What Victoria Did… Found Her Flower Power.

It appears that winter has well and truly set in…boooo! it’s dark when I leave the office now, and last week it was so misty we couldn’t even see the River Thames from the window! It was a little like being in a Dickens novel for a couple of days, but after the distinct lack of summer I am officially not enjoying the return to cold temperatures!!

So I thought I’d attempt to brighten up the day for all of us with some flowery inspiration! I’d done a fair bit of research on florists in Cornwall and it was tough to choose a company from a distance, all the various chats I had had with different companies had been great. I then stumbled across a wedding on another blog (slapped hand) and fell in love with the ideas, colours and flowers that jumped out from the pages! So many things to love…the epic woven hair, the red SHOES and the fact that they coordinate with a campervan!

….On a little aside….those green and cream vintage coaches are going to be ferrying our families and bridal party to the church on our day! I expect to hear there have been sing-a-longs!

Anywho…I tracked down the florist who had put together the lovely displays and arranged to meet with gorgeous George Mackay when we were in Cornwall in May. Her deeply cool studio at Jubilee Wharf in Falmouth was a great location, I loved that her pooch was at our meeting and even more that Marathon Man was actually quite fascinated by the whole thing and took very good notes!

Here are some examples of George’s work…

I know. She made THAT headdress! All kinds of epic!

I do have a few favourite flowers but wasn’t that sure initially how to describe what I wanted. This is when pinterest became my best friend. I spent ages mooching and saving images I loved, and also remembered to save images I had seen on blogs so I built up a really good “flower” mood board. I then printed it all out and took it along to my meeting with George. She was able to easily pick out colours and flowers I was drawn to and we worked from that. Good point to note, I knew I wanted some church flowers and suggested some on the pillars and the archway – one of the first questions George asked was do they have fastenings already on the walls for these displays and what are the dimensions of the pillars! So back to the church we went to scrutinise properly. Same goes for pew ends, make sure you know what the end of the bench actually looks like so you know how you can attach flowers there.

Here is some of my flower-spiration to brighten your day…

The lacy lady on the left? I NEED to know what her flowers are, we are thinking some kind of small closed rose? And the lady in the middle is from these very pages and I LOVE her bouquet, although it possibly weighed a ton…must be like weightlifting whilst doing the aisle march (to shamelessly steal a line, “no bingo wings”!)

I have a little obsession developing with two tone flowers, or dip dyed as I’m calling them. So my bouquet will be a fragrant mixture of soft pinks and creams and maybe some soft red and two tone flowers. I’m extremely lucky with it being a May wedding that we should be blessed with pink and white peonies, roses, sweet peas, hydrangeas and jasmine. MM took a particular shine to ranunculus (even though we get in a muddle saying it) so that is the current button hole thinking! Rock My Wedding is also responsible for a gypsophilia fascination that will be in there somewhere….and we have something special planned for our gorgeous bridesmaids.

Our reception at Bonython Gardens has its own extraordinary floral display in spring, being particularly famed for its camellias and rhododendrons. Our guests hopefully will enjoy the gardens (in the sunshine pretty please) and a woodland walk around the lakes, and then we wanted to try and capture the country garden magic inside our yurt.

Visiting in May this year we were also struck by the abundance of woodland flowers that appear, plus our coastal running showed us spectacular displays of bluebells and snowdrops running down the cliff sides to the sea, so they will also be making an appearance. One of our favourite parts of visiting family in Wiltshire is the spring time trips to the bluebell woods, and I didn’t realise that we’d be lucky enough to be able to make this part of our special day.

The mood board shows one of my favourite centrepieces, tea cup flowers and this was one of the first pictures I saved months ago when the planning began. So since then I’ve been busy collecting tea cups, teapots, milk jugs, jam jars and anything else I can lay my hands on. I was cleverly stashing all this in various hidey holes at home…until we moved house, now “wedding HQ” is lots of boxes under the stairs…you should have seen the moving man’s face when I tried to explain that it was all heavy crockery but not actually to use in the kitchen! I’ve also been collecting particular books for the centrepieces too, doing very well on my collecting…..I am going to need some kind of wedding van to get it all to Cornwall though!

All this collecting and flower-deciding though ties into something else I’ve had difficulty with – themes and colours. LOADS of people, when they know we’re in the midst of planning usually seem to follow up with ‘so what’s the colour?’ I’ve been a bit flummoxed by this….errrrmmm can’t I have loads?!! Not that I’m indecisive or anything but there will be pink, cream, red, lavender, blues and greys (boys suits), white….and as for theme, country garden party-meets rustic romance-meets vintage modern? With some books?!! Would love to know how you are all getting on with your planning and what your themes and colours are if you’re more decisive than me! I’m not sure “stuff I like” is really a theme….

Last but not least, by the time I next write, assuming the weather is kind (!) we will have done our pre-wedding shoot with our lovely lovely talented photographer Naomi Kenton. I will tell you ALL about her fabulousness (totally a word) next time, but just LOOK at how beautifully she photographs flowers. I. Want. All. Of. Them. And the chairs and ribbons…..Does anyone have a styling budget???

Big love

Miss Vix xxx

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.