White-Washed In Wiltshire.

We really are spoiling you today folks – yet another gorgeous real wedding, this time it’s Katie and Chris’s summer affair in Wiltshire captured by the lovely Caroline Alexander.

And to be honest I don’t even know where to start with all the details of this W-day that made me do a little clap at my desk (usually just when I’m by myself so no-one thinks I am a complete loon). Firstly there is THE dress, Exalto by Cymbeline, all layers of lace and uber flattering cut. Then there is the fact the reception was held at Katie’s parents farm and the decor is so ruddy perfect for the venue, I’m talking white washed beams, hessian table runners, huge white peonies and some kind of table plan made out of an old bed and chicken wire….yes really. And it looks awesome.

In light of yesterdays bridesmaids chat (essentially having to consider so many different shapes, sizes and preferences) Katie had just the one, in the prettiest shade of navy. And I’ve got to say these are some of the loveliest bride and best girl portraits I’ve ever seen.

Have a wonderful Wednesday you gorgeous lot.

On The Wall

I bought my dress at Mirror Mirror in Islington, It was called Exalto, by Cymbeline, and I choose it for its elegance and beautiful lace frills. I could also easily move around in it which was important in the barn.

A Surprise Gift

I wanted to wear fairly simple jewellery, and on the morning of our wedding my husband sent me a pair of pearl earrings, and a matching necklace and bangle. Just before I left for the church my sister gave me yet another present from Chris – Tiffany diamond earrings! Happy to admit I was utterly spoilt!

Bond And Navy

Chris had a bespoke 3 piece suit made at Reiss, it was really well made, fitted perfectly and a great price. He had a Paul Smith stripy navy tie, and a more detailed button hole that the other boys. He looked very handsome, and according to many of our guests just like Daniel Craig!

My bridesmaid Charlotte choose her navy blue dress from Coast, the boys either wore their own or a hired navy suit and brown shoes, and we gave them all a spotty navy tie.

A Beautiful Morning

I had my colour done at Aveda a week before the wedding and then on the day, my sisters, my bridesmaid and I went to No.1 Hair in Pewsey. Serena, the owner did my hair, and her assistant Claire did the other girls. Serena is great fun and we had a lovely morning in her salon. We had the place to ourselves, and spent the morning chatting, reading magazines, eating sandwiches and drinking bubbly.

I did my own make up, using Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown and Chantecaille products; using tips I had learnt about 6 months earlier at a makeup lesson with John Gustafson at Fenwicks.

All Round Lovely

For our photography I chose Caroline Alexander who I had previously met when she did my sister Lydia’s wedding. We loved that she was so discreet and produced really beautiful and natural shots. Before the wedding we had an engagement/practise shoot which was great fun, we spent a couple of hours exploring my parents farmyard looking for interesting spots to take our wedding photos I really wanted the photography to reflect the relaxed barn venue, which it did. Caroline totally captured the relaxed farm yard feel of the day and was also lovely company.

Country And Garden

For our flowers we used Kate at Hedgerose in Marlborough. I had a clear idea about the look and feel of my wedding, and Kate was able to translate that with her arrangements. She spent lots of time with me and at both the church and the barn and came up with some beautiful ideas.

At the church we had white and green arrangements on the window sills and font. Either side of the church door way, we had milk churns filled with tall white country flowers. At the reception, I chose white peonies in jars on the tables, and white and green long draping arrangements on each beam in the barn.

Both mine and my bridesmaids bouquets where originally going to be large bunches of wild red poppies, however it rained heavily the night before the wedding and our stock was ruined, so we went with plan B, a mix of blues, which looked beautiful.

Keeping It Local

My friend Liane sung in Church which was both fantastic and personal. After dinner we had a local band Breeze, they had everyone up and dancing straight away. Towards the end Chris and his groomsmen were up there singing Oasis medleys to the delight of the crowd.

Always In Keeping

I wanted a relaxed country, barn feel for the decoration, and spent age’s sources lots of special items, such as milk churns and enamel tin pots. Chris and I made signs to direct the guests, a blackboard for the menu, and a table planner out of an old bed and some chicken wire!

We made the bar with two barrels, an old door and lots of hessian. Although I already had a lot of pieces as I run a business called Vintage Blue hiring unique and interesting vintage crates, jars etc to weddings, parties, photographers and florists.

Home-Made Delicious

My sister in law, Jenny made our cake. It consisted of a tier of chocolate sponge and another tier of burnt vanilla sponge, with butter cream icing and decorated with a blue Hydrangea head. It was absolutely delicious.

You Do Something To Me

Chris choose the first dance song ‘You do something to me by’ Paul Weller, it is a favourite of his, and we attempted a couple of minutes of a dance routine we had made up late one Saturday night a few weekends earlier ……… It wasn’t the best routine… but we had fun!

A Vintage Classic

My husband hired a bright red Austen Healey 3000 from Vintage Classics, as a surprise for both my dad and I. Dad drove me to the church, and Chris drove us both back to the reception from the church.

My sister’s best friend Julia did our catering, she made the most delicious canapés and buffet to go along side a pig roast. The pig was a very generous wedding present from our great friends Niall and Rae who run a small holding in Wiltshire.


My advice to other brides would be to do what you want to do, make it personal, and smile……if the bride is smiling so will everyone else.

Brides Gown – Cymbeline at Mirror Mirror

Maids Gown – Coast

Blooms – Hedgerose

Entertainment – Breeze

Car Hire – Vintage Classics

Decor – Brides own (Vintage Blue)

Photography – Caroline Alexander

That cake, so simple yet so chic.

And can I please be invited to a wedding/party where there are just giant bowls of fresh strawberries and meringue?!

Big White-Washed Love

Charlotte xxx

20 thoughts on “White-Washed In Wiltshire.

  1. You guys are totally spoiling us!!!!

    Katie’s bouquet was Plan B?!?!?! Wow, it literally had me totally reconsidering our wedding colours (pink and green) for a couple of minutes…. that’s an amazing back-up plan!

    The reception venue is beautiful – a real labour of love!

    I really like Katie’s advice too. It really is true – if the bride’s smiling, then everyone else will and the feel of the wedding will flow from there…

    Thank you for sharing Team RMW. This was the perfect afternoon fix!

  2. Yay RMW you are back! I tried to post a comment and then it broke 🙁 was just saying that this is my dress wobble, so wish I had tried it on as Katie looks stunning!

  3. I was starting to get withdrawl symptoms…. this has made up for it though as it’s so lush! I wonder how I can make a table plan out of an old bed… Lucy x

  4. Ha ha Celine, you wally! Completely agree with you about that bouquet though – surely the best second choice ever?! 🙂

    Another wedding with a completely awesome car arranged by the groom as a surprise! Love love love it!

    The barn, the cake, the MERINGUES (I’m a meringue bandit!), that gorgeous dress, and that brilliant piece of advice about the bride smiling – so true!

    Thank you for spoiling us today RMW – I came home from work ill this afternoon, and this has made me feel heaps better 🙂

  5. @Mrs-A-to-be, I’m thinking of having meringues as post-dinner munchies!!!!

    I hope you’re feeling ok…

    OK, I need to go and get some work done. I am signing off RMW. Seriously addicted….

  6. Do you think you could make an entire wedding cake out of a whole mountain of meringue? And then just smash it up later and serve it with loads of strawberries and cream? Totally wanting to do that right now.

    The barn looks amazing, those candels in the little alcove are just beautiful. Oh to have parents with a farm!!

    That dress is just too beautiful – lace and ruffles. Ahhh…


  7. Love, love, LOVE!! I have just sent a link of this gorgeous wedding to my OH as a) the groom looks HOT and I reckon my boy could pull off something just like he is wearing – and be even hotter! b) we are having hessian, teal vases, terracotta pots (and random recycled cans) for our tables with white flowers and every time I wobble it’s all going to look a bit too homemade and rustic I will revisit Katie’s work and feel happy all over again!

  8. What a wonderful wedding – all love and laughter. You can see the love between the bride and groom and between the bride and her bridesmaid. It’s just such a feelgood happy looking affair!

    I also love her bouquet and can’t imagine the poppies could have been so lovely. And the build-your-own Eaton mess/pavlova? Genius. And now I’m quite peckish… But only for meringues and strawberries.

  9. What a beautifully styled wedding-love the beautiful blooms (can’t believe that bouquet was the back-up!), the brides gorgeous dress (and groom!), the cool car and all the lovely little details from the hessian table runners, homemade signs and milk churns to the unusual table plan and the pretty candles.

    Seriously loving the cake-it looks delicious! We went for butter cream icing too and it’s so tasty. Love the fact the cake was placed on a log!

    Also loving the strawberries and meringues-what a fab idea!! Now want to rub my face in a big pile of meringues, smash them all up and turn them into a big eton mess with lots of strawberries and cream 


  10. @ Celine & Charlotte – not sure if it is a serious case of interview nerves (interview isn’t until Fri), or a bug, or bad IBS, or the norovirus, which is doing the rounds in these here parts 🙁
    Felt v faint/sick in a lesson, had to leave, then nearly puked over my dentist when he took the next set of impression for my brace. Nice

    Or it could be girl flu!

    Katie, Chris – so sorry to have lowered the tone of these response by talking about puke!

    Celine – YES to the meringues. They should be served after every meal really 😉

  11. This wedding (in the words of Charlotte) is ruddy amazing! I love the tiers and the lace in the dress, the vintage touches and THAT farm. You guys could seriously hire it out as a wedding venue! Wish I could have been a guest :)xx

  12. Lovely lovely lovely!! Just lovely.

    If Katie is reading this – any chance you could advise on where you got the navy suits from for your groomsmen? H2b is having a bespoke navy suit made and we’re trying to find navy suits to hire but struggling to just find ‘normal’ suits to hire as opposed to morning suits.

  13. Loving this wedding. Really struggling to find ready made hessian table runners for a wedding I am planning. Any tips would be much appreciated. Many thanks,


  14. The church looks simply gorgeous as does the bride and the entire wedding! Does anyone know where this church is?
    Many thanks!

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