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Afternoon guys and gals! So it’s March in two days… already! Which means this is Jackie’s Month! She will be strutting her beautifulness up the aisle very shortly – WOWZAS! Where has the time gone?! Besides us all getting excited for Jackie B, I have been pretty busy DIY’ing since my last post, which caused a bit of a stir (ech hem), so this time I am bringing the wedding love back to something girly, our pretty little nails (and maybe even your mans-mani)! Today we are going to explore all things wonderful about a good-looking set of pinkies with lots of ogling rather than reading!


Nail colour and style on my W-day is up there as *highly important*, infact I would place importance on a good nail colour over lippy any day and I am rarely without a colour on my pinkies and tootsies. I think those hours of filing and painting as a teen were the foundation of my nail love affair – lame I hear you shouting from up there! My love affair has been tainted since moving to NZ though; I have been plagued with these awful, peely, stunted-growth nails that nothing seems to fix. You name the vitamin, mineral or over priced ‘drops’, I have probably tried it in an attempt to overcome my pinky concerns in time for W-day. Do any of you gals struggle with poorly pinkies? How many other brides are trying everything to make their nails luscious and are running out of time before that wide angled camera snaps your bling? Well…I am on to a solution…slowly. The following products have started to beat the peel for me and I highly recommend investing; Sibu Buckthorn, Cuticle Oil, that is not almond for a change, Leighton Denny Buff Stick and Sarah Chapman Night Hand Cream (the only trouble with this, is the packet is tinnnnny :)). So with the above bringing some rampant progress and my timetable for pedis and medis what’s a medi? in place (because I’m jumping on the bridal bandwagon of countdown-essential-manis and pedis) I am holding up hope! Other than the obvious i.e. Calcium, moisturisation, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Zinc, yadda yadda yadda, here are some other tips that you may/may not have thought about 🙂

  • Wear rubber gloves when you do the dishes – or buy a dishwasher (extreme), or get fiancé to do them (more logical).
  • This is kind of obvious but it has to be said – eat well, sleep well, drink well (that doesn’t include champers), your nails will thank you and your skin too!
  • Olive oil is a superb moisturiser, slightly heated it’s quite relaxing, try rubbing that on your nails – but don’t go burning yourself!
  • Lemon juice – mix it with olive oil then rub onto your fingernails. Or lemon juice mixed with sea salt then brushed onto nails and leave for 15-20 minutes.
  • Sea salt is fortifying so mix a tablespoon of sea salt into warm water and submerge your pinkies for 20 minutes or so.
  • Beeswax – this is gross, but, ‘apparently’, if you mix the mashed yolk of a hardboiled egg with beeswax, then rub it on your fingers… it makes them strong?! NO I am not trying to make all the RMW readers do something daft, I actually read this on a beauty blog!
  • Some blogs recommend starting regular manicures (i.e. fortnightly) six months pre wedding, but not everyone will be able to do this so I would say do what you can ☺ I am trying once a month with my own home inventions in-between.
  • This is kind of obvious but have a trial before the day, because I actually had not thought about this!

What about colour and style? This is the best bit! Lolly did a post last year on W-day nails and so many brides to be were going for hot red nails, some green and some blue. I love that. Banish the French Mani I say! What about brand? You will have your fav – what is it?

What about shellac? Will you shellac it for the duration of the wedding and honeymoon? Or take the opportunity to mix your colours as much as you can and pamper with a resort medi/pedi? Personally, I despise shellac. It is probably because the first time I had it, the lovely lady didn’t tell me what you had to go through to get it off. So six weeks after our holiday to Hawaii, when my nails were still hot pink (something I was more than impressed with at the time) I decided it was time for a winter shade. At this point we were living in a small town, with maybe one beauty therapist, who most likely didn’t have that drill thing they use to remove the shellac. I must have obliterated 80 cotton wool pads before realising, ‘this ain’t moving’. I turned to Google, as you do, to find that the best home remedy for removing shellac is soaking pinkies in acetone. What a palaver. So I wont touch the stuff again 🙂


That’s an awful lot of nails above isn’t it? If you like the heart nails check it out here. Hopefully it has sparked the inspiration in one or two of you! As mentioned at the start of my post I have been busy, DIY’ing the crap out of this wedding and I intended to share my progress with you in todays post. But some amazing customer service turned my attention to wedding nails. I was at my local department store, I rocked up to the ‘nail section’ and was dipping and dabbling sticks and bits of card in various shades. The young girl was so helpful when I told her I was testing out the perfect polish for my wedding, to the point she let me take the tester polishes that were my fav! I have been pretty blown away by the impeccable customer service of all the vendors I have engaged with actually, from something as small as a beauty clerk, ‘cake-topper-maker’, ‘guestbook creator’ or keep sake provider! In particular, Freya Rose have been amazing (god I want their gold leaf shoe clips!), Silhouette Weddings, infact pretty much any vendor on Etsy and Papillon Designs who offer amazing beautiful, personal keepsakes to remember special occasions. They make original designs in 3D (all of which can be personalised) set in deep, box frames. You could create a unique ‘guest book frame’ with hearts set in 3D? Your guests could write messages on the heart designs which could be designed and framed! I digress through excitement and I might even have to do that idea myself!

So back over to you girls! How important are your W-day nails to you? A 2014 RMW Real Bride who shall remain nameless, has tried that many of OPI’s pink polishes in an attempt to find the perfect W-Day hue; she now basically owns shares in the company 😉 Are you going to be different? Or do you think bold is inappropriate? (If so, here are some neutrals to try ) Share the nail love girls!

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

26 thoughts on “What Sarah Did… Nailed It!

  1. Hi, follow nail obsessive here! I just wanted to share a couple of my top nail tips as my weekly at home mani is one of the highlights of my week (geez, I just realised how tragic that sounded…) and generally speaking my nails are pretty long and strong…!
    With regards to strengthening your nails – I absolutely swear by a weekly application of CND Solar Oil, followed by two coats of OPI Nail Envy – before I even start with any colour.
    My other tip is regarding the Shellac (as I occasionally treat myself for special occasions). The worst thing to do in order to remove it is using the drill, it is also incredibly drying for your nails and the skin surrounding them to soak them in acetone. The best way to remove it is to cut cotton wool pads into quarters, soak the pieces in nail varnish remover (with acetone) and then apply to the nail before wrapping it in a piece of aluminium foil. Leave that on your nails for 10-15 minutes and then scrape off easily. It is a little fiddly and still takes some time, but you will be able to remove that pesky Shellac with minimal effort!
    Loving all your nail pics, especially the nude nails with gold and glitter detailing! 🙂

  2. I’m really loving the nudes!! I have spent a small fortune obsessing over the ‘perfect pink’ and now I want that Essie Nude one on the far left. Any idea which one that is hun?

    I also really love the one glittery nail on your ring finger. You and Nicola MUST do this!! xxxxx

    1. I will trawl the images tonight hun and find it… did you escape the mention to you in the post 😉 Glitter IS on my nails for W-day – couldn’t not! x x

  3. This is exactly what I have been thinking about recently, in between freaking out about the small six weeks left until I marry my man!! I am fancying going for the shellac/gelid route but do t want to ruin my nails! Which would people recommend?
    I am thinking of also going for my favourite purple but may yet go for some struck if red.

    I too have had some great customer service, I have just made too. Us too orders on etsy, one for bridesmaids dresses and one for my head piece and both have been amazing! I look forward to sharing it with you all very soon!

  4. I had a shellac pale pink on my fingers and a slightly corally pink on my toes for a bit of colour pop!! Shellac didnt ruin my nails at all, despite me peeling most of it off whilst on honeymoon in argentina!

  5. oooh – love this post! I am tossing up whether to go pink, glittery beds or tips (as in your photo here!) or after seeing those amazing heart nails on Ellie.. decisions! I definitely need to do a few arrty trials. In fact I will start this weekend (my regular beauty weekend and PAYDAY – whoop!)

    Soph – on my quest for the perfect pink, I found an amazing pink by essie called “ballet slipper” – have you tried that colour yet>? it pretty much nails* what i am looking for – it is icy-light but has good coverage and opaque after two coats. Don’t you hate it when you try on a naked-looking-pink and it basically gives you as much colour as a transparent top coat, disappointing! I also saw a mani using Essie “Fiji” on instagram this morning so I am going to try that one out too.

    Question – are you going to have the same colour on tootsies and pinkies?

    So glad you’re finding a way of getting those nails stronger hun, you really are the beauty queen!
    *sorry couldn’t help it!

    1. Ooooh just googled ballet slipper and it looks gorgeous! I’ll have to try it out this weekend. Fiji looks really nice too. At the moment I’m wearing OPI “sweet memories”, which I’m liking. It’s very natural looking though and I’m wondering if I want something with a bit more of a pop. xxxxxxx

  6. Ahh, i love the idea of wearing sweet memories, as you are “making” sweet memories… oh dear, i am getting swept away with my own advertising faff today! xxxx

  7. Im going pink/nude for the wedding day and most definitely getting shellac’d… I love its long lastingness but also the fact that its always so shiny. No matter where I get a manicure done, normal varnish lasts less than a day on me without chipping and it would drive me insane to have chipped polish on my wedding day!

    I’ve found a great natural pink colour (from Gelish I think) called Grapefruit Sparkle which has a very light glitter in it – currently top of my list but have a few months to try a couple more.

    The other great thing about Shellac is that you can totally paint over it so you can go natural for the wedding then slap a coat of your favourite colour on for your honeymoon – it acts as a great smooth base coat!

  8. I am just LOVING all the nail porn!! Yummy
    I have recently discovered a great nail polish brand called Rococo which you can get in Space NK. It does some lovely nude shades, glides on beautifully for a lovely finish AND you only need one coat – it is amazing!

    Having said that, I am definitely going with shellac/gels for the wedding. I completely agree with Lulu that I couldn’t bear a chip on my w-day. Plus then I don’t have to worry about it over my honeymoon – more beach time!! I do completely agree with you though, Sarah, that shellac is not very nail-friendly. I have resisted having it done for the 6 months before my wedding to build up my nail strength, just so that they will be strong and long enough for the big day. But you just can’t argue with 2 weeks of no chipping.

    x x x

  9. Love this post Sarah! very much enjoy a bit of nail porn 🙂

    I had biogel in a coral pink colour for W-day, lasted all throughout honeymoon. The salon should “soak” it off for you when you return – it’s not too bad, although I no longer have them as the acetone stings my winter chapped hands.

    I rate Essie for durability with the OPI speed dry topcoat, currently wearing Essie “cute as a button” – an orange type coral, it lasted a good 4 days without chips.

    Charlotte xxx

    1. I love corals/oranges, such a sassie colour for the beach! I must say I dont have ANY Essie’s in my collection – must invest!

      1. I’m a big Essie fan – just don’t tell OPI. They won’t be impressed that their main shareholder dabbles with the competition…! 😉

  10. I had CND Shellac in dark grey on my wedding day at it looked amaze balls,Lasted ages, defiantly didn’t want French mani to boring x

  11. Iv managed to finally get on, whoop whoop. Sarah I love this post. My nails are awful at the moment but I have been out and got some strengthen and a mani kit so hopeful they will be nice for the wedding. I was set on having a nudish gelish on my fingers and a bit of sparkle on my toes but after seeing all these pictures im swaying more to a bit of colour. Oh I am all confused now, Deffinately a few trials will be needed me thinks xx

  12. Ladies! I need help!
    Thanks for the brill post Sarah. I’ve never been that bothered about my nails but now they’ve all of a sudden become important as the big day draws closer. I am in LOVE with the last picture in the Just The Tips (with the little gold strip and the glittery ring finger) but I can’t for the life of me find soemwhere that will do it (they all seem to offer the nail art with flowers etc…not v me!). I’ve not long lived in warrington in the north west so close to both Liverpool and manchester…do any north west brides have any recommendations? Big kisses

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