With the quality of wedding food becoming a priority for most RMW couples, our wedding supplier directory, The List, is filled with fabulous caterers who create some incredible dishes for their couples and guests. So who better to ask about upcoming foodie trends than this talented bunch? We're about to embark on a culinary journey and I'm afraid to say it'll make you hungry, so make sure you're sitting comfortably with snacks to hand, things are about to get juicy...

Thoughtful Food

The provenance of our food has become really important to us all and naturally this has filtered into the world of wedding cuisine too. Jasmine from The Wild Fork tells us "With sustainability at the forefront of the media and the plastic ban in full swing, couples are becoming increasingly mindful of their impact on the environment and catering is no exception to this. We are seeing an increase in awareness of sustainable farming and a growing interest in wild food; our Berkshire venison is proving very popular." While Karen from Kemp & Kemp tells us "Modern Eating is what it’s all about this season. We noticed that there has been a marked rise in clients who (whether veggie or not) want to serve lighter, cleaner, fresher food on their wedding day. It’s a clever term ‘Modern Eating’ (encapsulated by Anna Jones in her utterly fab book of the same name). It is a veggie take on food, but it doesn’t have the ‘worthiness’ (or dreariness!) so often associated with it – which inevitably makes you run, arms wide open into the loving embrace of a bacon bap. What you want from your non-meat wedding food is exactly the same as you want from any wedding that makes your mouth zing; food with flavour, texture & colour; food which will make your wedding guests hearts soar and food which will make even the most devoted meat eaters (most Dads!) go WOW!" Make sure every aspect of your day is using local suppliers - don't forget your cheese tower. Thea at Neal's Yard Dairy says "our wedding cheese towers showcase the natural impressiveness of farmhouse cheese; specifically its beautiful textures and interesting rind patterns. When paired with decorations which can be eaten as accompaniments, such as fruits and vegetables, we think they make the most stunning centrepiece, and the most delicious buffet."

Adventures Around The Globe

Serving food that honours your cultural heritage, your travels around the world, or even just your favourite dishes is a great way to bring personality to your wedding day. The List caterers are well versed in creating dishes and menus that use the very best ideas and ingredients from across the globe. Caroline Gent has created a fabulous Japanese menu for one couple this season, which includes things like sake cured beetroot salmon with Wasabi mayo and a sharing dish of beef tataki (pepper seared aged West Country fillet of beef, served with fresh horseradish and coriander pesto). YUM. Japanese Menu For Wedding Pickle Shack have also created a tasting menu wedding breakfast, which combines incredible food from all over the world, Rose explains more - "imagine your favourite ingredients and flavours, deconstructed, intensified and presented with flair over five (or more!) courses. Tasting menus are an adventure from start to finish and give you scope to share both of your personalities with your guests. You can even add some extra theatre to proceedings by tying in a dry ice display alongside a ceviche or adding flames to a brûlée." Woodfired Weddings always create a menu that tells a couples story - their menus are so personal in fact, that chef Ben Quinn is being asked more and more frequently to make a speech alongside friends and family explaining the significance of the couple's choices when it comes to their food. Beetroot Cured Pollock Gravadlax With Lemon Paneer From Pickle Shack // Image by Matt Austin

Delicious Sharing Desserts

For those of you with a sweet tooth, Rose at Pickle Shack has some treats for you! "Sharing style courses: whole table dark chocolate, sea salt and raspberry tart! Nothing says ‘indulgent dessert’ like a WHOLE dark chocolate, sea salt and raspberry tart being presented to each table of guests. Expect ‘Oooh’ and ‘Aaah’ as they arrive, followed by ‘a touch bigger for me please’ as guests excitedly cut slices. This is a simple concept that delivers powerful flavour and beautiful visuals every time! It brings the trend for rustic and informal food up to date with a touch of elegance. The concept can be applied to starters too e.g. whole table ham hock terrine with piccalilli puree and pickled vegetables served with boards of freshly baked breads and flavoured butters." And if anyone's asking...starter AND a pud please. Always. Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Raspberry Tart From The Pickle Shack // Image by Matt Austin

Drinks To Delight

When it comes to drinks - The List has got you covered. As well as Prosecco on tap from Corks Prosecco Bar and Peroni on tap from the Bubbles & Birra van, this season it's all about the vegetable cocktails. Yes you read that right. Christabels have just designed a fun range of cocktails that embrace the savoury side of life. Intrigued? We sure are! Vegetable Cocktails From Mobile Bar Christabel's Gin is certainly here to stay, but this season it's all about the Negroni - rather than the classic G&T. The Travelling Gin Co. have shared their go-to recipe with us, we may have mixed a couple during the Royal Wedding, they were delicious. Ultimate Negroni Recipe 40ml London Dry Gin (we recommend Sipsmith) 40ml Campari 40ml Sweet Red Vermouth (we recommend Punt E Mes) - Gently stir the 3 equal part measures on large ice cubes in a separate mixing glass. Set aside for a minute. - Then, for serving, fill a rocks glass with plenty of ice and strain your negroni on top. - Garnish with an orange slice. Ed from The Travelling Gin Co. says "Short and punchy, it’s packed with bitter, citrus and herbal notes. The key is plenty of ice and make sure they’re decent sized cubes rather than crushed. If you’re looking for a twist, why not swap the vermouth to a dry one (like Dolin). Drop the measure to 20ml and add a splash of freshly squeezed orange juice too...for something a bit lighter on a hot day of celebrating." Negroni Recipe From The Travelling Gin Co.

All About The Dinnerware

Don't forget about what you serve the food in either, the style of your dinnerware can completely change the look of the table. Minty at Jacaranda explains "coloured plates are really taking front row this season, we have been using lots of black and stone plates which just make the dishes pop. A really good way to bring more impact to your food without spending a silly amount!" We even have the incredible Boxed Wedding on The List, who provide delicious picnic style food in a beautifully presented box for weddings. Sam tell us "the trend for high end but relaxed and informal weddings is on the rise. We provide bespoke, gourmet sharing boxes filled with delicious seasonal, artisan food. Free yourself and your guests from formalities and dive into apple crates filled with a fabulous feast. The boxes can be enjoyed outside in a woodland setting or inside on tables doubling up as centrepieces for a stunning visual impact. Perfect to break the ice, share and enjoy together. Rustic and informal without compromising on beauty or deliciousness."

Keep Your Menu On Trend

Trend setters 81 Events tell us that big for 2019 is new textures. It’s not just about colours and combinations, it’s the latest tool to engage the senses and deliver share-worthy experiences. Think food that's immersive and takes you on a visual journey. Sounds a lot like Stone's Events gorgeous lamb dish then...Rebecca says "we marinate the lamb ribs in harissa spices before cooking for 72 hours in the waterbath and finishing over an open flame. We prepare the lamb rib so it can be easily and (relatively) cleanly eaten whilst standing with minimal fuss so that you can enjoy socialising without having to worry about eating something too fiddly. We pair it with a refreshing preserved lemon yoghurt and pickled baby cucumbers. The perfect dish to be served at your summer garden party." Stone's Events Lamb Ribs And the incredible Fro-Yo from Pan N Ice made before your eyes is one way to keep guests both fed and entertained! Joe tells us "Pan-n-Ice is the fun, creative and now the fastest growing ice cream brand in Europe. We pioneered the internet sensation ice cream / Froyo roll concept which involves slicing and dicing fresh ingredients on our signature -30 degree C pans. Couples can choose fully bespoke ice cream experiences which include custom designed cups, cart fronts and choice of mouth watering menus, each exclusive from the next." We're almost at the end of the post and we're only just talking canapés! It shows you how much wedding food has changed. But don't neglect these little bad boys, they keep guests happy while you're having your photographs taken and are a great chance to showcase the skills of your caterers. Minty from Jacaranda is "loving bright colours in food and flowers at the moment, and there is nothing better than flowers and canapés, especially when you can get so much colour from one ingredient! Like our beetroot meringue with creamed goats cheese, pickled apple and pistachio." Canapes From Jacaranda // Image by Guy Collier Hungry? I thought so! Aren't they a talented bunch? There really is no limit when it comes to wedding food these days. And with The List wedding caterers you know you'll be getting something that tastes just as good as it looks. If you want your guests to be talking about your wedding food endlessly after the big day - do get in touch!
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