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We see it everywhere. We see it in many different forms from Dresden to Chantilly. Yes, I’m talking about lace. We love a lace gown here at RMW and as fashions change and grow and develop so does and will this magical world of lace. And we’re very excited about it.

Someone else equally as excited about this is Chloe from The White Room and she’s here to tell you lovely lot more about new trends and how to work this beautiful material to your advantage.

Chloe teamed up with photographer Cat Hepple to bring this gorgeous shoot to our pages.


Creativity And Styling

Chloe from The White Room: The concept of the shoot was to embrace the huge trend for lace within the industry but try to bring it to a modern and fashionable edge, allowing elements of lace to be present without necessarily being the whole gown, adding hints of colour or quirky touches to make it more than just ‘another lace dress’. We wanted to really bring to the forefront the femininity and softness of the gowns and show that less, can be more and a little creativity and styling.

What I love about the designers stocked at The White Room is just that, their ability to design a gown with the overall end look in mind, selecting the fabric which makes the gown so special, rather than sticking bits of lace on a gown and expecting brides to buy into the ‘vintage lace’ dress. They have thought with detail about what lace suits each cut of gown and what is needed to make a bride fall in love with quality, style and design.

Honour Stephanie Allin


Honour is a very strong gown for The White Room for 2013 by Stephanie Allin. One that can be worn so many ways and allows the romance in the full tulle skirt to peek through the powerful lace panels and look timeless and memorable. Many brides come to us and say they want ‘vintage’ – my interpretation of this is now to mean ‘timeless’ and Honour resonates with that. Brides love the higher neck line and the variation of adding belts, sashes and veils. We paired it with a soft birdcage by HM Veils and a blush sash to emulate the look of the shoot, feminine and pretty.

Galilee by Cymbeline

Polka Dots

Galilee by Cymbeline is a wonderful gown, quirky as she is feminine, the lace is so soft and delicate, but the polka dot makes it fun and kooky. We paired her with a few styles of the 1920’s inspired Juliette cap veil, one with the full flower and the other with tumbling layer of contrasting lace for the more full on lace look. The movement in the gown is there to see and is perfect for the bride whose priority is comfort and wear ability with a hint of sensuality – the open back is to die for!

Sunset by Stephanie Allin

Fashion Forward

Sunset by Stephanie Allin is one of my favourite gowns for 2013 – the oyster pink chiffon is just amazing and the cut of the gown is so fashion forward with the drop waist corset and strong line on the bust, she is a fashionista’s dream! We paired with the bespoke ‘Sunset’ veil (at The White Room). This gown pairs brilliantly with gold, bronze and blush accessories, perfect with Rachel Simpson ‘Esme’ and ‘Ginger’ shoes which White Room brides love.

Dominique by Sassi Holford

Embrace Your Curves

Ah Dominique – who CAN’T love Dominique by Sassi Holford? As a new label to The White Room, we have fallen in love with Sassi’s designs and Dominique is one of our favourites, a super strong fishtail with some power in the lace (LOVE the polka dot skirt!). We paired simply with Debbie Carlisle ‘Lily’ and let our model do the work. Brilliant for the bride embracing curves, sensuality and style. Not for the faint hearted, but then again ladies, a White Room bride likes both to be seen and heard!

Hayworth by Stephanie Allin

Hollywood Glam

Which is why we LOVE Hayworth by Stephanie Allin – a stunning golden hue of sequin and tulle, she lives up to the Hollywood name and emulates sensuality with a hint of glamour and sex appeal. We paired with the birdcage, and like Sunset, carries gold and blush accessories amazingly well. Dare to be different and add a blush veil and allow the colours to shine or wear her with the very glam turban!

Eden by Jenny Packham

Beaded Beauty

Lastly and be NO means least… Eden! The stunning beaded beauty that is Eden. We’ve shot the platinum version before (see the Stripped to Core shoot on RWM in November 2012) but this shoot called for something softer and the ivory gown did that for us. We paired with DC Bouquets ‘Greta’ for the epitome in the 1920’s styling. What was amazing about Eden was as much as the light fell, the beading just shone.

We hope you love the shoot and the gorgeous gowns we hold at The White Room and how we see bridal as a genre of fashion, as a play thing of style, as an adventure in to self expression and as a work of art. I believe the images and video tell that tale and that brides will take risks and add their stamp on a classic – embracing romance, femininity and fun along the way!


Whisperings Photo Shoot from Story of Your Day on Vimeo.

The Team

Boutique – The White Room
Venue Styling – Pamella Dunn Events
Hair and Make-Up – Erika Swinn
Venue – The Old Priory
Photography – Cat Hepple Photography
Lily and Greta Hair accessories – DC Bouquets
Veils – HM Veils at The White Room
Shoes – Rachel Simpson
Videography – Story Of Your Day

How gorgeous is it to see lace used more subtly through these designs? Cat tells us that her inspiration for the shoot was based on this quote, “Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.” And I think it’s just perfect. It mirrors the delicate designs and screams for a bride who wants to be traditional but also have a little bit of a quirky edge.

Make sure you watch the video too to see the dresses in action.

Do you have a favourite? I’m very attracted to Sunset and that amazing veil.

Lots of lacy love


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

16 thoughts on “Whisperings

  1. These dresses are fab. I am seriously tempted by , well all of them to be honest, but I think Sunset is particularly lovely. However the thing I love most about this is that model’s stunning curves – I’m really hoping to look a little bit like her on my big day!

  2. BOOM! Chloe and Cat smash it again! I was (and like to think still am) a White Room Bride, so I’m giddy with Tuesday morning excitement to find Chloe and her ladies (dresses) pop up in my inbox! *Waves* to Chloe and all you White Room Brides out there! Now, I could happily eulogise about my White Room experience (Oops, I already did – Stripped to the Core) but Cat’s awesome images and Chloe’s bridal gospel do that for me. Particularly excited to see La Grande Dame of dresses, my very own ‘La Hayworth’, grace the pages of RMW! 🙂 And as for Sunset – Chloe, you know I called that when she arrived last year! Devine! Uber White Room and Stephanie Allin love! xx

  3. As a self-professed lace fanatic I was more than a little giddy when this shoot was submitted to us here at RMW; the images are simply sublime.

    Loving the hair, loving the beauty, loving the veils – just exquisite!

  4. A very lovely shoot, but also very pleased to see bridal models with a bit more curve to them, and woweeee do the dresses look incredible on them! Sassi’s designs in particular are made for the hourglass figures. Beautiful!

  5. Wicko Dicko – I too am wearing Hayworth by Stephanie Allin!! I was SO excited to see my dress featured on my favourite wedding blog 🙂 I’d love to hear how you are styling it. The dress was love at first sight for me but now with 3 months to the wedding I am getting a teeeeeeeny bit worried that its over the top! xxx

  6. @Jolene – apologies, I could got off mid post! So.. where was I? I joined the ‘Mrs Club’ in September, so believe me when I say, it it was love at first sight (I was torn between Tallulah and Hayworth), then I guarantee she won’t let you down. You, your H2B and all of your guests will be stunned. I was quite literally stopped on the (cobbled) street, mid wedding day shoot, by total strangers compelled to remark on how unusually awesome my dress was/is (Biased, I know). Hayworth is bold choice, so I’m guessing you’re a gal who’s not afraid to make a statement? I say enjoy exploring the possibilities – it’s a B2B’s rite of passage to play dress up! One tip: when it comes to accessories don’t fret about them ‘matching’. Ms Hayworth has an oystery hue as opposed to white/ivory/cream, so work with that. I explained this to milliners etc who happily loaned items to me to try with Ms Hayworth at my fittings. Ultimately I couldn’t decide (I am a sucker for pretty) so splurged and swicthed my ‘look’ up for ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening as you can see… xx

  7. @Wicko Dicko First up, can I just say you looked ABSOLUTELY STUNNING in your dress? I can see why you got complimented just walking along the streets! Seeing your photos and watching the video has made me fall in love with the dress all over again, it just is the most beautiful dress I have ever seen and it moves so beautifully as well. Fears all gone, now I am super excited for my turn to don Ms Hayworth! 3 months to go..need to sort out hair makeup and accessories!

    Also congratulations on becoming a Mrs, your wedding day looked truly lovely 🙂

  8. PS thank you for sharing your wedding day – it really did affirm my love for Ms Hayworth after seeing how beautiful it was on you!

  9. @ Jolene Yeay for Hayworth! And thank you – she was a DREAM to wear and swish around in! I absolutely LOVED my Wday. *Beams with pride* Not in a narcissistic way but in an A-Team’s Hannibal, ‘I love it when a plan comes together’ way. 🙂 And guess what? You have it all to look forward to- how exciting is THAT?! Enjoy the next 3 months and if you can, try to remember this thread and post a link to your wedding when they’re ready – I’d love to see how you decide to style her. xx

    P.S You’re very welcome! #TeamHayworth!

  10. How beautiful is this?!

    @WickoDicko – we have actually seen your images here at Stephanie Allin before as well as your amazing video and we were all cooing over how incredible you looked in your fab Hayworth dress!! If you send the images to amy@stephanieallin.net – we can put them on our website?
    @Jolene, you are going to look FANTASTIC! Please send us pictures! Hayworth is one of my absolute favourite dresses, we had such fun shooting it in Paris and it’s coming into it’s own now with the release of the Great Gatsby! Have a truly wonderful day!

    Chloe, Charlotte, Cat and all the stylist team – another fab job!! Congrats x

    Steph x

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