You And Me.

Bernie and Adam married at Lains Barn Wantage in Oxfordshire on Saturday the 3rd September 2011. They chose Caro Hutchings to document their most important day, and she has done them proud.

Today, rather than blogging, I would like to go on a journey in a VW camper van please. I’d like the weather to be sunny if at all poss and I’d like to get out and have a bit of a frolic in the countryside for a bit.

I wonder where I got that idea from…

A Rustic Feel

Even though we live in Sussex and could have found somewhere closer to home we just felt Lains Barn had a wonderful rustic feel about it.

Heavenly Bodies

About 5 years ago I saw a singer wearing a lace tiered gown and had decided if we ever got married that would be my dress, I cut the picture out and kept it for future references. As soon as we got engaged I went on a massive search for THAT dress! found and fell in love with one that was surprisingly similar it was called Marina/Margaret by Henry & Michelle Roth, unfortunately they don’t sell their dresses in the UK but through the wonderful world of Twitter we managed to contact Henry Roth and after a few tweets he even offered to bring me a dress to the UK on his next visit. Unfortunately timing wasn’t on my side and I wouldn’t have had the dress in time… What a shame as what a brilliant dress story that would have been for me to tell 🙂

The dress I finally chose was not at all what I had in mind to wear as it was quite plain in comparison to what I thought I always wanted, but after a struggle to find places that catered for plus size brides I came across Heavenly Bodies Bridal in Catford. The owner Patricia has a brilliant selection of dresses. Even though it doesn’t come with an amazing story I knew my dress was ‘the one’ when I put it on, stepped in front of the mirror and cried 🙂 I didn’t expect a dress to make me feel like that. (Apologies for the long answer)

My dress was by Callista.

Glitzy Secrets

I wore a side tiara from Glitzy Secrets. Drop pearl earrings from Something Jewelled through Etsy.

Blush Pink

I bought two pairs of shoes… A comfortable pair of Satin Ivory heels from Evans and a very cute blush pink pair of ‘not so comfortable’ heels from Bespoke. I am ashamed to say the Pink didn’t get much use I definitely went for comfort over cuteness.

Simple And Pretty

My hair was styled by Danielle Musselwhite from Beauty Call, she was lovely and did a brilliant job. I had decided to wear my hair down as I am always taking the easy route and scrapping it back into a pony. I wanted it to be kept simple and pretty.

I am very fortunate to have a very lovely and talented beautician for a best friend (Claire Norburn) and she was kind enough to come along beforehand and make me feel all pretty for my special day 🙂 We went out a couple of weeks before and had great fun buying an entire new makeup bag made up of lovely MAC products.

Milk Bottles

I kept the bouquets and buttonholes simple and went for Gypsophila. The Bridal bouquet had lace wrapped around the stem and a locket with a picture of my parents on their wedding day and my sister and I when we were younger tied around the top of it. I loved the idea of milk bottles so we went with milk bottles filled with Amnesia Roses, Vintage pink Hydrangea, Gypsophila and Hard Ruscus.

Our very wonderful florist was Ann Laing from Flower Craft, she took everything I imagined and made it happen.

Skinny Tie

The Best Man wore a Grey Three Piece from Marks & Spencer with a grey skinny tie and White shirt. I only had one Bridesmaid and we went for a floral Maxi Dress from Monsoon.

No Designer Suit

The Groom, just like his best man, wore a three piece grey suit from Marks & Spencer. No designer suit, just a simple marks and sparks one but he was still the most amazing and handsome man there… Our nine year old coming a very close second of course.

Kept Forever

My sister is a wedding photographer and someone who I really admire and I love her photos, seeing her work had really opened my eyes to wedding photography and how important it is to have – so that your memories of the day are captured and kept forever.

The quest was on and thanks to Debs we found Caro Hutchings – what a gorgeous person and amazing photographer. Thank you Caro for being there and working so hard to give us the photos that we are really proud of and will cherish always.

Might As Well Face It I’m Addicted To Lace

After planning this wedding my husband has decided I am addicted to lace. I wanted lace EVERYWHERE so where better than the cake. I came across The Pretty Cake Company whilst researching local cake makers near to the venue, and there on their website was our cake… I fell in love straight away and as long as it was chocolate Adam would be happy. Three Tier, ivory icing with a lace effect design. To me it had a very old fashioned and traditional wedding cake look about it.

Every Memory

I became a bit obsessed with the music. I love music and all kinds of it, and every memory, every moment in our lives has a theme song or background music to it… Well, in my head anyway! We decided on having a DJ and also someone who would play the music from the ceremony to the final song of the evening. Steve from Oxfordshire Wedding Entertainment did just that and he was even happy for us to do our own playlist of what songs we wanted.

Our Song

Our first Dance was You & Me by Lifehouse. We already had a song that reminded us of when we first met (Method Man Ft Mary J Blige – All I need) however we really didn’t think that it would be appropriate for the day 🙂

I am a Lifehouse fan and this song came on when we were looking and we just knew it was perfect for us, in fact since the day we decided to Dance to it You & Me has become ‘our song’

Glass Coke Bottles

We went a little mad with the wedding favours. I love it! Every time there is a party, hen night, baby shower or anything! I think it needs favours. We had Glass Coke bottles on the table for name places. A candy Buffet from Elegant Wedding Creations, Vinyl look Music CDs with a few of our favourite songs and the songs that we picked for the wedding ceremony. The ladies also got to kick off their heels and dance the night away in a pair of flip flops!

Lace Tablecloths

We were lucky in that we didn’t have to do a lot of decorating to the barn; the barn itself was beautiful and had gorgeous ivory drapes throughout. I, my mother and my sister collected all of the lace tablecloths and other decorations in the run up to the wedding. I purchased some gorgeous doily bunting form an Etsy company called Princess Allure.

Weather Dependant

We always wanted to get married outside but unfortunately you are quite limited in the UK. About a month before we got married I had googled pictures of the barn and there were pictures of another couple that had recently just got married there… Outside!! I rang them up any yep they confirmed it – the well in the grounds was licenced to get married at. They haven’t advertised it before and didn’t mention anything to us when we booked so were so excited! Of course we had to wait to know for definite the day before as it would all depend on the weather. Luckily the sun shone and we got to have an outdoor ceremony. I think getting married outside is really what made our day a little different and special to us. Most importantly though was having our fab family and friends with us, some whom even came from as far as Australia and South Africa.

We wanted the feel of our wedding to be rustic but still keeping it pretty with a little touch of tradition – but mostly relaxed and fun.

If I had one piece of advice ot would be – enjoy every minute and try not to get too stressed out and make the most of all the planning and prep. Once it is all over with you will also miss it A LOT!

Venue Lains Barn

Dress Callista

Boutique Heavenly Bodies Bridal

Accessories Glitzy Secrets and Something Jewelled

Shoes Evans and Bespoke

Flowers Flower Craft

Hair Beauty Call

Photography Caro Hutchings

Cake The Pretty Cake Company

DJ Oxfordshire Wedding Entertainment

Candy Elegant Wedding Creations

Bunting Princess Allure

Loving the Gyp bouquets (check me out even knowing the cool nicknames for flowers…) and the glass coke bottles are a stroke of genius. Everyone knows that glass coke bottles are a little bit special and a little bit posh.

And the coke actually tastes better. FACT.

M&S cut a good suit as well don’t they?


38 thoughts on “You And Me.

  1. Erm, aside from all the wedding pretty, I am a little bit in love with Bernie and Adam’s son! How handsome is he?! All that blonde hair…heartbreaker much when he’s older, no?!

    And his granddad is a bit of a dapper silver fox also!

    Adore the lace touches throughout and of course, everyone loves a glass coke bottle. Does Mrs O’Shea know that the Lagerfeld designed Diet Coke bottles for Harvey Nics…it’s all he drinks y’know…


  2. Ahhh! Thank you so much for featuring my beautiful sister’s wedding! It is amazing to see the story being told here and so wonderful to reminisce! It was the most special day and so filled with personal touches. From Heather the VW to the locket of pictures of our family. xx

  3. What a lovely lovely wedding, so simple and lacy!

    I agree about the blonde bombshell Joshua – heartbreaker all over!

    lovely dress, lovely hair, lovely make up, gooooooood suits (i work for m&s!) and I’m going to steal the milk bottles idea.

    And if you can get diet coke in bottles we may do that too, i *heart* diet coke.

    happy times ahead xx

  4. I have just spontaneously burst into tears when I saw the photo of Bernie, her son, and her dad all have a big hug! Beautiful! What a gorgeous boy, looking so proud!

  5. Gorgeous photos, so simple and pretty!

    More randomly, I am sure I know the best man, he just looks really familar but for the life of me I cannot work out where from!

  6. Lovely wedding…such a warm relaxed feeling. Love your sweet counter. Where did you get this gorgeous sweet jars?

  7. I loveeee the simplicity of this wedding. Major fan of using just Gyps, and the lace adds to the rustic feel wonderfully. On top of all this; Bernie looks beauuuutiful!! It just goes to show that you don’t need to spend the earth to achieve a stunning wedding.

  8. @Helen – oooooo you can totes get DC in glass bottles but be carefully my lovely…it is tres bad for your pearly whites…I had to have my front four teeth crowned because during my university finals I literally started to wear them away drinking the DC…The Big C even said to be this weekend, “Do you know that a third of our weekly shop is spent on Diet Coke?” That’s a hell of a lot of the fizz…On the upside the teeth are blinking lovely (thank you Dad!).

    @Debs – I love an attractive man…and I always did like a blonde…

    @Laura – Don’t go admitting you ‘know’ the best man, because we are all dying to know how my love!!!!!


  9. Wowzers!! Loving this one! Bride is a stunner and im loving all the little bits of pretty, got more ideas now with 6 weeks to go! 🙂

  10. Gorgeous couple and a beautiful wedding, I love Bernie’s dress and little bolero/cardi.

    @Pamela – are you thanking your Dad because he bought your crowns or fitted them? (is he a dentist?!) and I did not know that Lagerfeld designed coke bottles…. do you have one?!

    Charlotte xxx

  11. @Charlotte – am thanking the dad because he footed the bill! It was around the time of my 21st birthday and everyone thought I had had them done because I was going to New York! I am vain, but that is a little extreme even for me! I do love them though…

    The father does not know that I continue to drink the DC…when he comes round, we have to clear the fridge out and hide all the cans in the cupboard under the stairs…Christ knows what I will dring on w-day…as if I haven’t had a DC by 8am (yes, that early folks) I get the shakes…

    And, ooohhh yes, I have the set (they were a fiver each) and they are not allowed to be opened…they are purely for display purposes…randomly they are on display in the bathroom…but the bathroom is black and their pink and greyness looks lovely in there!


  12. Does anyone know which Glitzy Secrets tiara Bernie is wearing? It is gorgeous and I have decided it must be mine for my W-Day in August! Have had a look on the Glitzy website but can’t work out which one it is x

  13. Thank you all for your gorgeous comments….they are making my Tuesday 🙂

    @Nicky the tiara is from

    @Jacinta the sweet jars were supplied by

    @Pamela I am a very lucky lady to have such gorgeous men in my life…..even our pooch Marley is a looker but unfortunately he wasnt there on the day with us 😉

    I must also mention that Pete from Circa Discs did an amazing job on our CD Favours and was really happy to help

    @James Heather really is a beauty! and what makes her even more special is that she took my sister to her wedding a couple of years back and maybe in another few years (like 20) she will be driving my son to his 🙂


    1. Hello! Love this post and this wedding. Do you happen to know where the vinyl looking CDs are from? Thank you!

  14. I love this wedding, it’s my ultimate favourite that i’ve seen so far because it’s so similar to how i’ve planned mine, (Campervan, EXACTLY the same flowers- Bernie has fabulous taste) which makes it trés exciting!!
    Love the family picture too, beautiful! xxx

  15. Many inspiration photos saved from this Wedding! It is so how I have envisioned my own W-Day! Absolutely stunning.

    The Centre Pieces are exactly what I want. Also LOVING the stationary. Where did you get it from? The wee ‘Fortune Teller’ origami is AMAZING. What did you use it for/did you make it yourself? xxx

    Gorgeous wee family.

  16. @Bernie – thank you so much! I just hope it looks as good on me as it did on you. I pretty much adore everything about your wedding and am having serious lace bunting envy!

  17. Ahhh, this is so lush! What a beautiful wee family you have!

    This looks like a gorgeous, happy day – the lace cake is stunning, and you both look fantastic. Adam – you’re right about M&S suits. Hell, if it works for Take That, it’s got my vote 🙂


  18. We looked at Lains Barn as a possible wedding venue because a) it’s down the road from Mr C’s parents’ house b) it’s super lovely and c) it’s a barn. We have now found our venue and paid for it (which is, incidentally, nowhere near Mr C’s parents’ house, is not a barn, but is super lovely), which I’m pleased about it because Lains Barn would be smack bang in the running again after this report.

    Fab wedding, fab flowers and fab report.

    Beckie K x

  19. I bloody love a camper van. We have decided to forgo chair covers in favour of chairs like the ones in this wedding. This is clearly an excellent choice, the pictures of the reception look stunning! As does the bride 🙂 xx

  20. I love this wedding! How on earth did they print onto the triangle oragami menu thingy? Ive been dying to try it for my own wedding….as crayola pencils just dont have the same effect 😉
    I would LOVE to know how you did it!

  21. Thanks Bernie for the website for the sweet jars….We are going to book them for our wedding in June tomorrow…x

  22. Hello, Your wedding looks so beautiful. I love your wedding favor idea! Would you be able to give me the contact of who made those for you, I am looking to have cd’s made like this for my wedding and those CD”s you had made look amazing.

  23. I really loved the theme of the wedding and the pictures came out great! How did you get the vinyl look on the CDs? I love that idea!

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