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Another 6 weeks have past I am now within FIVE months of our wedding, and guess what?! I am no further in my crafting endeavours!!! Urgh, I am starting to feel out of control and that time is running away from me. However I have started ordering things and am setting a craft date for the wedding sweat shop, which is making me feel a lot better. If my invites and some decorations are not done by the next time we speak on these pages I give you full permission to give me a massive bride slap across these pages.

How are you all? How are you plans coming along? How long do you have left?

A Venue and a Co-ordinator Crush

So two posts ago I explained to you my diagnoses of wedding blindness: that I was so confused by all the beautiful wedding inspirations all around that I didn’t know what I wanted. We had planned a summer DIY wedding at one venue and when we moved the date it just didn’t seem realistic and what we wanted anymore. Well after talking it through with my parents we remembered the first venue I had looked at and loved, but we thought it would be too expensive. After seeing how expensive a DIY venue actually worked out for us and the fact that we had moved the date to ‘off season’, which gave us a discount, my dream venue was now a possibility.

Yet I still had this niggling feeling that I needed to have a clearer idea of what we wanted before I could make any decision. I needed the theme we wanted to go for, a label I could concentrate on when making decisions. Did you know from the beginning exactly what you wanted? Did you have a clear vision of your day and the themes it was going to have? Or have you ideas evolved as your planning has progressed?

Got Her Scottish On_0001

We went out to the Glen Tanar Estate where I have been many times before horse riding through the forests while on family holidays in Ballater, but this time we went to look at the Ballroom. On the Saturday I went with my mum (Ciaran’s priority was seeing Aberdeen play Ross County in Dingwall) we met Jane. She is amazing. She is the award winning events manager/co-ordinator at Glen Tanar and I would trust her with my life. She was showing us around and explaining everything to us whilst putting on the log fire and setting up for the wedding party that was going to arrive later after a ceremony in the chapel they have on the estate. She pretty much had us sold then and there. I know I can relax on the day knowing everything is in control. Does your venue come with a co-ordinator or are you thinking of hiring one in? I would totally recommend it! (Ciaran and my Dad came with us the next day so he has seen it ☺ )

Got Her Scottish On_0002

Okay aside from my girl crush the Ballroom is stunning and perfect for us. It is set in a spectacular glen in Royal Deeside, in the Cairngorm National Park just a stone thrown from the Queen at Bamoral. The Ballroom has a huge gorgeous lawn which was really important to us as it IS going to be a sunny day and we are WILL have activities outside. At the bottom of the lawn there is a bridge over to the most picturesque loch on the way to the wee chapel you can get married in. The estate does have cottages you can rent out for a holiday which we were hoping to have for our wedding night but the bridal party the day before us booked them all up before we had a chance to consider it.

Themes & Dreams

The Ballroom itself its looks deceptively small on the outside but inside it is gorgeous. With a massive dance floor, a raised platform for the band, log fire and separate raised seating area it’s ticked ALL our boxes and inside it is just stunning. There is tartan everywhere and stags antlers covering every inch on the ceiling and walls possible. The chandeliers are stunning, all the wood is stunning, all the light from the massive windows is stunning, and the stags are stunning. I love it! I love it all! It has such a great feeling and atmosphere. I so hope we get the log fire on!

Got Her Scottish On_0003

I felt like before I could make a decision that I needed to have an idea of what type of wedding I wanted, the theme and feel of the day. This landed me in a catch 22 because I ended up not making any decisions! But there was something about Glen Tanar that made all the decisions for me. I realised I didn’t need to have a theme or a grand plan but just go with what we wanted and Glen Tanar reminded us what we wanted: a true Scottish family celebration. We like our homeland of Scotland and we like everything about it: so we shall start with that and see where it takes us. The stags on the ceilings inspired our stamp save the dates which is now our wedding branding and will be stamped on everything. In fact we have included stags and antlers at any given opportunity. Watch this space! My fellow brides out there even send me links to every stag they come across on line.

Here are some examples:

Got Her Scottish On_0004

Accessorise Accessorise!

With the date coming closer to get my measurements taken for my I have started to think more about what else I am going to wear to complete the blushing bride look. When I go back to the Perfect Bridal Rooms I am going to try on different veils with my dress to decide what I want, but this has just got me thinking about what else I am going to put on my head. And I need your help!

I really want a head piece maybe a vine? But can you wear any head piece with veil or do I need to look for something that won’t interfere? And do you have any recommendations on where to look? I love looking at the designers featured by RMW and searching through the List. I have searched the web for head pieces but it would appear I am a touch out of fashion as I am not that into bling and want something small and subtle and gold. I just can’t find anything I am 100% happy with; my biggest problem being when looking on line I can’t try them on! As you read this I will be at the hairdressers asking Siobhan of Distinction Hair Design’s advice on whether the hair do I want will cope with a veil and what kind of head decoration will work, as she gives me a well needed trim (but not too much as brides must grow their hair right?!) so hopefully I will have a better idea!

Got Her Scottish On_0005

Then there are earrings and a necklace. What are you going for? What you wear every day? A family heirloom? A new statement piece? And Shoes! Gorgeous shoes! I am not sure I will spend a fortune on them and I really just want them to be comfortable, any really comfortable high heels out there?
Let me know!

Speak soon (when my crafting will be done),

x x x

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21 thoughts on “What Stef Did… Got Her Scottish On

  1. Awww Stef, stop worrying about the crafting – you will get it all done in time, I promise!
    I was exactly the same with my crafting and I managed it in the end!

    LOVE the stags, think of you every time I see one in the shops! 😉

    Can’t wait for you to hurry up and get married so we can all see the pics 😀

  2. Ahh Stef your venue is beautiful!! Log fires and tartan?? How perfect! Have you invited the queen?? You should! She might be avilable and up for a bit of a shindig! 😉

    I would have loved a wedding coordinator. Our plans evolved a little bit over time, but that evolution also meant that there is more to be done and I’m nervous about it all coming together on the weekend.

    I love wedding hair accessories which look like vines!! I think you could probably make a veil work with any hair accessory you choose. I’m sure your hair dresser will make it work.

    Good luck with the crafting hun!! I’m sure it will all come together. xxxxx

    1. Seriously considering inviting the queen, though she wont be in residence at the time. But we did (almost) meet Charles on the hill one day so you never know when they pop up!


  3. I got my hair vine from Ayedo (www.ayedo.co.uk), they have quite a big selection and im offically in love with mine even though its 6 months until I get to wear it! I love the versatility of a vine, it can be worn like a hairband but without the agony hairbands so often bring! Thats how im planning on wearing mine, with a veil to boot 🙂 x

    1. Good to hear! Siobhan confirmed it should all be good too 🙂 Do you secretly try it on every so often? 6 months is a long time to wait 😉

      1. Ha you got me, at least once a week im prancing about with it on, when I get my veil i’ll possibly be wearing it every day! x

  4. Eye spy some stags I’ve seen before! Everything will fall into a beautiful place and you need not worry your pretty little head off, you’ve actually done a heap of crafting! Plus if you can get away with it…why not! More importantly, your venue is beyond gorgeous!!!! I also cannot wait to see how you use the abundance of stag ideas we have been throwing your way! 😉

  5. Hi Stef, I think we must be getting married the same weekend – woo! I agree that now we have past the 5-month mark, it suddenly all feels so soon and there is SOO much still to do!!!
    I actually just got my headpiece at the weekend and I am completely in love with it! It sort of made up for no longer being able to try on wedding dresses (!) It’s from Gillian Million and has pearls and crystals and is just too pretty!! I got a headband so that if I do decide to wear a veil then I can wear them both and just enjoy total head-bling heaven – when else can you do this but on your W-day?!
    I am loving your stag stuff too. It looks like the theme will go perfectly with your venue. Oh, and I really want that necklace!
    x x

    1. Ooo April 12th? How much have you done? Are you more organised than me? I am so scared of falling behind! Definitely go all out on the bling on the one day you can!! I know isnt the necklace cool!

      1. Yes, 12 April – woo! It sounds like you and I are pretty much in the same boat progress-wise. I am panicking about choosing and getting invitations finalised and I still have most of my diy projects in my head rather than in-the-making! We still have plenty of time, err, yes?! x

        1. Oh wow! Date twin! Yeah everything is pretty much in my head rather than in progress. Glad to know I am not way behind, or already someone else is as way behind as me 😛

  6. Stef, your venue is ggggooooowwwwgou. It really is stunning and your wedding is going to be amazing. What are you worrying about, you have done heaps and I’m very impressed. Your hair piece is going to be fab Hun and so pretty. Well done lovely xx

  7. So late getting to this Scottish party, I have been at a very different kinda BIG ROCK for the past 3 days (Uluru in Northern Territory of Aus) what a feast this was for my eyes Stef-baby. It is looking absolutely fab and chill-Winstone, you have so much time to do everything that you want to, and it is going to look stagalisciously brilliant.

    Can imagine some gold and pearl in your gorgeous locks, can’t wait to see what you go with

    loads of wedding love


    So, so many people told me I had to grow my hair, and in the end it was down to my chin (which is pretty long for me but still too short for my hairdresser. And I had it all lopped off between wedding and honeymoon). Pooey to them all I say 😉 xx

    PS venue looks GORGEOUS xx

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