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What’s Your Wedding Entertainment Style?

Not sure what type of entertainment or wedding bands to have at your big day? Take this wedding entertainment quiz from List suppliers Alive Network Entertainment Agency, and discover the perfect styles of entertainment for your big day!

The Ultimate 90s Magazine Style Wedding Entertainment Quiz

1. You’re spending a night in with your wedding budget spreadsheet (deep joy!) How do you help yourself get through it?

A. Mexican beer from the fridge, a wedge of lime, a tray of tapas and lounge tracks on the iPod – easy!
B. Popcorn, party poppers and bunting – let’s make this fun
C. Start with the entertainment budget and work upwards – who needs canapés anyway?!
D. Feet up, mug of tea, and a large pack of chocolate biscuits – this could take some time.

2. What is your dream wedding venue?

A. Stylish, boutique country house hotel, with a state of the art spa
B. A theme park that’s all ours for the day or a comedy club or a circus big top…
C. A classic music venue
D. A marquee deep in the countryside

3. What would be your perfect day out with s2b (spouse to be?)

A. Art exhibition, then lunch at the latest fab restaurant
B. Circus skills workshop followed by pizza!
C. A weekend rock festival – one day is never enough…
D. Long country walk followed by a pub lunch in front of a roaring fire

4. What sort of drinks do you want served at your wedding?

A. Our own bespoke cocktail created by expert mixologists
B. Coloured vodkas served from hand-carved ice luges
C. Our favourite local brewery’s finest
D. New generation English wines – have you tasted how good they are now?

5. The napkins you ordered have arrived, but they are just the wrong shade of fuchsia. Do you:

A. Hold on, fuchsia? Must have been the wrong order, we’re strictly monochrome.
B. Fuchsia? Not ours, we ordered kids’ party one with clowns on for fun!
C. Fuchsia? Send ’em back, and we’ll order some classic white ones on our way to hear that new band…
D. Fuchsia? Lovely! Let’s get fuchsia flowers in the decorations to match!

6. You and your friends love to:

A. Chill out at a cool rooftop bar with fabulous views
B. Do new stuff – this week we’re learning to rock climb!
C. Check out the latest hot bands we’ve heard about
D. Go glamping and watch the stars come out

7. Your dream wedding drinks reception music would be:

A. Acoustic lounge band
B. Strolling mariachi band
C. ‘Unplugged’ rock duo or trio
D. An unusual act, like a vintage ukulele duo

8. During your wedding meal, you want your guests to:

A. Relax and not feel rushed
B. Be entertained – meals can drag on a bit
C. Enjoy good food and be ready to rock afterwards
D. Try new foods and be entertained by something different

9. Your live function band play list will DEFINITELY include:

A. Snow Patrol, Fat Boy Slim, Stevie Wonder and Frank Sinatra
B. 70s disco, 80s retro, 90s club tracks
C. The Killers, Kings of Leon, The Black Keys and The Foo Fighters
D. I’ll let them choose – we love to hear new music

10. You’ll probably be booking your wedding entertainment through a wedding entertainment agency like Alive Network because:

A. It’s so easy – click, confirm and it’s all sorted
B. There are so many entertaining acts to choose from, not just music!
C. Their function bands are the best in the UK – they really rock
D. They’ve got some unusual acts so I can surprise my guests.

Mostly A’s – Chilled and laid back

Hey, you’re one chill-axed couple! Not much phases you guys, and you’re about as far from a bridezilla (or groomzilla) as you can be. You want you guests to kick back and get into your wedding entertainment with minimum hassle and maximum style. Here’s some tips for top cool ents:

Ceremony – jazz guitarist, a capella group, harpist
Drinks Reception – cocktail pianist, Latin trio, lounge band, lookalikes
Wedding Meal – street style magician, modern jazz trio, electric string quartet
Evening Party – large format soul band, Rat Pack singers and band, club DJ

Mostly B’s – Fun, fun, fun!

You are Mr and Mrs Fun, always game for a laugh, and you want the whole world to laugh with you too. Friends love to be with you, and you love having a good time with them. Your entertainment will be amusing, entertaining, unusual – and accessible to everyone. Entertainment that add the Fun Factor includes:

Ceremony – sax quartet, solo Rat Pack singer, gospel choir
Drinks Reception – strolling mariachi band, steel band, caricaturist, juggler
Wedding Meal – surprise singing waiters, Brazilian dance troupe, comedy string quartet
Evening Party – 70s disco funk band, Blues Brothers tribute act, stand-up comedian

Mostly C’s – Rock My Wedding!

Music rocks your world, so music should Rock Your Wedding too! Wherever you go, rock is your soundtrack to life, so your wedding will have a totally awesome soundtrack from start to finish. Your guests will want to be up and rockin’ all night long!

Ceremony – acoustic duo, rockabilly band, do-wop group, bagpiper
Drinks Reception – rock ‘n roll trio, electric guitarist
Wedding Meal – show dancers, acoustic rockabilly band
Evening Party – rock-centric function band, tribute band, alternative cabaret

Mostly D’s – Totally Glastonbury

You’re like Glastonbury Festival – you love all sorts of music styles, you embrace all kinds of wonderful experiences, and you don’t even care what the weather does – you’ve packed your wellies! Your wedding entertainment choices will surprise, delight and sometimes even amaze your guests.

Ceremony – sax quartet, opera singer, flute and piano duo
Drinks Reception – living tables, vintage girl singers, ukulele duo
Wedding Meal – Bollywood dancers, aerial artists, 1920s band
Evening Party – ceilidh band, Cuban salsa band, illusionist

None of the above!

Not sure quite what your wedding entertainment style is? Call the experts at Alive Network and they’ll sort you out a bespoke package on entertainment that’ll delight, thrill, amaze, amuse and generally impress your guests!

Author: Fern Godfrey
Fern spends most of her time dreaming about weddings and trying to convince her long-suffering boyfriend to propose. Lucky enough to live in sunny Cornwall, if you need her – you’ll find her at beach.

4 thoughts on “What’s Your Wedding Entertainment Style?

  1. This is great fun! (having flashbacks to mizz and sugar magazines!)

    Just wanted to say how great the Alive Network are – we were beginning to feel a bit stressed that we had NO IDEA how to book a wedding band and then we came across the Alive Network through the List (Thank you RMW!!).

    Nick from the Alive Network was brilliant, the website is great (enter wedding date, enter wedding location, enter ideal budget, enter style of music = all the bands free on your date with a quote, leaving you free to explore their mp3s, profiles testimonials etc.). We have booked the Kickstarters and can’t WAIT to hear them on the big day!! xxx

    1. Hi Pippa,

      Thanks for the feedback – Glad to hear you enjoyed using the website and the band you’ve booked, The Kickstarters, are an awesome band; great musicians, lovely guys. They performed at a showcase event for us recently and the agents have been raving about them ever since – I’m sure you’ll have a great night with them!!!

      I’ve also passed your comments on to Nick : )

      Thanks again Pippa,
      Rich @ Alive Network

  2. These are some great considerations, as your wedding style will definitely affect the type of entertainment you choose.Musicians and live bands will love what they do and will show their passion in creating high quality sound. Most often they’ll interact with your guests, taking requests and will contribute to creating a great, lively atmosphere. Equally, Live acts aren’t just bands, there’s a huge number of professional musicians out there to choose from. Whether it be classical, jazz, funk, blues, country, gospel, pop, rock experienced musicians have trained for years on their craft and can add that atmosphere at your wedding or event with their playing.

  3. Wow this totally reminds me of sugar magazine years ago!

    We had a jazz/swing singer for our afternoon drinks reception who then performed with a full band for our evening reception. In the evening we hired a fish and chip van to come at 11pm to our marquee to serve chip shop favourites. It absolutely went down a treat.

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