What Tabitha Did… Had A Blooming marvellous Time

Morning you lovely lot!

So this month Chris and I have been mainly meeting the other gorgeous ‘Real Brides’, organising the music, organising wedding co-ordinators and sorting out wedding flowers… hmmm I’m pretty sure there’s something I’m forgetting…ooh yeah and attending Pretty Naughty parties!!

Pretty Sweet Peas

At the beginning of last month we went for our first florist consultation and picked the first one we went to!

Now I know flowers are not top of everyone’s list and I really love the growing trend of using fabric or paper flowers! But for me they were one of the things I was looking forward to planning the most. I love flowers, I love having them in the house, I love arranging them, I love growing them (although I’m not very good at it) and have even been looking into going on a floristry course. Something for the ‘to do’ list after the wedding!

The florist we’ve chosen is the lovely Rachel at Catkin Flowers. She’s based in the grounds of Doddington Hall in Lincolnshire, where she grows most of the flowers herself in amongst the veggies grown for the house and farm shop. It’s such a wonderful setting and after the consultation we got to stroll around the house grounds. Rachel is fantastic and completely understood my nonsensical ramblings. She was so enthusiastic about our plans that I knew immediately we had found our florist.

I went with a brief of handpicked, in season, English country garden flowers. I remember one bride on these polka dot pages describing her flowers as if she had swept her hand through a meadow and come out with a bouquet, and this is exactly what I was after. I took a few images along with me to show what I wanted as I am so bad at explaining (some have been shamelessly stolen from Lolly’s inspiration posts – hope you don’t mind!):

We’ve been collecting lots of wonderful and interesting vases and containers, it’s a bit of an eclectic mix but that’s the look I was hoping for. Rachel is going to supply us with lots of individual stems to fill them with a dot around the marquee. Here’s a few of my finds from various charity shops, car boot sales and flea markets:

I haven’t actually specified particular flowers that I would like except for one, sweetpeas! Now there are two reasons for this stipulation: 1. Because I love them and 2. In honour of my Grandpa (or Pa as he was commonly known to me and my sister).

My Pa sadly passed away a few years ago and I can’t explain the sadness I feel that he won’t be there on my wedding day. I’m not going to lie, he could be a grumpy so and so at times and he knew exactly how to wind people up – mostly my Mum – but it was always done with a twinkle in his eye. One thing I knew for sure though was how much he loved us, we were his girls and I know how proud he would have been to see me marry Chris. So I really wanted him to be part of my day and that’s where sweetpeas come in.

As well as his family, he also loved his garden. He grew every vegetable you can imagine and as a little girl I loved visiting and helping

But he also loved growing sweetpeas. So the only flower I have specifically requested is sweetpeas, they’ll be part of all the arrangements and sprinkled around every nook and cranny of our marquee in vases and jam jars. Hopefully it’s nothing too obvious or too cheesy and most guests won’t even know the significance but I’ll know and that’s all that matters 🙂


We’ve been thinking a lot this month about the music for our big day and seeing as he has pretty much organised all of it I thought I would hand you over to Chris for this bit, so take it away gorgeous boy…

I think if you gave me a list of everything involved with the wedding, and asked me to rank each item of its importance, I think the music played would be right up there amongst the top items just below Tabitha turning up and getting to call her my wife by the end of the day.

As a self-confessed musical geek, I’ve already started to ‘curate’ the music that I want to be played inside the wedding venue as people mingle and take their seats (Caliban’s Dream by Underworld, you would of heard this during the Olympic opening ceremony just before the flame was lit), and wanted the evening’s music to create the perfect atmosphere for everyone to have a great time to.

We had both hummed and hawed about how to create this. Would we go for Dave’s Dodgy Mobile Disco, and risk him playing the same set list he plays for every wedding (you know the score, ABBA megamix, The Proclaimers, Build me up Buttercup, Grease Megamix etc etc… I fail to believe that anyone actually likes these songs), or go all out and get a band in? And what sort of band?

But all our questions were answered for us thankfully during the Pretty Naughty event last month when we were introduced to the rockin’ sounds of Plastic Pantomime. Their set list pretty much covers what is contained on both mine and Tabitha’s iPods (well apart from the experimental drone stuff from F*** Buttons that makes Tabitha look at me like I’m demented when I blast it out when doing work upstairs) ranging from rock and indie anthems from Primal Scream, Weezer and the Foo Fighters, the classic Britpop of Pulp, to cheesy classics and guilty pleasures like Cobacabaña and the Scissor Sisters that everyone has on their iPods, but won’t admit to!

After having such a great time dancing along to them – I even ended up being the only one on the dance floor at one point as everyone collectively went for a drink and/or fag – we decided we had to have them play at the wedding. So as soon as they finished their set, I went straight over like an excitable groupie and got them pencilled in for the big day.

As part of the deal they’ve offered to learn some of our favourite songs that aren’t currently in their repertoire, so to stop me turning this into a Queens of the Stone Age/Foo Fighters tribute night has anyone got any good suggestions to get everyone up on the floor?

So there you have it ladies, without your help my wedding is going to turn into a rock concert, so suggestions please! And I know we have this argument a lot Chris, but I do love Build me up Buttercup, and Grease?!?!?! Who doesn’t love Grease?!?!?!

Until next time folks!

Lots of love

Tabitha & Chris xxx

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

23 thoughts on “What Tabitha Did… Had A Blooming marvellous Time

  1. Morning Tabitha!
    I love that pic of you with your grandpa, such a sweet way of remembering him with the sweetpeas. I want to ask my grandmas what they had in their respective bouquets so I can take some inspiration. Trying to think of a nice way to remember my grandfathers on the day… Love hearing about your wedding plans, sounds like mine will be quite similar. Good luck with all the planning – looks gorgeous so far! xx

  2. Oooo Morning Mr Tabitha!!! 😉
    Fab post guys and nice to hear from the Groom!

    So glad you managed to get Plastic Pantomime for the big day – they were a fab band.
    But what is wrong with a QOTSA/Foo Fighters megamix?! I say rock concert all the way!!! :-p

    Loving your florist growing all the flowers, and your inspiration board looks gorgeous, love the colours and feel of it all. It’s boards like that that make me a teensie bit jealous I’m not having real flowers!

    And the sweetpea is a beautiful idea, what a lovely way to have your Grandpa there with you. Just beautiful.

    Fab to meet you both at prettynaughty – sorry for leaving you on the dance floor Chris! :-/

  3. @Daphne – I love it too, it’s my absolute favourite of the two of us! That’s a lovely idea to have flowers that your Grandmas had 🙂 xx

    @Rebecca – thanks lovie, was lovely to meet you guys too. Looking forward to more of the same!

    Haha do not encourage Chris, I don’t mind a bit of rock, but a bit of variety would be good! xx

  4. Morning!! What a nice read to start my day 🙂

    Loving the sweetpea idea so much, this post did make me feel a bit emotional this morning – we will miss my Nan not being at our wedding too, she managed to be on the dancefloor at my brothers with her special flowery walking stick at midnight! legend! (my friends all called her Yoda!)

    oooh and i’m loving the bottles that you’ve found! I found a hoard of mini ones like that in Cornwall!

    Lovely to hear from the Mr too 🙂

    oh and I really really do love a bit of Grease megamix 🙂 its only at a wedding that you ever get to indulge in it!! wella wella wella……..


  5. @Miss Vix – a special flowery walking stick?!?!?! That is indeed legendary!

    Exactly, I was looking forward to a bit of ‘summer lovin’ xx

  6. @Tabitha – ha ha!
    What about a few old rock classics for the ‘older generations’?!! Maybe some Rolling Stones, Beatles, Boston? Oh & you’ve got to have a Journey song in there!!! 😀 xx

  7. Jeez Chris you have mental problems, I love the Grease megamix!!! Tell me about it, stud.

    Lovely to hear from you though, and loving the co-write!!

    @Tab, I love that picture of you and your Pa. He had amazing taste in leisure wear, as did you with that crop top and pedal pusher combo! C’est Chic!

    Those flowers are all just good enough to eat, as you know i’ve just got on board the flower train and i’m loving it!! I’ve brought a lot of my family’s old themes into our flowers for the day too, yellow roses that my Mum had, Daisies that Lee’s mum had, Freesia and Willow both for fairly silly reasons – I’m so excited to see my bouquet!

    What are those ones middle right that look like pastel coloured poppies? anyone know? xx

  8. @Rebecca – I am loving the Journey recommendation, maybe I could ask them to learn one of their songs 🙂 x

    @Karen – he did indeed have great fashion sense! That was my fave out, not sure I could pull off the look quite so well now. I do believe that those are anemones, which I find impossible to say out loud!! xxx

  9. Tabitha – your post was up before I was!

    Please forgive my late comment, as I’m off work I’m not glued to a computer like I usually am in the office and am enjoying a bit of non-comp time.

    Your flower ideas look beautiful – as I was looking at the pics it made me think of your lovely pinwheels, just imagine how immense they look alongside them!

    Hello to you as well Chris – you get a thumbs up from me on your musical plans so far. What about including a rock classic that everyone knows the words to – Livin on a Prayer??

    Anyway you two, keep up the great work – plans look like they’re taking shape!


  10. @Kitty – aaw thanks lovely, hoping it will look alright. Really need to get cracking making more pinwheels, I do them in little short bursts and then nothing for ages :S woops!

    Hope you’re enjoying your day off! xxx

    @Faye – steal away my dear!!! xxx

  11. Hello Rock My Wedding’ers – it’s the lucky Groom to Be here

    Thanks for the warm reception. It’s my first EVER blog post, so thanks for being gentle with me. Plus it’s good to actively be a part of a website that has starved me of attention from Tabitha on most evenings 😉

    @Rebecca – Seeing as I’ll be missing out on Glastonbury this year, this should be my opportunity to make up for it with my own personal gig, right?! Plus, the sight of seeing my Nanna rocking to some of the more ‘shoutier’ would be priceless

    @Miss Vix & @Karen – I’m kidding no one. I may act all cool now, but after the wedding Champers hits my blood stream I’ll be the first one leading everyone to the floor to do the Maccarena

  12. I love looking through images taken at ‘real weddings’, but actually reading about the thoughts, the inspirations, the emotions, the decisions, the highs lows ups downs and everything-in-betweens of planning a wedding – and from a bride n groom to be, not from the iPad of a wedding planner – is somehow even better! Everything you’ve mentioned above just looks so lovely and it’s wrapped up in this huge enormous bubble of excitement that the wedding is still to come!! Excited for you both.

  13. @Lucy – ooooh you so should, that would be awesome, and can we see please! x

    @Chris – you are such an exaggerator – it’s not EVERY evening! xxx

  14. Tabbba, I loved this post so much. I can’t wait for the big day, and the bit about Pa brought a tear to my eye, he would be so proud. I miss him lots.
    I reckon we should request they play a bit of Bombay Bicycle Club ‘Always like this’ or something like that.
    Love you both lots and lots.
    Amarni (Little sister and Maid of honor)

  15. Sweatpeas are beautiful – my favourite too, but were sadly out of season for me! They have a gorgeous summery faraway scent which will no doubt give you double memory of your Grandpa – lovely.

    @ Karen – the poppy-like flowers with the black centres are anemones and come in bright as well as pastel colours.

  16. Well darlings that brought a tear or two to our eyes, your Pa was so proud of you and it’s so lovely to hear that he will still be part of your special day, his joy of sweet peas and his love for you will be in all our thoughts on the day.
    It’s lovely to read your plans and to feel the love you have for each in your words.
    All our love, Mum and Dad xxxxxxx

  17. Hey Tabitha and Chris!

    I just wanted to say that this was a really nice post from both of you – well done Chris on getting involved! I also echo Becca’s comment that it was lovely to meet up with you and all the other RMW real couples.

    Two things spring to mind about the post:

    1: The Sweetpea idea is a really nice touch.

    2: Musically, I think I’m coming from the same place Chris is – disdain for cheese, until the tiniest amount of alcohol passes my lips – but here’s where I might be on my own…… I’d be sorely tempted to challenge Plastic Pantomime to cover Scatman and give it their own twist! Just me?


  18. @David Little known fact – I was in final year of Junior’s school when Scatman John graced the airwaves, and performed it with a few of my best friends in an assembley!

  19. Tabitha what a lovely post that brought a tear to an already emotional pregnant lady!

    Your Grandad looks like a legend and I love your little outfit and expression in the picture! If only everyone was this proud of carrots I feel we’d live in a more exciting world!

    And sweetpeas are such delicate flowers so pretty and prefect for a wedding!

    Your band look very cool too! But I’m definitely on your side! CHESSE is a must at a wedding even if it’s just a small slice!

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