When it comes to creating a wedding list, it can be very overwhelming deciding what to add and you can easily get carried away. Today we've rounded up our top tips along with our gift list partner, The Wedding Shop, to help you create a list that will be really useful and personal to you and your partner.
  • If you're having a large wedding, make sure that there are options for every price bracket.
  • Try to create a list where you're both in agreement over the items on it. You're building a home together and therefore need to chose items that you both like and will find useful. Perhaps allow yourself each one special treat to add to the list - but make sure it's not something your partner really dislikes.
  • If you are making home improvements, focus on one or two rooms to make sure that you can get these rooms finished - think about the very smallest items like candles, cushions and frames to larger pieces like artwork, lighting and mirrors.
  • Remember that your guest list will include families and couples who will chose one present from them all, so for a wedding with 100 guests you'll probably need to have 60-70 or so gifts for them to choose from.
  • It's likely that your family or close friends will want to give you something to treasure for years to come. Collectable artwork or a sculpture will hopefully increase in value over the years and will be admired in your home before being passed down the generation, so do consider adding an heirloom item to your list.
  • Asking people for gifts is something that lots of couples struggle with - it's totally normal and you shouldn't feel that you have to send out a list of items you want people to purchase, but be aware that people WILL want to buy you something to mark the occasion, so consider honeymoon contributions.
  • Likewise, consider a charity donation. This can be done with a few clicks via The Wedding Shop website.
  • Your wedding gift list offers you the opportunity to have a lot of fun and choose lovely things that you might not otherwise indulge in, so do add some flamboyant pieces that you'd love to have in your home. But equally, guests will want to buy you things that you can enjoy and make use of during your new life together, so also add updates to practical products that you wouldn't necessarily prioritise. The Wedding Shop will help you to create a list that is both practical and stylish.

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    Where to start with your wedding gift list
    Fern Godfrey

    Written by Fern Godfrey

    Gift List: The Wedding Shop

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