What The Wife Likes…. Experimenting.

I don’t mean in a mad professor way (although I did resemble one after Saturday’s barnet shenanigan’s but that’s a story for another day) I mean in a trying something new way. It’s no secret I love fashion and make-up and statement jewels… but give or take the odd new season addition 90% of the time I have a tendency to play it safe.

Now I’m all for sticking to what you know (tailored jackets, leg lengthening jeans, cute dolly dress with black tights..) but recently I’ve been opening my wardrobe to find that the sea of black, mid-grey, marl-grey and um….charcoal-grey is a little bit….dull. I seem to be reaching for my peach jumper all the time, or the hot pink cardigan I bought in the French Connection sale about two years ago…

Yup. It seems this wife is definitely in need of some colour in her life.

Unfortunately I don’t have the budget (or the shopping time) to go purchase a dozen or so rainbow items so I went on ASOS, picked up a couple of accessories and figured I could wear them with lots of pieces from my existing wardrobe… particularly all that grey.

And my colour choices?

Yellow because it makes me happy and a pale sky blue… because it’s just so pretty.

* Cross Body Bag in yellow £30 and blue patent shoes £50 both at ASOS.

Obviously I won’t be wearing them both at the same time… although I guess you could.

Dirty Hair

I don’t mean as in the great unwashed… or slutty* even, I mean as in that kind of matt-textured messed up just-got-out-of-bed hair that I keep seeing on the catwalk and want for myself.

Well I think I’ve found the products to make it happen, has taken a wee bit of practice but I swear (and this is coming from someone who doesn’t “do” hair) once you get the hang of it you’ll be (ahem) dirty in a jiffy.

* Redken Powder Grip at HQ Hair and Undressing Creme from Space NK

On towel dried hair I apply the undressing creme from root to tip, I use a blob about the size of a 10p piece, I also comb it though with my tangle teaser to get an even spread.

I then tip my head upside down and “rough” blow dry i.e. in any old haphazard way. Once dry I shake out some powder into my palm and distribute evenly, paying particular attention to the roots…don’t forget some in the ends though – it gives that whole beachy bohemian look.

This kind of textured hair is really great for those of you that fancy an easy breezy up-do, the folks at John Frieda sent me this video which is ace – honestly, take a butchers and let me know what you think, it’s an achievable style that I think would look immense on maids with some kind of delicate hair band action going on.

Fancy Face

I tend to have an everyday make-up look (do most people?) but recently I’ve been getting out some of the many many items I can’t stop myself from buying and actually using them.

And when the BHLDN (the wedding arm of Anthropologie) update email dropped into my inbox (if you don’t already subscribe people you must you MUST) it was cosmetics a go-go with all of their lovely fresh-faced ideas.

The How-to can all be found on the BHLDN website, BHLDN also have great W-day hair-do inspiration too…. The Elfin is my favourite.

Music Pin-UP

I’m no music guru, and God forbid I would ever try and write a trying-to-be-Q-magazine review for you, but I have become a bit obsessed/intrigued by the apparent enigma that is Lana Del-Rey.

Is she really called Lizzy Grant? Is her Dad a multi-millionaire or did she in fact live in a trailer park?

Has she had her lips done….?

Who cares. I think she’s beautiful, and I love her voice – reminds me of Fleetwood Macs Stevie Nicks. The song Video Games is available now and her album “Born To Die” is released on 30th January on iTunes…. I have mine on pre-order.

So you gorgeous lot, any new purchases you want to share?

Anything you might be treating yourself to this weekend….?

I am trying my hardest to stay away from Zara, I’m like a kid in a sweet shop as soon as I step through the door.

Big Experimentation Love

Charlotte xxx

* Could be slightly slutty if worn with smoky eyes and whatnot…. 😉

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.