You Shall Go To The Ball…

Every now and then something drops into our inbox that simply couldn’t be more Rock My Wedding. With Fairytale fortnight fast approaching, Charlotte and I were giving some serious consideration to the kind of fashion we were going to cover as part of it. We don’t like to be too predictable as you all know and staying within the theme but keeping it that little bit outside-of-the-blue-polka-dot-box, that little bit RMW, was proving tougher than we thought….

Then as often happens in these situations, fate intervenes just in time for us to give Belle and Bunty center stage.

So today we’re offering a selection of truly chic and every bit as unique as you like FASHION – fit for a thoroughly modern fairy tale.

Belle and Bunty is a fashion label designed by Alice Shreeve & Hannah Coniam-Thompson, started in 2003. Over the years the brand has built a successful celebrity following including the likes of Diana Vickers, Pixie Lott, Nicola Roberts, Heidi Range, Myleene Klass, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Fearne Cotton, Alexa Chung, Tamzin Outhwaite and Holly Willhoughby.

*The Wisteria

But what’s a fashion deisgner to do when they get married themselves? Make their own gown, a labour of love that lead to the creation of The Belle and The Bunty, the synonymously named dresses that they created together, for each other. And its no secret that we love to see a strong female business partnership go from strength to strength around here. 😉

*The Primrose and The Willow

These two designs, along with The Willow – a freqently requested style for Brides looking for something a little different, lead to the creation of the ‘Magnificent Seven’, Created in their signature elegant and floaty style of chiffon’s and silks, I really think these guys could give the likes of the more established bridal designers a run for their money.

*The Bay and The Estella

Here’s a little bit from the Belle and Bunty team themselves about the Magnificent 7 collection:

The Willow Maxi Dress is the seminal force behind the collection. Following the Willowʼs repeated sell-out success, Alice and Hannah have made dresses for a stream of brides looking for an alternative to the traditional wedding dress. Handcrafted by the designers with their skilled team in light and luxurious silks, craftsmanship lies at the heart of the collection. Belle & Buntyʼs characteristic muted shades of silver, buttermilk, fawn and dusty peach mingle with decadent jewel tones of emerald, claret, iris and teal. Delicate handmade silk roses, bows and lace trims finish these pieces with a feminine flourish.

So, we’re got style, glamour, elegance and individuality… thats a pretty impressive package. And you’re thinking, but ‘I’m a Bride, I want white!’ And that’s completely do-able. Made to Order, these dresses can be made in exactly the shade your bridal heart desires, be that the softest white, creamiest ivory or shades of shell pink, dove grey or blushing nude.

*The Bunty and The Belle

That just leaves one little question… maybe not such a little one… the price?

The range starts at £745 for the Wisteria to £1095 for The Primrose. How’s that for a find?

So that’s enough from us… we’re pretty excited to be sharing this collection, so excited in fact that I’m bookmarking Belle & Bunty for when I next need a bridesmaid/black tie/just-because-I-want-to-look-simply-devastating dress.

Please head over and have a nosey around the Belle and Bunty site, they really are delicious and there are more images to feast your beady eyes upon!

Yours I-am-so-going-to-wear-one-of-these-one-day Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

20 thoughts on “You Shall Go To The Ball…

  1. Belle is STUN-NING.

    It’s definately a black tie dress but it’s more than I would pay for a bridesmaid dress.

    I’m having real problems finding something I love for my bridesmaids. I want long chiffon and strapless in either soft rose or aubergene. There is NOTHING on the high street. NOTHING.

  2. OK so I checked and the Belle is £875 on the lower end of the scale.

    It would be PERFECT for cocktails the night before. Don’t suppose you fancy running a competition for something half priced…….Second Birthday would work for me?!

    On that, I didn’t realise I was the “Rebecca” that won. I’d been having MAJOR problems with my email sending out advertisements for Korean computers so I rarely use it. ThanksomuchIamsoexcited.

  3. Curse my boobs! Because I want to waft around in Bunty, all day, every day.

    Primrose is my favourite colour in the world, ever. AND a flatteirng shape.

    Also loving the model’s lippy.

    Am living my fairytale dream, ladies! Watch out for headlines regarding strange London lady standing on clifftop edge in Bunty, wind whipping her hair.

  4. Swoooooooooon over The Promise. Swwooooon and faint.

    And today of all days…Having MASSIVE dress wobbles and this post has not helped!


  5. That’s so exciting. Their shop is literally round the corner from my office, and working in Kentish Town in north London that isn’t something that I can say all that often! Their clothes are BEAUTIFUL, and their window displays are unbelievably covetable and actually make this part of London, rather more famed for its fried chicken houses, slightly more chic!!

  6. I am in Love with all of these dresses, but my fav(s) are

    The Belle,

    The Primrose, Willow and Wisteria… and I could love the Bay too – especially that colour!

    I’d love to see them on a RMW bride, and granted while they are expensive as BM dresses or occasion wear, they are a STEAL for bridal.

    And for an occasion, I’d love a dress like this – in fact I’m sure it would become more of an heirloom family piece than anything from my wedding day.

    Some of the options with sleeves might make a lovely MOB attire too.


  7. Bunty and Belle both literally took my breath away – beautiful dresses in such pretty as a picture colours. At ten days out though I think it could be a tad too late to start considering another dress. Especially considering I already have two.

  8. Fliss? Ten days??!!

    We shall see it on RMW in 11 days oui?

    Good luck and enjoy the last few days. I am so excited for you!

    P.S. I’ve seen their ordinary evening wear and its fabulous also and cheaper too!

  9. Lurve Belle and Primrose. I struggled so much to find a gorgeous dress with straps/sleeves and now here they are!! Love them x

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