What Stef Did… Went Looking For Hair & Make-up

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year lovely RMWettes!

How are we all? Survived the festivities? Received everything you wanted from Santa? I hope you all had the best time and have had a great start to 2014. Any newly engaged couples? Tell us about the proposals!!

It’s 2014!!! Crazy… We are getting married this year ladies! And more of you will be able to say you are now getting married next year. I am still nervous about all that needs to be done. But you will be glad to know that I have indeed started my wedding crafting and the invites are oh so close to being finished and sent out. But the wedmin has taken a little break as I am writing to you all the way from Mauritius! I am on a ‘last family holiday’ before I disappear into marital life, it is gorgeous here and after horrendous rain, with thunder and lightning for effect, yesterday it is so hot today even I am seeking the shade to write this. I am hoping there will be a wedding one day, which is common, as perving on other peoples weddings has become a favourite hobby of mine since starting planning my own and I know there is at least one couple honeymooning here this week.

Some sneak peeks of the crafts to come and my week in Mauritius…


Anyway, last week Jackie gave us all her tips on makeup and doing it ourselves on our wedding day; well today I am writing about how I am getting someone to do it for me. I enjoy doing my makeup but I have learned under pressure it all goes wrong and I have to start again when the taxi has arrived. I also find that I can think I have put way too much on but then I see photos of myself I don’t think I actually had enough eyeliner or eye shadow ect (except on one birthday when my friends let me go out with enough eye shadow on to rival Paul o’Grady in drag, and let me tell you Lily Savage looked better than me with all that make up!)


So I have decided to leave it to the pros for both hair and makeup. Did anyone, like me, find it difficult to track down their hair and makeup artist? I didn’t really know where to start. The List is a good place to start but didn’t have anything for me in Scotland (they do now and new suppliers are added all the time). So I set about google and every Scottish wedding forum/facebook group I could find, for some suggestions. This is possibly the two suppliers who were not easy to find but I did slowly get a list of local suppliers or ones that would be willing to travel. I no longer had a hairdresser in Aberdeen so started trying out a few of the local salons to get a feel for them too.


I soon realised that I had a really strange way of working out which ones I liked and which ones I didn’t. First I would look at their website and it needed to wow and impress me; it needed to tell me that they cared about their business and had put in the effort. Then I would hopefully find a link to their facebook page and hope to see examples of their work and compare it to my idea of what I would like to look like. My decisions became purely instinct and I also hold a soft spot for small local businesses. I began to realise this may well be a flawed way to do it as hair dressers and makeup artists are often small businesses that may not be skilled in websites. And previous brides may have asked for something I didn’t want but they managed to nail it for the blushing bride that day. So maybe I shouldn’t be put off by that, it may not be a fair representation of what they could do.

But this is the way I did it. I also weeded out any that were too expensive and made contact, and again I realised how important clicking with a supplier over email was to me. Ridiculous but true. So I had a short list and had my favourites when I had genius idea: I could get my hair and makeup done for a friend’s wedding in July as a pre-trial trial! And that is exactly what I did and here are the results:


This is Ciaran and I at our friends Colin and Sophia’s wedding. These are the only pictures of us on the day; we never seem to get many photos of the two of us. (There better be a few of us on our wedding ) So I am not sure if you can tell but I felt amazing on the day happily booked them up as soon as I had the finances! SO introducing Siobhan of Distinction Hair Design, who has become my regular hairdresser and is herself getting married so we have a good catch up on how plans are going every time I am in. I think she is fabulous! She did a great job of my hair in July, my hair stayed up for more days than I care to admit, and having seen more examples of her work I am just convinced I made the right choice.


For makeup Natalie Fearnley Makeup Artistry made it through my strange process. She is really talented and has done lots of fashion shoots and work with magazines. She is also fabulous and really lovely and you really need to get on with the people who may well be ordering you to calm down and sit down on your wedding day (not that I will be a nervous control freak panicking about every little detail or anything….)


The next time I write on these pages I will be packing up for my Hen weekend! How exciting!! We have chosen to have our stag and Hen over the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s, separation is apparently how we show our Valentine’s day love.;)

I also have to admit that so far I have organised (I use the term loosely) the Hen myself, which the wedding world makes me feel a bit guilty about but you know what I don’t mind. Who organised yours? Was it stressful? So far I have us a venue and a vague vibe of Downton Abbey meets Monarch of the Glen meets Gilmore Girls. I just want it to be a great weekend where all my girls can get to know each other and have fun and what better way to do that than live the life of a Laird in a castle (the castle I wanted got booked and previous parties danced on their antique table so they don’t like Hens), so I have got us a big house in the country.


Now, I must get back to writing my unbelievably huge wedding to do list whilst also scheduling non wedding time with my darling. How long do you have to go? Are you unbelievably prepared? What is next on your todos?

Have any of you created strange criteria for choosing the perfect people for your day? Do you have any suggestions for on how I chose my look? Hair? Make up? Or where I can look for inspiration?

And seriously… I would like some detailed proposal stories! Even if they didn’t happen in the past few weeks



x x x

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

13 thoughts on “What Stef Did… Went Looking For Hair & Make-up

  1. Ahh Stef you look stunning in the photos!!! Such a clever idea to have a trial for a friend’s wedding! Looks like your process worked and you found the right suppliers.

    Also loving your theme for the hen do! Brilliant idea! I want to see lots of photos. 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of your time in Mauritius. I’m not jealous at all…..much! xxxx

    1. Thanks, though a Cyclone is on its way so we have been stuck in the bar due to rain all day, so not so much to be jealous of. Especially the poor couple who got married this afternoon when the rain stopped for a bit :/

  2. Awww loving the hair milne is thay how ur going to have it on the big day?? Would be fab! Not long to go now 😀

    .s ur eyeshadow looked lovely on the night it just looked strange on the pics!!

    1. Thanks! No not for my wedding that was just for that day. And yeah 100 DAYS! Crazy!

      Oh you say that now but you know I looked awful! 😛
      x x x

  3. Nice reading from you again! I really felt like I could connect with your way of choosing you stylists. It really was like that with me. If the website didnt wow me I just as well didn’t continue (which I know must be unfair just like you said…).
    I also really like your hair at you friend’s wedding! Really elegant and natural at the same time, it really suits you a lot!
    And ohhh Mauritius… my husband an I have just been there in December for our honeymoon and it was scorching hot! Also the best holiday I ever had! Sorry to hear that the weather is so bad there at the moment!
    Love, Anja

    1. Oh thank you! Mauritius is amazing isn’t it! I can only imagine you had the best honeymoon here. It brightened up this morning so I have managed to get burnt just intone for getting on the plane! Typical. Waiting to board now!

  4. Ah Stef, you always make me smile and have a warm fuzzy feeling. You are just so damn cute.

    Love the hair and make-up – great, great, great idea to book up those guys.

    I know *exactly* what you mean about your process you went through when finding suppliers (ps not strange at all!). I had a ‘mare finding a DJ and I honestly followed exactly the same process as you. Rightly or wrongly, nowadays our first impressions of a business is no longer the size of their ad in the good ol’ yellow pages, their store front or even the owner, it is the website. We can’t help it – we’re surrounded by it. But I also get what you mean by wishing to support home-grown and local talent.

    Oh gosh, that was such a rant but I have written it now so will not go back..

    Will let you get back to your pina colada and hope there is a good wedding happening just in front of you to stalk 🙂

    Love love… 99 days to go…

    PS LOVE your hen theme, and who cares if you are organising it yourself, your girls are going to have a great time and i am sure they will have something up their sleeve to surprise you with 🙂

    1. I enjoy your long rant so no fear. I am glad I am not the only one who worked this way. It shoes shoes you how important marketing is these days. 🙂

  5. Stef this is a fab post! Firstly the hols looks amazing, so so jealous you were able to escape. Your process for picking a supplier is normal I would say, as Nicola mentioned I too did the same. If the website wasn’t great I clicked back straight away, first impressions count!

    As for your hair and make up, gorgeous! Totally the right choice, if you feel panicked about doing it yourself you must go with a pro. The thought of doing my own hair would fill me with dread, there is no way on earth I could cope with that. Make up, totally fine, hair no way!!

    I had a few friends get engaged over Xmas will be sure to drag them over to RMW the second I see them 🙂 love a festive engagement story.

    Enjoy the rest of your hols, speak soon lovely Xxx

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