Wild Thing.

Did anyone else just break into the chorus of The Troggs tune of the same name? No? oh, just me then.

Now, as much as I love a dose of classic elegance as per yesterdays dreamy Hydrangea-inspired affair, I can’t help but get swept away by anything ultra bohemian and a bit wild, especially in a floral sense. And especially when every last image is as dreamy and as magical as the first.

As with any inspiration shoot we feature – that’s exactly what it is, inspiration, take as much or as little from it as you please. Personally I am loving the paper chains (cheap, effective and a million options for matching in W-day colour schemes and themes) and the incorporation of slightly unusual blooms.

And don’t even get me started on the lashes. No I don’t expect anyone to walk down the aisle with a full set of Chrysanthemum-petal falsies (although you could if you wanted to…) but my, don’t they look pretty.

Oh and of course there are the layers and layers of ice-cream petticoats…. who wouldn’t want to float around in one of those all day?

All of the beautiful photography is courtesy of Eliza Claire.

Eliza Claire: The looks were designed by make up artist Carolanne Armstrong to inspire the use of flowers for something other than the traditional bouquets. We wanted to use flowers that may not be hugely in demand and create something stylish and unusual with a fantastical edge. Styling and wardrobe choices by Amy Plank of Miss Bush Bridal wear, floral design by Bloomingayles and hair by Christina Jessel. Our venue was the beautiful Fetcham Park in Surrey.

Gayle, Amy and Carolanne worked together to produce some looks which are a little out of the ordinary but still achievable. We referred to our first look as a flowery Kate Bush, an eccentric lady of the house floating around her manor being generally decadent.

The main feature of this look are the real Haydar Chrysanthemum petals around the eyes with additional bold spidery lashes, which came to resemble those nestled in the mini bouquet placed in her wild hair. This was made with papery butterflies, Minerva carnations and the same Chrysanthemums with accompanying wrist corsage.

We love the idea of this haphazardly thrown together outfit: Arran knit jumper tucked into a gorgeous silvery grey petticoat from Doris Designs, cream lacy tights, grey leg warmers and patent wedges. I was keen was keen to shoot in natural light, as the time of year that we did the shoot (early winter) gave the most beautiful soft, low light that lends itself perfectly to the fantastical, slightly magical, other-worldly edge.

Our model Jade has the most wonderful adaptable face, capable of looking baby faced, dreamy and positively feline, and here she’s a little bit flower fairy, a little bit geisha girl….

Jade’s bridal look, wearing ‘Adelfa’ by Rosa Clara at Miss Bush, features a soft violet eye, top and bottom lashes and pink stained lips. Her crown of succulents were Crassulas and Echevarias. This look is almost traditionally gothic and romantic with the succulent plants emerging from her casual curls. I shot this just as the sun was going down, and the light added more contrast and drama to the shoot.

Jade’s third look sees three Doris petticoats layered together, soft grey knit sweater, a handmade pom pom on her shoulder (by Amy), Rachel Simpson shoes and a beautiful head piece by Bloomingayles featuring some Dennis Boden foliage and luscious peach Avalanche roses. These images were shot after dark, using on-and-off-camera lighting to maintain a fresh look, but also highlight the beautiful floral arrangements and the movement of the petticoats.

Photography: Eliza Claire

Make up and design: Carolanne Armstrong

Styling & Wardrobe: Miss Bush Bridal

Floral Design: Bloomingayles

Hair: Christina Jessel

Venue: Fetcham Park

Model: Jade Puttock

Shoes: Rachel Simpson @ Miss Bush Bridal

Petticoats: Doris Designs

Additional clothing shoes and accessories: Stylists own

So then I don’t know about you guys but this afternoon I fancy sitting around in many layers of peach tulle with my face made up a la Carolanne Armstrong (i.e. – HOT) whilst embarking on a spot of knitting.

Anyone else the proud owner of some flashy lashes? and if you are where do you wear them? I’d wear me some Chrysanthemums given half the chance but just not sure of an appropriate event…

Big Wild Love

Charlotte xxx

P.S Today is a three post day…. how exciting.

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.