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What Sarah Did… Got Floral From The Start.

Joining The Wang Gang

Before we get all floral, I thought I should give you an update on the ‘dress fitting trip’ mentioned in my previous post. Fully joining the Wang Gang was a success on all levels, the fitting made me fall in love with her couture all over again, she really mixes up bold and daring yet encompasses the beauty of a classic wedding gown. It was love at first feel when that silk touched my bumbum last December and this fitting confirmed it really was ‘the one’. The bridal team in the Madison Avenue store are fabulous, so going back to see them was worth it alone and watch this space… ech hem, you may just be seeing a certain Welshy on a certain other blog!! Eeeeeep!! There were (again) tears of ‘Wang Love’ (damn me for blowing my contemporary coolness!) Unlike in December there was no stopping the tears this time round! Last time we tried the dress on I had my bridesman Dave there to stop me by saying “what the HELL is wrong with you, you weirdo, we are in Vera Wang, pull your god damn self together!” He then started frantically pointing at the dresses, “look! Glitter, sparkly things, you get to actually wear THAT!” To his credit, it worked. Having mum there this time made it hard to stop the tears!

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Momma Williams had a great time although I’m not sure if that was just because of the champers we were drinking during the fitting! Living 12,000 miles away from your family and friends doing this ‘international-wedding-planning-malarkey’ is sometimes hard, particularly as your nearest and dearest don’t get to experience certain planning milestones. Having my bridesmaid and bridesman there when I first tried on the dress was brilliant, so it was perfect to be able to share the next fitting with my mum and besides the wedmin, we had the best mum-daughter time! I have had a lot of stick for flying to NYC for my dress but to enjoy the experience with my mum was priceless. Who is your favourite designer and why? Would you go that extra mile to make sure you had the dress that makes you go BOOM-BOOM?

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I did try on a few dresses here in NZ before making the bold decision to travel so far for mine. I mean that would have been easier right? I particularly liked a gorgeous Stewart Parvin number, but my heart was already taken, so everything else just turned into a ‘pretend dress hunt’. I tried said Stewart Parvin dress on in a gorgeous wee shop in Wellington named Paperswan Bride and guess how spooked I was to find out the owner, Jennifer, has adorned these very RMW pages! Jennifer used to live in London and was featured back in 2011; she certainly looks the Belle of London! I have to recommend her services to anyone reading this from New Zealand. Not only does she have some banging gowns, but she really made me and my bridesmaid feel special – nothing was too big an ask. P.S. I LOVE her hair in her wedding write-up eh?!

You Had Me At Protea

Back to the florals… Just like with our cake conundrum we made the decision not to have flowers on our wedding day………… jokes! Although some people do opt for no flowers. For me it was a no-brainer as one flower in particular has been present in our relationship from the very beginning. I have never really been big on flowers and I’m no flower aficionado, so my choices end up being quite particular. Usually when I see something I like, it is often ‘odd’ looking, but by now you should all have gathered I like things a little left of norm! I fell in love with the Protea some 20 years ago and my underdeveloped flower dictionary kind of stops there. But at least it makes this easy for the ol’ fiancé when buying flowers… and rings! Knowing my favourite flower, the first piece of jewellery Callum bought me was a Protea cocktail ring, which had a smoky quartz stone set in the centre. Perhaps he should have thought this through slightly better because it didn’t take long before my mind was buzzing… ‘How fabulous would this be as an engagement ring with a mahhooosive diamond in it!!’ Two and a half years later that’s exactly what I got 🙂 After all Lizzy T had it right, “Big Girls Need Big Diamonds” and I’m not afraid to admit (or sound a little, ostentatious) that just like the flower itself my engagement ring (which I am obsessed with) is not small by any means yet it is delicate and beautiful and I love it!! So inevitably, the main flower of choice for W-day was always going to be the Protea. I love how edgy these flowers are, they are diverse and abrupt and the variety is huge. The colour choices are rather limited due to them not being native to the UK and in all honesty because of this, the colour scheme was set around my favourite King Protea.

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There is heaps of inspiration for bridal bouquets involving Protea’s out there, although most of them also throw in roses and I dislike roses! I actually don’t get the link between the rose and the Protea either; I find roses too plain (sorry rose lovers!)

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Sexy Florals With A Touch Of Sparkle

Not to stand up the Protea, I did some research on what else we might like to feature. I am a big fan of succulents; maybe it is because there form is very similar to that of the Protea. Succulents aren’t classed as flowers no, but why not have them in the bouquets? They are also playing a big part in our table décor with of course one of my favourite things in life – sparkles. Other organics to feature in the day are Nigella Pods, Scabiosa Pods and… I will save the rest as a surprise. I won’t be meeting the florist till two weeks before the wedding, eeep! But they have been super awesome with my plethora of spreadsheets and image galleries I have been sending them. I have full faith in them, particularly as they have just won the Welsh Wedding Awards this week!

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I have also got crafty with the floral’s, there will be some kiwi birds and other personalized items playing a wee role alongside the succulents, but that bit of DIY is being saved for the next post. Keeping on theme with the gold and glitter I am having a lot of fun playing, painting and crafting. I found some amazing paper Protea’s on a South African wedding blog and just had to try them for myself. It was going pretty good but Callum pointed out getting 80 of these over to Wales was never going to happen. Here steps in super Mum! Mum volunteered to ‘have a go’ and to cut a long story short, she armed herself with coloured card akin with the wedding theme and has been crafting paper Protea’s since February ☺ She has even thrown in some gold’s and pink’s. I know, she is such a doll isn’t she, I am very lucky and I owe her a special thank you gift! These will be used for each guest, the purpose of which will have to wait till W-day so not to ruin it 😉 Have you considered DIY flowers?

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Mrs Bouquet – Or Maybe Even A Bucket?!

God flowers are expensive!! Particularly when you want something (just like me) non-native to our British Isles! So just like the cake, I did question ‘why does the bride carry a bouquet?’ because I really didn’t know why. My mini research suggests the origin of this tradition is blurred but not all reasons are actually that romantic. For instance, a bride carried a bouquet to cover any odor and help her smell pretty on her special day. I can imagine this being a good enough reason back in the 15th century if they only bathed once a year! How about the other reasons which were, to ward off evil spirits, to symbolize long life and fertility or as a way for the happy couple to remember their W-day by smells of their chosen flowers. Does this resonate with you? I am guessing not the stinky part ☺ What kind of bouquet are you having? If any? Same as the cake, you can do anything with this tradition these days, why not wear a corsage, or make your own bouquet with shells, buttons, baubles or lollipops!

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Some brides carry birdcages, little lamps or fans and I have even found something just for our RMW Stef… antlers! As she told you a couple of weeks back, us RMW Brides have gone a bit mad sending her the latest and greatest ways with a pair of antlers! What do you think Stef?

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What about throwing your bouquet? That is another tradition that seems strange when you think about it, why would you throw it if you had it to stop you smelling bad? So investigate I did, of course there is the obvious, if you catch the brides bouquet it is said to bring good luck, especially in love. Apparently throwing the bouquet came about to stop people ripping the brides dress in order to have a keepsake that would bring good luck in love. Imagine that! Someone ripping my Wang!!!!!! Moooooortified! It doesn’t even bare thinking about. Are you going to throw your smelly little beauty at someone? Now you have eyed up the Protea, I am sure you will agree, if I throw mine I will take someone’s eye out, these bad boys are hefty! I am actually going to lay mine down on my grandfather’s grave, he passed away this June and it will be a year to the day after we get married next year, so no throwing for me.

I can’t wait to hear what all you bridelings have to say… what are your floral plans?

Big Love, Sarah xx

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

9 thoughts on “What Sarah Did… Got Floral From The Start.

  1. Loving the proteas hun!! And the paper ones are soooo clever!! I can’t wait to see this wedding. The Wang is going to look amazing! xxxx

  2. Can’t wait to see your wang!! I’ve been wondering about the bouquet and throwing thing… What happen s if you’re a really bad throw and your expensive bouquet smashes to the ground?!? Nightmare. We’re going to lay them on my fiance’s mums grave as well. Such a lovely thing to do.

    1. I agree Lizzi! It’s so important to remember those people who will me missed in person on these special occassions. My grandfather loved flowers, he used to win the yearly village show for his garden display’s so I know he will appreciate the floral’s 🙂 When is your wedding? What flowers are you having? xx

  3. I cant wait to see the wang hun, so exciting and your floral decs ‘OMG’ they are going to look amazing. Your mama is so creative 🙂 well done lovely xx

  4. Ahh Welshy – as always you have delivered a feast for our eyes and kept us hanging on a glitter piece of string. HUGE snaps to Momma Williams on those handmade delights – gee whizzicals i wouldn’t trust my ma’s crafty skills, she doesn’t know one end of a craft scissor to the other!!!

    Looks like you had SO much fun in NYC getting the Wang – your pics are GORGE!! Can’t wait to see you rocking that gown on here… not long!!!

    I keep seeing Protea flowers since knowing you and agree – they are divine. Oooh, eeeeep, can’t wait to see all your ideas come together, totally amazing. G-dad will love his bouquet xxxxxxxxxxx

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