Wylam Brewery Wedding with DIY Bottle Table Plan & Wildflowers and Bride in Embellished Emma Beaumont Wedding by Margarita Hope Photography Pin Image

Wylam Brewery Wedding with DIY Bottle Table Plan & Wildflowers

BUDGET £15 – 17.5K

Wylam Brewery in Newcastle not only produces fine ales but was the location for Maria & Sean’s contemporary wedding. They filled The Grand Hall with polaroid pictures of times spent together, as well as wildflower stems and a bottle table plan. And to kick start the evening celebrations they hired a Scottish ceilidh band. I have never seen a dance floor more full!


“It was just ‘us’. We were married in our favourite place in the world; Tynemouth, a beautiful coastal village in the North East of England. We chose our favourite flowers, our favourite pieces of music and our favourite time of year. We surrounded ourselves with our favourite people. We put a lot of effort into doing things ourselves in the run-up to the day and we also called in favours from friends and family. In return, we were presented with the wedding of our dreams; with the most beautiful flowers from Mum, a stunning wedding cake from our best friend, Claire, a thought-provoking and tear-jerking poem written by our groomsman, Jake and some beautiful music gifted from a talented group of friends. “ – Maria & Sean

Wylam Brewery Wedding

Maria and Sean styled their Wylam Brewery wedding with vintage bottles filled with loose wildflowers, each inscribed with a place of meaning to them; home towns, where they met, places they travelled together and lived together. They also delved into family photo albums and found wedding photos from days gone by using them to decorate the brewery. I’ve also got all the heart eyes for the ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ fabric sign and Maria’s applique wedding dress by, RWW recommended supplier, Emma Beaumont.


“Music has always played a big part in our relationship – as such, we spent hours choosing music for our wedding ceremony, the reception and the evening do that really meant something to us. We used our favourite songs and musicians; from Sigur Ros, Newton Faulkner and Stevie Wonder, to obscure folk bands and tunes that only we knew. We chose a fantastic Scottish folk band, Kilter, to kick off the evening celebrations with a ceilidh; they were absolutely mind-blowing and had everyone on their feet.” – Maria & Sean

Crafting your own DIY projects not only keeps the budget down but also adds wonderful personal touches to your day. Having their wedding in a brewery, Maria and Sean decided to use bottles as their table plan decor. If you think this is a genius idea and want to recreate this too, luckily for you we’ve put together a ‘How to Make a DIY Bottle Table Plan‘ tutorial. Happy crafting!

Photography by Margarita Hope Photography
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