What the Wife likes… All about the Pretty.

It’s been some time since I shared what this Wife liked, so today is a bit of a random collection of things I’m seeing, loving and being inspired by, being poured out of my head and onto the Rock My Wedding pages. I hope you like what you see and as always readers, do drop us a comment in the box to tell us what you’re liking right now. (Any excuse for a Sunday splurge or perv!) πŸ˜‰

Anthropologie Bridal

Be still my beating heart.

Called BHLDN (pronounced ‘Beholden’) and launched on Valentines Day in the US, Anthropologie finally made their first foray into Bridal and man was it good. But before I even go into just how beautiful everything was, I want to share with you the most beautiful website I think I may have ever seen (warning: music involved!). The BHLDN site is possibly the prettiest, lightest, most whimsical wedding website I have EVER laid eyes upon. And I lay my eyes on a lot of wedding things these days. Seriously. Go right over there now and let your mouth fall open with wonderment at the pretty.

*All Images courtesy of Glamour.com

Pink lips

I’ve always loved a pretty pout and while Charlotte is the lover of lipstick I was always more of a gloss girl, until now that is!

You will have seen that a bright lip had something of a moment recently when Naomi rocked it for a modern bridal pop of colour and I added a slick for our contact sheets, but you know a trend has gone stellar when Bobbi Brown, Queen of natural make-up brings out a collection of Rich Colour lipsticks.

I’ll be trying Cosmic Raspberry as shown above to get my fuschia fix and purchased Rose Blossom for day wear. (I might even have been really naughty and had a complete loss of control at the counter, also purchasing a new blusher in a desperate attempt to brighten up the dreary weather.) Whoops.

Other shades you might like to try include Full Fuschia by MAC, as used on Naomi and Girl about Town also by MAC. (Both recommended by Catherine Hughes at Ivy Clara).

I also found (and loved) this cute little video on applying lip colour, courtesy of Bobbi Brown.

Winter Wonders

I don’t know about the rest of you but my bikini body has certainly been a bit neglacted of late what with the dark nights, multiple layers and central heating, plus a hefty dose of inertia about the gym. I realised the situation was getting out of hand when I noticed my skin was looking dry, rough and seriously lacking in ‘glow’ of any kind!

So despite not having any holiday booked to show it all off, I turned to my winter skin life savers – exfoliating gloves. I used these every day in the run up to my wedding on those annoying bumpy bits on the backs of your arms and to be quite frank, literally everywhere else. They’re great to prevent ingrown hairs throughout any waxing preparations you may be making and just the action of massaging your skin with them is enough to bring a rosy glow on and make your whole body smooth as a baby’s bottom. They’re a complete bargain too and you can just use them with your regular shower gel or soap.

For a bit of facial glow and in a desperate bit to ‘illuminate’ my winter complexion I’m heading straight to Selfridges to switch my regular Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser for her Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser. Either mixed in with your regular foundation or moisturiser, or used alone, it adds a dewy sheen to your skin and some real bona fide G-L-O-W.

I’m also trailing a new crystal nail file from my Nail care queen Leighton Denny at Boots…. Hailed as being kinder to your nails than regular files and with lifetime guarantee, the RMW jury is out – my nails are pretty tragic (winter’s tricks again) so I’m waiting to see if it makes a difference over the coming months. Any fans reading?

Bargain alert

For anyone looking for a dose of spring colours and styles to invite into your wardrobes, how about 20% off Whistles with Glamour Mag this month?

I’ll be choosing the gloriously spring-like Carrie pleated skirt and a silk seventies style shirt blouse to wear with my new ASOS Black Suede wedges (I finally succumbed to the trend) and navy wide legged, high waisted pants. Both TOTAL bargains and completely hassle free – I’ve never ordered trousers online before as (and I think this applies to most women) getting the fit right is a nightmare. These were like a dream.

So, before I break all of you (and your wallets) in the run up to pay day, I’d better stop there.

Rock My Wedding Brides, Wives and FiancΓ©’s, be it wedding related or not, tells us what you are liking today and have a Happy Sunday readers πŸ™‚

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

25 thoughts on “What the Wife likes… All about the Pretty.

  1. So glad in some ways I’m already married with BHLDN… but in other ways sad not to daydream and purchase from it…
    Off shopping later so thanks for the 20% off for any potential Whistles purchases – it’s their wide legged trousers I’m really loving at the moment.
    Glad to see ‘What the wife liked..’ back.

  2. Just to let you lovely ladies know there is also 20% off at Phase Eight with SHE magazine this month – I couldn’t find anything I liked in Whistles yesterday but the credit card took a hammering in Phase Eight with 2 tops and a dress!! I do love those ASOS wedges too…

  3. Confession.

    I was seriously disappointed with the anthropologie collection.

    I logged on 9am Valetines and well, I was shocked at my dissapointment.

    Maybe I’m just a J Crew girl?

    I normally love anthropologie and practically live at the Regent Street store but well, maybe I was just looking forward too much?

    I am loving the pink.

  4. Having a serious dress wobble looking at the bottom left one! Although my theme is dragonflies so not sure how that would mix with the butterflies anyway. Absolutely LOVE it though. Glad I have an appointment on Monday to choose my veil and can hopefully remember how much I love my dress when I get to try it on again!

    Also really liking the silver pleated one but thinking it wouldn’t work with my hips anyway!

  5. I can’t wait for this baby to come out so I can order the red Anthrapologie dress i’ve had my eye on for the last few months! Oh and I am dreaming of being able to wear high waisted trousers and wedges – utter clothing porn for me today.

    The only thing ‘high waisted’ I can wear at the mo, is maternity leggings. Becoming-slightly-threadbare-maternity-leggings.

    Lippy looks great on you Rebecca you have super white teeth x

  6. SOOOOOOOOO pleased you posted about the Anthro wedding collection, they are flippen gorgeous hey? SO pleased I have a sister in the States…next time I’m there, I WILL be checking them out!!! Who knows, one of them may, one day, be mine!!!

  7. Hello Ladies!

    Ruth – How could I not! One of these would so be my ‘the-one-if-I-was-doing-it-all-again-with-the-same-man’ dress. Just too much pretty to choose from.

    Jen – You’re very sweet and very pregnant – Can’t wait to see this baby!!!

    Bex, your dress will be gorgeous – don’t worry!

    Thanks for the tip off Anita πŸ™‚

    Rachel and Holly – Hope I didn’t cost you too much!

    Rebecca, you might not like BHLDN (The shine does come off it when you hear it’s US only for now I know,) but I KNOW this week is going to be wedding porn overload for you in more ways than one πŸ˜‰


  8. Came across BHLDN this week and thought they are beautious! Def find my β€˜the-one-if-I-was-doing-it-all-again-with-the-same-man’ dress in there too. I HATED wedding dress shopping when I got married, too much samey white dresses, it lovely to see Anthropologie & BHLDN and others bringing out such stylish, pretty wedding dresses out.

  9. Always a fan of a bright lip – it’s got to the point where, if I don’t wear lippie, I look like death warmed up. My current favourite bold colour range is Illamasqua in Drench… the most retro pinky/red you’ve ever seen in your life that makes blue eyes go POW. Not one for the shy.

    Plus, any lippie Illamasqua makes would stay on through a nuclear apocalypse.

    I use a Nails Inc crystal nail file and am a huge fan – it goes everywhere with me and my nails seem sleeker and tidier.

    I have been waiting what seems like decades for wide-legged trousers to come back. They are universally flattering and cover a multitude of sins. Reiss have some cracking similar trousers as well at the moment. Although perhaps not their leather ones.

    Now the real challenge ladies is how to wear the mid-length hem – a trend which is galloping towards us at unsightly speed – without looking 50+ with swollen ankles. Any tips appreciated!

  10. Anna, I am totally ignoring the mid-length trend. It’s ugly and I am simply not that cool. Massive hats off to anyone who can work it though. R.spect. πŸ˜‰

  11. Rebecca (the other one!) – oh.my.GOD, there is an Anthropologie on Regent Street?!! I am SO spending my entire weekend there when I go to London next weekend!!! Eeek! Am going to be so broke πŸ˜‰

    And I agree with Anna K and Rebecca -mid length hems, major yuck, staying well away from them!

  12. LOVE a mid-length hem! Strangely, as I hate my ankles, or cankles…. has to be a tight mid-length though, there needs to be a wiggle to up the sex appeal! Works well with the wedges too.

    I really need to try harder with lipstick. I buy with the best intentions but am back on the gloss within days! I’ll try Illamasqua, staying power is my friend! Can’t be doing with reapplication…


  13. the trick with mid-length is to go for a kitten heel, not a skyscraper.

    and keep it tight ladies, mid length without stretch is too M&S ‘comfort’ range to be sexy!

    r.now x x x

  14. Wedding porn for ME? I sense classic elegance. I die.

    I want to see the plate bride’s Mum comment again. Hope its tomorrow morning. Cannot wait until Friday if this week is going to be as pants as last week.

    I like below the knee pencil skirts. Anna K – I have thin ankles and arms (compensation for my tummy) but mid calf is a look that I tried back when Jennifer Anniston tried it in Friends and they made me look dumpy – even with f me heels. I personally think fitted to the knee is best for curvy chicks. My best one is Β£15 from Zara Basics.

    Maybe if I was a 6ft model a mid calf would look OK. I am 5’5 and a BIT so its a nah nah. I die for all the wrong reasons.

  15. Anna, I may try Illamasqua.

    FYI ladies, the Bobbi Brown lippies are super pigmented. Nothing shifts it – I have to take it off with make-up remover at the end of a night out. Definitely worth it.

    Hadn’t thought of a tight mid calf. All the ones I’m seeing are very M&S comfort range – pleated or quite ‘wavy’. I don’t dislike my ankles but I do have disproportionately short legs for my 5’6″.

    I’m sure n a few months I wont be able to live without it. I am a fashion contradiction, amongst other things… πŸ™‚


  16. Oh God. Mid-calf? I can’t even do pencil length. With my stumpy pins it’s mini or maxi and nothing in between!!!!

    Loving the lipstick appreciation society ladies. I have ALWAYS been a creamy opaque lip kind of girl, it was MAC’s satin range right from the age of 17. Gloss is pretty but I’m with Aisling – the less re-application the better and shiny goop seems to slide right off my pout pronto.

    I have a Bobbi Brown rich colour in “Bikini Pink” and it’s a beaut, especially with a gold/green eye.

    Anita – I haven’t been either, it’s a taxi straight to Regent Street next time I’m in London town!

    Charlotte xxx

  17. Absobloodylootelylucious It’s quite a way down past banana republic so you might think you missed it.


    I have mugs to put flowers in spelling variousness. Currently holding muscari bulbs.

    Its three or four floors. Head straight to the bedroom bits. I DIE.

  18. Aha! Am big Anthropologie fan and was in the CAVERNOUS King’s Road branch just this morning πŸ™‚ Lovely Spring clothes in there but I succumbed to a stack of pretty individually painted bowls which are total gorgeousness. I’m a sucker for mismatched crockery to brighten up the kitchen!

    Their BHLDN bridal range looks super-pretty. Love the grey pleats but suspect it would not do anyone with hips more than 34″ any favours? Boo!

    Am currently swooning over butter-soft leather jacket in Reiss

    Was caught caressing jacket in Reiss today by over-attentive shop assistant who obviously thought I was a bit mad. Oops. x

  19. I did indeed visit Anthropologie on Regent Street while I was in London over the weekend and yes, I DIE. The kitchen and homewear stuff…beautiful.

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