What Tabitha Did… DIY Signs & Peachy Complexions.

Hello everyone.

Hope all is well in the land of you!

So life has seemed a little stressful of late in the Wood/Hardie household. We are currently in the process of buying our first house and to say it’s not going smoothly wouldn’t be doing the situation justice! Chris has also found himself a new job in that there London (well done him!), and so just generally there are a lot of changes on the horizon and to be totally honest, wedding planning has had to take a small side step.

T’s And C’s

I have though managed to do a little DIY.

I’d love to take credit for this one, but I totally found it on Pinterest!

This came about from me wanting to have a bespoke sign with our names or a song lyric or something but after scouring the web all the ones I liked seemed to be a little on the pricey side for what we wanted it to say.

So I decided to make our own and came across this idea, it’s cheap as chips and you can make them to say absolutely anything you like, they can be as long or as big as you like and whatever colour you like! You can hang them like bunting, put them in a frame, pin them on the wall…absolutely anything.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Cardboard
2. Pen
3. Stanley knife or scissors
4. Glue
5. Wool

Start by printing out letters to the size you want onto A4 paper and cut them out. Use these to draw round onto some cardboard. Cut this out, I used scissors but found a Stanley knife was easier for some parts.

Once you’ve got your letter, punch a hole in the top and thread some of your wool through to create loop to hang with.

Glue the back of the letter at the top and a little further down. Begin your wool strip on the back and keep winding round. I put a little more glue on the back about every ten wraps or so to make sure it’s secure. Keep on going until the whole letter is covered. And well…that’s pretty much it!

If you are doing letters that have corners you can’t wrap around like the ‘T’, I separated them as you can see in the picture and then glued back together at the end.

I barely used any of my balls of wool to do these three letters so have loads left over to make more!

Oh and yes I know our initials are an acronym for ‘Terms & Conditions’ but well…I don’t care ☺ x

Make Me An English Rose

As I mentioned before, this month has been pretty stressful and it has inspired the rest of this post because when I get stressed…I get spots!

You may well be thinking ‘what has this got to do with wedding planning?’ but one of my first thoughts when I had calmed down from the initial ‘eeeeee I’m going to be Chris’ wife’ excitement (although I’m not sure it’s ever totally subsided) was ‘Right I’m going to sort my skin out’.

I’m pretty sure most of us ladies have a thought of this type when we get engaged, whether it’s ‘Right I’m going to lose weight’ or ‘Right I’m going to grow my hair out’.

As a teenager I had lots of spots…and I always presumed that once I was no longer a teenager they would go away, which I think is pretty reasonable presumption…well they didn’t.

The wedding nightmares haven’t really started yet although I’m told they’ll come (!) however one dream I have had about the wedding is waking up on the morning with a huge spot on the end of my nose.

This is how I imagine the scene on the morning of the 6th July 2013 (I frickin’ love ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ btw):

I am aware that this isn’t a real problem, there’s nothing I can really do about it and in the grand scheme of things…who cares? I will still of married the man I love by the end of the day, but I can’t help it…I am really worried about it.

Since I got engaged I have been on a full blown mission to find that wonder product that will give me that porcelain English rose complexion that I so desire. I’m not sure I’ve found it yet but I thought I’d share some of the things that I have been using over the past few months. Not that I’m an expert or anything but this is what has been working for me.

1. Proactiv

I’d seen Proactiv advertised on TV many maaaany times. It has lots of celebrity endorsements with those really long adverts that annoy the hell out of me, which to be honest put me of a little bit.

It was during one of RMW’s ‘Ask the Expert’ posts (and probably one of the first times I ever commented on these pages) that I asked Mariam Jensen if she could recommend a treatment for spotty faces. She mentioned Proactiv and I bought it the next day.

It’s not the cheapest product out there but not the most expensive either. You get a cleanser, toner, day lotion and night lotion that you use morning and night and I’ve found you really need to keep to the routine or it stops working so effectively.

Not only has it reduced my spots but made my skin look cleaner and brighter, so would definitely recommend.

2. Sudocrem

Yep Sudocrem…as in the nappy rash cream. I can’t take credit for this at all, I’d heard people mention they used this on spots but it was again because of one of Adam’s posts on these very pages that I went out and bought it.

It really does help, I just put a little directly on to a spot before I go to bed (what a lucky boy Chris is) and although it doesn’t always completely get rid of them it makes the redness go down.

3. Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation Cream Stick

I’m pretty lucky in that I have booked the lovely Jodie Hazlewood (of Pretty Naughty party fame) to do mine and my bridesmaids make up on the day but for any of you doing your own make up I found this product amazing at covering up spots!

I found this through Lisa Elridge’s [add link https://www.lisaeldridge.com/] site. She does amazing videos showing you how to do different make up looks (some great bridal ones too) and one of them is how to cover up spots.

She uses the liquid version but I prefer the stick. I use it as a concealer and apply with a concealer brush. It’s not the cheapest but you only need the tiniest of amounts so it lasts ages and I really can’t recommend it enough!!

Share And Share Alike

There you have it, my current go to products for fabuloso looking skin.

So please share with us all your miracle treatments, I’m still to find something that works truly and completely and am hoping to find some inspiration from you guys!!

While we’re at it, what was that one thing you thought ‘Right that’s it I’m going to…’? Maybe it was to banish those bingo wings, tighten that tummy, grow some luscious locks or maybe you too wanted a peaches and cream complexion!

Lots of love

Tabitha xxx

P. S. I just realised that this is my last post before Crimbo (I know like seriously, what the freakin’ hell, where has time gone?) so hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and Santa spoils you rotten, and stuff those diets, lets all get festively plump together!

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

35 thoughts on “What Tabitha Did… DIY Signs & Peachy Complexions.

  1. Fab post lovely! 🙂
    Am loving the T & C they look so cute
    And I’m glad I’m not the only one who puts the girl’s initials first – I keep seeing things with the boy’s initial first but I have totally gone with R & D (yup Research & Development that’s us!!! ha ha) 😉

    As for skin care – I am still trying to perfect mine & have been most of my life! Grrrr
    I recently had my make up done by Clinique for the Pretty Naughty party (well there was going to be cameras!!) and she used the cleanser toner routine & it seemed to work on my skin. I used to use their 3 step routine all the time when I was younger & then one day is just stopped working & started irritating my skin?!!
    But I am now thinking of maybe going back – because like you I really would like that lovely peaches & cream complexion! (fingers & toes crossed)

    Oh & as for Sudocream – I also went out & bought some on Karen’s (and some other lovelies) reccomendations but nope – didn’t work at all for me! 🙁
    oh well, at least dave had a good laugh at me! hee hee


  2. I went on a skin mission when we got engaged too. I’m paranoid I’m going to look old. After much trawling of the internets I came across Aldi’s Lacura range, which many swear by and has the same active ingredients (Q10 et al) as the high-end brands. I went out and bought the face wipes, collagen filler, eye cream, serum, day cream and night cream. And still got change from £20 :O Anyway, so far so good. I’ve also resurrected my exfoliation regime at the advice of my beautician and use Burt’s Bees Peach and Willowbrook scrub and Lush ‘Angels on Bare Faces’ cleansing scrub too. I’m just going to scrub those fine lines away!!

  3. you are so clever! those letters are fabulous! I’ve been looking for pointy blackboard signs but all seem expensive, clearly I need to buy wood and a saw!

    Great post timely post on skincare too, I’ve also been trying to sort mine out in plenty of time. It was pretty good but since May went really bumpy! Not even turning into spots, just bumps WHY!! Went for a proper medi-facial which I can recommend highly, and have splurged on special skin care system by Jan Marini- its v expensive, but is lasting well and more importantly has made a massive difference! The product contains glycolic acid in sml amounts, so now my skin has gotten used to it I’m going to try a peel with the same facialist next week. Fingers crossed I will be glowing by the wedding!

    I’ve also tried a Dermalogica foundation which is really good too and non clogging 🙂

    I’ve been on a massive health and fitness kick (70% of the time!!) for a couple of years now, and would really like to have a rocking back and arms by wedding day! I’ve been studying to be a personal trainer in my freetime which is very inspiring, plus had made me realise that I am a lot fitter etc than I thought I was which is confidence building.


  4. Mine was a definite right I’m going to lose a bit of weight and tone up!

    Currently on gym mission from hell but going well so far!

    I too use Sudocrem for spots thanks to recommendations from these pages and it does work a treat!

    I don’t have any miracle skin potions to recommend…I’ve been using Champneys Gentle Facial Scrub every week, a standard high street daily cleanser and toner and then moisturising with Benefit something or other. And then No.7 Night Cream before bed!

  5. Oh & ladies the one thing I have noticed that really does help wonders………water!!!
    Nuts but if I haven’t srunk much water in a day then my skin is awful (like today! oops) But then if I can make myself get through at least a litre while at work then my skin is soooooooooo much better!!

    Oh & yes the arms are my body project, so planning on a lot of swimming & badminton! (just need to get a swimming cozzie!!)

  6. Great post, thank you 🙂

    I can’t recommend Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair enough. It was one of those products that everyone raves about, but I never got round to buying for myself as it’s quite expensive, but I’m so glad that Mr Fox treated me with it for my birthday 🙂

    I’ve been using it for the past 3 months and since starting I have only needed to wear foundation once. Once! I’ve never had bad skin but I just look fresher and dare I say younger?! Any blemishes that do appear disappear again within the next day or two. It’s a flippin miracle 🙂

    It you get asked for ID when buying wine at age 37 I’d say that’s a win!

  7. @Kitty – I hear you on the gym mission from hell. I’m doing 4 classes a week and of that one is pump – I LOATHE every minute of it but I know it’s working. I look around at the other people in the class and think WHY are you people putting yourselves through this hell? Have you got a wedding dress to get into in 5 months time?

  8. hi Tabitha! I am normally one of those silent readers who never leaves comments but… hey! 6th July 2013! I am also preparing my wedding on the same day 🙂 That’s nice 🙂
    I love your T&C’s 🙂

    María xx

  9. @Rebecca – that happens to me all the time, I find something amazing and then it’s like your skin just gets used to it! Annoying!

    I feel bad for Chris, I look a right state with white blobs all over my face before I go to sleep haha good job he loves me xxx

    @Philippa – What a bargain, I must try it!! Thank you lovely 🙂 xxx

  10. @Miss Vix – they are expensive aren’t they, I’m all for DIY!!!

    Thank you for the tips, I’ve never had a facial but would love one. May have try one in practice to the run up to W day!

    You are so good with your fitness routine, I am just so lazy! I think I need to a big kick up the bum xxx

  11. @Kitty – Oh gosh, I really am so lazy! It’s these cold rainy winter nights, I just can’t seem to make myself do exercise! Well done you for sticking with it!

    I’ve never used night cream but think I’m going to have to start xxx

    @Rebecca – indeed! Drinks lots and lots of water – again something I’m really bad at but getting better! The problem is, I like tea too much haha xxx

  12. I needed this post a year ago! I’ve been on a mission to sort my skin, annoyingly I’ve only had spots since about age 21, just when you think you’re in the clear! (oops pardon the pun). The nurse at my GP surgery advised me to see my GP and he prescribed Zineryt which has worked wonders, it’s zinc and erythromycin (antibiotic). I’ve also been using crystal clear face wash instead of wipes and it does make a difference. I was very close to buying Proactiv but I am a bit lazy so probably wouldn’t keep up the routine!

    Oh and I love your T & C’s! Me and the other half always battle over which name goes first! I say mine because (a) ladies first and (b) it’s alphabetical, but he won’t have it. Xx

  13. @MissFox – oooo thank you for the recommendation, I might just have to try that too. The thought of not wearing foundation everyday is sooo appealing!!

    Unfortunately I generally get ID’d wherever I go and not in a good way! I blame the silly baby face and chubby hamster cheeks, face hate day today! Is it just me that gets them?? xxx

  14. Tabitha, I am totally making some wool letters! They look awesome! I’m lucky that I’ve always had fairly good skin, but for me it’s my diet that makes a noticeable difference – too much alcohol and fat and I start to look dehydrated with dark circles! Defo going to invest in some lovely skincare products in the run up to the wedding though xx

  15. LOVE the letters. Just pinned it myself… 😀

    I am using clinique’s spot-scouring-alcoholic-smelling 3 step plan at the moment, which is more expensive than my usual Simple products, but since I got the hormone implant shoved in my arm, my once well behaved skin is quite horrendous now so I thought I would try drastic measures, but I am not sure it is really doing all that much for me. But because its all hormones will anything really help?

  16. @María – Yay, I’ve heard all the best people get married on the 6th July 😉 thank you for commenting xxx

    @Charlie – I used to use Zineryt too when I was younger but as soon as it ran out they all came back again, humph!

    Haha I didn’t ask Chris if he minded my name coming first, I just did it hehe woops! xxx

  17. @Miss Vix – I’ve started using a personal trainer for the first time and I’m pleasantly surprised to be enjoying it 🙂 I’m even going before work – yes, before work! Give me a berocca and I’m lifting free weights like popeye!

    @Tabitha – it’s definitely worth a try, it’s preventative if nothing else… 😉 I’m having a body rtaher than a face hate day – I’m allergic to wheat and accidently ate some yesterday, hence today I am bloated to the size of a small house. Huff.

  18. @Tabitha – I am also having a face hate day! It is dry itchy & a lovely little spot has appeared during the day!!! Grrrrr!
    I just have to try not to stress about it too much otherwise it’s a vicious circle – face gets rubbish, I get annoyed, skin gets worse!! ha ha

    But nothing a huge amount of water & sleep can’t cure! 😀

    ps. am now considering asking Dave for some Clinique as my b/day prezzie!!! 😉 xx

  19. @Phillipa – that is dedication! I am only going a measly 3 times a week at the moment!

    I am considering getting a PT but am a bit scared at the moment…what if I’m just too unfit and they shout at me and make me cry because I’m a big girl’s blouse?

    I respond well to gentle encouragement and praise – not military drills!

  20. @Rebecca totally agree, lots of water, lots of sleep LESS wine and tea 🙂 (boooooo)

    Also juicing is marvellous. I’m a lazy juicer at the moment but shall start afresh in January and it really does make you glow!

  21. Tabitha – I can totally sympathise – after almost 29 years of clear skin I’ve suddenly started getting really bad spots – not ideal with a wedding in 7 months! A friend swears by topical ibuprofen – the sort you can buy in Boots for muscle ache – so I’ve been putting a thin layer of that followed by Sudocrem (and yes – I also have Adam’s post to thank for that tip!). It works wonders – totally reduces the swelling and redness overnight, although it’s not the most attractive night time look!

  22. @Katie – Yay for woolly letters! It’s all about making things with wool after Becky’s pom pom post yesterday 🙂 xxx

    @Stef – glad you like 🙂

    I’m sure something will work, like I said Pro-activ has been really working for me so maybe give it a try! xxx

  23. Hi Tabitha! Lovely post. We are date twins too! And I have spots on my hamster cheeks 🙁 but I recently started using Liz Earle cleanser, toner & moisturiser & they’re brilliant!! My skin is the best it’s been in about 15 years (eek that makes me feel old!). It feels like having a facial twice a day. Plus if you order online, it comes beautifully wrapped with some free gifts. I’m a sucker for that stuff! Lasts for ages & worth every penny. I also treated myself to a facial after I submitted my thesis (hurrah!) & was told that my skin is quite dry & congested so it produces more oil to hydrate itself. So there’s me trying to avoid over-moisturising and making my skin worse! The therapist recommended I exfoliate using a product with really fine beads. Obviously I’ve headed straight to Liz!! Good luck! X

  24. Clinique three step worked wonders for me, and I totally agree that sudocrem is wonderful for reducing redness overnight (though not a very attractive bedtime look).

    One product I couldn’t be without is Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream; it doesn’t just help reduce the redness, it also dries the spot out, so much so that 8 out of 10 times I wake up and the spot is gone. Yes, you will look a bit shiny, and it does smell a bit ‘like your grandma’ to quote my other half, but it just works! Also, it’s great for chapped lips, sunburn and dry skin too, so although it is quite expensive, you can use it for so much – it’s always in my handbag. X

  25. I love hot cloth cleanser – you can basically just use a flannel and any normal cream cleanser but the original one is Liz Earl and I use a Sanctuary product. Agree with @Jane that it feels like a facial – lush. There’s a beauty journalist on the guardian (awesome weekly column) that raves about it – Sally Hughes. Another tip I got during a facial is to use oil rather than cream at night – massage a few drops in.
    Love the letters! Might make my knitting club just knit/woolify all my wedding deco! xx

  26. Haha Vixen and the juice! I still need to get on that boat!!

    I’ve just started remembering to remove my make up at night and have occasional microdermabrasion – I’m a bad skincare person! Awful!


  27. Excellent post. I have had mildly misbehaving skin since my teenage years and have yet to find the “miracle” cure that i am certain is out there….somewhere!

    Earlier this year i tried some medi-peels on the recommendation from a similarly lotions & potions obsessive but they did nothing for me 🙁

    I am now pinning my hopes on a clarisonic brush thing which has had lots of rave reviews. Its a bit pricey but i am hoping that santa knows i what a good girl i’ve been! xx

  28. @Jane – Yay for date twins but booo to hamster cheeks and spots, I share your pain! xxx

    @Sarah – Ooo that sounds like a fab product. My bank balance is going to take a real battering with all these fab recommendations!! xxx

    @Daphne – Woolify is an awesome word, I’m all for woolifying your wedding! xxx

  29. @Karen – I am so jealous, I get really bored of the old face routine! I think Vix needs to sort us all out with the juice!

    @Sarah – Have just googled a clarisonic brush, looks fab! Let us know if it works xxx

  30. Effaclar Duo by La Roche-Posay (available in Boots) is really good for spotty skin.
    I’ve also found Neal’s Yard Rose Antioxident Mask really good too although a bit pricey, but it will last you a while.
    Also agree with the comments that a hot cloth cleanser like the Liz Earle one is really good at keeping spots at bay.

  31. Loving this post and all the comments! I feel like I’ve spent so much of my post-teen years trying to fix the spot-issue, and dread the W day blighter. Over the years I’ve found a combination of two things works – managing the inside (I’ve tried non dairy, wheat free etc etc but find if I have a non-fat yoghurt a day it’s actually a mini-miracle worker) plus working on the outside. I use a Peter Thomas Roth face wash which is 2% beta hydroxy acid but a million miles away from the nasty, face dissolving teen washes. Then as a topical treatment on any ‘threats’ I use Mario Badescu vitamin C serum. Martha Stewart swears by it apparently! Finally good old number 7 beautiful skin day cream and done! Agree, Sudocrem is fab, and drink drink drink – water that is!

  32. Tabitha I love this post! And sorry i didn’t comment yesterday was in a whirl after speaking to family…My skin is a nightmare… dry as a desert so wont have the problem of spots but will defo be worried my make up will just flake off and I’ll look grey! I use eucerin all over at the mo but its too greasy for my face for the day so still looking for a miracle cream that will keep me hydrated all day..if anyone knows of such a thing let me know! And has anyone done a home facial peel thats worth a try?xx

  33. Lovely post my sweet, you are our beautiful girl and will be stunning on the day no matter what nature’s delivers in the skin department.

    Love the letters!!

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