You Are My Rock.

This afternoon I have a very very special love story for you.

Special for a number of reasons, firstly Lisa and Will are very good friends of ours – seriously, you couldn’t meet a nicer couple. Secondly Lisa has dealt with the loss of her Dad in recent years which obviously has left a great gaping hole in her life, but then she found Will – and he’s been her rock ever since. Thirdly I sent Lisa and Will to model for the Jonathan Canlas workshop a few months back and the images are BEAUTIFUL.

(If you have no clue what I’m talking about the O’Shea’s did exactly the same thing this time last year..)

So lovelies, please take some time to have a read, gawp at the pretty and leave Lisa and Will some love.

Lisa:… where do I begin? I actually met Will over 10 years ago through a mutual friend Rochelle, can you believe it? and back then I never thought in a million years he would turn out to be my future husband!! I always thought he was really lovely and funny but it was not until sometime later we got back in touch. It was actually me who asked him randomly “how he was” on Facebook, he responded very quickly with a huge email telling me what he was up to and within a few days he asked me if I would like to meet up some time soon!! He seemed very keen but I had no idea how keen (he’ll kill me for saying this on the blog..) but it’s true.

Will had friends in Manchester so it made sense to try and casually meet at the pub or something but the weekends just didn’t work out. Oh and that’s another thing he lived in Birmingham and I was in Manchester, which made things a little more difficult. Eventually after trying to find a free evening for both of us, he took me out 3 months later and made a special trip up in September 2010. I wasn’t really sure what to expect as I couldn’t really remember what he was like but it totally took me by surprise. We went for a really nice meal and we just got on so well, we didn’t stop chatting and giggling (I never thought I would meet someone who could talk more than me!!!!) and soon we realised we had loads of things in common, Wakeboarding, skiing the love for food to name a few. Also knowing each other before helped as we reminisced about some funny uni nights in Nottingham. At the end of the date I just couldn’t wait to see him again, and amazingly the feeling was mutual from the very beginning. As we lived in different cities we had to plan, as it wouldn’t have worked out otherwise. We practically spent every weekend we possibly could together.

After weekends of seeing each other, eventually we knew one of us had to move cities for this to work so we could start a proper relationship together. Will applied for a transfer with his job and he was all for moving to Manchester until it all fell through only a few months later due to someone else not wanting to move so he couldn’t take their place. We were so disappointed and didn’t really know what to do next as I was really enjoying my job and never saw myself in Birmingham. Then all of a sudden within a few weeks of Will finding out his rubbish news, I was informed my job was moving to London. I could only think it must have been fate. Shortly after I found a job in Birmingham and I made the big move only 9 months of being together in June 2011. It all sounds a bit scary doesn’t it but it just felt so right and seeing each other only at the weekends started to tire us out plus the M6 never did us any favours. It wasn’t easy at first leaving all my family and friends but Will helped me start a life down here and before I knew it I had met some lovely people (Charlotte being one of them) and I’m now really enjoying it and of course I now get to spend more time with Will. Sorry I know it sounds so cheesy!!

So what happened next was an even bigger surprise…..

How Will proposed

Will wanted to surprise me for my 30th birthday and told me to book a couple of days off. I had no idea what was going on, I didn’t even know if I needed my passport or not so I tried not to guess too much. The day arrived and it wasn’t until we got to the airport I found out we were flying to Nice. I was so excited as I love the south of France, I couldn’t believe someone had planned all this for me as I’ve never had a surprise birthday before. Once we landed we then drove for at least 100 miles to an amazing villa that his Uncle owns in a truly magical village called Cotignac. I had never heard of it before but it is a little gem of a place. As we stepped in the villa we had a bottle of champagne waiting for us. It was simply perfect ;0). Will is a total planner, so he had every day sorted with activities including wine tasting and sun bathing by the beautiful lakes close by.

It was on the second day when he said we were off to find this waterfall he had researched, he had even found it on google maps. That’s how organised he is. So Will packed a bag and I threw in a couple of beers as I thought it would be nice to have a drink once we sat down. I didn’t know how long it would be until we sat down….. I didn’t notice anything weird at this stage, just Will being his super organised self.

We walked and walked up this hill but couldn’t find any kind of waterfall, “Are we nearly there yet” I kept saying like a 12 year old but it was 32 degrees baking hot and I was starting to get a little bit grumpy. Will started to get grumpy as well…. I kept telling him to put on his t-shirt as he will get burnt but he kept saying he was fine. Little did I know there was a ring inside the bag with his t-shirt wrapped around it!!! At one stage he was adamant to find this waterfall that he left the bag with me (luckily I didn’t crack open the beer and look through the bag – which crossed my mind a couple of times whilst I eagerly waited for him to come back). He scrambled up the side of some rocks, scratching himself as he went (as he had no t-shirt on!!!!), it was like watching a Bear Grylls episode! He eventually climbed back down and said there’s nothing there, he looked so frustrated but I still hadn’t caught on why. To Will’s disappointment we finally realised that the waterfall that was once there had actually dried up as it was so hot!! It was actually quite funny!! Although Will didn’t think so at the time.

We went for a drive and saw a sign to another waterfall so Will suggested we go there – “at least this one will exist as it has a sign to it!” Great, it’s another mile walk to the waterfalls… I couldn’t believe it as all I wanted to do was crack open the beers. Finally after about 20 mins of walking and lots of steps downwards, (it was a big waterfall but absolutely stunning) Will noticed a lovely rock to sit on, he wandered over, it was the perfect spot to crack open my beer I thought, until another couple beat us too it! All I wanted to do was sit down and then finally Will said come over here. He had found a secluded rock with sunlight shining through the trees. Plus it was a little more private. I ran over – no one was going to get this rock and sat down. ‘Don’t sit down Lise’ Will said, I couldn’t understand and lovingly he proceeded to say ‘stand up I want to take your picture’. Now this was the moment I can’t explain how I felt as I thought Will was about to get the camera out but instead it was a box with a ring in it! I was absolutely speechless as I could not believe it. It all happened in slow motion so I remember every single second and I think it has to be the most amazing moment of my life so far. It was like a million butterflies had got inside my tummy and I didn’t know what to do. Will finally asked me to be his wife. I honestly couldn’t believe it and asked if he was joking? I knew we were going to get married one day and although I knew from date 3 I wanted to marry him, I never thought it would happen so soon. I was so excited I couldn’t contain myself and wanted to tell the world.

Finally once it had sunk in, all the questions come out, “who knows?, did you ask anyone!?” Sadly my father passed away a year before and he was my inspiration and I really was a daddy’s little girl. I’m sure there are a few girls out there that can relate to that. As my dad was not around to ask for my hand in marriage, he asked both my older brothers. I was so touched and he knew that would mean the world to me – they had known for about 4 months.

Next was the ring. I didn’t want to say but it didn’t exactly look ‘real’. I didn’t know how to ask and I was so over whelmed but thankfully that was the next conversation. He had designed the ring himself. It wasn’t like anything I expected (not that I expected anything that day!), but it was classic and striking. It had a large sapphire in the middle (my birth stone – which he knew) and 2 diamonds either side. He actually had a replica made with ZC stones in case a) he lost it and b) I could alter it if I didn’t like it, but I absolutely loved it and it wasn’t even the real thing. It was so different and unique. I couldn’t imagine wearing anything else so we had it made as soon as we got back to the UK. Will knows me better than I know myself I think!

Next was calling my mum. With my dad passing away, only the year before amongst other things we had had a tough couple of years coming to terms with it, so when I called my mum she was actually quite upset at the time and so pleased I’d called. When I told her the news she simply broke down with happiness she was so thrilled and thinks Will is amazing, she couldn’t have wished for anyone better for me to be with, and how I deserved something amazing to happen. I’ve had a few moments since about my dad and the fact he won’t be there on my wedding day but I plan to include him as much as possible in our day. I can’t say too much though as it’s a secret!

Plans so far….

So you are probably wondering what wedding plans we have made so far. Well we seemed pretty organised at first. We booked the venue straight away. We found this amazing place called Cripps barn in the Cotswolds and then shortly after we booked the band, flowers, photographer (Anna and Simon Clarke – they seem amazing take a look at their work! I can’t wait for the pics!), my wedding dress (I can’t say anything about this yet just in case Will reads this, but I felt a million dollars when I slipped it on!).

Talking of which, If you want a truly magical experience go to the bridal boutique Grafton Manor. They give you such a personal service and I found the dress of my dreams. I have also found my bridesmaid dresses. I have asked 2 of my best friends, Emma and Rochelle, 2 flower girls (my nieces) and 2 page boys (my nephews)… They will all look gorgeous.

Whilst enjoying our engagement Charlotte asked if we wanted to help out on a workshop for Jonathan Canlas, a photographer from the States who specialises in non-digital photography. We couldn’t resist especially as we got to keep the photo’s plus it was a fab day out. We were a little nervous at first but Jonathan put us totally at ease and the workshop ran smoothly. Neither of us had ever done anything like this before. It was totally worth it when we were sent the photos last week. (See pics)

I can’t wait to share my day with Rock My Wedding further down the line. My next biggest challenge alongside stationery and invites etc (which I’m really looking forward too) is actually getting through the day without my dad being there. So if anyone has any hints and tips please let me know as I can’t quite imagine it yet. I know he will be there in spirit though and I’ll have all my closest friends and family there to support me on our big day. I cannot wait now to become Mrs Jordan……..Will is my ‘rock’.

Yes I know. Lisa has the best legs in Britain. Every time she’s all “What shall I wear?!” I’m like “Hot pants? really short dress? um….hot pants?”

I have so many immense weddings coming up over the next twelve months, I am a very VERY lucky girl to have such lovely friends and I’m really looking forward to seeing so many happy-ever-afters first hand.

Big Will And Lisa Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

12 thoughts on “You Are My Rock.

  1. legs legs legs legs legs legs legs legs legs legs legs!!!

    and apart from the legs, well what a gorgeous story from a beautiful couple. The ring is gorgeous too, and Lisa your words about your family brought a tear to my eye.

    You look so happy together and in love, can’t wait to see your big day shared on RMW. xx

  2. Thank you for sharing with us Lisa and Will, such a lovely story. Lisa, it would be a crime for you to ever wear trousers, hot pants all the way for you miss!

  3. Love the close crop and the way you’re so drawn to Lisa’s eyes in the 4th photo – beautiful couple, and I’m glad they’ve found ‘love’! Great imagery by Jonathan too.

  4. What a gorgeous story! It’s like the love is oooozing off the screen 🙂 looking forward to seeing the big day!

    Agree with the others, those legs should never be covered, it would just not be fair to them


    P.S. I also really love your dress!

  5. Ahhhh what a lovely story to share, hope you both have a wonderful day and look forward to seeing the pics!

    Oh & yes – those legs are far too good!!!! hee hee

  6. Such a wonderful love story and the photos are just gorgeous and really capture the love you have for each other. Can’t wait to see how lovely the wedding pics are after these!

  7. Legs and eyes!! And a gorgeous boy to boot. Honestly though I love how Lisa describes Will as her rock – it made me go a bit teary and develop a boulder-sized lump in my throat.

    With Simon and Anna Clarke photographing and videoing your wedding, I guarantee you’ll be in the very best hands. I can’t wait to see your wedding day pictures!

  8. Gorgeous, gorgeousness!
    I have had the pleasure of knowing Lisa for nearly twenty years, and Will for only one. I can well and truly say he is her rock. I can guarantee that I’ll be weeping when they finally say ‘i do’. Wonderful couple with a wonderful story xxxx

  9. Oh my! Simply beautiful photographs which tell an equally beautiful story. I can’t ever imagine not having had my dad at our wedding but my husband lost his mum before she saw us finally tie the knot and it wasn’t easy. However, knowing you can always prop each other up, keep each other strong and lean on one another no matter what, will mean you will always be able to hold your head high. We feel so fortunate to be involved in the planning of your gorgeous wedding and sending huge congratulations to you both xxxxx

  10. We are getting married at Cripps in May and I have been an avid RMW stalker for the past few months – collecting ideas and big day inspiration, but it is your engagement story that has finally inspired me to contribute. So I just wanted to say… Lovely pictures, lovely story, just lovely.

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