What Victoria Did… Delectable Decisions.

It was actually this rather lovely post that made me decide what to write today’s little post for you all on….mmmmm FOOD! Afternoon cake time ladies…

Since I last wrote, Marathon Man and I have had a little visit to sunny Cornwall for a lovely holiday in a little caravan by the sea in Mullion. We had a perfectly timed mini-heatwave to enjoy and managed to fit in lots of nice walks and coastal running – not quite sure how our Cornish adventures have turned into endurance breaks, I ran 53 miles that week!!! LOOK this is how tired Costa was at the end of the week….

Happily though, I did manage to fit the running around lots of foodie fun, largely in the form of pasties and ice cream, and topped off with some lovely Cornish ales and wine… and all in the name of wedding experimentation! So I thought today I would share (and tease the future guests) with a few of our foodie plans…

Great food was a priority from the start, and early on we found The Round Kitchen. Run by the fabulous team of Lucy and Sarah, they were lovely and adaptable from the get go, we loved the look of previous weddings that they had done and had seen some great reviews both personal and in the press. After a few email conversations we took the plunge and secured the booking, although we hadn’t even tasted the food yet! We had every confidence they would translate our ideas into something delicious. We’ve been lucky enough to attend plenty of weddings over the last few years, every one with a different and fabulous take on the food available –from traditional silver service to sharing platters and buffets. We knew we were keen on showcasing local produce and skills, and wanted to incorporate one of our favourite social things into our day, and host what may be for most people the first BBQ of the season next year (*there is a wet weather/English springtime plan!).

After so many years without our own garden and enjoying all the BBQ’s we have generously been invited to (Mike and Jo I’m talkin’ to you!) we really can’t wait. Earlier this year we visited Lucy and Sarah for a tasting and suffice to say they totally blew us away! Important note: don’t eat before a food tasting!! We had been running in the morning, our tasting was booked for 3pm, but we were famished and had a good lunch before we set off, envisaging that the tasting would be “little nibbly bits” (that’s what I kept saying in the car anyway!), instead Lucy and Sarah had created an absolute feast for us to taste, we literally couldn’t believe our eyes and in no way did it justice –although Marathon Man did have a pretty good go!

So we’re very very excited about our delicious menu and about having Lucy and Sarah in charge, they have made the whole process incredibly easy for us, and its reassuring that they have all the equipment, the staff to help, and plans should the weather cause difficulties! From hearing how stuck in they get at weddings, from setting up the tables, to hanging decorations and digging trenches we have every confidence the day is going to be fabulous.

Handily, they were able to recommend to us a drinks company that was also based locally, Experience Wine in Truro, and we headed over in September to meet with Nigel. I had actually spotted the shop when we’d been in Cornwall the year before when we went to have my engagement ring resized so it was nice to be able to go in and explore. Its a lovely independent wine company, with some great value offers alongside smaller boutique offerings and we really enjoyed running through the menu with Nigel and discussing our likes/dislikes. Rather than tasting in the shop we bought a selection of bottles to take away and try with food, great idea to see how well things match up and also meant we could take bottles to our parents and friends to try. Another good benefit is that they are also able to supply us with a barrel and bottles of beer, all soft drinks and ciders etc, and everything bottled can be purchased on sale or return – so we can make sure we have plenty and then return the surplus (** or head for the hills with it all??)

The great alcohol debate has given rise to many questions – the free bar question has definitely come up!! Also, apart from wine and bubbles what else do we serve? Some Cornish ale is definitely on our list as there are some fantastic local breweries. We have also been thinking about buying up some spirits in the Christmas promotions for the evening bar….and creating our own cocktails! “Victoria’s Secret” anyone? This makes me REALLY want to find a neon pink glowing cocktail sign…….

With many of our suppliers, finding one has lead to another, so it was down to fate when we found our wedding cake suppliers. After trying a few that looked delicious but just didn’t answer my emails (SO frustrating) we found Cornish Fancies because Simon’s Dad and wife Virginia were staying in the same village and heard them be recommended….which meant one morning in Cornwall I went and had cupcakes for breakfast! Cornish Fancies do fabulous wedding cakes, cupcake bouquets and sweetie tables of all descriptions, and were able to copy something I had fallen in love with at another cake shop so I can’t wait to try it! (*** this is not going to stop me sampling cakes elsewhere just for the yumminess factor!)

And a final tickle for your tastebuds – when we showed my parents the menu suggestions my Father’s first reaction?? “But what’s for pud?” Now I was all for having the wedding cake for desert but apparently that was a no go!! So we then found the fabulous Cornish Ice Trike! really pleased with this idea, and obviously means that on our most recent holiday there was a positive NEED for ice cream sampling! We can choose four flavours from the delicious Roskillys Cornish ice cream…..so many to choose from this may take a while…..Cornish Fudge / Orange and Marscepone/Malteser Madness anyone??

SO…phew! there you go lovelies, lots of yummy ideas that should all come together! Would love to hear your food and drink plans for your day, and in particular the cake and/or pudding debate! Any thoughts on the great free bar dilemma?

Oh, I almost forgot to mention…..the evening snackette of choice will be mini fish and chips…..now who’s hungry?

Love love

Miss Vix xx

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

21 thoughts on “What Victoria Did… Delectable Decisions.

  1. Just as I’m about to tuck into some super noodles…

    A friend of mine had fish and chips as her evening snackeroony and they went down an absolute storm! Great choice!

    Also, stupidly cute pup! 🙂

  2. Wow Victoria you and Marathon Man have been really creative with your food and really done your homework!

    I can say it looks like your guests are in for a right treat! Om nom!

  3. Oh Vix…..you are making me sooooooooo hungry!!
    Your wedding food sounds immense, please can I gatecrash?! 😉

    As for the free bar thing – we won’t be providing a free bar, we just really couldn’t afford it, especially as our venue is a bar & restaurant (prices a bit higher than wholesale! :-/) But we are hoping to have cocktails on arrival for everyone, wine at tables and obviously a little sparkly to toast the speeches. So hopefully that will be enough for everyone *she hopes!!!

    Fab post lady! right, now off to get some food before I lick the screen!!!

  4. Well hungry now!! I want some cornish delights 🙂 On my blasted wedding diet though booooo!

    Anybody else worried about spilling food on your wedding dress on the big day?!xx

  5. Oooh some delectable delights here Vix, your guests are in for a treat 🙂 You’re also very organised, we only have ideas at the moment and I am now slightly panicking aaah!

    We’re hoping to have food to share, as in platters to share, joints of meat cut at the table, pizzas, food to pick at (in a hygenic way of course). The owner of our venue is Italian so we’re hoping to infuse some of our English country wedding with his yummy Italian treats!


  6. @Tabitha, I’m only organised because its all the way in Cornwall (plus I frankly couldn’t wait for an excuse to try all the yummy things!!) 🙂 LOVE the sharing plates (and wish i had some kind of platter right now!)

  7. ooooh this is great, I am planning my wedding for next year in cornwall too, and have booked the same ice cream trike :0) Also had a look at cornish fancies, they are fab! cannot wait to see this wedding in more detail xx

  8. @Tabitha, i’ve had a mad day and hadn’t eaten since my morning ‘nana and suddely a platter of sarnies appeared in the kitchen! uh oh! at least i’m running home! mmmm now where can i find cake??!!!

  9. Where did my comment go? Bah, my work computer is RUBBISH 🙁

    Vix, this all sounds so delicious. Food is one of my favourite things about cornwall!!! xxx

  10. @Vix your food plans sound fabulous – we’re having the ‘first BBQ of the season’ at our wedding in May next year, I’d love to hear details about your “wet weather/English springtime plan”!!

    We’ve also been tackling the Great Bar Debate head- on this week. We’d always planned to provide welcome drinks/table wine and fizz for toasts but have been round the houses with the options for the evening bar. When we were quoted £300 for an event bar to come on-site (just for them to turn up), spending that much before anyone had even been given a drink grated somewhat so we looked into spending that money stocking up on local ales/ciders and other drinks ourselves. But then the logistics and practicalities came into it, and while a nice idea, on a site with no real infrastructure, it was staring to sound like just a whole load of headache.

    Then we thought about offering our guests the option to BYO. Again, while a nice idea, the practicalities of this are not straightforward. I’m also conscious that our wedding is already somewhat unconventional, I don’t want it to descend into a disorganised free-for all.

    So in the end we’ve opted for an event bar who in return for an up-front security payment, offer very reasonably priced (cheaper than the pub) drinks and provide all of the equipment/glasses/chillers/staff necessary. And we get our security deposit returned to the value of their takings on the night. I thought that sounded like a fair compromise for everyone.

  11. ahhhh the mighty Doom. I discovered a london pub yesterday serving cornish ales and pieminster pies! happy! (well not wedding dress happy but still!)

  12. Ah I live in Cornwall and got married here last year – such a beautiful day! We used local caterers and all food and drink was sourced from as near as possible, not hard when there’s so much lovely stuff down here. I even bought my tiara from a Cornish lady, check her beautiful work – https://tworedtrees.co.uk/our-sellers/sarahdrew, she’s a talented lady!

  13. Posting again as my post has been stuck in moderation since 2pm :-/

    Oh Vix…..you are making me sooooooooo hungry!!
    Your wedding food sounds immense, please can I gatecrash?!

    As for the free bar thing – we won’t be providing a free bar, we just really couldn’t afford it, especially as our venue is a bar & restaurant (prices a bit higher than wholesale! :-/) But we are hoping to have cocktails on arrival for everyone, wine at tables and obviously a little sparkly to toast the speeches. So hopefully that will be enough for everyone *she hopes!!!

    Fab post lady! right, now off to get some food before I lick the screen!!!

  14. I LOVE this post – we’re using The Round Kitchen for our Cornwall wedding, and with a BBQ main! The tasting with them was soooo good. It’s a long distance plan for us too as we’re Surrey based. How exciting!! x

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