What Tabitha Did… DIY Signs & Peachy Complexions.

Hello everyone.

Hope all is well in the land of you!

So life has seemed a little stressful of late in the Wood/Hardie household. We are currently in the process of buying our first house and to say it’s not going smoothly wouldn’t be doing the situation justice! Chris has also found himself a new job in that there London (well done him!), and so just generally there are a lot of changes on the horizon and to be totally honest, wedding planning has had to take a small side step.

T’s And C’s

I have though managed to do a little DIY.

I’d love to take credit for this one, but I totally found it on Pinterest!

This came about from me wanting to have a bespoke sign with our names or a song lyric or something but after scouring the web all the ones I liked seemed to be a little on the pricey side for what we wanted it to say.

So I decided to make our own and came across this idea, it’s cheap as chips and you can make them to say absolutely anything you like, they can be as long or as big as you like and whatever colour you like! You can hang them like bunting, put them in a frame, pin them on the wall…absolutely anything.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Cardboard
2. Pen
3. Stanley knife or scissors
4. Glue
5. Wool

Start by printing out letters to the size you want onto A4 paper and cut them out. Use these to draw round onto some cardboard. Cut this out, I used scissors but found a Stanley knife was easier for some parts.

Once you’ve got your letter, punch a hole in the top and thread some of your wool through to create loop to hang with.

Glue the back of the letter at the top and a little further down. Begin your wool strip on the back and keep winding round. I put a little more glue on the back about every ten wraps or so to make sure it’s secure. Keep on going until the whole letter is covered. And well…that’s pretty much it!

If you are doing letters that have corners you can’t wrap around like the ‘T’, I separated them as you can see in the picture and then glued back together at the end.

I barely used any of my balls of wool to do these three letters so have loads left over to make more!

Oh and yes I know our initials are an acronym for ‘Terms & Conditions’ but well…I don’t care ☺ x

Make Me An English Rose

As I mentioned before, this month has been pretty stressful and it has inspired the rest of this post because when I get stressed…I get spots!

You may well be thinking ‘what has this got to do with wedding planning?’ but one of my first thoughts when I had calmed down from the initial ‘eeeeee I’m going to be Chris’ wife’ excitement (although I’m not sure it’s ever totally subsided) was ‘Right I’m going to sort my skin out’.

I’m pretty sure most of us ladies have a thought of this type when we get engaged, whether it’s ‘Right I’m going to lose weight’ or ‘Right I’m going to grow my hair out’.

As a teenager I had lots of spots…and I always presumed that once I was no longer a teenager they would go away, which I think is pretty reasonable presumption…well they didn’t.

The wedding nightmares haven’t really started yet although I’m told they’ll come (!) however one dream I have had about the wedding is waking up on the morning with a huge spot on the end of my nose.

This is how I imagine the scene on the morning of the 6th July 2013 (I frickin’ love ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ btw):

I am aware that this isn’t a real problem, there’s nothing I can really do about it and in the grand scheme of things…who cares? I will still of married the man I love by the end of the day, but I can’t help it…I am really worried about it.

Since I got engaged I have been on a full blown mission to find that wonder product that will give me that porcelain English rose complexion that I so desire. I’m not sure I’ve found it yet but I thought I’d share some of the things that I have been using over the past few months. Not that I’m an expert or anything but this is what has been working for me.

1. Proactiv

I’d seen Proactiv advertised on TV many maaaany times. It has lots of celebrity endorsements with those really long adverts that annoy the hell out of me, which to be honest put me of a little bit.

It was during one of RMW’s ‘Ask the Expert’ posts (and probably one of the first times I ever commented on these pages) that I asked Mariam Jensen if she could recommend a treatment for spotty faces. She mentioned Proactiv and I bought it the next day.

It’s not the cheapest product out there but not the most expensive either. You get a cleanser, toner, day lotion and night lotion that you use morning and night and I’ve found you really need to keep to the routine or it stops working so effectively.

Not only has it reduced my spots but made my skin look cleaner and brighter, so would definitely recommend.

2. Sudocrem

Yep Sudocrem…as in the nappy rash cream. I can’t take credit for this at all, I’d heard people mention they used this on spots but it was again because of one of Adam’s posts on these very pages that I went out and bought it.

It really does help, I just put a little directly on to a spot before I go to bed (what a lucky boy Chris is) and although it doesn’t always completely get rid of them it makes the redness go down.

3. Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation Cream Stick

I’m pretty lucky in that I have booked the lovely Jodie Hazlewood (of Pretty Naughty party fame) to do mine and my bridesmaids make up on the day but for any of you doing your own make up I found this product amazing at covering up spots!

I found this through Lisa Elridge’s [add link http://www.lisaeldridge.com/] site. She does amazing videos showing you how to do different make up looks (some great bridal ones too) and one of them is how to cover up spots.

She uses the liquid version but I prefer the stick. I use it as a concealer and apply with a concealer brush. It’s not the cheapest but you only need the tiniest of amounts so it lasts ages and I really can’t recommend it enough!!

Share And Share Alike

There you have it, my current go to products for fabuloso looking skin.

So please share with us all your miracle treatments, I’m still to find something that works truly and completely and am hoping to find some inspiration from you guys!!

While we’re at it, what was that one thing you thought ‘Right that’s it I’m going to…’? Maybe it was to banish those bingo wings, tighten that tummy, grow some luscious locks or maybe you too wanted a peaches and cream complexion!

Lots of love

Tabitha xxx

P. S. I just realised that this is my last post before Crimbo (I know like seriously, what the freakin’ hell, where has time gone?) so hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and Santa spoils you rotten, and stuff those diets, lets all get festively plump together!

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.