Where The Sunshine’s At.

Let me start by saying this is essentially a beauty (Yay make-up!) and holiday wardrobe post. I wanted to make that clear just before you might have scrolled through the images of mopeds and um…. trucks full of fruit and wondered what on earth I was doing.

I’ve been to Italy you see… And what with you gorgeous lot going on Honeymoon or just on a lovely break with your favourite boy in the not too distant future, I thought I would share my sunshine essentials in the vain hope that in return, you might share yours with me.

And of course each other, am not a complete selfish Madam.

The images this post is illustrated with are my personal interpretation of Italy, little pieces of day-to-day life rather than a whole heap of standard picturesque scenes. And no, I don’t pretend to be any kind of great photographer, this is proved by the amount of times I can’t understand why my camera won’t work only to discover I have left the lens cap on…..

Oh and the (mostly cringeworthy) pics of me are to illustrate what wardrobe items I’m waffling on about. And to show off my shoes.


My Sunshine Beauty Products

No.7 Anti-Dark Spot Facial Protection SPF 50 – I don’t tan my face. Don’t even show it to Mr Sunshine if I can help it. I just think wrinkles. And age spots. This No.7 cream isn’t too greasy and has a 5 star UVA rating. It also contains pretty glowy particles that make you look all radiant and promises to be both water resistant and non comedogenic (ie won’t block your pores).

I like it. A lot.

Hawaiian Tropic Protective Sun Lotion SPF 30 – I have super sensitive skin and must have tried nearly EVERY suncream there is on the planet. The fancy department store ones, the ones that promise to be “Hypoallergenic” and “Fragrance/Paraben Free” even the ones made for children and babies…. only to end up with a reaction of some description or another. This one feels lovely on your skin, like silk. And not at all sticky. It also makes you smell of coconuts and pineapples. Delicious.

Nars Lipstick in Niagara – I find that in Summer my usual go-to neutral hues make me look a wee bit washed out, especially with a sweep of bronzer. I return to Nars Niagara every year, it’s the perfect pink-tinged coral and really “wakes up” your face.

Dove Summer Glow + Soft Shimmer – A few days of applying this fake-tan lotion every night prior to departure and I arrive to warmer climes looking sun-kissed rather than pasty. It doesn’t streak and smells kind of clean and soapy…. which is in my humble opinion is a distinct improvement on a packet of Mcvities digestives.

Nars Blusher in Desire – A really HOT pink. Don’t be put off my the colour in the pan, a gentle sweep on the apples of your cheeks and you look Holiday healthy. Promise.

Bourjois Liner Glitter Fizz – This is a liquid liner with tiny silver shiny bits in. It’s one of my all time favourite evening make-up items and is dirt cheap (about £4 from Boots). I paint it over a denser black liner on my upper eyelid and leave a few seconds to dry. It lends a gentle elegant sparkle rather than full-on disco dolly.

Korres Milk Protein Facial Wash – A fairly recent discovery of mine, I don’t know about you lovelies but after spending all day in high temperatures and layers of creams I always feel the need for a foaming facial cleanser and it’s difficult to find one that doesn’t leave you feeling tight and dry.

This one by Korres turns into a satisfying creamy lather and feels super clean and ultra soft. Have been recommending it to everyone.

My Sunshine Wardrobe Essentials

I like to think I am at an age now (Ahem. Somewhere around thirty) where I know what suits me and what doesn’t in terms of fashion. I’ve also been on enough holdidays to know what I actually enjoy wearing and what ends up unworn at the bottom of my suitcase….

The Cropped Trouser: Flight Pants by J Brand – I’m not a fan of my legs so favour Maxi dresses and floaty floor length skirts. This year though I succumbed to the 2011 S/S phoenomenon that was the J Brand Flight Pant. There was like a waiting list at My Wardrobe and everything. Glad I invested though, I’ve worn them to death.

The Nude Sandal: All Saints Rosalina Heel – These are officially the highest heels I have ever owned. They are verging on the completely ridiculous. And I freakin’ LOVE them.

The Fitted Vest: L.O.G.G by H & M – These are not the cheapest vests that H & M produce (a whole £6.99 each!) but they are the loveliest. Expensive looking brushed cotton and they fit beautifully, the scooped neck-line with the feminine lace trim is particularly pretty. I have several in grey marl, black, white and navy. Pink and pale blue are next on my hit list.

The Flattering Bikini: Candy by Caprice – Yup. I mean model Caprice, she of teeny tiny waist and pneumatic chest fame. I have neither assets as it happens but her bikini collection was still one of my favourite finds last month. I’m personally not into the whole “lots of cleavage on display by the pool” look (although if you’ve got it why not flaunt it I say)…. so I always buy a size up for more coverage.

This design is also available in a cute Barbie-esque pink. And no I’m not being ironic – it IS cute!

The Sun Hat: Coyote by Seafolly – I wear a hat by the pool to 1) keep my face out of the sun 2) keep my hair out of the sun – too much and it turns to straw and an attractive shade of banana yellow. This one is really comfortable for my (rather substantial) moon head and worn with over-sized shades completely hides my hot-and-bothered blotchy mug.


My Sunshine Hair Care Must Haves

I have very fine very blonde hair. In the heat and humidity it has a tendancy to somehow be limp, lank and frizzy all at the same time (I know, lucky lucky me) however, on holiday the last thing I want to do is spend hours faffing around with a million products in an attempt to make it look half decent.

As well as my usual shampoo and conditioner these are the products I recommend you pack in your wash bag (decant as many as you can into travel bottles, that way you gain more weight allowance for ridiculous shoes…)

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioning Treatment – An oldie but a goodie. It cuts through tangles like nothing else. Also available in convieniently one-application sized sachets.

Redken Hair Cleansing Cream – This is a clarifying shampoo. It makes your hair REALLY clean and shiny.

OSIS Style And Care Spray – Apply to damp hair before blow drying, it makes your barnet soft and bouncy with a bit of volume. Love.

Lee Stafford Matt Fat Mustard – Another recent find, rub between your palms and vigorously work through the whole of the hair from roots to ends. End up looking like beach babe/rock chick…. well almost.

So then folks, what are your holiday essentials? Any wardrobe item you religiously purchase every year? Any sunshine beauty products that you want to shout about?

I would LOVE to know.

And if you could attach links of covetable items to your comments you would make this blonde blog Queen really REALLY happy…..


Big Italian Love

Charlotte xxx

69 thoughts on “Where The Sunshine’s At.

  1. White linen for me. If I wear anything red or pink I look like a gypsy. Fact.

    White linen trousers and skirts and Topshop vests for me. I’m usually a 10 in their tops for work purposes but I buy the vests in a six. Stretchy = good fit. Promise it’s not slutty slutterson.

    Beautywise. NOTHING. ZIP ZIP NADA. Apart from Factor 50 suncream. I rate Boots Soltan SPF25 on the body. No lipstick. No mascara. I don’t…gasp….even take anything with me.

    The sun also makes my hair do these beautiful ringleted curls and waves I don’t get in this country so again, a good conditioner and half the suntan lotion I missed on my face.

    The Boy has super sensitive skin (so much so I washed the bedlinen in bio rather than fairy non-bio and he developed a rash). I’m going to try the Hawaiian Tropic.

    Next on my list is a freaking holiday.

    Did you go to Davide’s Ice Cream shop? Best Ice Cream I’ve ever had IN MY LIFE and its a skip throw and a hop from the boat landing to Capri on the Sorrento side.

  2. HI Charlotte

    You should try the Korres milk soap also – I use this and it is lovely – doesn’t leave skin feeling tight or dry.


  3. Fab pictures! I do love Italy…and if you went in May, what a perfect time of year to go!

    Absolutely agree on Dove summer glow. I’ve just returned from Kefalonia and have been topping up any colour I got out there with it – it’s natural and doesn’t streak. I also love Garnier Summer Body but the smell makes some people gag – I like it though, because it’s apricot.

    On the face and body – Boots Soltan spray mist factor 50, no more, no less. Sinks in like a dream.

    Big fan of Oakley sunglasses for the right mix of glamour and this-is-keeping-my-eyes-actually-protected practicality.

    Hair – can be rescued from salt water madness by Kerastese Masqueintense for fine hair. This turns me from “did-she-just-stick-her-finger-in-a-socket?” to something resembling sleek.

    Cozzie – I don’t do bikinis because I spend all day pulling them up, down, any which way out of nerves. I like swimming costumes with a bit of plunge, so they don’t look frumpy. Fox and Rose do great ones.

    Makeup –
    Urban Decay shadow in Y2K – it’s a beauty of a taupe that is just right for long summer evenings.

    Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser in Sand – not just on holiday but for all round summer – I recently cracked and splashed out and it really is as good as everyone says. My face looks amazing. If I do say so myself.

    Illamasqua blusher in Rude – a coral cream blush that blends so easily and I also use it as a lip gloss – and on a long summer night it makes you look glowy and seductive. Bargain.

  4. Umm big time jealous of your holiday and your figure missy!!

    Okay beauty essentials for me are:

    Boots Soltan Invisible suntan lotion – bye bye white cream that gets over your hands and feels sticky -this is a clear spray that dries instantly – it’s so good honest – especially for me as I’m v pale and burn super easily.

    A new find for me this year was the Calla bluff body mist and matching body lotion from Gilly Hicks (at Westfield London) Honestly i layered this on, on holiday and i have never smelled so good! Now the pineappley smell really takes me back – Yum! A bargain too..

    Clothes wise – I’ve really been rating Pull&Bear https://www.pullbear.com/#/showroom/ and Berska https://www.bershka.com/ recently. Very cute and cheap holiday wear, playsuits and maxis especially. Oh and Melissa Odabash bikinis (from The Outnet – v flattering)

    I’m going to invest in that no7 facial protection – I’ve been using Clarins but it’s too heavy for me and bright white – never a good look!


  5. I love these photos brought my memories of Sorrento flooding back. We were there for a week in April a couple of years ago, it rained for 5 days out of the seven, our plane was struck by lightning but the place was so beautiful, I will have to return.

    Anyway I have gone way off topic, loved the post. Advice and entertainment. Charlotte you made me laugh out loud with your photo descriptions.

    My holiday tips, if you can get your eye lashes tinted before you go away do, because then you don’t have to worry about mascara or panda eyes but your lashes will look fab.

    Also I am so fair, I have to wear suncream all the time. I use Clinique Super City block on my face. It is factor 40 so no burning, and it can be used under make up as a primer, genius!

    I am going to stop hogging the comment box now, I promise.


  6. Anna K – I have been considering both a spray for the face (they look nice and light – any good under make-up?) and LM tinted moisturiser. Is LM quite sheer? I would like a really sheer one. My MAC is good but verges on foundation….

    Lottie – We had an awful storm as well! Only one of the days but goodness, have never seen rain like it! I am also really vain and have my lashed tinted every month, if I don’t when I take my make-up off I look like an albino.

    Glad you liked the pics lovelies 😉

    Charlotte xxx

  7. Charlotte. I’m not wearing any now.

    Mainly because I loathe my job and refuse to make an effort Monday to Friday and as I am scared of my boss not wearing make up is about as rebellious as I get.

    But also because I look like a drag queen in make-up. FACT.

  8. Oooo, I love the beauty posts on RMW!

    Big up for the Redken Cleansing Cream from me too – I love it! In the sun, I also use the Redken Colour Extend spray to stop the ends of my hair from frazzling.

    My other holiday must-buys are the Dermalogica Solar Defence Booster (I love the way you can mix it with your moisturiser) and Hawaiian Tropic coconut body butter. Smells good enough to eat and is a great after sun cream!

    I don’t usually wear much make-up on the beach, but a slick of L’Oreal Perfect Telescopic waterproof mascara and a sweep of Nars Bronzing Powder in Laguna are perfect.


  9. ..By the way, I realise with the name Jeff it may appear that I’m hitting on you. Jeff is a nickname used by my nearest and dearest, I go by Rebecca the rest of the time. I felt this needed saying.

  10. Hi Charlotte, I just want to know what camera you have! im on the verge of buying and it looks liek you have a good’un!

  11. Andrea… Lake Como? I die.

    Rachie – I must investigate this Gilly Hicks! sounds lush. Would love Melissa Odabash but quite pricey, never thought to investigate the Outnet but now I will!

    Kelly – Hawaiian Tropic do a body butter?! I didn’t even know! I MUST buy some.

    Charlotte xxx

  12. I agree with Anna K on the Laura Mercier tinted foundation. I use the oil free one. And Charlotte – yes it is quite sheer, and a lovely texture.

    Also agree on the Soltan (but tempted to try the Hawaiian Tropic because I LOVE the smell). Other half prefers Soltan though.

    Other than that, Benefit’s Talk to the Tan bronzer gel, Topshop cream blush and GHDs! Good to go.

  13. Well, LM tinted moisturiser claims to be sheer, but I quote Clare at Any Other Wedding here…”my face can’t look this good with just moisturiser, surely?”

    So whilst it’s not thick, it certainly evens out skintone – and to me, that’s more than sheer.

    I wouldn’t wear the soltan spray under makeup – it’s one or the other for me. Just in case your Chanel gorgeousness DISSOLVES. ALL OVER YOUR FACE.

  14. Charlotte – I have the same Caprice Bikini as you. I love it and can’t believe I have a Caprice bikini – the very big cleavage shots to advertise the range always turn me off but its super flattering!!

  15. Ria – it’s a Nikon D90 Pet, I have two lenses, 200mm and 50mm, this was the 50mm as I couldn’t take both on hols….not enough room what with the giant make-up bag and ridiculous shoes 😉

    Tracy M and Anna K – right then I must get some LM!, Anna do you use the oil free version also?

    Also Tracy M – you mentioned Top Shop blush, have you used any of the other make-up by TS? I’ve actually heard their skin tint ( only £10 ) is supposed to be quite good too…

    Charlotte xxx

  16. For me it’s got to be denim shorts and flip flops. I practically live in them when the sun’s out but I figure at some point I’ve got to grow up (at the ripe old age of 24!) so any help is more than welcome!

    I’m also with Rebecca in that I’m not wearing any make up today – mainly because I also hate my job and see no reason to make an effort. which is why my hair is in a bun! But on the plus side only 44 days left for me!

    But for holiday make up, I wear a smidge of Collection 2000’s bronzer, Nars Desire Blusher and Bourjois mascara. Oh and factor 30 or 50 as I burn like a penguin!

    BTW – I got the Body Shop’s shea Body Butter free with Marie Claire and it’s like heaven – I recommend! Anyone else love Olivia Palermo? No just me?!


  17. Sandie – Oh My Goodness I know! I did think about putting the image on here to show the bikini then thought it might put people off. Not sure me looking blotchy was a good alternative but at least my proportions are a little more life -like (!) Do you have the pink and B & W or just one? I wasn’t going to invest in both but really glad I did 😉

    Charlotte xxx

  18. I use the LM oil-free primer (really. really. phenomenal), but the standard tinted moisturiser. Go for a trial to experiement, LM staff are really good and patient.

    I also bought Secret Camouflage on 02 and oh my actual god.

  19. Charlotte, I haven’t used any of the Topshop skin products – just the colour cosmetics. BUT, one of their sales assistants told me their makeup is made by the same people who make Estee Lauder, and I think Estee Lauder does foundation-type products pretty well, so maybe the Topshop skin tint is worth checking out!

    Be sure to let us know if you try it…

  20. Keika and Rebecca ( not Jeff!) who dislike your jobs/boss – is there anyway you can move roles and be happier? I’ve had a couple of crappy jobs (and bosses!) in my time, I’ve always been scared of leaving initially but in the end just the sense of relief made it all worth while.

    Keika, I am with you on Olivia. Not sure what she actually does apart from look amazing in clothes but still, she has the shiniest hair ever. Also um.. 24 is too old for flip flops?! I LIVE in flip flops and I’m a lot older than you (!) Anyway I don’t think you are too old, I’m sure my Nan has a pair 😉

    Anna – Right I’m going for a consult!!!!

    Tracy – ooh thanks I love gossip like that, Estee also own Mac, Clinique and Bobbi Brown…. TS must be worth a try!

    Charlotte xxx

  21. Oooh, didn’t get a look at this before it went up, nice holiday snaps and NICE shoes 😉

    You can try my LM next time we’re together C – it’s not that sheer – good coverage (i’ll do a demo) but it doesn’t look like there’s anything there.

    Hmm, holiday must haves… as I’m about to book one, I’m so in the right frame of mind for this!

    I swap my usual make-up for bronzer and golden shades for the eyes then lash on the mascara/eyeliner at night – v.exotic (I like to think) and it works with my darker skin and hair.

    My hair is a lost cause on holiday, I’m undecided on the cut it/grow it tug of war in my head at present. Good conditioner a must. If I’m lucky, it curls.

    Tropical orange/coral/yellow nails polish for toes, eyelash tint and bikini wax pre-travel.

    I take normal moisturiser and keep it in the fridge for aftersun and a good body scrub is essential to keep a light tan even – take sachets or travel sizes of any salt scrub.

    And in the day time, I wear nada on my face, like the other Rebecca. Just Clinique city block spf40.

    Holiday wardrobe… white linen trousers, gold accessories (flip flops/chunky jewellery) Cut off shorts, maxi dresses and mini dresses, just generally dresses, white or bright please. Hat and scarf to salvage the hair on the beach. And as much of it as possible needs to be strapless. I hate strap marks.

    And I always buy 2 new bikinis – never expensive ones at they get ruined, usually M&S or H&M, although this year as an anniversary present, I got a Cotton one from Agent P – very fancy 😉

    That was fun 🙂 Excited for hols now!

  22. GREAT timing on this post as I literally JUST booked our flights to Italy for our honeymoon – Amalfi coast, Capri, Sorrento and Rome here we come! Do you have any recommendations, Charlotte?

    I have also been looking for a good face SPF for a while, so No 7 it’s going to be. Do you use a moisteriser as well?

    Love the pics too xx

  23. Charlotte – I am leaving!!! on August 12th to go and teach ickle kiddies!!! 🙂 I’ve been here over 2 years and I’ve finally plucked up the courage to leave – feel so much freer now I’ve done the deed!

    I have no idea what she does but i agree on the hair/clothes front. i’m actually going to have my (blonde) hair cut to her length after my friends wedding in July! Okay – I’ll stick to the flip flops – soooo comfy! If it wasn’t so freaking cold in Oxford today I’d even wear them to work!


  24. I need those shoes! And clearly as they share my name (my name being Rosalind which is bleedin’ close enough!) they were clearly made for me, or at least that’s what I’ll be telling the boy ;O)

    Love this post xx

  25. Esme – When in Capri you must visit the Alberta Ferretti store, I couldn’t afford anything in it mind (!) but the clothes were to die for.

    We had all good intentions of visiting Positano which Rebecca RMW highly recommends but because of a really bad storm we couldn’t go – it’s supposed to be really pretty.

    Restaurant wise I loved all the little real “Italian” back street places in Sorrento, literally a table and a checked tablecloth and a bowl of pasta. Perfect.

    I don’t need to use a moisturiser with the No.7 Pet, it’s really creamy. If I’m going “out” in the day (by the pool I don’t care) I dust on some Chanel loose powder over the top to take away shine.

    Keika – Yay! good for you on the job front! Do you have long hair then? I am seriously considering a big chop. I have an image of Naomi Watts saved in preparation (choppy bob!)

    Charlotte xxx

  26. Ooh Rebecca – lucky girl with the Agent P -Good anniversary pressie!

    I rate TS make up too – like the cream blush and the lippies – great colours!

    just invested in the LM foundation but good to know the reviews on the tinted moisturiser are great and i so need the primer – Thanks for reminding me Anna K! 🙂

    Another thing (!!) I really recommend Lisa Stickley wash bags if you are splashing out for honeymoon. They are a great shape and fit loads in!!

    Rachie xo

  27. Thanks Charlotte – I’m so excited already! Just checking out hotels on Mr and Mrs Smith…

    Everyone seems to be thinking about major hair changes at the moment! I’ve had a short bob for years and then have grown it for W day. Now to decide whether it gets chopped off again for the honeymoon… I think you would look AMAZING with a slightly longer choppy bob – go for it (if you trust your hairdresser…) And you too Keika. And I think RMW Rebecca – keep yours short, it really suits you.


  28. I too shun make up during the day on holiday, but make up for it at night!
    Beauty essentials – lipgloss, highlighters, anything bright and fun that makes the most of having a tan! I also exfoliate daily on holiday, I like Soap and Glory Flakeaway for this. I always find that using all of the suncream and aftersun etc I don’t need a seperate moisturiser.
    Clothes – I have bought a fab straw trilby from Accessorize for my honeymoon, can’t wait to wear it without looking like a knob! I also wear lots of cotton sundresses, (usually wear one at night, then wear it again the next day) vests, denim shorts, and cotton skirts. Shoes – flip flops for day, wedges for night.
    My top tip – always take your own hair dryer, is worth extra room in your case as hotel ones are so rubbish they can add an extra 20 minutes to your getting ready time!

  29. Keika and Charlotte. I handed MY notice in too. Whoop whoop for fulfilling your dreams….

    I don’t hate the office. I hate the situation. We’re currently living in cities at opposite ends of the ruddy country because of work and I’d had enough of spending time with the train guard on the 18:10. I finish at the end of August. We planned the wedding date knowing one of us would likely be unemployed for a while so I don’t feel the saving pressure or planning pressure so much – I can have my RMW kicks daily without stressing that I MUST crochet 100000000 somethings or other and it gives me time to find a job I LOVE.

    I have an interview next week – I’m wearing black suit (trousers), low heeled shoes as to avoid ankle showage and a white shirt (not gapey). Pearl earrings. Please can the RMW community cross your fingers for me?

  30. My hair is long (as in below my shoulder blades long!) and it’s got to the point where it catches if i have it down 🙁 I’m thinking of any of these pics:
    Olivia: https://www.shopstyleceleb.com/2011/02/olivia-palermo-during-tibi-photoshoot-2011-5/
    Lauren Santo Domingo: https://beauty.about.com/od/photosmediumhairstyles/ss/medhairs.htm
    Brooklyn Decker: https://socialitelife.com/enlargedimage?back_to=/brooklyn-decker-reveals-new-hairdo-photos-03-2011/exclusive-brooklyn-decker-gets-a-new-sophisticated-haircut-10&postid=5766892

    Thoughts lovelies?


  31. Roz – Yup. You NEED those shoes. Seriously they are so comfy and I am so tall in them!!!

    Esme – yes a longer choppy bob is what I like, I’m quite lazy though and would worry that if I didn’t have time to “style” it it would just look “blah” – with long hair you can kind of get away with it I think.

    Kathryn – I really want a trilby! And I had the same issue, worried I might look like I was trying to hard/like a k-nob. Can you buy the Accessorize one on-line? And I always take my own hairdryer too Pet, well worth it I think.

    Charlotte xxx

  32. Keika – Ah yes, this is the style that I like 🙂 Is your hair that texture or would you have to use product/put some waves in there? That Lee Stafford mustard stuff I mentioned in the post is great for this look. I use one of those wands to get the waves or plait my hair at night for next day beach hair.

    Charlotte xxx

  33. I am so envious of your girlies taking the plunge and handing your notices in. I am so cross with myself for not being brave enough. It made me laugh that you don’t wear makeup to reflect this – me neither!!

  34. What a lovely post! We got back from our friends wedding yesterday – it was in beautiful Ravello…the most stunning location…and our day trip to Positano was a real treat too!

    I couldn’t holiday without my 3/4 length tapered trews, nor would I ever do without a pair of neautral heels…and for a skin concious paley, like me – spray tan is a must, topped up with Dove’s gradual tan moisteriser.


  35. Wow Charlotte I can’t believe those shoes!! I am such a wuss with heels that I never even wear them at home and as for on holiday……well it’s a HOLIDAY right?!! Not a chance!! What I do love though is Accessorize’s beautiful beautiful beaded flipflops, so priddy. And maxi dresses. And denim shorts. And linen trousers.

    Man, I need me a holiday!

    Oh, and that sunset view of Sorrento? I DIE. Went to Sorrento with my parents when I was 18, have always wanted to go back…

  36. Jessie – be brave Pet!!!

    Sarah – Was gutted I missed out on both locations, ah well, will just have to go back 😉

    Anita – Right then. Off to buy the dehumidifier…. I think I’m in love with lee Stafford!!

    Charlotte xxx

  37. I am still giggling like a loon at the McVities comment! Totally with you on that one, Charlotte!

    My essentials are also rather minimal: havianas, and my amazing love-it-rarely-wear-anything-else convertible Patagonia dress/skirt and skirt/top. As a lanky lass Long Tall Sally does quite well out of me pre-holiday and make up wise? I usually to for a lash tint pre-departure and throw in some Laura Mercier blush for if I’m feeling the need for rosy-tinted cheeks. Currently mourning the loss (read: scraped out last drop) of my Stila lipgloss so will have to find an alternative (can you get it in the UK anymore?). Yikes. Oh, and hair-wise I’ve lopped the whole lot off to channel my inner pixie. Two months to go!

    thanks for all the tips, ladies. Don’t you just love summer holiday planning?

  38. Oh how I love these posts. I literally adore them.

    Charlotte – I NEED to know where you stayed in Italy!! The boy and I are looking to go next year (yes planning already and we’ve still got a honeymoon to go on!) and would love to hear from someone who’s been. Expect a couple of questions when I submit my next post… If that’s okay? 😉


  39. Havent read all the comments yet but had to share that If any of you are like me and breakout in spots as soon as you put ANY suncream on your face (yes, even the fancy stuff!) I have finally found one that doesn’t give me a single spot!! I wear it everyday (factor 50) on my face an it has a very light tint. It’s called sun sense and costs around 10 pounds. I haven’t seen it in the shops but you can buy it online … Xx

  40. Where in Italy were the pics taken? I’m going to the Amalfi on my honeymoon – sorry – ‘we’re’ going to the Amalfi on ‘our’ honeymoon 🙂 Is that where you were? If so – any tips on where to go??

    ps – how friggin amazing do you look in a bikini?!! Is there a magic cream that will get my stomach looking that flat? Please don’t tell me to do situps – i’ve just eaten a bar of dairy milk.

  41. Awwww I am sooooo envious of all your summer hols etc, I am a bit of a late bloomer (due to uni debt and having a house since being 19 and an ex-boyfriend leaving me with extra lots of debt have never left the country since the age of 7…apart from living in France growing up which sort of counts I reckon) and have yet to enjoy all those holiday type excitements!
    Don’t get me wrong since ending things with Mr Wrong and meeting my Mr Right a few years ago we have enjoyed numerous hols in England and to Scotland and Ireland…because I developed a phobia of flying…because I haven’t (weird eh?). He has been all over as is a little older and a lot better off (enter me who substituted lack of hols with shoes/make up/bags obsessions etc haha).

    So we are now saving like mad for wedding day and honeymoon stuff (due to his house still not being sold!) and thus still sticking to this country for hols which means less worry for products etc (silver linings and all that). And then proper out of the country rocking hols will commence…hurrah!!

    So I know this has gone on and is off topic but I sooooo wanted to join in on the hol talk and wanted to explain the therefore lack of.
    I will ensure I post plenty of hol related goodness as soon as big day is complete and the hols begin!!! I am saving all these tips for then xx

  42. This time last week was in Amalfi coast on our mini-moon- I WANNA GO BACK NOW! We did Positano and Priano- amazeballs.
    Love the (timely) post, Charlotte! And the shoes xx

  43. Can I asked where you stayed? and if it was nice even a link to the holiday providers would be awesome. It looks an amazing place. xx

  44. Hello lovelies!

    Em K – ebay! I still use Stila illuminating powder – only on ebay 😉 Are you saying you went for pixi for W-day? if so mucho respect for you Madam.

    Katie – With pleasure pet, ask away!

    Robyn – Ohh do post the link, that sounds fab!!!!!!

    Sarah – I could lie and say “Oh I eat what I want and don’t do any exercise” etc etc but this would be a big fat lie. I go to the gym 3 times a week, have done since I was 19. I love music so to switch off and listen to my ipod for an hour is actually enjoyable. I do the cross trainer as it works your whole body and doesn’t leave me panting like the treadmill, power plates and the “plank” work well for abs. I don’t deny myself a bar of chocolate however – or the odd glass of wine.

    Alex84 – bless you, some of the best holidays I have had have been the cheapest and usually in the UK – where/how much it cost doesn’t mean anything. It’s who you’re with that counts.

    Luci – If you fancy a splurge you must get the shoes, they ARE amazeballs. Um… can’t wait to see your W-day pics xxx

    Charlotte xxx

  45. Oh my goodness, what a coincidence – I’m going to Sorrento tomorrow! My bedroom looks like a bomb has hit it as I’m still deciding which clothes to pack. It’s been lovely reading your write up just before I go.

    Teresa xx

  46. ok so I’m late to the holiday party, stupid work and painting the spare room getting in the way of my RMW fix!!

    (on the plus side, my spare room is going to look super nice when its done!)

    I LOVE make up and holiday posts, we’ve just booked our flights for our ‘major’ moon (we mini-mooned in Wales and it was lush). We’re going to the west coast of the US and it is going to be HOT, like majorly HOT.

    So any recommendations for face stuff that doesn’t make me look like a greasy, shiny mess are very welcome. I usually wear MAC but I don’t like any of their bases for hot weather.

    mrs r.now x x x

    PS Charlotte – I love that picture of the two old ladies gossiping on the balcony, so funny.

  47. Charlotte, this post is amazing!

    I will definitely be pinching quite a few things off your lovely list of beauty bits.

    My holiday recommendations are few and far between but I have recently fallen in love with Soap and Glory’s Hocus Focus. It’s incredible and would be perfect for adding a glow to holiday skin without the foundation. You can even mix it with your foundation if you want a bit of colour…


    In terms of holiday hat I will be buying a rather beautiful one from the legendary Topshop. Gorgeous and very feminine 😉


    I will also be purchasing a beautiful honeymoon bag from Miss.Kidston…


    And as for beach babe hair there is only one option for me…


    It smells gorgeous and works brilliantly.


  48. Ohh the suncream that doesn’t give you spots is on special here:


    The face one I use which is awesome as it is Matt and Oil Free:

    I usually buy it from my dermatologist who recommended it and it actually works! Hurrah. The light tint is nice too as it gives you a bit of colour..


  49. Charlotte – no my hair has a sort of kink to hit and if i don’t blow dry/straighten it it looks like I’ve stuck my finger in a plug socket!

    Lee stafford here I come……


  50. eBay! But of course! Hadn’t thought of looking for cosmetics there! But lo! There they are, in all their lip glazed glory! Thanks for the tip, Charlotte; RMW is a fountain of knowledge as ever!

    And yes, the locks came off. W-Day for me is going to be a short-haired affair!

  51. Oh I love these posts!

    My holiday must haves… mmm as I havent been a way for quite some time (like Alex) I dont have an awful lot… but I tend to wear dresses mainly (shorts URGH NO not on my chunky thighs) and flip flops or wedges for the evenings.

    Loving the Bikini and you have an amazing body (it must be said)… what are your tips for keeping so trim! ;o)

  52. Teresa! Oh have a lovely time!

    Mrs R now, Robyn recommended sunsense which is matt and oil free, I am definitely going to give it a go!

    Fiona – thanks for all the links pet! I too have just invested in the Lee Stafford salt spray, I’ve yet to try it but I’ve heard great things.

    Robyn – I’m investing 😉

    Keika – Let me know if you are brave enough to go for the chop, I seem to sway back and forth every day with yes or no….

    Em K – ebay has some great make-up shops, especially for end of line stuff and MAC limited editions that are no longer available. Have fun surfing!

    Abi Lady Har Har – Bless you and thanks so much, I (like every girl on the planet) am never happy with the way I look, I always want to change something or other. I also tend to focus on one thing that really bugs me then focus on something else the next week, at the moment it’s my inner thighs.

    That means absolutely NO shorts for me either 😉

    Charlotte xxx

  53. Robyn, thank you so much for the sunsense links. I am a fairly pale skinned ginger and don’t tan, do you think the slight tint will make me look orange?

    I’m just getting my RMW fix before an intense evening of wedmin, SO many jobs to do! Our wedding is suddenly in 3 weeks, 2 days and I really can’t quite believe it xx

  54. Hi again. Can you link to the actual accommodation you stayed in if you recommend it. I’ve been trawling the net for places to stay but to no avail. Thank you

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