What Stef Did… The Final Checklist

Hello RMW-ettes!

I trust you are all well and wedding planning is going smoothly. Did you know this was my second last post?! How on earth did this come around so fast! With just over 8 week or one day less than 2 months I am starting to get oh, so excited! And with Rebecca’s Real Bride Wedding Write Up over the past few days I am not sure where the time has gone.

Tick, Tick & Tick

I have started ticking things off my to-do list at a rate of knots. I started very quickly in the New Year with my hair trial with the lovely Siobhan. After which I got my dad to pick me up and save me from the rain to take me to my bridal shop to try on the veil and dress. I don’t want to give too much away about my look but it has taken a vintage turn which I love but one veil made me feel a little bit too much like the queen so a slight alteration is needed there. We met up with Jane from Glen Tanar to go over final details and I feel I am in the safest hands with her and running through the day has given us a pretty clear to do list.

We had the meeting with the caterer Elizabeth from Country Flavours of Alford and have the best plan every for food! I went in to the florist and have sorted my bouquet and all the boys buttonhole. A tip to the wise: rocking up to the florist with no ideas or inspiration except ‘I like tulips’ isn’t the most helpful. We have ordered our wedding rings which are in the jewellers: Finnies We have finally decided on a bridesmaid dress and today I went shopping with Ciaran’s sister, Devon, to find one for her. Last night I had my make-up trial and whilst you are reading these very words I will be in John Lewis picking out our gift list. I had fears about a John Lewis being too restrictive but after a quick look at other things we decided it was the easiest and least hassle for us. We are your traditional couple who have not lived together so we need to furnish our home and would gladly receive forks and knives. But what have you gone for? A Honeymoon fund? Prezola?

What do you think? One eye is darker than the other…


You Are Finally Invited To…

So you will be glad to know that we finally got around to making all of our invites. A total labour of love, but I really love them and so glad we made them ourselves. We originally saw the idea on Etsy of a hessian scroll invite and Ciaran totally ran with it. This time last year we had made our first mock up but it wasn’t until just before Christmas that we finally ordered all the materials and then after Christmas had a few hard core craft (read sweatshop) sessions to get them made. We still have one or two to send out but the end is in sight.


The scroll evolved into what you see, because we couldn’t find a way of attaching the card to the hessian and then rolling it without crumpling the card; something I found too upsetting for my beautiful invites so we stopped. I designed the inserts after hours trawling through dafont.com and with the help of paint. Yes paint! We can’t all be pros 🙂

We chose to have RSVP cards mainly because I wanted the post but because it seemed the most sensible way to keep on top of replies, dietary requirements and to gauge whether we needed to put on a bus for our guests to get out to Glen Tanar. We added an information card which has postcodes for the church and Glen Tanar, a list of local hotels, B&B and taxi firms. As it is so remote even the taxis have to be pre-booked. We also included some vital information such as the poor phone signal being so remote, the fact we will be having a cash bar but there is no cash machine for miles, and that a spare pair of shoes may be sensible for outside activities, especially for stiletto wearers. The last pieces of advice came from the father of our neighbours who got married at Glen Tanar not long after they moved in a few years ago. Oh and we stamped everything we could get our hands on with our stag stamp 🙂


The Final Countdown

Tomorrow I am off on my Hen weekend which no doubt you will hear more about in my next and final post as a bride-to-be, but for now I have question for you: how long do we need to make ourselves beautiful? My makeup artist and hairdresser are amazing, but should I be concerned that there is not more of them? For myself, 4 bridesmaids and a mum?

On the morning of my wedding there is me, four bridesmaids and my mum to get ready… Which would be fine but we are having a 12noon service. I knew we were an early start was necessary but it was only when Natalie, the MUA, seemed quite concerned a 7am start may still not give her enough time, than I began to worry.


Naturally I looked around the internet and the wedding world; to find myself back on these very pages reading a really old post (from my wedding date 2011!), part of the RMW Genius Guide to Wedding Planning. From this post I learnt that you cannot have enough time to get ready – ‘would it be the worst thing in the world if you’re ready early and have to sit around with your best girls drinking champagne?‘ – And it takes much longer than you imagined getting a bride and a bunch of bridesmaids in to their dresses. Which makes since, I would guess it would take about 10minutes; however I have read that I should leave 45minutes to get into my own dress and that I really need to train someone well in how to tie me tightly into my dress to ensure it goes smoothly and on time. Which I understand, as no doubt I will be running round like a headless chicken trying to remember the safe place I have hidden my shoes and my earrings.


I have joked about challenging my church’s latest bride (45mins and the minister had thought about what he was going to have to say to the congregation) but I really can’t be my usual late self as with an hour travel to Glen Tanar we don’t have too much time to spare in the day. And I really want time to get photos at my house with everyone before we leave and at every other given point in the day we can.

So what is your planned schedule for the morning? Married ladies any time saving tips? Anything you would have done different on the morning of your wedding? And are you doing anything special on the morning of the wedding, perhaps a first look shoot?! Do tell!

The day I marry my man is getting oh so close!

Big excited love,

x x x

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

31 thoughts on “What Stef Did… The Final Checklist

  1. You sound like you are on top of things. Oh the excitement! Enjoy it all.

    My only tip would be to take a walk. I took my dogs for a long walk on our wedding day and I’ll never forget that peaceful time before all the fun started.

    My hubby went for a long walk too – he took his golf bats and played 9 holes with his boys!

    1. A walk sounds like a great idea. I have been worried about getting a bit stressed and that my house is going to be a bit over crowded which is going to get me worked up. Myself, my parents, 4 bridesmaids and possibly my family from Australia and two ladies making us beautiful and two ladies recording it all could be a little crowded…

  2. For getting everyone ready in the morning, I had the hairdresser arrive first (7am) to prep my hair in rollers, then while I was having my make up done the bridesmaids were having their hair done. It’s all about manoeuvring. I only had 2 bridesmaids and my mum and they all did their own make up but by 10am we all seemed about ready. We also had a noon service but the last 2 hours went so quickly and our cocky organised house didn’t feel it anymore but no one was late in the end, at 8.30am it seemed silly to be getting ready, but in the end you can never start too early. (The morning is one of the best times, with your parents and girls, it was bacon sandwiches all round and really relaxed and fun, you’ll love it even if it does get manic) xx

    1. When I have had my girls visiting my dad has been the king of breakfast spreads so hopefully he will have that under control. 🙂

  3. we did our own makeup so probably not much help there but it only took me 15 minutes to get my dress on, and it was a full on corset-underneath-buttons affair.

    my bridesmaids came to the shop with me one day to have a quick lesson in how to put it on me but even if they can’t manage that, there are loads of tutorials on youtube. just make sure they look at them beforehand! Also, you could ask your dress shop to talk you through it in the mirror so you can see how it feels according to what they’re doing

    1. I am thinking exactly that Claire! I just need to think who I trust to suck my in to my corestted bad boy. I think my mum would probably be most ruthless and least concerned about my welfare or being nice about it 😉

  4. Gosh Stef I can’t believe that it’s nearly here!!!! Sooooo exciting! Your makeup looks gorgeous fun and your invitations are awesome. So original and perfect for your theme.

    Reeeeally good question about how much time to allow for to get ready. Our ceremony starts at 3pm and we don’t have any travel time to allow for so that helps. The hairdressers have said that they would like to arrive at 12pm, but they do have 5 of us to do so I guess that’s a lot of work. My sister is allowing an hour to do my makeup, but it didn’t take that long in the trial. I definitely want some time to relax with my girls though. I’m really hoping that my hair won’t take any longer than an hour, so that I have 1 hour for hair, 1 hour for makeup, and then 1 hour for getting dressed, drinking champagne, and generally just getting excited!!

    Hopefully I’ve got that right. Looking forward to hearing what advice the other brides have. xxxxxx

  5. Well done for getting so much crossed off your list!

    We are having our service at 1pm however out hair and make up stylist has said that she will be arriving at 8am. I also think that amount of time is crazy but I have to admit that I have had a few dreams recently about not being ready. I would rather be raring to go, and making the most of being in my dress!

    Have a fabulous hen party!

  6. Wowsas – Stef-baby, i am just so excited for you!!!!!

    Love the invites and your guests are in for a right treat. I also love the sneak peak us real brides got of the hair and make-up – i totes think the darker look is perfect for your w-day, you look beauts

    Defo give yourself lots of time in the morning – mainly just to enjoy it – it’s going to be so much fun, love the idea of sitting around all dressed and ready with the ladies in our lives. Adorbs

    Can’t wait to hear all about the hens – HAVE FUN DOLL FACE

  7. Our service is at 3pm but hair and make up starts from 10am for me and my three bridesmaids. I’ve been advised to leave 30 minutes to get into my dress (a full corseted number) and then another 30 minutes to chill out, drink champagne and have photos taken before leaving for the church (a 5 minute drive away). All seems like a great deal of time but this is one day when I don’t want to be rushed! xx

    1. Sounds like you have had the best and you have given yourself plenty time! Think I will do the same with half an hour to dress and half and hour to chill/take photos.

  8. Hi Steph!
    Looking gorgeous in the make up pictures – I think it’s so important to see what the make up looks like in photos, helps to gauge amounts!

    Whenever I finally get engaged…and then actually married…I plan an early morning walk, some calming yoga and then 3/4 hours of getting ready. I always find that my make up looks better if I apply it later on in the day too – does anyone else have this? Maybe my face needs to wake up, or something?!

    Everyone’s advice seems to be along a similar time frame which is helpful!

    Have an amazing hen do!!!

    Fern x

    1. That’s so funny Fern, I thought it was just me who thought that! My makeup definitely seems to go on a little better later in the day. I was starting to thinking it was my imagination, or just because my eyes needed a bit of time to focus properly, so I’m glad to hear that it’s not just me!

      Hmmmm, I’m starting to think that I’m not giving myself a huge amount of time. Is there any general advice on make-up vs hair first?? I was thinking hair first but maybe I should do makeup before the hairdresser’s arrive to be a bit ahead of the game. Decisions decisions. x

    2. Fern I am TOTES on the same page as you. I am being laughed at for wanted to do come wedding morning exercise. For me, its a great relaxation technique and makes me actually feel fresher, brighter and ready to tackle the day… As for when to do make-up, I always prefer to do mine a little later. Steph I think follow the lead from the hairdresser etc they will be able to advise, but getting up with your bridesmaids and chilling is something special so if you need a schedule, pencil that in 🙂

      Same with you Soph… email your contact in Italia and get the advice, they will be used to this 🙂

      1. Whaat?! Exercise in the morning is the BEST way to start the day – why would your wedding day be any different?!

        Although I do think gentle is key on W-day – otherwise your body gets a bit ‘pumped’ and you don’t want to feel like a bodybuilder!

        Great advice on just asking the hairdresser & MUA which way round works best for them…makes perfect sense! And would probably vary depending on hair type/hair style/hair accessories…

        F x

    3. Thanks Fern! Sounds like you have it all well planned out. I also agree with you ladies and want to get my make up done almost last so that it is the freshest and my face has had plenty time to settle. Question is: how much cleansing, toning, moisturising or even exfoliation do you do the morning of?! Natalie has already vetoed moisturising….

      1. I wouldnt exfoliate either Steph! Dont use an SPF till after most of the pics. Again, I would formulate a list of all these questions and ask the people in the know – your MUA can guide you. x

  9. I love your invitations! What a fab idea! I also love the info in your inserts, our venue is also remote and I hadn’t even thought it mention about cash, phone signal etc. I am looking forward to your next post and then of course seeing your big day! I hope you enjoy the last few weeks of planning!
    Lucy x

      1. Thanks Lucy! Will do my best to enjoy it,but man it is getting exciting! After scanning everything in John Lewis for our gift list we went to our jewellers and tried on OUR rings! And sent them off to be engraved. They will be on our fingers for ever! Oh my it is getting too much. All very real and exciting 😀

  10. I would agree and say that you cannot start too early!

    I was awake at about 5am and even though I didn’t have to be up until about 6.30am I just couldn’t get back to sleep, it was like being a kid at Christmas! Anyway while my bridesmaids were still fast asleep I planned to have a relaxing soak (nevermind my plan failed because I couldn’t get any hot water in the tub!) and just had some quiet reflection time. Hair & makeup lady arrived 8am and immediately got all our hair in heated rollers. She did my hair and makeup, my two bridesmaid’s hair and my mum’s hair. Even with the girls doing their own make-up it still took till 11.30am (we had 1pm ceremony). Dress didn’t take as long as expected to get on and we were ready a bit early but had photos taken and it was nice not to be all flustered going in to the pre-ceremony interview with the registrars.


  11. Sounds like you’ve got loads done Stef! The invitations are gorgeous! Your makeup looks lovely too, I think I prefer the slightly lighter eye on you 🙂
    As for getting ready in the morning, I had 5 bridesmaids and we did all our hair and makeup ourselves. So I went super OCD and wrote out a getting ready schedule with everyone timetabled to help everyone else get ready! It worked really well 🙂 We didn’t get up super early, had a relaxing breakfast AND ended up arriving early! (So early that we had to go had a wander in a nearby park for 15 mins!)
    All the best for the next 8 weeks! Much love xx

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