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Winter Wonder At Babington House

It’s hot, hot, hot peeps… So I thought I’d serve up a wedding for you all that is cool. In more ways than one.

Cool because of that Mira Zwillinger dress, the Lanvin suit, those Jimmy Choos… not to mention the sneak Dolce and Gabanna appearance…

And cool because, well, this is a winter wedding. Michelle and Richard married back in January (the whitest January on record!) at Babington House. They chose their venue because they could take over the whole place, stay the night and have breakfast the next day.

I like their style…

Merringue Or Long & Subtle

Michelle The Bride: My dress was from Browns Bride, and by Mira Zwillinger dress. My veil was by Peter Langner.

I was really nervous about finding a dress, basically because I didn’t know what I wanted, did I want lace, or a huge merringue, or long and subtle, and what if I bought one, and then I got dress envy about others that I saw later. The reason I felt like this is I had just spent months helping my best friend (and maid of honour) look for her wedding dress, and had seen how overwhelming the process was. Anyway, whilst looking for her dress, I stumbled across a dress I adored, and made a mental note to look it up if I ever got engaged! It was different to any other dress I’d seen, but still classic, and I loved the colours. As soon as Richard popped the question, I knew I had to go and try it on immediately. When I got to Browns Bride, my mum walked in, walked straight up to this dress and said “I love this one Michelle”. That was it! She loved it too, and I haven’t even told her that it was the one I had in mind too! I tried on a few others, but nothing compared… I ordered it immediately!

Hand CraftedLace

My veil was by Peter Langner, also at Browns Bride. I loved it immediately because of the beautiful hand crafted lace leaves around the edging. I decided because of the dress, and the veil, I didn’t want anything too over the top in terms of jewellery, but I wanted something to compliment the delicacy and the leaves and flowers on the dress. My engagement ring is rose gold (which I love), so I decided to have some earrings and a bracelet made in rose gold. They were very simple rose gold leaves with tiny diamonds. I had small stud leaf earrings in rose gold made for the bridesmaids too.

I Choose The Choos

Shoes were the biggest nightmare in the whole process. I just couldn’t find any I liked anywhere! (and I had been everywhere twice). Eventually, I decided less was more, and I went for height and simplicity over beauty. The nude patent Jimmy Choos I chose were great, I can wear them all summer, and they weren’t a feature, so nothing detracted from the dress!

Natural & Glossy

This part also stressed me out a bit. Being a control freak, I was scared about relinquishing responsibility to someone else for my make-up! I went to the wonderful team at Josh Wood for a trial, and Jenna, their make-up artist understood immediately that I didn’t want to be too ‘done’, but still wanted to look good in the photos. The lipstick she recommended for the day is my all time favourite still!

The most important part for me though, was the hair. My hair is long, and straight and doesn’t hold a curl. I really wanted a natural wave, and I wanted my hair down, to still feel like me. Leigh Keates at Josh Wood did my hair at the trial, and I was in love immediately, it was natural, and glossy, and it held all day, in fact, the more the day went on, the better it looked. That’s how I knew he had to be the one to do it on the day! Not only did he do mine, but he did my mum’s and my bridesmaid’s too. 

A Coming Together Of Cultures

Flowers were very important to me. The theme of our wedding was to bring both of our cultures together. I am a true celt (my mum is Irish and my Dad is Scottish), and Richard is Jewish. We wanted to make sure therefore that any ‘theme’ we had reflected this, and for me, this started with the flowers. Our wonderful florist was Flowers by Passion. I met with them, showed them the tartan table runners I was planning to have, explained what I thought the place names would be like, and the colour scheme (including some samples of my dress). They did the most incredible job of choosing beautiful white thistles and a beige rose that matched my dress almost perfectly. They were stunning, and I was so happy.

The bridesmaids had the same as my bouquet, but slightly smaller, and the buttonholes were the same. I then had ribbon to hold them together which matched the bridesmaid dresses.

A Perfect Match

As I mentioned above, we wanted to have a cultural reflection in the theme. We therefore based our colour scheme loosely around the Weather Kennedy Tartan. I found the bridesmaid dresses on (a website that I found on Rock my Wedding!) I then found ties for the groomsmen and Richard by Bottega Venetta which were a perfect match. Rich even found Kippahs in the perfect green for him and the groomsmen to wear during the ceremony

Fix Up Look Sharp

We went to choose Richard’s wedding suit together. We had no idea what we were looking for other than Rich likes to look sharp! We went to Matches not expecting to find anything immediately. There was a beautiful Black wool Lanvin Suit, and GORGEOUS black patent Lanvin shoes. We put these with a charcoal grey waistcoat by Dolce and Gabanna. He walked out of the dressing room, and me and the shop assistant both swooned. He looked gorgeous. He looked even better on the day.


I struggled at first to find a photographer whose work I really connected with. Every website I looked at online had the same style of photos, and they just didn’t reflect me and Rich. I wanted something very relaxed and natural, to capture the moments that you don’t even know happened, and to capture the essence of the wedding day. I spent hours looking, and then I came across Amy at Especially Amy, and I was in love. The photos of people laughing, enjoying the day were exactly what I was after. I emailed her immediately, and we met for coffee. I knew at that moment she was perfect for us, we didn’t stop talking for an hour, and she understood exactly what we wanted. Even on the day, when I had a wobble about getting my dress in the snow for a shot, she laughed, found a blanket for me to stand on, and some wellies, and took a beautiful shot of us in the snow.

Made With Love

One of my best friend’s (and bridemaids, Kellie), can’t hear the word ‘cake’ these days. She fatally asked me if I needed help with anything. I said to her I wasn’t sure, and did she have any ideas. She responded saying, “I could always do something for you”. Brilliant, having never made more than a cupcake her entire life, I immediately said “will you, that would be amazing!”. She spent every weekend in the run up reading bakery books, making appointments with Master Bakers for advice, and buying baking equipment. When I saw the finished result, I cried. It was perfect, and made with love. She even saved the top of the cake, and remodelled it into a cake for my 30th birthday the following month. Now, that’s love.

Throwing Shapes

This was the best bit! The focus was dancing. And did we dance! We had the Horah to represent the Jewish side of the family (this is the Israeli dancing where everyone is up on the chairs), a Ceilidh for the Celts (a bit like Irish/Scottish line dancing), and followed it all with a good old disco. I didn’t stop dancing until 4am!

You’ll Marry A Music Man

Our first dance (after the Horah) was to Tiny Dancer by Elton John. A song that Richard sings to me (terribly) as I fancied myself as a bit of a ballet dancer back in the day.

Show Me The Way To Go Home

We wanted to have favours that didn’t get left behind, but again, suited the theme. Richard’s favourite chocolates are Rose & Violet creams, so I made little packages for the ladies, and bottles of guiness for the gents. We then used these as our place names! Favours and place names sorted in one! Also, because it was winter, I was concerned about people finding their way back to their rooms in the dark after some serious partying. I bought lots of silver torches, and tagged them for everyone to leave with “Show me the way to go home, i’m tired and I want to go to bed”.

People told me that was a nice touch. Finally, for the people that stayed at Babington, I left a gift box in every one’s room. It had some pick and mix sweets, a bottle of Kennedy Whisky, and, as I had asked people on the invite what song would get them on to the dancefloor, a CD with all of the songs people requested on it.

Tartan & Ribbons

I loved this part of organising the wedding. Aside from the favours, I had tartan table runners which I made. I had ribbons tying the menu and the napkin for everyone’s place, the ribbons in the same green as the bridesmaids. The printing of the menus was beautiful, and done by Emily & Jo. We did this in the same theme (cream and gold) as our wedding invites, the order of service, and we even used it for our seating plan. I loved the classic look of it. I even framed one of our invites and put it next to our guest book. I had a huge sweetie table (that was a must from me), which I had hours of fun sourcing, and making, and even had sweet bags which matched the cream and gold of the menu.  We had also had beautiful candles everywhere, including hanging from the windows in the room we had our reception in provided by our florist. They really made the whole room sparkle.

Haggis & Doughnuts

If any couple has a mix of cultures to account for, I can only recommend that you embrace it all! From the food, to the entertainment, we made sure we reflected both of us. We had haggis, but equally we had Hannukah style doughnuts. We had a rabbi, and we had our friend singing Ave Maria, it was a real mix of cultures, old and young, the party didn’t stop, and after the fifth rendition of the Fields of Athenry at 4.30am, all of the effort, and sweating the small stuff proved to be a fantastic investment, because we were surrounded by the people we loved, in the most amazing venue, and we’d achieved that rare thing, of pleasing everyone….

Final Thoughts

Michelle and Richard nailed it. They did it in style and they made sure that they spoilt their guests with little treats here and there… Ensuring that everyone had a day to remember.

This gorgeous set of images, as crisp and cool as the big day, produced by RMW regular Especially Amy will ensure that all those fantastic memories stay fresh and vibrant for many years to come.


17 thoughts on “Winter Wonder At Babington House

  1. How I love Babington House and this wedding does not disappoint – the dress, the family inspired detail, not to mention the winter wonderland snow… sigh – thank you for sharing your beautiful wedding day Michelle and Richard x

  2. Somehow Babington seems to be made for Winter weddings doesn’t it – all the candlelight makes everything shimmer and sparkle! I adore Michelle’s dress, the snowy walks and the dancing until 4am! Now that’s a party!

  3. Your wedding is so unique! Love your dress, love everything!! BTW, I also got my bridesmaid dresses from For Her and For Him and they are absolutely beautiful!

  4. I’m completely in love with this wedding. I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is. The dress, the snowy venue, the classic yet modern stylings, or just the light in those photographs, but there’s something a bit special about this one. Love it.

  5. Ahhh! What beautiful photos…and I am might glad that my partner and I have also booked Especially Amy as the photographer for our wedding!

  6. I love the bridesmaid dresses, I am thinking of ordering a similar colour from for her and for him, what specific colour are they ?

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