I can’t wait to see how everything comes together for the big day.
    As a newlywed, my best piece of advice is to smile. It will power you through all of the emotional moments, and nothing will penetrate your happiness.

  21. Massive congratulations!!! I have no doubt that you and every one of your guests will have a fabulous party and everyone will be just blown away by your DIY efforts! I cannot wait to see your pics!!

    Enjoy! πŸ™‚

  22. Awwww Robyn, I can’t beliive you are married! You both look so happy and radiant! How nice is it to say ‘my husband’?!

    Can.not.wait to see the pictures, and read the report, of what will undoubtedly be a fabulous day.

    You (along with Mahj) have always been my fave real bride.

    Hope the sun shines and the birds sing for you!


  23. I’ve been following your posts since the very first one with enjoyment and amazement and I for one am really quite sad that we won’t get to hear from you for much longer.
    But I’m also so happy for you that everything is coming together so well for you and that your little secret legal bit went well, I love the write up it almost had me choked!
    I just wanted to say that your posts have been an inspiration to me, not only in terms of lots of crafty delights but also your laid back approach to everything, even when things have not gone exactly to plan you’ve been positive and I think we’ve all had a great role model in you.
    Bestest bestest wishes for Saturday, I hope you, your mr and your family and friends have an amazing day. Can’t wait to see and hear about it (every tiny part of it please!) x

  24. Ah you guys are so lovely! Thank you!! I am currently being pampered with a pedicure. Bring on Saturday! Heaps of love xxxx

  25. Congratulations Robyn & Robin and masses of good luck for Saturday! You do look so very happy and stunning in the pic of you as husband and wife (how awesome is it to be able to say that!) and I’m sure that the big day itself will be all you dreamt it would be and a bucket load more as well. Can’t wait to see the pics and read the write up.

    I totally chickened out of a DIY wedding – so salute you both for the extraordinary effort you and your loved ones are putting in to making your day so special.

    What else is there to say but Go ROCK your wedding!! xxx

    PS That bar is amazing – the best DIY wedding thing I’ve seen πŸ˜‰

  26. Congratulations! Will miss your posts! Cannot wait to see all the end pictures and read your report, its going to be a beaut! πŸ™‚ x

  27. Well done and congratulations on your wedding, sounds very beautiful. I think it is so wonderful that you have both (also friends and family) have put so much effort into your wedding party. The fact that you have done it all yourselves makes it all the more special. I wish you an amazing day and from what I can see from these photographs its going to look stunning xx

  28. Lol – your intro made me laugh because pom poms almost killed me. I did loads of DIY stuff but this looks amazing.

    Well done – now Robyn relax, breathe and have an amazing day. Love Kx

  29. Erm, can I come?! Promise not to drink TOO much wine…
    Congratulations, the Robins! Your lovely posts have been so inspiring and you really come across as just plain NICE so I wish you the very best of everything and a super day. Just LIVE it- you’ll have the best time! (and how sweet to be marrying on the same spot you met? swooon)
    Much love x

  30. Good luck Robyn. I know that your wedding will be amazing!
    I have loved reading your posts (even though they have put my DIY efforts to shame).
    The effort you guys have put in is frankly amazing and you deserve to have a fantastic time.
    Can’t wait to see the pictures!!

  31. Robyn, you sneaky little married! How awesome are you and your new HUSBAND?!
    Y’know I seriously think you shd have your own tv show. You put Tim allen’s Tool Time in the freakin shade!
    I’m hoping this comment works, im battling the hotel WiFi, but I had to send you all my love and adoration. You have worked so hard and its going to be totally worth it come Saturday.

    I’ll be waiting for you on the other side!!


  32. Absolutely amazing Robyn – you’ve done an amazing job. And congratulations on the secret wedding – it sounds like it was a really special day.

  33. Wow – it’s amazing (and very romantic) how much work you and your family & friends have put into your wedding. I hope you have a truly wonderful day tomorrow and savour every moment of it πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see the pictures!

  34. Congratulations!!!

    I hope you had a lovely ceremony (I am doing a similar thing very soon…!) and a mahussive super fun party!!

    I love all the decorations and stuff so far – its going to be ace.

    Cant wait to see the photos!

    p.s. Can I borrow your military Mum? I think she could whip all my uncles into shape into helping out!

  35. Congratulations!!! Your married!!! How ruddy exciting!!!

    And you are a DIY legend!!!

    Hope Saturday was amazing I’m sure it was! I soooooooooooooooo can’t wait to see the photos!!!

  36. It’s been so fun watching all the preparations, I can’t wait to see the end results!
    Have the most wonderful day!
    Laura x

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