Windswept Beauty and The Mermaids… Part 2

Before you read the second part of this most beautiful wedding ever, I need you to sit down.

You see Rock My Wedding, Cara and Nye (Lillian and Leonard) nor indeed Sophie and Glynn can be held responsible for injuries sustained from swooning at the overwhelmingly gorgeous details, images and heartfelt thought, that has gone into creating this completely fantastical affair.

I haven’t just died, I’m in actual Wedding heaven.

Floral Vintage Fantasy

I made the buttonholes out of feathers I bought from the local fishing supplies shop! Again, the colours were neutrals –champagne ostrich and peacock with complimentary -blues, greens, teals, shades of purple, velvet ribbon in either lavender or teal. I used feathers to compliment my ‘feathery’ gown.

Flowers were blooms I had chosen specifically for their colour, vintage coffee, cappuccino colours with the different hues of purple/lavenders- predominantly Metallina, Amnesia and Blue Curiousa Roses, Hydrangeas, Lavender and Brunia

For the table flowers, I scoured ebay for vintage glass bottles, found some beautiful ice blue ones, and palest aqua ink bottles, to compliment the colour of the flowers. Most single blooms in vases, a few larger displays around the venue-but all very informal, no formal arrangements.

The florist at the venue Gill, sourced and arranged the flowers for me, she also made me a very simple bouquet from hydrangeas, and the bridesmaids had simple bouquets made solely from Amnesia Roses.

There wasn’t a theme for the wedding, though vintage hand-stamped mermaids in bell-jars did feature! If I had to pigeon-hole it, I’d say whimsical vintage romance- if there is such a thing… As it was by the sea, I didn’t want to theme it the usual way, I wanted it to be unique and different.

I found an artist from America (Calamity Kim Aka Kim Sherrod) who made the cake topper , the vintage fabric boats for along the tables and the merfolk, ( I placed the merfolk under bell jars, one merman , one mermaid in each, sat together in a clam shell, with miniature seashells, sea glass).

This is how Kim describes her creations: ‘hand stamped paper doll mermaids using a combination of stamps and templates by Kimberly Crick and Catherine Moore, they are backed using decorative paper or vintage sheet music pages. Each mermaid is assembled and then embellished with flowers, shells, beads and vintage scrap images. They are all unique and one of a kind.’

A (Short) Cake

A shortbread stack made by Fishnets and Stalkings– who also catered for our wedding. Again we didn’t feel the need to go down the traditional wedding route so handmade lavender shortbread served with coffee after the wedding meal seemed like a great plan! (oh and neither Glenn or I managed to eat a piece as the kids got their before us…)

‘The cake topper was made using a papermache round box that was covered with scrapbook paper and sealed with several coats of decoupage medium. The Mer Bride and Mer Groom stood on the top of the box. I decorated the top with shells, beads, paper flowers and scrap fish to represent the underwater scene’

Fantastical favours

On each place setting was a vintage paper mermaid and a hand-printed and embossed card which had an extract from Edward Lear, The Owl and the Pussy Cat

They dined on mince, and slices of quince,
Which they ate with a runcible spoon;
And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand,
They danced by the light of the moon,
The moon,
The moon,
They danced by the light of the moon.

And a hand-printed and embossed card with the words of the Celtic benediction which had been read at the end of our wedding ceremony

The peace of the running water to you,
The peace of the flowing air to you,
The peace of the quiet earth to you,
The peace of the shining stars to you,
And the love and the care of us all to you.

(All the cards and mermaids on the place settings were painstakingly created by me!)
We gave each of our female guests a wooden spurtle-a Scottish porridge stirring stick, with a tag which read:

‘Thank you to all our friends and family for travelling to Crear to celebrate with us. We are grateful for you, your friendship and support and all the wonderful memories we continue to create together. Please accept our gift as a token of our gratitude. The Spurtle or Theevil is a Scottish porridge stirring stick. According to folklore the porridge should be stirred clockwise with the left hand otherwise you may summon the Devil. Traditionally the spurtle is given as a wedding gift to the new bride both to tame the porrige and the new husband. However we would like to give you a spurtle to tame whomever you deem necessary!! Sophie and Glenn xxx

The children were each given a vintage compass, the toddlers a wooden sail boat for the bath. They were also each given a colouring book designed by my friend Katy Rose, who sadly died from Breast Cancer before the wedding.

We also had set up a children’s table, providing outside and inside games, as we had 15 children in total and wanted parents to relax as much as possible, by keeping the children entertained as much as possible!

Handcrafted Chic

Everything was handcrafted; everything from the place setting cards, to the paper pom poms to the hand-stamped mermaids, to the wind mills and the cake topper, the paper boats with fabric sails and the buttonholes. The wedding vows to the invitations!

We used one of Glenn’s photos of Argyll (he is a photographer) for the Save the Date Card. My sister Tabitha (an MA student in Art and Textiles) created the invitations for us, which set the tone for the rest of the Wedding.

The name cards and table plaques were individually handcrafted by Amanda Howard of Maygreen Fairies (UK.) We used local (romantic and water-related) place names for the table names , ‘The Sound of Jura, the Corryvreckan Whirlpool and Loch Fyne

Amanda created the Mermaid themed Table Name Plaques, Place Name Settings and Mermaid Holders. Using vintage images she added mermaid fins printed onto acetate and balanced the Mermaids on top of the place cards and table plaques. Amanda works with vintage images altering them to create whimsical art, for more details see her website or blog.

Calamity Kim Aka Kim Sherrod also made the crafted boats… ‘The boats are covered with sheet music or other decorative papers and the sails are cut from embroidered linens. The anchors were made using tiny pencils to represent the Bride’s profession (writing) and the tiny chains were made from paper. I tied them to dowels using waxed linen and embellished some of them with shell buttons and pearls.’

Poppy and I folded a hundred origami boats out of vintage scrapbook paper which we dotted around the venue and placed tealights within them.

I sourced miniature paper pin wheels from Etsy crafted from vintage paper (and old dictionary pages-as Glenns first words to me were ‘have you swallowed a dictionary’- and I am a writer by profession) dotted around in gold lustre vases from Cox and Cox.

Humanist Unique

We only had a small guest list of 50 adults and 15 children, each one of them means the world to us, so we wanted to create a wedding which showed them just how much they mean to us, one way we could do that was by making and creating a wedding just for them, making it unique , personal, rather than ‘mass produced, shop-bought –just another wedding.’ The attention to detail ,the hours spent crafting,and rubber-stamping and embossing, and folding (and internet scouring!) was so worth it when I saw the end result, and saw just how happy the guests were with the amount of effort we had gone to for them.

We also held our wedding over two days, with the ceremony the first day and a BBQ (Atlantic langoustines landed that very morning in Tarbert!)held at Crear the following day, so we could spend as much time as possible with all our guests-all of them had travelled a long way to get there, some from Kenya, Ireland, Spain. I think that was one of our best decisions as it meant we had a chance to talk properly with everyone over the two days. However…My only advice for brides-to-be would be to make sure you spend some time with your new husband-by the end of the two days the only person I felt I hadn’t spent any time with was Glenn! ( Our honeymoon was one nights camping on a remote rocky outcrop next to the Sound of Jura ..we did have plans to share a bottle of champagne and a bbq, but the midges put paid to that idea so we beat a hasty retreat back into the tent)

I think that our guests loved that the day was so relaxed, no ‘pomp and ceremony’, we hired a coach to pick up all the guests en route (from their b&b’s) so they didn’t need to worry about driving, they were offered a never-ending supply of sangria and champagne; the ceremony was held outside (originally we were going to hold the ceremony at the beach but at the last minute we had a change of heart as it was raining in the morning, and held it at Crear, by the wall overlooking the sea); the humanist wedding ceremony, was just perfect- beautiful , meaningful, words; Celebrant Annie Loughlin from The Scottish Humanist Society.

Everything was just so relaxed -but I think the location, is so awe-inspiring, so hauntingly romantic, so dramatic yet so serene that the guests couldn’t fail to be caught up with the moment!

We designed a programme for our guests in which we printed the words of the poem ‘The Jumblies’ (read at the ceremony)and our vows (incase we should ever forget them!) we also put the following details:

A Final Thought


The Bride and Groom
Sophie Natasha Hendrie Stewart & Glenn Robert Wheeler

Earth’s circumference at the Equator 24,901.55 miles
The approximate amount of miles Glenn has travelled to and from Clitheroe in over six years of dating, driving to the ends of the earth and back to see Sophie…

How they met

Glenn’s first words to Sophie
Have you swallowed a dictionary?

Their first date almost three months later…
An afternoon in May 2004 at the Rose and Crown Public House in Clitheroe. Sophie thought Glenn had eyes the same colour as a stormy Irish Sea , Glenn thought Sophie needed a square meal…

The first romantic break some time later…
A weekend camping in the Lake District. Pippin escaped from the tent at dawn to worry sheep, Glenn gave chase in his underpants; Glenn fell fully clothed in the stream; Despite her better judgement Sophie persevered with the relationship.

The proposal
One balmy evening in August 2008 at an open air restaurant overlooking the Creek in Dubai.

The acceptance…
A forgone conclusion.

Photography – Lillian and Leonard

Venue – Crear

Catering and Cake – Fishnets and Stalkings

Mermaid Table Art, Place Cards – Maygreen Fairies

Cake topper, vintage fabric boats and Merfolk – Calamity Kim Aka Kim Sherrod.

Minature Pinwheels – Etsy.

Poms – Etsy, but for a UK supplier, try

I am lost for words.


Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

38 thoughts on “Windswept Beauty and The Mermaids… Part 2

  1. There are no words.

    Apart from “I want a homemade lavendar shortbread stack”. FOR BREAKFAST ideally.

    Love love LOVE it.

  2. Don’t make me cry before work!! The words on the programme are amazing…”The acceptance…
    A forgone conclusion.”

  3. Oh my!
    Truly the most beautiful details i’ve ever seen. The mermaids in bell jars so pretty and original. Just amazing.
    Honestly I’m amazed and a little green eyed monster is dying to get out of me…. I want a mermaid wedding by the sea!!
    6 weeks to go for my rustic barn no sea for miles in Oxfordshire wedding and I am now totally inspired,
    A.mazing xxx 🙂

  4. My eyes are watering from hayfever….I’m not getting all teary-eyed because its all so damned lovely! Honest! :S

    The last bit from the programme…just so sweet



  5. I want vintage mermaids! They are so pretty and weird and wonderful. Anyone else think they would make really lovely greeting cards? Though where you would get a mermaid-shaped envelope from I don’t know.

  6. Ack! Thats the programme that I turned my head sideways to read yday!

    I am genuinely flabbergastered by this wedding. I sat here, scrolling through the photos with my mouth hanging open. Truly one of the most beautiful and original weddings ever featured on RMW. And definitely in my Top 3!

    And how freakin’ cool are those mermaids?!


  7. Actually crying – a lot. I have NEVER seen such a beautiful, heart felt, full of love wedding! This is in my mind the epitome of RMW – doing it your way xx

  8. Not only am I a massive fan of Lillian and Leonard (or Cara and Nye’s) photography, all that bright light, pale calmness, but I still can’t get over the details here.

    It’s like we got to jump into Sophie’s imagination of an underwater wonderland fairytale.

    Sophie – if you see this, where did you get those Bell Jars?
    I need some merfolk in my life now 🙂


  9. Rebecca – they have bell jars in the cox&cox catalogue now – not saying that’s where these come from but if you were looking for some I noticed them in there the other day xx

  10. OMG, Sophie! Amazing! probably the most original wedding ive seen! Did you get someone in to do your BBQ? Im getting married in Scotland as well and looking to have one the next day! xxx

  11. love the merfolk, looks such a gorgeous wedding. have to keep this away from h2b tho, he LOVES shortbread and i cant let your shortbread tower take over my doughnut tower!

  12. Essien, the BBQ was my attempt to prove that I can actually cook (incinerate a selection of local produce)

    Sophie thoughtful as ever had bought me a proper chefs outfit !!

    Nobody fell ill with food poisoning but there were numerous sore heads !

    Thanks again to all of you, your comments and the blog have helped us enjoy it all over again. x

  13. Would you believe it if I said the photos, which are out of this world, don’t actually capture the absolute magic that those ,2, too short days meant to those lucky enough to be there. There was a wiccan quality to those hills and mermen and maids were just the begining of the fantastical goings on! love you sis xx – all the way from sunny Kenya!

  14. Sophie, this made me smile all over again. I remember thinking at the time how wonderful it was to work with someone who thought completely out of the box – I’ve done lots of shortbread stacks since, but none topped with a beautiful mermaid.
    You rock for being the most calm, beautiful, imaginative, kind and thoughtful bride EVER there was! Love to Glenn and the girls

    Carole (fishnets and stalkings)xxx

  15. I love the way the photos range from radiant still life details, to cute wee ones, to gorgeous dress and bride, to just plain loved ones. Both practical and magical.

  16. Thank you so much to everyone who left lovely comments about the photography, Sophie and Glenn were such a delight to work with and this was one of those weddings that you leave *so* happy that this is actually your job!

    Really, I still reel from how beautiful and imaginative and personal the whole day was.

    And Carole (as always) you were the perfect wedding host, it’s such a shame you aren’t at Crear any more, we will miss you when we next visit very much.

  17. It was an absolute pleasure to be involved in creating the Mermaids for this wedding, I had such fun!! And working with Sophie to help create her vision for the wedding breakfast tables was wonderful.. love, love, love her!!! A truly scrumptious wedding… Hugs Sophie hun. xx

  18. Love it all! So original and well thought out/put together! It must be so worth all the obvious hard work that has gone into it to finally see it all on the day and captured so amazingly as well! I particularly loved the orbs on the shoes yesterday as well! 🙂

    Essien, we’re having a BBQ in Glasgow the day before our wedding (Wedding is a Sunday) and have booked Millar Catering – v good menu and good prices! (Can’t vouch for the BBQing skills til after July 3rd though!) OMIGOD it’s coming fast!

  19. Wow-I am speechless! What a wonderful whimsical vintage romantic wedding this is!! The details are amazing-am especially loving the mermaids, the origami and the lavender shortbread stack-I so want one of those 

    This looks like the sort of wedding you would love to be a guest at xx

  20. Beautiful. All of it, just beautiful.

    The photography captures the most wonderful moments, and because I can’t put it better than Lisa; it’s “practical and magical”!

  21. It was a tremendous thrill to create the flowers for Sophie & Glenn’s wedding – from her bouquets to the table placements – all in Sophie’s colour theme. Sophie captured the essence of Crear Weddings in her own unique way and conjured up a wonderful vision – a real treat for the senses.

  22. Oh my, oh my, oh my. I’m a boy and a professional in the wedding industry but that is just BEAUTIFUL!! The thought, care and planning is second to none and I hope the glow of the day will last throughout their lifetime together…

  23. What absolutely beautiful pictures! We all loved your wedding day and the attention to detail was simply amazing. Even the decorations hanging from the beams tied in with the design of your wedding dress which, we might add, was stunning! All the very best for the future to both of you and we hope you will return for a little visit one day :0) xxx

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