What Victoria Did… Sharp Suits & Vintage Vision.


Wowee it’s been an exciting start to the year in wedding world. Not only have I just celebrated my birthday but now we are only THREE months to go!! Can’t quite believe how suddenly time is flying and spreadsheets and lists are my new best friends…seriously. I realised in January that I was actually lying awake listing in my head all the things that needed doing/organising/finding out. It was exhausting. So using my old trick of exploiting trapped-in-car time to help with wedmin, Marathon Man and I spent a good three hour journey back from the rentals reviewing the wedding weekend and build up from start to finish – when would everything we have ordered arrive, who was bringing what, what time can we decorate that…..and so on. There’s nothing quite like a good list. Currently I have 71 ‘to do’ items but I’m not going to let that phase me just yet.

I have a date for my first dress fitting. I think my heart actually stopped for a beat when I booked that in. Things just got that bit more real. Most entertaining part of that call though was arranging the date of the second and hopefully final fitting, as it was accompanied by the question “well it depends, is your weight stable?”…errrmmmm fingers crossed! Although dammit there is Easter in the middle….. So to counteract future chocolate bunny intake I’ve been hitting the gym with enthusiasm and have even started boxing classes with one of my bridesmaids..although husband-to-be is not entirely sure we should be actively teaching her how to punch things/people….

Speaking of fittings the boys are doing very well on that front too. Originally we were keen on mismatching swathes of blue, with the boys using whatever suits they already had. After much deliberating though it seemed we would have had to hire at least one suit, plus we definitely wanted to go three piece rather than simple suit so they stand out. Tails will not be the order of the day as we want to capture the more laid back garden party feel, and it just seems too formal on a day when I hope to be in my (flowery) wellies on the beach. So we lucked out when we found Anthony Formal Wear who were able to come up with a great deal for us on four outfits for the ushers and best man. Next comes the great tie hunt and we plan to hit Liberty’s asap as they have the most gorgeous floral prints that I NEED to sigh over/stroke in person.


Oh and while I’m here thought you’d enjoy a picture of Team Groom. Sorry boys….


My Dad and Simon however wanted to go for something a little different with their outfits. Simon and his family have known Jason Regent of Regent Tailoring in Salisbury for a long time. He always returns for his work suits and always looks so sharp (and hot) in them that we knew we’d turn to Jason again. His expertise and friendly advice is second-to-none. My Dad had the most enjoyable suit fitting experience of his life, and has ended up with a suit that should really suit (ho ho) his shape, with a cut on the legs and arms that on paper he wouldn’t have picked out for himself. He genuinely is soooo excited by the whole service I wouldn’t be surprised at this point if Jason gets a wedding invite. Dad and Simon have their very own “first fitting” date in March and I can’t wait to see what the finished outfits look like. So for a short train hop or drive from London it’s well worth a visit to Jason’s gorgeous boutique for a very special experience for the guys (plus there is ladies clothing on the second floor with views of the cathedral!)


Like most of us I’m not sure I’ve quite gotten over the gorgeous images that Lolly showed us (or teased and tormented us over three whole days – you pick) last week. One thing I was VERY pleased to see were her wedding video clips in all their glory. Recently I’ve been asked quite a few times what our “theme” is for the wedding, generally something different comes out my mouth each time – I have a mood board in my head rather than a two word soundbite. What I frequently allude to though is that it will be a little bit ‘vintage’. I have an image in my head of something soft, romantic, rustic and filled with candlelight and laughter. The little church where you can hear the waves breaking on the beach. The 1950s green and cream coach that the bridal party and family are piling into to get to and from the service. Festoons and fairy lights and tea cups and love.

I know that our photographer Naomi Kenton will capture all the little details we’ve decided to include in our day perfectly, however a couple of months ago I also started to wonder about videography. Originally this wasn’t in our budget and I think a lot of us do this; we make sure we have the photographer but don’t think of videography as an ‘essential’. A bit of facebook chat seems to show that desire for a truly great videographer is on the increase though, it can be such a wonderful permanent memento of the day to go with your pictures, plus moments will be captured that you miss on the day. I started to explore options and it became clear that it seems to be worth investing a bit more to get something really really special, and we have well and truly lucked out by finding the fabulous Reel Sixty. The first clip I saw was exactly the picture I had in my head of the romance of it all. It captured a feeling as well as the images. I watched it at work with no sound and adored the gentle flickering, the soft light coming through trees, it was all…..well….a little bit vintage…a little bit perfect for us, and utterly captivating. We are so thankful and excited to have them and their expertise on board for our special day.


Reel Sixty have been shooting weddings for a decade now and have a brand spanking new website to show you. Theo jokes that after some bickering their ‘birth date’ can be agreed to be March 2003, appropriately it all started as a wedding gift “one of our core guys, a music engineer by trade, filmed his mate’s wedding on Super 8 as a wedding gift, everyone loved it, so we did another one and then another one and a business was born”. A small intimate team they have shot weddings in all over UK and have worked from Tuscany, to the French Riviera and even in a Swedish Ice hotel. Reel Sixty can shoot entirely in Super 8mm film or can combine with HD too as desired.

It’s the Super 8mm that caught my imagination though, the footage of a bride emerging from the car looks just looks some newsreel from the seventies. For me this is what is so special and distinctive about the format, the recording looks like a key moment in time, a piece of history, something truly remarkable. At the heart and soul of Reel Sixty is this desire to capture the romance, laughter and joy and stamp it on a timeless format…. in a world where technology gets sharper and sharper some days I just prefer the watercolour and soft focus beauty.

I asked Theo what he enjoys about Super 8mm filming in particular with wedding shoots and he replied “It’s an exciting and rewarding experience. I enjoy the fact that it is a live event, perhaps it has been planned for years, people are nervous and there is no second take. You rely on your instincts and let the film do its work. When the reels arrive back from the lab I’m like a kid on Christmas morning, that’s something that belongs in the cosy past; actually having to wait to see what you’ve shot. We are in the smartphone age, and Film is well and truly old school, so it requires a completely different mindset when shooting. Right now a whole generation, up to the age of maybe 17, will not ever remember using film for any type of photography, so it feels really special to be using the real thing on the big day…. It’s also a great privilege to be at such present at the high point in a family’s history, and always at such incredible locations.”


I literally feel like squealing with excitement at how perfectly this is a fit for us. Theo will see all those bits that I will miss, like what the church looks like in the morning, capturing everyone arriving and the excitement when we emerge to the bells ringing out across the beach. We feel so so lucky that we will get another timeless record of the day to treasure and can’t wait!

So lovelies what are your thoughts on the film front? Have you booked a videographer and are you going for Super 8mm, HD or a combination? Would love to hear your thoughts… Theo should have a super duper new show reel ready soon but please drop him a line if you want to see more in the meantime.

The countdown has truly begun….next episode, fancy frocks!!

Much love

Miss Vix xx

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

15 thoughts on “What Victoria Did… Sharp Suits & Vintage Vision.

  1. Oh please stop teasing me with your videographers girls! That is it! I am just going to have to find a great one up here in Scotland and starve until I can pay for it! ReelSixty look and sound amazing. Look forward to seeing the final edit on these very polka dotted pages 🙂

    I love it when guys get just as excited to get dressed up for the big day, especially dads! Eee How exciting; fittings all round!

  2. Aw Vix this post is really emotive and I love all your descriptions! I know you will have a magical day anyway, but the way you talk about the church, the bells ringing, the waves on the beach… They are all going to come across so beautifully in Super8!

    The suits sounds perfectly dapper too – love a 3 piece and those floral ties are a little bit spesh! xxx

  3. Oooh that tailors shop is cool as candy. In my head it smells like cigars and leather, and Jason spends his day striding about in those bright pantaloons! Please say that’s how it is?

    I agree with Kitty, the way you describe your day makes it sound so perfect and romantic! Please include some footage of you roaming about the Cornish moors a la Cathy and Heathcliff!


  4. Oooh yes Karen! I hope it’s a little bit coastal breezy, but not so much that your hairdo comes apart. Breezy hair in Super8 will look immense!

  5. the suits are going to absolutely rock! so chuffed! The boys are not going to enjoy their pictures being up, i had to edit out the booze and fags 🙂

    I’m soooooo excited about the Super8, breezy Cornish sounds lovely in my head…..hoping my hair stays together though!! xx

  6. 86 DAYS!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀

    Fab post lovely! The suits sound perfect & those ties are quite special aren’t they!
    Agree with @Karen – the tailor’s shop looks immense!

    Exciting news about the videographer, it’s going to be epic.
    Looks like it’s all coming together! 🙂 xxx

  7. Gosh your descriptions are absolutely mouthwatering! Bells ringing out across the beach… What you said about watching the video for the first time is actually a REALLY good tip when you’re researching a videographer -watch it with the sound off to make sure you’re not being swept away by emotional music and you really notice the visual qualities of the film! (Then watch with the sound and notice all the effort that’s gone into fitting sound and picture together!!)

  8. Ok, so I have a little confession…..I often don’t watch the videos – please don’t hate me!
    As we have no room in the budget for a videographer I always refrain from watching the videos as I don’t want to spend the months leading up to the wedding sulking about something we cannot afford.
    BUT I just had a sneaky watch of this video (on mute!) and OH MY!!! The Super 8mm film is just beautiful!! I LOVE IT!!!
    Damn you guys!!!

    Vix – your wedding film is going to be EPIC! 😀

  9. I do love Super 8. Still trying to get my Dad’s old one to work but I think it’s had its day now. Thank God for my Papertwin lovelies! These guys look perfect for you! video love xxx

  10. I did enjoy the video, that kind of filming style gives character. Great crescendo moment at 3:40s with a beautiful kiss and the voice of Freddie going to the sky…

  11. Sorry I’m late to the party…as usual! Vix you make me tired just hearing all your activeness! I joined the gym in January…and typical of a January Gym joiner I have been once….hummm maybe it’s not for me and I’ll just have to get used to my Russian dress fitter telling me if I have anymore inches taken out of the dress and not off my thighs I wont sit down in it! Love the film…beautiful! And those ties are amazing! I wish I could get Jon in one…I think he thinks he’s lucky wearing uniform else he’d be in one for sure! xx

  12. Aaaaah Miss Vix – I am so so sorry I’m so late! A mixture of moving/having no wifi is no good for my blog reading addiction!

    Your videographer looks amazeballs, it’s going to be so beautiful. I can predict tears already, and that’s just from me ha!

    I also LOVE those ties, I need Simon to persuade Chris to wear something similar! xxx

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