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Win A Place At Flower School With The Real Flower Company

Marcus Dodridge Weddings

Marcus Dodridge Weddings

Chances are if you love Rock My Wedding, you will be a huge fan of flowers. We love them here at HQ – from a dainty wax flower, to the prettiest wisp of gypsophila, from a frilly peony to a dancing dahlia, we’d all fill our homes with flowers constantly if we could. So we’re green (fingered) with envy that one of you lovely lot can win today’s prize…

We’re offering you and a friend the chance to spend the whole day working with flowers. The Real Flower Company are giving away two places at their September flower school in sunny Hampshire. All you need to do is read on for full details and comment below the post telling us who you’d take with you and why. This would be the perfect day out with your Mum, maid of honour or best friend and what’s more, you get to take home your lovely creations at the end of day so you can fill your house with the scent of fresh blooms.

The Walk & Hand Tie Course

The morning will be spent with Rosebie in the Rose Paddock where you will be able to walk through acres of scented roses, flowers, herbs and foliage and with Rosebie’s knowledge you will learn about different types of roses and their companion plants. You will have the opportunity to pick your own roses and accompanying flowers, herbs and foliage to use in the afternoon to create your own stunning hand ties. After your walk you will have a delicious locally sourced lunch with a glass of Hattingley English Sparkling wine and you will have the chance to talk through your morning activities.

In the afternoon the Real Flower Company’s head florist will show you how to create a bridal bouquet with finishing touches, buttonhole and corsage. The florist will also share their vast knowledge of flowers and arranging and answer any questions that you may have regarding wedding floristry. At the end of the day you will be able to take home all of your beautiful creations to show off at home.

We’re offering you and a friend a place on 4th Sept 2015. The day runs from 10am – 4pm. To enter please leave a comment below the post with details of who you would like to take and why.

Terms & Conditions

Only one entry per person will be counted. The course takes place at The Real Flower Company’s Hampshire Farm. (Unit 2 Durleigh Marsh Farm, Petersfield, Hampshire GU31 5AX). The competition closes on Saturday August 15th at 12am. The winner will be notified via the email address provided when posting a comment. Following confirmation of their win by Rock My Wedding the winner will be asked to confirm they have received the notification to Rock My Wedding immediately by way of return. If Rock My Wedding fails to receive contact details from a winner within 7 days of Rock My Wedding sending the notification, the prize shall be deemed to be unclaimed or unaccepted and a substitute winner may be chosen by Rock My Wedding at its sole discretion.

Rock My Wedding will not be responsible or liable for any prize that is unclaimed or declined. Once Rock My Wedding receives confirmation of the winners’ contact details they will be sent on to The Real Flower Company via email who will then liaise with the winner to confirm arrangements. The winner must arrange their own travel. Rock My Wedding reserves the right to substitute the prizes offered (such prizes to be of equal of greater value) and/or alter the competition in any way, including cancelling or withdrawing the competition altogether.

No alternative prizes (other than at Rock My Wedding’s sole discretion) and no cash alternative is available. Rock My Wedding’s decision is final, no correspondence will be entered into. PROMOTER: Rock My Ltd, Moss House 8 Druids Lane Birmingham West Midlands B14 5SN

Good luck 🙂

Photography by Marcus Dodridge Weddings
Author: Fern Godfrey
Fern spends most of her time dreaming about weddings and trying to convince her long-suffering boyfriend to propose. Lucky enough to live in sunny Cornwall, if you need her – you’ll find her at beach.

47 thoughts on “Win A Place At Flower School With The Real Flower Company

  1. If I win this it will be a gift for my wife (who absolutely looooooves flowers – our house is always covered in petals) and her best friend. Fingers crossed xx it would score me major brownie points 🙂

  2. If I was lucky enough to win this competition I would love to take my mum if she was well enough to the Real Flower Company Farm. She has always loved flower arranging and has been an inspiration to me for her creativity and also her bravery for how she copes with her terminal cancer. I am attempting to grow my own wedding flowers for the 26th of September 2015. I am a big supporter of seasonal British flowers and also love arranging what I’ve grown. Would be a great experience to learn from the professionals too.

  3. I’d love to take my mum along if I won this prize; she has always wanted to learn about floristry and I’d love to create my floral arrangements with her at my future wedding. We could also learn some skills to create flowers for my brother’s upcoming wedding – the ultimate wedding present!

  4. Would love we to go with my friend and colleague Beth Murray! Both getting married next year and would love love love to learn a skill like flower arranging to help each other along!

  5. I would take my bestest friend Jennifer because we both live and dream all things floral. Jen works for the national trust and spends some of her time prancing around as a yellow flower fairy throwing flower petal confetti. Sadly I work on a farm so no blooms involved. We spend hours on Pintrest fantasising over wedding bouquets and when we can go to the Camden Flower Market. Flowers are EVERYTHING… Wild flowers, hydrangeas, blossom… Nothing in life sums up our perfect day more than this prize!!! ????????????????????

  6. I would hope to take my mother in law as we share a love for flowers and in the planning of our wedding we took my joy in sharing the floral vision! We have a great friendship which is a rare treat to be able to say. She has recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness so it would be really lovely to do something that we both love so much together. She really loves nature and crafting as well as flowers so I think it would be the perfect treat. X

  7. I would love the chance to learn how to tie a bouquet for my wedding in November. I would choose my mum to bring as we really hope to do my wedding flowers together (a daunting but exciting task!). Thanks, Amy x

  8. Wow this looks amazing! My birthday is the 4th September and I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than learn how to make beautiful flower arrangements. I would bring my daughter, Amy with me who is getting married this winter so that we can practise wedding flowers! Very exciting! Many thanks, Yvonne

  9. If I’m lucky enough to win this amazing prize I would definitely take my mum with me! We would then be able to add all the beautiful flower touches to my upcoming wedding. It may also help us both to use our creative flair to start a new career.

  10. I love flowers from the bottom of my heart. I would love to take my Mum who loves them just as much as I do and has been my rock over the past year, the hardest but most rewarding year of my life giving birth to my twins. It would be a lovely day out as a new mum and I promise we would be very keen pupils!

  11. If I won this I would LOVE to take my mum with me. I think it would be a perfect opportunity for us to really have a little bonding sesh before the wedding. I hope to do my own flowers at the wedding, obviously with alot of help from mum, and this would be a lovely little experience and little learning session for us both. x

  12. This looks like such a fabulous day. If I was lucky enough to win I would take my little sister. She’s had a few horrid things happen to her over the last few years, and also recently moved to Ireland this year, so I get to see her very rarely. Doing something like this would be so special and would also help improve her confidence, which is pretty low right now (which is very sad to see as it shouldn’t be, because she is TOTALLY awesome) after everything which has happened to her over the last couple of years. There’s something very therapeutic about getting creative and working with nature I think. It will also give us some much needed time together, as it’s hard to get one on one time when she’s over in England so little and when she is, everyone in the family wants to spend time with her! And of course, some actual learned skills with flowers would be a real bonus for my wedding next year, and a lovely way to ensure my beautiful little sister feels an essential part of the day and planning.

  13. My mum and I have always talked about doing a flower arranging course but it’s always just talked about (they’re so expensive!) and this would be the most wonderful retirement gift for my mum and a lovely way for us to spend some extra quality time together. I barely see her living in London now and she’s in Nottingham. It would be really lovely for us to have the skills to create some arrangements for my wedding next year too. What a super, lovely amazing prize! Thanks, Katt

  14. If I was lucky enough to win this, I would undoubtedly take my Aunt. Her house is always full of blooms and the most wonderful floral scents, and she has always dreamed of being a wedding florist! Needless to say, she has been a major source of inspiration when it comes to deciding on florals for my big day!

  15. My Mum is bravely rising to the challenge of growing and arranging my wedding flowers and she is loving every minute of it, eat (well not quite eat!) sleep and breathing flowers! It has turned into a real family affair with uncles digging flower beds, aunts treating their roses like VIP’s and everyone collecting jam jars and jugs. We’re still trying to track down a milk churn! This would be a fab day out for us that would give Mum oodles of confidence and me some know how to help coming up to the big day! Thanks Jen x

  16. What stunning flowers! I love the chandelier with trailing roses, and all the gorgeous colours. I bet they smell amazing! I’d really love to join Rosabie’s course, particularly just in time for my wedding in November, so I could do some flowers for the day. My mum, Fiona is also passionate about flowers so would love to join to learn more about arranging her own bouquets. Many thanks, Annabel

  17. wow what a lovely prize! I would absolutely love to win this…I would take my maid of honour who is a community gardener and is making the table centrepieces for my wedding. x

  18. Hello!
    I’d weirdly take my other half to be! We are trying to grow some of our own flowers, including Succulents (man, I love these! They are like my children!), Gypsophila, Hydrangeas and Lavender. Would be fabulous to actually get some professional help (not because we’re crazy…)

  19. I would love to take along my friend Jo. Jo has been a supportive, patient and loving friend through good times and bad. Now planning her own wedding, the day at Flower School would be a wonderful way to thank my friend and start the planning off with a flowery bang!

  20. I would love to win this amazing competition for my mum and me to enjoy.
    We both share a love and passion for blooms and would love to learn more and be creative with my weekly flower arrangements.

    Plus we could do with a girly break and would love to meet like minded gals.

  21. I started to work with flowers for my friends Mum’s funeral reception last year and ever since have been addicted. The joy that comes from producing a simple arrangement as a gift or for a special occasion is so fulfilling. Flowers bring people together and making the best of them to give people joy at special times in their lives is something I really have a passion for doing. I need to learn to make the best of any flowers and I would take my friend who has this same desire but has never had the opportunity.

  22. I would take my maid of honour! She has been so excited to try some flower arranging ever since I got engaged (including her own diy floral crown) so this would be the perfect way to surprise her!

  23. What an amazing opportunity! My mother was an army wife and always talked about flower arranging courses she went on when I was little. Unfortunately she has passed none of this on to me and I would love to do flowers for both my friends wedding in October and at my wedding in May

  24. This would be for me and my Mum. I get married abroad next year and my mum is my constant life-line and would like to have fun doing this together and practising for the wedding flowers 🙂 x x x

  25. If I were lucky enough to win I would take my mom, I have just moved out to live with my Fiancé and we are both missing quality time spent together. I know she would love to learn something completely different, as would I!

  26. I would love to win this, sounds like an amazing day. Without hesitation I would take my mum for all her love, support and general wonderfulness. And we shares a passion for roses!

  27. I’d take my husband! It sounds a bit of an odd choice, but I’m in the middle of a career change to become a florist, so not only would it be great for me to learn and try a new style, it would be amazing to share it with the person that has made it all possible. He would be able to see how happy he has and continues to make me by being there as I follow my dream, but I would love for him to have a go to and hopefully share the joy that flowers bring me! x

  28. I would bring along my husband to be without a doubt. We made a wreath together at Christmas and loved every moment of it! We always joke about how uncreative we are and how we have absolutely no idea how to arrange flowers once we have bought them… For that matter we don’t even seem to know what colour flowers go together…generally a bit of a disaster when it comes to artistic things! However, this is something we are keen to change and this would be the perfect opportunity! Thank you!!

  29. I would love to bring my mum,it’s something we have always wanted to do together and this seems a wonderful chance to learn from the best!Shes had a tough year,losing her dad and dog whilst overcoming cancer for the second time so would love to cheer her up too!It would be a wonderful day out together x

  30. Oh wow what a super prize! This sounds like such a gorgeous day and wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to create your own bouquet! I would absolutely take my Maid of Honour, Fiona, with me. She is especially creative and I think she would really enjoy this. x

  31. My Dad instilled a love of gardening in me from a very early age. There have been a few mishaps along the way (e.g. the day when he caught me age 4 pouring coca cola into his lawnmower and another age 5 when I thought I would be helpful with the weeding while he was at work and pulled up all his newly planted spring flowers!!). I think it would make him really proud if my sister and I could arrange the flowers for my wedding in Italy next year and would love, love, LOVE to have the opportunity to learn from the Real Flower Company!

  32. I would take my Mum, I’m at the beginning of the wedding planning marathon but know I would love to do the flowers. Mum always used to let me arrange any bunches of flowers she had and was very complimentary about my ‘lovely’ arrangements. It would be great for us both to share a day where we could actually learn to make the arrangements lovely, and spend some precious time together too.

  33. I would love to go on this course with my bridesmaid. I’m on a very tight budget of £5k for my wedding and will be attempting to do all my flowers myself. This would be an amazing opportunity to learn from the professionals to make sure my flowers look good on the day. Thanks 🙂

  34. I would take my wonderful Mum. She’s had a really rough year this year and yet is STILL sending me ideas for flowers, and her pinterest board is getting fuller (particularly after I showed her how to use it properly)! She and her lovely band of friends are doing all the flowers for my wedding – church, venue, bouquets, everything… and I’d love to be able to pitch in with them.

  35. If I won I would take my mum. We both think that we are rubbish at anything crafty but are planning on DIY-ing a lot of things for my upcoming wedding. This amazing prize would be a great confidence boost for us both and teach us something we can use for the big day!

  36. If I won the competition, I’d take my friend Caroline who is so artistic and creative and like me, absolutely adores fresh country flowers?

  37. I would love to take my mum who is an inspiration to me, not only for her green fingered skills but also in all other aspects of life. She is so hard working and has been a great help in organising my wedding so far. I would love to give something back to her 🙂

  38. I am constantly uplifted by flowers but have never made a bouquet before. It would be such fun to do with my daughter who is expecting a baby later in September and who will also be a bridesmaid at my wedding next year. X 😀

  39. This would be a absolute dream come true if i had the chance to win this! i adore flowers and how they can lift your spirit, i would take my mom who is also my best friend, she is always there for me and would love to share this experience with her 🙂

  40. If I was lucky enough to win this spectacular day I’d bring along my mum as I got married in February nearly 9 years ago & was a wee but sad there were no summer flowers to create a bouquet but maybe this day would give me an excuse to renew our vows and have another party on our 10th anniversary year? 3 kids and many happy memories later! We’d also nip next door to the farm to stock up on fruit & veg, many a summer when I was small was spent picking strawberries! Yum! 🙂

  41. I would absolutely love to win this fabulous prize.. Being a florist before having my three beautiful children I simply adore all things flowery, it would also be a chance to simply inhale all those wonderful rose and herb aromas! I would take my Mum along too who has a September birthday and only ever encouraged my love of all things floral! ???????

  42. I would absolutely love to win this prize!! I would take my best friend, who is also my maid of Honour (and getting married the month after me) so we can learn how to do beautiful flowers for both of our weddings ??? I’ve wanted to do something like this for so long!

  43. It would be such a great opportunity for me to learn from the best! I love your work, love the flowers you use and the modern look of bouquets. I would like to take along my best friend who absolutely adores flowers and will have her wedding next year, to find her inspiration in choosing her wedding flowers.

  44. I would bring my lovely mum along if I were lucky enough to win. She’s in recovery from a mini stroke but still smiling, running around after everyone else and basically being the unofficial wedding planner for my Italian wedding! It would mean so much to be able to spend some really precious time together being creative and inspiring flowers that would reflect our relationship at my wedding. Fingers crossed x

  45. My daughter is getting married July 2016 and I am doing the flowers for the venue and the the bouquets for the bridesmaids and of course the beautiful bride. Seeds are at the ready for sowing soon and I expect a fab crop of flowers next summer. To win a place on this workshop would be the total iceing on the cake pardon the pun, as the guidance and direction from the guys at the flower school would be invaluable to me and no doubt give that beautiful professional finish to my daughters big day. Here’s hoping !

  46. The timing of this competition couldn’t be more perfect… I’m getting married the following Saturday (12th Sep) and doing my own flowers – flower school would give me the big confidence boost I need to know the flowers will turn out well. I’d bring my best friend (bridesmaid) with me to flower school – as she’s expecting her third bubba this would be the perfect way for her to take some time out for herself and also help me with my wedding flowers xx

  47. This sounds just lovely. I would take my little sister. She is getting married on 12th December and we’ve been discussing the right mix of flowers to bring class, warmth and joy (if more were needed) to her day. Personally, I am an avid gardener and over three years have worked to transform my grey and grubby patch of London garden to a little sanctuary of blooms. I have long admired the real flower company, lusting after a monthly subscription to a luxury bloom… And indeed the bouquets were the main inspiration for my own wedding. Genuinely, I love flowers and want to see how the best do what they do… And otherwise, I would love to support my brave and beatiful little sister (who is not without her battles and tragedies if that’s what winning here is about!) but because she deserves the best and I can’t think of a more gorgeous, typically, romantically Bronte-esque ways for sisters to sirens some pre-wedding time together. Please do pick us. Thank you… And hopen whoever gets it makes the most of this treat.

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