What Victoria Did… Got Ready To Marry Her B.F.


It’s time it’s time It’s time!!!!!

Last week I had my final final final (after accidental weight loss) dress fitting and it all got a bit real folks! I woke up this morning bubbling with excitement and adrenaline, goodness knows what I’ll be like by the time you all read this! I can’t quite believe that this EPIC journey has come to an end and before I say anything else I just need to say how much I’ve enjoyed writing these posts and sharing the experience with you all, it’s a rare and wonderful bubble of a world to have joined and it really has added to the excitement and fun of it all – those of you wondering whether to enter the new RMW “Real Brides” competition DO IT! You’ll get to know so many awesome people and be met with such support, inspiration and enthusiasm, and at the end of it you’ll have a record of all the amazing fun and effort you and your loved ones have put into your special day.

It’s been an exciting few months of getting everything finalised – I have made the BIGGEST spreadsheet you’ve ever seen with to do lists, to buy lists, timetables from three days before the wedding to the day after, packing lists of who is taking what, jobs to do per person, table planning, meals out planning, who’s on the coach, where’s the dog going to sit….you name it, it’s gone round in my head and it’s on paper!!! Complete with maps, invoices and full contact details of the world and his wife who are involved in this shindig. Although it took me ALL DAY and there was some moderate teasing (marathon man) I felt much better that it was all recorded somewhere, and I can just print it out so no one can ask me any questions!!! (in
theory – ***to be tested at risk of yet to be seen bridezilla). Top tips for time saving and to save my brain – I have put coloured dots on the bottom of which table centres are for which table so the florist knows easily how I pictured it all.

We’ve been so lucky to have some talented happy helpers pitch in and get involved in making the day happen, sewing machines and crafty fingers at the ready! My Mum has created amazing table runners out of hessian and floral bias binding (so cool), future mother in law number 1 has been making beautiful woven willow hearts as pew ends for the church, and mother in law number 2 has been helping me with Operation Bunting (we have 480ft…..yes really) and sewing napkins for everyone.


We’ve all been scouring ebay and t’internet and local shops for all sorts of decorations for the reception. We have a fabulous collection of signs, tea cups, teapots, jam jars and all SORTS of pretty things to show you.


I have a whole lovely collection of Enid Blyton hard back books that no one understands (why I have them I mean!), we’re going to make a bar out of apple crates and an old door and the cake has its own bunting. There will be a vintage coach called Dumpy and a horse and carriage (not cart Dad) called Victoria! We’re kidnapping a lovely singer from London who’s learnt an acoustic arrangement for our first dance and there will indeed be an ice cream man! {ooooooh}


I have a very big thank you to say several zillion times over to former “real bride” Jo for loaning me her
precious collection of vintage crockery. To Theo from Reel 60 for jumping on board with project Cornwall, I can’t wait to see the beautiful super 8 footage of the day I’m also super excited to see the beautiful items we’ve sourced with Elle from Inspire Hire and Ginny and Greg from Virginia’s Vintage Hire, I’m like a kid in a sweet shop thinkingabout the set up day! I’m not going to give you any more sneak peeks, save our inspirations for the décor….


Charlie Scribble have produced absolutely beautiful stationery for the day. What started as some pretty cool save the date bookmarks turned into some mini mock penguin book invitations, complete with a hand drawn map at the centre, and a gorgeous wave motif that has continued through the menus and orders of service. I can’t sing Flo’s praises highly enough for translating exactly what was in my head into something so special and unique and totally ‘us’. What we’ve really enjoyed about the planning adventure is being able to consider each part and really think how we want to do it, what’s important to us etc. Nothing has been chosen because it was the “done” thing, we thought about what we wanted and why.

We spent ages thinking about how to do the various musical elements of the day and I can’t wait for all that to be revealed (first dance is still top secret)


My families have been teasing me (not unusual) about doing a speech on the day. For some
reason they think I like getting the last word! As public speaking generally sends a shiver
of fear through me, and the fact that I will quite possibly be a blubbing smiling soppy thing
by then, I thought I’d hide behind my computer and share with you all what I would say to
Simon if I did get up on the day…..

That I have just married my best friend in our favourite little corner of England. Simon, from
the moment you took me by surprise and kissed me you changed my world and I haven’t
touched the ground since.

Because you always, unfailingly, support me, pick me up and make me smile
Because you drag me onto the dance floor for a Take That number (quite consistently earlier
in my life this was the other way round!)
Because you’ve told random strangers how utterly in love you are with a crazy girl
Because you’re the kindest, SWEETEST person I’ve ever met
Because we both cry at stupid movies (didgeridoo sound effect)
Because you made up an entire language for our soppy spaniel
Because you inspire me every day
Because you knew when I was whistling the Black Beauty theme tune and joined in
Because you always share your food in restaurants…..and will never finish a packet of crisps/chocolate/leftovers –and always leave 2-3 morsels before wrapping the packet back away so it looks full!
Because when I barrel into you for a hug I feel like I’ve come home

I am the happiest girl in the world to know now, to be sure now, that we get to spend the rest of our lives together; creating new memories, discovering new things about each other every day and loving and taking the greatest of care of each other. So I do, I do, I do. A million times over. You set my soul alive.



See you on the other side, and thanks for listening

BIG love

Miss Vix xx

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

26 thoughts on “What Victoria Did… Got Ready To Marry Her B.F.

  1. *Awkwardly wipes tears off face so co-workers dont know i’m crying at my desk….*
    Beautiful! I cant wait to see the pictures and have loved hearing your plans – you and all the other Real Brides are an inspriation! Have an amazing, magical day, you deserve it xx

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! I think I love you!!! Can you marry me instead please?!!?
    So much inspiration and I’m getting as excited for your wedding as I am for my own!!
    2 more sleeps!!!!

  3. *Also wipes tears away and has to have a drink to detract from said tears*

    Its going to be amazing 🙂 Have a wonderful day, cant wait to see the pictures xxx

  4. how exciting, your wedding is going to be epic!
    I am also getting married in cornwall in 5 weeks time, our church looks very similar to the church in your above pictures xxx
    good luck and I cant wait to see your final pictures xx

  5. Oh my goodness Vix – you’re getting married the day after tomorrow!

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful planning with us all, and I know that you will have literally the BEST DAY EVER! You’ve had me in tears at my desk with your words to Simon and I wish you two so much happiness for your wedding day and beyond!

    Kitty x

  6. I read the meassge to your H2b and then I made the mistake of re-reading it – so now I’ve had to awkwardly try and disguise the tears in my eyes twice at my desk!! So, so beautiful! The bunting and the table covers and the crockery all look gorgeous! Good luck for the big day xo

  7. Aaaw lovely, you’re day is going to be fabulous for a fabulous lady!

    I love all the photos, it looks like everything is coming together nicely!

    I CAN NOT wait to see the photos xxx

  8. Dear Miss Vix, it sounds as though your photographer is going to have a field day capturing all those lovely details. On another note, you must give a speech, now that you’ve practically written it – well, only if you want to, of course. I can’t imaging that you’re a shy person so go for it! I’m sure Simon will love it! Have a wonderful and perfect day!

  9. Wow, I hope Simon reads that – what beautiful words and so heartfelt! It looks (and sounds) like you will have an amazing wedding (and I fully approve of the massive organisation, I too have spreadsheets for everything), I hope you have a wonderful wonderful day! x

  10. Its posts like this that remind me why I should not read them at work. The sounds that I make (unwittingly) are horrendous! So gorgeously written. Swoon!

    I really hope you have a great day, looks like you have put in so much work! (I too love a good spread sheet)

    Speaking of gorgeous, that bunting it TO DIE FOR!!!! I am getting married in September in a marquee and desperately wanted bunting but had to give up on the idea very quickly as it’s sooooo expensive and unfortunately for me, don’t have anyone who could make it. So, I’m going to be a little (ok a super duper lot) cheeky and ask……….do you think in a million month of Sundays I could perhaps borrow this lovely bunting for my big day?


  11. Oh my goodness Vix, what on earth are you trying to do to me??!!!! I am supposed to be working, but instead I am also trying to hide my tears from my co-workers!

    BUT, guess what????……………..YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!! EEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
    How flipping exciting! 😀

    It’s been so much fun hearing all about your plans for your big day, and I CANNOT wait to see the pictures! 😀

    Hope you are having an amazing time in Cornwall, enjoy.
    Big love
    Rebecca xxx

    ps. your Enid Blyton books have just reminded me that I was gonna get a bunch of books for all the little ones – might even make a ‘reading corner’ for them!

  12. I’ve never commented on here before, but absolutely had to after reading your speech. Wow! It had me in tears the whole way through!

    Absolutely cannot wait to see the pictures from your big day! Mine is only a few weeks after yours, so I’ve LOVED reading your story and keeping up with all your lovely plans. Hope you have an absolutely beautiful, fantastic day! Only 2 more days to go!! Xx

  13. awwwwwww – such a beautiful speech! very excited to see the pics. have a gorgeous, magical, wonderful day! x
    ps your excitement levels have just made my stomach flip in anticipation of my own day in 12 weeks time!!

  14. Seriously Vix. Seriously. Why would you do this to us all? Do you not know we are all in public aurrounded by collegues pretending to work?!
    *wipes tear/snot/dignity*

    Loving all your DIY! Jealous of your horse and carriage! I just simply cannot wait to read your report and let my eyes see the beauty of your photos!
    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. It is just too much. Have the Best day and tell us all about it soon.

    And can I hire your hessian runners?! 🙂

  15. Have a wonderful glorious day and no there is NO WAY you will be able to give that speech without blubbing but it should really be said so don’t let it go unsaid somehow. Go forth and be married.

  16. What a really beautiful soppy post!!!!!!! So excited for you … absolutely loving the bunting, the material is super similar to mine!!! I am also having bunting material bias binding cleverly made by my Mum!!! We are also having teapots and things, we’ve got a bit of an afternoon tea thing going on!!!!! Also loving the spreadsheet, mine is pretty extensive already, and I’ve still got 156 days to perfect it!!!!!!
    And your none-speech speech, amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Lovely, lovely, lovely!!! Have the most fabulous day!!!! xxx

  17. I can feel the excited-ness flowing out of this post! Eeeee. Can’t wait to read all about the big day x

  18. Christ. I am known for being particularily stoney of heart but ive just spent the last 10 minutes explaining to my boss why I am in tears.

    Congratulations and your day and plans sound wonderful.

  19. So so lovely! You have renewed my wedding planning enthusiasm, with exactly 3months to go today! Lucky you that the sun will be shining this weekend! Hope it is fabulous!
    When you’re back from honeymoon…PLEASE tell me how you made the hessian runners/the binding round the edges…I LOVE them…and NEED them! Where did the material for the binding come from?!

  20. Wow, such lovely words, amazing DIY and I’m sure you’ll have the best day! Have a fantastic time!!! Can’t wait to see it all! X

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