What Victoria Did… Found Her Flower Power.

It appears that winter has well and truly set in…boooo! it’s dark when I leave the office now, and last week it was so misty we couldn’t even see the River Thames from the window! It was a little like being in a Dickens novel for a couple of days, but after the distinct lack of summer I am officially not enjoying the return to cold temperatures!!

So I thought I’d attempt to brighten up the day for all of us with some flowery inspiration! I’d done a fair bit of research on florists in Cornwall and it was tough to choose a company from a distance, all the various chats I had had with different companies had been great. I then stumbled across a wedding on another blog (slapped hand) and fell in love with the ideas, colours and flowers that jumped out from the pages! So many things to love…the epic woven hair, the red SHOES and the fact that they coordinate with a campervan!

….On a little aside….those green and cream vintage coaches are going to be ferrying our families and bridal party to the church on our day! I expect to hear there have been sing-a-longs!

Anywho…I tracked down the florist who had put together the lovely displays and arranged to meet with gorgeous George Mackay when we were in Cornwall in May. Her deeply cool studio at Jubilee Wharf in Falmouth was a great location, I loved that her pooch was at our meeting and even more that Marathon Man was actually quite fascinated by the whole thing and took very good notes!

Here are some examples of George’s work…

I know. She made THAT headdress! All kinds of epic!

I do have a few favourite flowers but wasn’t that sure initially how to describe what I wanted. This is when pinterest became my best friend. I spent ages mooching and saving images I loved, and also remembered to save images I had seen on blogs so I built up a really good “flower” mood board. I then printed it all out and took it along to my meeting with George. She was able to easily pick out colours and flowers I was drawn to and we worked from that. Good point to note, I knew I wanted some church flowers and suggested some on the pillars and the archway – one of the first questions George asked was do they have fastenings already on the walls for these displays and what are the dimensions of the pillars! So back to the church we went to scrutinise properly. Same goes for pew ends, make sure you know what the end of the bench actually looks like so you know how you can attach flowers there.

Here is some of my flower-spiration to brighten your day…

The lacy lady on the left? I NEED to know what her flowers are, we are thinking some kind of small closed rose? And the lady in the middle is from these very pages and I LOVE her bouquet, although it possibly weighed a ton…must be like weightlifting whilst doing the aisle march (to shamelessly steal a line, “no bingo wings”!)

I have a little obsession developing with two tone flowers, or dip dyed as I’m calling them. So my bouquet will be a fragrant mixture of soft pinks and creams and maybe some soft red and two tone flowers. I’m extremely lucky with it being a May wedding that we should be blessed with pink and white peonies, roses, sweet peas, hydrangeas and jasmine. MM took a particular shine to ranunculus (even though we get in a muddle saying it) so that is the current button hole thinking! Rock My Wedding is also responsible for a gypsophilia fascination that will be in there somewhere….and we have something special planned for our gorgeous bridesmaids.

Our reception at Bonython Gardens has its own extraordinary floral display in spring, being particularly famed for its camellias and rhododendrons. Our guests hopefully will enjoy the gardens (in the sunshine pretty please) and a woodland walk around the lakes, and then we wanted to try and capture the country garden magic inside our yurt.

Visiting in May this year we were also struck by the abundance of woodland flowers that appear, plus our coastal running showed us spectacular displays of bluebells and snowdrops running down the cliff sides to the sea, so they will also be making an appearance. One of our favourite parts of visiting family in Wiltshire is the spring time trips to the bluebell woods, and I didn’t realise that we’d be lucky enough to be able to make this part of our special day.

The mood board shows one of my favourite centrepieces, tea cup flowers and this was one of the first pictures I saved months ago when the planning began. So since then I’ve been busy collecting tea cups, teapots, milk jugs, jam jars and anything else I can lay my hands on. I was cleverly stashing all this in various hidey holes at home…until we moved house, now “wedding HQ” is lots of boxes under the stairs…you should have seen the moving man’s face when I tried to explain that it was all heavy crockery but not actually to use in the kitchen! I’ve also been collecting particular books for the centrepieces too, doing very well on my collecting…..I am going to need some kind of wedding van to get it all to Cornwall though!

All this collecting and flower-deciding though ties into something else I’ve had difficulty with – themes and colours. LOADS of people, when they know we’re in the midst of planning usually seem to follow up with ‘so what’s the colour?’ I’ve been a bit flummoxed by this….errrrmmm can’t I have loads?!! Not that I’m indecisive or anything but there will be pink, cream, red, lavender, blues and greys (boys suits), white….and as for theme, country garden party-meets rustic romance-meets vintage modern? With some books?!! Would love to know how you are all getting on with your planning and what your themes and colours are if you’re more decisive than me! I’m not sure “stuff I like” is really a theme….

Last but not least, by the time I next write, assuming the weather is kind (!) we will have done our pre-wedding shoot with our lovely lovely talented photographer Naomi Kenton. I will tell you ALL about her fabulousness (totally a word) next time, but just LOOK at how beautifully she photographs flowers. I. Want. All. Of. Them. And the chairs and ribbons…..Does anyone have a styling budget???

Big love

Miss Vix xxx

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

20 thoughts on “What Victoria Did… Found Her Flower Power.

  1. Ah peonies and roses my very favourite combination! I’m also loving the hanging flower balls (can you tell I’m not a florist?) in the top pics – I love the contrast between the big hydrangea and the teeny gyp, very effective.
    I also love the sepia colours of the arrangement in the time for tea pic.
    The purple and green accents in the bridal bouquet at the end really float my bouquet boat…

  2. YESSS, a floral post!

    Lovely inspiration Vix – how epic is that chadelier thing with the hydrangas and gyp?

    Your wedding will be stunning, but I don’t think you necessarily need to say you’ve got one concrete theme? Things you like is a great way to style your day, makes it nice and personal and guests will have fun spotting your personalities throughout 🙂 xx

  3. Oooooh lots of lovely summery florals (although I must admit I’m loving some of the autumnal colours at this time of year)! I am loving those colour and pale flowers 🙂

    I agree with @Kitty you don’t need a theme or particular colour scheme! We don’t really have a theme either and our colour scheme is pretty loose.

    Exciting about your engagement shoot too! Hope you have a fab time xxx

  4. OK, so I do love a theme – this Christmas I am going for ‘Modern misted mid-winter’ as described by friend, Phil when I picked out some baubles and lights…yes, he is of the variety of boys that like other boys…

    But, what I love more than a theme is a non-theme…I’m not especially a matchy-matchy girl (I like a colour clash and nothing excites me more than print on top of print) and think sometimes a theme can all look a bit too twee and contrivied…although then there’s the debate about the actual non-theme theme…it’s like good bedhead hair…takes blinking ages to get right…ggrrr

    The flowers are utterly beautiful – peonies. Ranuculus. Jug. The perfect combo.

    And, at the risk of being predictable. I do love a crown of flowers. Yes, you all know this, but the love will never die.

  5. I agree with Pamela – big fan of the non theme theme. It seems more and more people seem to go with the “whatever stuff we like” idea than purple BM dresses to match purple invite to match purple candles. My theme is vaguely rustic french country vintage natural pretty with lots of hessian and white and pastels and candles and glassware….could go on and on. Groom wearing bright blue suit and BMs likely to be coral/peach. Currently have faith that it will all look ok together but struggling to convince my mum…!

  6. P.S. Victoria those flowers are gooooogeous! Sure it will look wonderful and with Cornwall as a setting there’s no way anything will look less than spectacular!

  7. @Vix of course ‘stuff you like’ is a theme. Trust me girlie when it’s your wedding you can do whatever you like. Don’t feel constrained by people asking you what your colour is – just reply with wait and see…

    Your florist George is clearly a heck of a talented lady – that crown! I died and went to heaven.

    As for the lacy lady – I think she’s holding cabbage flowers sometimes known as cabbage roses.

    Lastly styling budgets – from my own experience I could have gone on and on and on. My utility room was filled to the rafters with oodles of props for my wedding and then when I got to the venue it just didn’t seem enough to fill the space. My guests told me I was being stupid but I suppose the lesson is you can always add more. You just need to know where the line is for you.

    That wasn’t really much help was it…

  8. @Lauren – “…you can always add more…” – LOVE THIS. Sometimes, and pretty much all the time with me, stuff less is more, more is deffo more…!

  9. hello, this is my first time posting!
    My first love = flowers, hence I am a florist.

    So, the lacy lady – from what I can see (it is a small picture on my even smaller laptop!) I think the bouquet is of ornamental cabbages, ‘Illusion’ roses (look them up, they are gorgeous) and soft pink Cymbidium orchids.

    I had a purple and lime green theme, with natural mosses and blossoms clashing with modern mirror vases, and modern bouquet frames, individually designed and made by me. My three bridesmaids wore different dresses, chosen off the peg by themselves so they would feel comfy and look like them – they’d never normally wear the same thing, so didn’t think they should on my special day! Their bouquet then themed with their dress. There were 4 different table designs too as I just couldn’t chose one!

    I love the sound of your florals. And I ADORE an old book.

  10. Hello lovelies!!

    @Beckysue you are now my hero!!! illusion and cabbage roses are now on the list, exactly what I was after! Totally love the sound of your theme, the idea of the contrasts is exciting, and theming the bouquet to the dress? AMAZING!

    @Daphne loving the sound of your “theme” lol! this has definitely reassured me that other people also just sound like they are making the longest nonsensical sentence in the world when trying to describe what their wedding will be like! There should be a word for this wedding stream of consciousness I think!

    @Pam aahh i do love a crown of flowers too, don’t think I could ever pull it off though! I loved the one yesterday too, so very cool

    @Nicola – I LOVE the hanging flower balls! they are one of the first things I spotted, in fact I would love to fill the ceiling with them but think that would blow the budget LOL!

    @Tabs and @Kitty thanks lovelies! I enjoyed writing this post, so much fun finding all the lovely pictures of things I like, plus good excuse to review all my pinterest finding that i haven’t looked at in ages. Highly important!

    @Lauren thanks! “stuff I like” is a fun theme 🙂 one of my favourite things when I was little was the wizard of oz, I spent a while today wondering if I could actually make a yellow brick road to the reception 🙂 Currently the cupboard under the stairs is full to the brim with wedding boxes, I need to get it all out at some point and work out how much i have and what we still need! I’ll have to take pictures!

  11. @Vix curse the stoopid Sky wi-Di cloud thingy at Euston station because it WON’T LET ME SEE THE FLOWER CROWN!! Fumesies.

    I did however get to read all your lovely words and even without pictures your post is so evocative I could almost be ambling along some cliff-edged meadow (can you get them?)

    Can’t wait to get home and read the pictures too.

    Re styling budget. My philosophy there is that it doesn’t count, because I’m buying lots of little things all the time so therefore the expenditure is absorbed by day to day life, therefore not being added to the overall wedding budget. Trust me, I was a failed accountant once – this is totally fine


  12. @Karen this is totally my trick too, make a spreadsheet of wedding costs but put lots of things on separate tabs so you don’t get a giant total!! Oh and stuff you buy bit by bit totally doesn’t count 🙂

    When you get in a see the pics you will see the cliff edged meadow!! xx

  13. The bouquets at the bottom of the first template are so beautiful they don’t look real almost. Peonies are not in season for my wedding and I am gutted so I am trying to think of an alternative, does anyone have any recommendations? X

  14. @Kate look at cabbage roses instead of peonies! having only discovered them today (thanks Lolly) I’m v impressed!

    @Charlotte….maybeeeee! Actually all I can tell you is I am wearing a halo, of some description… 🙂

  15. and I’ve found the lovely chairs in all different colours too, am slightly worried the guests will think its a bit mental though, Mum will probably say “where are the cushions” ! the ribbon collecting has started…

  16. Hello lovely!
    Fabulous post, as always!
    Loving the flowers – in fact I have that pic of that lacey lady on my moodboard, such a gorgeous picture 🙂
    Thanks to RMW and all you lovely Real Brides I have finally started to ‘get’ flowers at weddings! Your mood board is just gorgeous!

    As for a theme, I am definitely in the ‘I don’t want one colour’ camp! People are always, always asking what my wedding colour is – I think it’s just because so many weddings gone before us have had a set – one colour is best theme! & Don’t get me wrong for some people it is, but I’ll be going for different shades & colours, nothing too whacky – although as you know there are sequins! 😉

    Just go with your gut, I know it will look amazing!
    & loving you & @Karen’s ‘small bits don’t count philosophy’ – not quite so easy when living with a trainee accountant though! 😉 (heehee)


  17. I think you’re having the wedding I haven’t got around to planning yet! Peonies, country garden, a yurt, ribbons… Gorgeous!

  18. Vix I love your flowers! And I love that you don’t have a colour theme as such! Mine was a bit dictated to me with the RAF blue..but having looked at countless wedding blogs i’m now in love with the mulitcoloured look..all very beautiful! Currently battling the florist/do my own flower thing in my head..just not sure I can handle the pressure! And your florist looks perfect…shame shes so far away else I’d be stealing her too! xx

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