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Win An Overnight Stay and Afternoon Tea at Oxwich Bay Hotel

We’ve got a little treat in store for you today.

Fancy winning an Afternoon Sunday break for 2 at the spectacular Oxwich Bay Hotel on the world renowned Gower in Wales? Plus have you seen that Afternoon Tea. It’s served on a mini picnic bench!

The Oxwich Bay Hotel is situated on the world famous Gower Peninsula and is a stone’s throw away from a beach deemed an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


Their hotel and cottage accommodation is the perfect base from which to explore Gower. The bedrooms are exquisite and intricately designed to offer comfort and luxury, while overlooking an incredible view.

Dining in the restaurant is also a memorable experience. Head Chef Dan Williams’ creative menus are second to none and they pride themselves on appealing to a wide variety of tastes.

Their spectacular luxury marquee wedding venue has views across the bay and is a destination wedding location. Ceremonies take place in the atmospheric Chestnut Room, the main focal point of the room being a wood burner built into the trunk of a chestnut tree. When there is not a wedding taking place, the Chestnut Room doubles as a restaurant and this is where the afternoon tea will be served.


The package for 2 people includes an overnight stay with arrival at 2pm, check in to a luxury sea view room, plus yummy afternoon tea for two served on mini table top picnic benches (served between 3.30pm & 6pm) and breakfast the following morning.


To enter simply comment below with your favourite afternoon tea treat and we will pick one of you lucky people to win this fabulous prize.


*Subject to availability, only valid on Sunday’s, excludes bank holidays, T&Cs Apply
Only one entry per person.
The decision of Rock My Wedding is final.
The products cannot be exchanged for alternatives.
Competition ends midnight 16th June 2015.

Author: Lottie Manns
Cake baker (and cake eater!) extraordinaire. Drawn to all things girly and glittery.

297 thoughts on “Win An Overnight Stay and Afternoon Tea at Oxwich Bay Hotel

  1. I absolutely love afternoon tea, my favourite afternoon tea treat especially macaroons or macaron depending on your spelling/pronunciation preference 🙂

  2. I am traditional girl at heart and my favourite afternoon tea treat are warm scones with home made strawberry jam and lashings of cream. They always remind me of tea at Gran’s house when I was young!

  3. Everything but I will have to go for scones with Jam and cream! Would love to win this to take my husband to near where I grew up! He’s never been to Wales xx

  4. My favorite afternoon tea treat would be a scone and cream with a glass of bubbly overlooking the glorious Oxwich Bay !

  5. A millefeuille would win for me – perfect combination of crispy pastry, cream and fruit, and they look so beautifully intricate. Yummy.

  6. aww, I got engaged at Oxwich bay last May! Place holds so many happy memories.
    I love scones with jam and clotted cream

  7. Omg! We love Oxwich Bay! Every year myself and my Fiancé take our children to the Gower for a holiday! And most days we spend the time at Oxwich Bay! Sometimes we’ve had a BBQ on the beach watching the sunset go down! Truly beautiful. We’ve never stayed in the Hotel before, but we’ve had drinks there! It would be my dream to get Married there! But for us! I think our favourite afternoon tea treat would have to be! Warm Scones, fresh home made jams, with clotted cream!! With bubbles!! Yummy!!

  8. Looking at that adorable mini picnic bench I would have to say everything on there would be my favourite! But if I had to pick, I’d go for a fresh fruit tart with a cold glass of fizz!

  9. Favourite afternoon tea treat involves custard – custard tart, slices or pastries. The only problem I find that custard is also my fiancée’s favourite too!

  10. Favourite afternoon tea treat would be a fresh scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam (evidently the cream goes on first, being a Devon girl..) with a lovely cold glass of Prosecco. All shared with my fabulous fiance as we discuss the plans for our wedding…. Perfect.

  11. Hotel looks beautiful and so relaxing! My favourite has to be a cherry scone with clotted cream with a nice (sugarless!) cup of tea! <3

  12. With the stress of wedding planning my ideal afternoon tea treat would have to be champagne and strawberries! start as we mean to go on!…

  13. My favourite afternoon tea treat would be warmed scones, fresh clotted cream topped with my mum’s homemade fruit jam! My fiance and I love afternoon tea soo much, we are serving it for our Wedding breakfast next year!

  14. A slice of batternberg cake! Not only is it such a delicious treat but I love the checked pattern – it reminds me of a gingham tablecloth 🙂 X

  15. I’m a bit of an afternoon tea fiend so I love it ALL!! But I have to say the thing that most impresses me is when they do something different with the savoury element. Savoury canapés or different sandwich fillers! Cake is always incredible, but that’s what makes it stand out for me! (So I love the look of the circular sandwiches in the pic) x

  16. You can’t beat lovely homemade fruit scones topped with strawberry jam and heaps of clotted cream, mmmmmmm 🙂

  17. My favourite treat is warm fruit scones with lashings of clotted cream and strawberry jam! But with only 2 months until our big day I’m laying off the treats! This would be a prefect post wedding treat for me and the hubs! 🙂

  18. Although I love a good scone, I think it has to be the beautifully made and tasty little finger sandwiches that are offered with an afternoon tea. They never taste quite so good when made at home!

  19. I just love sharing afternoon tea with my Mum, friends or my partner. Anytime of the year it is such a wonderful delight! As for my favourite afternoon tea treat which is a very hard choice I would have to say lemon drizzle cake as its mine & my Mums all time favourite. If I won the competition I would want to take my Mum as a special treat for all the amazing things she just does every day for every body else within her life without ever thinking about herself xx

  20. wafer thin cucumber sandwiches – and best when the cucumber has a tiny drizzle of vinegar and black pepper 🙂

  21. It is all about the scone for me – the heart of the afternoon tea! Served warm with lashings of clotted cream, a healthy dollop of fruity jam and, ideally, a crisp glass of cold champagne to accompany it.
    PS. Throw in a salted caramel macaron to go with it and I’m in heaven!

  22. I am a sucker for cucumber sandwiches, delicately sliced cucumber (no skin!), lightly seasoned between freshly baked bread. Heaven!

  23. Wow these pictures look amazing! I have such a sweet tooth and love the mini brownies you often get in afternoon tea – because they’re mini you can have twice as many right?!

  24. Wowzers! What an amazing prize! With the pre wedding diet (and nervous excitement) in full swing ANYTHING naughty would be a treat! I am a massive chocolate fan so though not the traditional choice anything chocolate served with bubbles would get my vote! Absolutely love the mini picnic tables, soooo cute! Good luck everyone X

  25. I can’t resist getting the girls together for afternoon tea – delicate sandwiches with the crusts cut off, glass of bubbly and bottomless steaming teapots! Then for the cream cake selection – I love anything minature so would go for a selection of mini cream cakes and double up on the chocolat eclairs! A xx

  26. it has to be the home made Lemon Tart but all the afternoon tea is so good and in the best place on earth

  27. A homemade fruit scone with damson jam and heaps of clotted cream. I would love to eat that whilst enjoying a break away with my soon-to-be-husband as a pre-wedding treat!

  28. My absolute favourite thing in an afternoon tea has to be the sandwiches – I’m a real savoury girl. I’m also pretty in love with anything with marzipan in it so love battenburg! What a gorgeous prize.

  29. I adore afternoon tea. But homemade warm scones with homemade fruit jam or lemon curd is my favourite, all washed down with a pot of tea.

  30. My most favorite treat at afternoon tea has to be when i visit The Berkeley, London for Prêt-à-Portea afternoon tea, all the pastries and cakes are inspired from the latest collections from current seasons fashion shows, keeping you up to date with all the fashion trends!

  31. Classic: scones, jam & cream. Followed by the usual debate between my fiancée and I on what goes on first… jam or cream. As long as there’s both in abundance I’m happy!

  32. Those little benches are just the cutest things!
    It’s not afternoon tea without a slightly warm scone with clotted cream and a strawberry conserve to top it off! Mmmmm

  33. It has to be a scone covered in cream and jam! It’s always a treat to just chill out with someone special in lovely surroundings x

  34. Nothing beats a good salmon and cream cheese sandwich. I have been known to bypass most of the cakes because I’ve eaten eight or nine sandwiches! (Though I never pass on a scone with clotted cream and jam!)

  35. comment below with your favourite afternoon tea treat . . . . . . . as a traditionalist l like the classic Cornish clotted cream, jam and scones – oh my mouth is watering already

  36. I would love smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches followed by some beautiful courgette and lime cake, which I tasted for the first time at a local wedding Fare. Absolutely scrumptious xx

  37. Earl grey tea, smoked salmon sandwiches and scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam yum yum!

  38. Last time we were in the Gower my fiance and I camped in rainy miserable weather but the view still made it worthwhile. We’d love to go back and enjoy it with a bit of luxury, with the best bit being the variety of imaginative, delicious treats and of course a nice well made cup of tea. If pushed the tea would be our favorite bit, followed by scones.

  39. Starting with sarnies until they are all gone
    Followed by jam and cream on a lovely warm scone
    With maybe a cake, macaroon or jelly
    Delicious food to fill up the belly
    All washed down with a nice cup of tea
    Oh afternoon tea is a must for me!

  40. Scones with jam & clotted cream are obviously perfect for afternoon tea but I’d have to say one of my favourite parts is the finger sandwiches-mini sandwiches with the crusts off are just perfect (no-one really likes the crusts)!

  41. I do love a good cream tea and a chocolate brownie with raspberry sauce. Super tasty treats with a super amazing view!

  42. My absolute absolute favourite tea time treat is totally unique (I have never met anyone who eats their scones like me!). A warm, freshly baked plain scone covered it thick clotted cream with a drizzle of honey on top of it. The combination of scone, cream and honey is exquisite! I am drooling just thinking of it! Please pick me haha 😉

  43. Having been away from Wales for 2 years, living in Australia, a pre-wedding afternoon tea would go down a treat this summer ….. Vanilla (custard) slice would be my favourite washed down with a cuppa.

  44. it has to be a vanilla custard slice…the crispy yet crumbley puff pastry, rich creamy – topped with toasted almonds and a dusting of icing sugar. Want!

  45. Mine would have to be a sugar dusted Welshcake 🙂 – plain and original.

    Or anything my fiancee cooks – Hummingbird cupcakes, caramel slices, brownies, apple crumble cake, ginger cake, carrot cake the list goes on…

  46. The best part of Afternoon Tea is being able to have a little bit of EVERYTHING…but if somebody said they were going to take everything away except one goodie – I’d save the pistachio macaron every time!

  47. Every aspect of afternoon tea is greatly enjoyable, although if I had to pick one particular item it would have to be warm scones, with jam and clotted cream.

  48. Being able to drink tea the proper way – served in a teapot with a proper teacup, and always accompanied by cake!!

  49. Classic scones, jam and especially clotted cream. In fact, I could just have the clotted cream and a spoon!! Yum!

  50. In my eyes you can not beat a good old fashioned egg sandwich! Round or triangle, square or rectangle – egg me up!

  51. Mmm the picnic bench looks amazing! Love a good scone, especially with clotted cream and jam. Biggest question though, how do you pronounce scone?! As in ‘gone’ or ‘moan’.. ?! 😉

  52. Simply love afternoon tea – it’s like playing tea parties when you were a little girl! Scones with jam and cream have to be the star attraction. Even if I can’t manage every treat put in front of me (and I give it a good go), I have to eat that! :o)

  53. Afternoon tea is my favourite meal of the day! I adore pretty pastel pink macaroons accompanied by a glass, or two, of bubbly champers.

  54. ALWAYS ALWAYS A Salted Caramel Macaron – In fact anything with a big dollop of salted caramel and I’m happy 🙂

  55. That place looks Fantastic!! I have already fallen in love with it.

    My Favourite treat has to be a Mini Victoria Sponge!

  56. wow what a beautiful place!
    It’s so hard to choose what is my favourite thing about afternoon tea as it is all so yummy!! So I have to say that the best thing about a delious afternoon tea has to be the people you enjoy it with 🙂 xxx

  57. Its the most typical response but there is a reason for it, nothing beats a scone with fresh clotted cream and lovely home made jam!

  58. Cucumber sandwiches – thin slices brown bread with the crusts cut off, unsalted butter not too thickly spread and fresh garden cucumbers.

  59. So difficult to choose! It’s all so tasty. I do love a dainty salmon or egg sandwich though and I’m very partial to any type of chocolate cake. The tea is just as important as the eats. For me it has to be Earl Grey every time:-)

  60. My favourite afternoon tea treat is homemade scones with raspberry jam and clotted cream, a selection of mini chocolate and caramel eclairs and individual Victoria sandwich cakes, whilst sharing these sitting in the garden with family – just perfect!

  61. Smoked salmon sandwiches followed by heaps of clotted cream, jam an a warm scone washed down with a glass of fizz im in heaven

  62. Well it has got to be the full works; ham and slad sandwiches, followed by warm sones with strawberry jam and clotted cream and a yummy cake, all washed down with a nice old cup of tea…. heaven

  63. Éclairs… Can I be specific and say Vanilla Éclairs? Any Éclairs are good of course! Everything is improved with something bubbly too! X

  64. Scones all the way! They have to be plain though, otherwise I have to pick all the fruit out like the fussy child that I am!

  65. My favourite afternoon tea treat would be
    To be sat beside the sea
    With wine in hand and a scone with cream
    That would be perfect – like a dream! : )

  66. My favourite afternoon treat is a buttered crumpet spread with a thick layer of Philadelphia, and a couple of shrimps on top

  67. Well, weirdly enough I don’t have a sweet tooth. But I would love a pot of cooked cockles, freshly picked off Oxwich beach (which I have done in the past on many occasions!!), a pot of fresh coffee and my gorgeous Gaynor to share it with!!

  68. Has to be fruit scones with clotted cream and jam 🙂 wouldn’t be afternoon tea without these 🙂

  69. Had afternoon tea at Blenheim Palace last month and they served dainty sandwiches with the crusts cut off – of course! and speciality tea.

  70. the mini cakes , choc eclair, tarte au citron lovely to have mini so you can have all your favs without the guilt

  71. It has to be scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam done the Cornish way with a pot of breakfast tea. However, as we’re getting married in Devon next year we’re switching the cream and the jam around as a nod to our venue and surroundings (it’s more beard-friendly to eat it that way too according to my other half!) Can’t wait. Yum!

  72. Oooh Victoria sponge cake! No, scones. Hang on, no, chocolate chip cookies. Or coffee and walnut cake! Oh don’t make me choose one!!
    This would be AMAZING…fiance and I are on the less-than-two-months countdown now and desperate for some time away from everything…

  73. I love The Gower, my parents used to take my brother and I there on holiday and we had many many adventures, I’d love an excuse to go back. My Favourite afternoon tea treat is definitely scones.Damnit, am trying very hard to behave for holidays and now I really want scones, cream and in season strawberries.

  74. I enjoy a smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich with a nice glass of prosecco followed by a custard slice. Delicious.

  75. Well, afternoon tea is without a doubt my favourite thing to do. Why? Because when else can you have a sandwich a scone and prosecco in your mouth at the same time? Just thinking about it has made me excited!!!! Oh Lordy, I’m off to the shop. P.s. Afternoon tea while looking at the sea???? Surely even lusher.

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