What Tabitha Did… Became On First Name Terms With Hobbycraft Staff… Oh And Found A Frock!

Afternoon lovelies 🙂

Since writing my last post we have now gone past our ‘one year to go’ anniversary and it’s now months and days rather than years until I become Mrs Hardie.

Dressing Up

Last time I spoke to you guys I was a few days away from my first wedding dress appointment. As I mentioned then, I was a little apprehensive to say the least. I’d heard so many horror stories, and had left it so long under the pretence of not wanting to start too soon (although this is also true) that I had worked it up into this massive deal. Not good! So with a little help and a few gentle shoves from the other lovely Real Brides (thanks girls!) I stopped being a wuss and booked my first appointment!

My main worries, when I think back, were completely insane! The irrational part of my brain said ‘but I’m so short (5ft dead on, but Kylie I am not!) no wedding dress will ever look good on me. Plus I have the eternal baby face and look about 12 and will be laughed out of the shop’. Whilst the rational part of my brain thought ‘Who the heck cares what they think anyway?’ I’m sure we all have those irrational worries and fears that when we try and explain them to others they just don’t get it, well those are mine.

So after some lunch and shopping, my mum, sister/maid of honour and I made our way to The Lace Market Bridal Boutique in Nottingham, home to designer Kula Tsurdiu and her stunning dresses!

The boutique is absolutely beautiful, full of gorgeous gowns and vintage inspired accessories. Kula’s designs are all inspired by different iconic eras and I seriously can’t recommend them enough. Kula and Laura (the boutique manager) made my dress shopping experience so special, they are the most fantastic people and I’m so glad I found them; I can’t wait to go back for my fittings! And that’s the other news I suppose, because I FOUND MY DRESS and not only that but it was THE FIRST ONE I TRIED ON! I’d heard of this happening to people as though it was some kind of myth, but it actually happened… TO ME. According to my mum, I visibly relaxed the moment I put the dress on, it felt so comfortable, it hugged me in all the right places and I even felt quite pretty in it (all my family and friends reading this will have just fallen off their chairs in shock at this statement).

The dress was not one that I had originally picked out; it wasn’t even on display but in Kula’s studio above the boutique, but it was one Kula wanted me to try on. She is just amazing, she knew instantly which dress was for me, and she was so right! But that’s the other news, because the dress I tried on is not how my final dress will look, the general shape of the dress will act as a template and the final product will be a bespoke dress made just for me. Kula created a mock up using samples of how will it look and I am quite literally giddy with anticipation to see my final dress… only about 11ish months to wait! I can’t wait for Chris to see it! The fabrics have been ordered and I have some samples to take to my florist, my first fitting will be around October time.

So to all you ladies worrying about going dress shopping, please don’t worry! Do your research, find places with good recommendations, take your best girls along, and have a fabulous day! Oh and if you’re in the Nottingham area go to The Lace Market Bridal Boutique, I promise you will have the best experience ever!

Pinwheels, Pinwheels, As Far As The Eye Can See!

So, I started my first wedding DIY project in the last few weeks. Yes that’s right, I’ve been making pinwheels! The inspiration came from a picture I found on Pinterest (bottom left corner image – the one with the awesome chair) and I decided to create a ‘Pinwheel backdrop’ to go behind the top table in our marquee. I haven’t quite decided whether it will be a full wall yet or a wave of pinwheels (see top left image), it really depends how many I can make. I might have to rope Chris in to helping but he’s all fingers and thumbs. Here are some examples of pinwheel backdrops:

So, here’s some of my first attempts, it’s quite easy once you’ve got the hang of it, although there were a fair few duff ones before I got it right. If you’re going to make them yourself I’d really recommend practising on plain paper first! You basically measure some pretty paper to the correct size (most of these are 3” x 24”, but I’ve found a ratio of 1:8 works if you want bigger sizes) and fold it concertina style. Then fold it around (or faff around it with a bit until the silly things go into the right shape as I generally do) and attach the two ends with double sided tape. I then usually glue and secure a button to the centre and weigh it down with something heavy, they tend to pop open if you don’t! Then ta-dah, you have pinwheels!!

A Spot Of Colour

So you can probably tell from these pictures that our colour scheme is mostly being PEACH! I know this is probably one of the only places I can say that without people wondering if I’ve gone mad and somehow forgotten it’s not the eighties anymore. However, after months of searching for peach bridesmaids’ dresses that everyone liked, and coming up blank, I decided to introduce another colour, that being dusky duck egg blue! After seeing these pinwheels together, I’m soooo glad I did, I think they look great together and will add a lot more colour to our day.

So you gorgeous lot, anyone else have the fear of all things bridal gown? What about those irrational fears that no one else gets? Share please; it’s only fair if I’ve shared mine!!

Love and hugs

Tabitha xxx

P.S. I’d just like to apologise for the over-use of the word ‘pinwheels’ and for all the shouty capitals in this post (I was just very excited and I like pinwheels! x)

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

36 thoughts on “What Tabitha Did… Became On First Name Terms With Hobbycraft Staff… Oh And Found A Frock!

  1. Tabs! I also like pinwheels 🙂 🙂 will be gorgeous, well done on your bit of DIYing!!

    Loving the dress story, that shop sounds (and looks) absolutely amazing!) x

  2. Oooh I love the pinwheels!! First time I’ve seen them used and it looks epic! Such a clever idea. Love the colours sooo much! Absolutely gorgeous! xxx

  3. Loving the DIY Tabitha – great tip on practicing first as I’m often too eager and jump right in!

    Very exciting that you will have a completely bespoke dress and I’m really pleased that your first shopping experience was such a good one!

    I know you’re mad keen on the fairy lights (as featured by Lolly the other day) and they’re going to look ace alongside those pinwheels! x

  4. @Miss Vix – thank yoouu 🙂 and no of course not I am a complete lovely bride to be who would never worry my bridesmaids like that 😉 #mayhavealreadydoneit x

    @Lydia – thanks lovely, hopefully I can pull it off!! x

  5. YAY!!!! You found your dress!!!! Soooo pleased for you 🙂 And so pleased you found such an amzing shop/designer, from what you’ve shown us your dress is going to be amazing and Chris is not going to know what’s hit him! 😉

    Well done on the DIYing – I really need to get my bum into gear and start on some of mine!! eek!
    The pinwheels look ace and I love the colours. Favourite of the ideas pics is probably the wave of pinwheels – love the way they sit against the wall 🙂

    @Vix – you’re mean, but I like it! 😉
    I need to find a picture of the bridesmaid dresses my aunt had – 80’s peach ‘miss muffin’ puffball dresses! I looked immense!!! heehee

  6. The pinwheels look ACE! You could be a pro 🙂
    I was nervous about the dress shopping, more along the lines of “I’ll never find anything I like” or “The people just won’t get what I’m after” but thankfully I was wrong and also my Mum and I are pretty much on the same wavelength so she was a great support 🙂

  7. Ohh, congrats on finding your dress! Looks like such a beautiful boutique. I’m going dress shopping on Saturday (eek!) for the first time, been engaged 6 months already, like you was a bit nervous but now am excited. Off to Mirror Mirror and Morgan Davies in Islington – anyone been there?
    Pinwheels are gorgeous – impressed with the advanced DIY. (Note to self – stop being lazy and start DIY-ing!).

  8. @Kitty – Fanks! You should see our house at Christmas, we’re usually tripping over fairy light wires there’s so many, not very H&S but they look so pretty!! x

    @Rebecca – I hope he likes it, keep having to stop myself from telling him all about the dress!!
    Only trouble with starting DIY early is that our house is now covered in the blimmin things, need a bigger house for all my weddingy stuff x

  9. Tabs I bloody love your dress story and remember how much you were dreading it! Then literally had the most perfect experience ever. Am also a little bit jealous of all the bespokeness of it!

    Adoring the pinwheels too lady, and the buttons. I LOVE BUTTONS!!!

    Great post again 🙂 xxxxx

  10. @Annie – hehe if you could see the back of them you wouldn’t call me a pro, glue and tape everywhere!

    Yay that you found your dress, my Mum’s like that too, she always tells me the truth as well so knew she’d be good to take along! I also forgot to mention, that she cried!! So obv I knew that was the one!

    @Daphne – thank you my dear, massive lots of good luck for your dress shopping, it will be amazing!!

  11. @Tabitha – I know what you mean, after trying the dress on again at the weekend I kept nearly talking about it with him!! It’s just weird to not be telling him stuff about it, especially when I got all excited about it again!!! heehee xx

  12. Loving the pinwheels. I may try making a few in my colours (apple green, white and light gold) and if they are anywhere near as good as yours I might have to get them into the venue decoration somewhere, perhaps behind the cake table. Hmm, do you think they would work hanging up outside?

    Oh the possibilities!

  13. @Michelle – me too, thought I’d do a mixture, plus the patterned paper costs a little more! x

    @Karen – thank you my dear, no need to be jealous cause I have seen your dress and you’re going to knock everyone’s socks off!!!
    P.S. I love buttons too x

  14. @Carys – most definitley my dear, they’d be great behind your cake table and would look awesome outside! You could hang them off trees maybe? You’d just need to make sure you secured them really tightly in the middle so the wind doesn’t pop them open! xxx
    P.S. Loving the sound of your colour scheme, hope we get a peek 🙂 x

  15. I freaked out about trying on dresses…i am not the smallest girl in the world – 5ft2, size 14, 36F boobs – so the whole thing terrified me! Luckily I went into a shop in my local town of Knutsford and all my fears went away! Terri is just wonderful, and I ended up with the second dress i tried on…I am 2 weeks away from my first proper fitting as it is with Stewart Parvin being made as we speak! Excited doesn’t cover it!
    I also have weird fears about the day that literally keep me awake at night…what if i need a wee right before i go down the aisle? What if the Mr sees me and hates the dress? Where can I run to for a quick fag (hideous i know, but the stress makes me do it)….not joking, i lay awake for 2 hours last night thinking completely irrational thoughts…6 weeks from the big day I am told this is natural! xxx

  16. Ah! Kula Tsurdiu! They’re the only wedding dress shop I went in who let me try on any dress I wanted!! I’m a little on the curvy side but was made to feel HUGE by everyone else (I’m looking at you Angela Vickers, I’m never going to buy a dress I just looked at).

    Sadly, they weren’t quite what I was looking for and I’m getting something bespoke made by a family friend. But Laura couldn’t have been nicer or more welcoming!

    I’m sure your dress will be perfect!

  17. Tabitha we’re in a similar situation to you – so much bloomin’ wedding stuff and nowhere to put it! Our space room/office has turned in to wedding central – might pop a pic in for next week’s post!

    Have you thought about how you’re accessorising your dress yet, or is that being saved for another day/post? x

  18. @Tabitha, that’s a beautiful palette, very similar to mine, although mine’s more buttermilk yellows than peach. I’m having a frikkin’ MARE though finding duck egg blue bridesmaid dresses. I thought it was all sewn up with For Her and For Him ‘Sky Blue’ but the swatch card came yesterday and it’s not got enough aqua hue to it. I’m seriously struggling to find dresses in the right shade. I can’t wait to see what you manage to find (so I can unashamedly copy).

    My wedding wellies are PRECISELY the right shade though 😀

  19. I’ve recently discovered that our wedding blue is ‘robins egg’ not ‘duck egg’ …that’s me told!! I love how we all get so specific when it comes to our weddings – I’m all about the Pantone refs 🙂 x

  20. LOVE the pinwheels! can’t wait to see the finished wall, will be fab!

    We had peach as our colour scheme, I too had months of funny looks when I divulged this information to anybody who wasn’t a RMW addict. My lovely friends put me in an authentic 80’s peach bridesmaid dress to travel to Spain for my hen do! I quite enjoyed it, I felt like a Disney princess! 🙂
    We too struggled to find peachy coloured bridesmaid dresses. I stupidly thought we could just walk into a high street store and buy off the peg……..as there are so many peachy/nudey coloured dresses on the high street, right???? Wrong!
    At the last minute we dropped onto a Romantica, tea length, chiffon number. Romantica actually do a colour swatch called PEACH! As we couldn’t see the colour on a full dress before ordering them and their arrival wouldn’t be until the week before wedding, it was a very nervous wait. But we shouldn’t have worried, my three girls loved them and said they all felt like ‘baby’ out of dirty dancing!

    So happy you had a lovely dress shopping experience, always a good way to get the wedding excitement levels to epic levels! 🙂

  21. @Jessie – aaaww don’t worry about him not liking the dress, if you love it and feel beautiful in it then there’s no doubt he’ll be blown away! Plus Stewart Parvin dresses are gorgeous!

    Oh and as my Mum would say ‘always go before you leave the house’ 🙂 xxx

  22. @Charlotte – orders currently being taken!! Maybe I could start a business, not sure how much money there is in pinwheels though 🙂 x

    @Eleanor – they are sooo lovely aren’t they! Glad you found someone to make your dress, I was so worried about people making me feel like that, don’t know where they get off! xxx

  23. @Kitty – loving the sound of Wedding Central 🙂 sounds like a plan!

    I have to hold my hands – I am terrible at accessorising, I hardly ever wear jewellery. Not cause I don’t like it, I’m just not very good at it! So might be asking for help 🙂 I’m having fresh flowers in my hair though xxx

    @Philippa – thank you lovie, yours sounds lush too! I really love the J crew dresses in dusty shale (I’ve seen loads of people have them though) but they are way out of my budget. So I’ve asked a family friend to make them but panicking about finding the right fabric :S no idea where to look!
    Haha I hope you are taking wellies to all your suppliers to show them your colour scheme! xxx

  24. @Karen – I have never heard of robins egg blue, what’s the difference? I seriously <3 your colour scheme! xxx

    @Jessica – thanks for the peach love, hopefully on the day they will all agree with us! That is a fab idea for a hen do hehe! xxx

  25. @Tabitha ha! Great minds! My MOH tried on the JCrew dusty shale dress but she said it was way too grey, hardly any blue saturation at all. I’ve decided to wait until the spring collections hit down early next year and if we can’t find anything, just go with the FH&FH sky blue option. I’ll just pretend the groomsmen’s’ ties and flower girl sashes are a different colour because it’s an ombre colour scheme. Like DUH!

  26. Oh P.S. Robin’s Egg is a smidge further into the green spectrum. Check out Alfred Angelo’s Robins Egg dresses for a good example of this shade

    God I need to get a life 🙁

  27. Those pinwheels ROCK! Tempted to make some out of the pages of old books/newspaper and hang them in my classroom. Something tells me that 11-16 year olds won’t love them quite as much as me though 😉

    Ooooh, massive congrats on the dress! That shop looks all kinds of fabulous 🙂

  28. Hello my dear, very late to this but if you need any help/advice on the peach and blue that’s the colour scheme i had for wedding time and it was gorge but i know what you mean about the bridesmaids dresses!! Your pinwheels look stunning and I can not wait to hear more about the dress!!

  29. Tabitha, so happy to see you have found your dress and as you say, from one of the most loveliest designers you could meet. I absolutely adore Kula Tsurdiu + her gowns… and Laura of The Lace Market Bridal Boutique is super lovely too.

    Loving your pinwheels! Peach + duck egg blue? I’m in love! x

  30. I have major dress fear. I’m getting married next August and I am refusing to even start looking until the new year. I am also quite short (5″3) and not that happy with my body. I’ve already found the shoes! They are beautiful yellow Vivienne’s. So I know i want a shorter dress, and something none traditional. But other than that im trying to ignore the fact I need a wedding dress for as long as possible. I just don’t feel i’ll look right in one, you know? I’d go as far as to say it makes me sad to think about picking a dress. I’m sure this will change nearer the time…. I hope!!

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