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RMW Real Bride Naomi

My Big Dirty Wedding Report…part 2

Naomi was one of the real RMW brides to take part in our first styled shoot back in January. For her contact sheets (if you’ve never seen them then you can have a peeky HERE) she suggested that swiping a bright crimson lipstick straight across her perfectly porcelain face with the back of her hand would make an awesome shot…. A girl after my own heart. And that pic of Madam Liddel and her pink streak not only remains one of my favourite images of all time to feature on Rock My Wedding but it also gave me an inkling to the level of coolness she and Gavin were going to bring to W-day….

For starters Gavin and Naomi held their reception in a cave. Yes. An actual CAVE. Naomi also decided to transform into what can only be described as the hottest. bridal. bus. driver. ever. And she donned a sexy leather jacket.

Yup that’s right. Biker chic is not restricted to just inspiration shoots people.

Oh and if you are ever stuck for ideas for your couples portraits…. get on your bridal suite bed with your man, cover it in rose petals…. and jump around.


Naomi bus My Big Dirty Wedding Report...part 2

I looked over at Johnny and as he gave me the most reassuring wink, he began to play a beautiful piece of music that he had put together especially for us. Johnny is one of Gavin’s best friends and a supremely talented musician, so it was a natural choice to ask him to play me down the aisle.View the full post.


My Big Dirty Wedding Report…Part 1

I love real RMW bride Naomi. For one she is hilarious. For two she says it and does it exactly how she pleases. Absolutely no BS.

Leaving everyone you know and everything you own to jet off around the world with nothing but a back-back straight after W-day? that takes some serious balls people. And that’s what Naomi and Gavin did. Currently in Australia (I have spoken to Naomi on Skype – she is one glowy, sunshine-filled type newly wed) they seem to be having a whale of a time, and so they should. What better way to spend the first year of marriage than with each other on a brand new adventure?

Just like the rest of Naomi’s no-holds-barred big day planning account this wedding report tells you what the day was actually like, as in the feelings and emotions – the excitement and the euphoria. As a result there are not many references to the specific details but frankly…. we couldn’t care less. There really are no hard and fast rules when it comes to how our real brides want to share their experience.

Here is what Adam had to say to Madam N: Honestly, it is hands down the best report I have read. It is so well structured, so full of emotion and it paints the day perfectly with words – I am glad I read it before looking through the images. You are an actual writer, rather than a reporter. As I was half way through part 3 I realised I had my left hand spread and pressed against my chest like some kind or proud old lady!View the full post.


What Naomi Did – A Whole Lotta Love…

I don’t usually butt in on the Real RMW Brides posts, but I just had to say, this is Naomi’s very last (pre-wedding) post. We gush a lot on the blog about what we *love*, but truthfully, I shed a tear reading this from Naomi. It’s a brilliant read and she actually included an image of her wedding planning scrapbook, but I decided to leave it out as the words here are all you need. And for an image heavy blog, that says an awful lot.

Naomi, it’s been a pleasure having you, meeting you, dressing you up for the shoot and hearing your wedding planning journey. I hope the wedding and married life itself are better than you even dream of…

1 day to go

What the fudge?

As you read this… I will have parted ways with my gorgeous man and most likely be sipping some bubbly at lunch with my girlies (read: running around like a blue arsed fly). But as you may know, these posts are written a tiny bit in advance. So, although I cannot tell you how I am going to be feeling today. I can tell you how I was feeling a week ago when this post was written.

Scared/excited/anticipating/tired/happy/nervous/euphoric/angry/self conscious/loved up/ underappreciated/unreasonable/numb/jittery/lazy/energectic/overwhelmed/proud/passionate/impatient/courageous/confident/exhilarated/relieved/free/appreciated/ grateful.

Yeah… I know… It’s being really exhausting. I just feel like I’m in a giant washing machine full of all these emotions just coming at me in waves. But you know what? It’s so so exciting! I have never ever felt this strongly about someone or something before in my life.… View the full post.


What Naomi Did… Flashing the Goods & My Big Dirty Secret

1 month & 10 days

Good Golly Miss Molly… How did I get here? I feel as though time has melted away and here I stand one month before I am due to be wed. I imagined a very flustered and flappy version of me to be running around crying and freaking out at bows and confetti… but alas! I am calm. Cucumber calm. In fact I would go as far as serene. The reason for this, I do not know for sure. But I believe it to be the fact that I am organised. I have this thing pinned down and I am all over it like a pigeon with a chip.

The dress, the photographers, the videographers, the venue, the flowers, the rings, the bridesmaids, the kilts (yum), the shoes… an endless list of To Do’s pretty much all ticked off. I am proud. Super proud. In actual fact, I am normally a last minute Annie. I can honestly say that the only thing I believe has gotten me this far is the fact that for the last year and a half I have been wedding blog obsessive. I believe that left to my own devices I would maybe be thinking about choosing my bridesmaids at this stage. So thank you Rock My Wedding and all the other lovely inspirational blogs out there, this one’s for you…

…Ahem, wake up Naomi, you still have a month and a bit to go. Plenty of meltdown time. But you know what?… View the full post.


What Naomi Did… Mission Female Adonis

2 Months & 24 days

That is how long I now have to kick my sofa loving ass into shape. Seriously, I have made it my plan to eat as many cakes as possible up until my birthday. My birthday has now passed (boo!) and I am in salad and gym mode. The reason for this is not so much the wedding day as it is the honeymoon. I want to stroll down the beach in a bikini and feel like a sexy, confident newly wed. I will not be placing mega emphasis on weight loss, (I definitely want to keep my curves!) more just feeling comfortable, which for me personally, means more toned. But I do not wish to bore you all with visions of a red-sweaty-cross-trainer-hater, I would like to chat a bit about beauty.

I do not have a mega budget for my wedding. In fact, lets break the b-word ice, my budget is £17,000. To me that is A LOT of money. To some of you it may be mental to spend that on one day and some of you may consider that to be the small change you find down the back of your very snazzy sofa. But all in all, it’s what I have. Most of it has gone on venues, food and booze. Which, in my opinion were the most important. As suppliers now start looking for their payments and with only 3 paydays between now and the wedding… I need to be savvy.… View the full post.


RMW DIY Hair… A Convertible Up/Down Do.

Well hello readers. After seeing the very gorgeous Naomi yesterday in all her modern bridal style glory we thought we should share some serious stuff. The hair people. Don’t mess with the hair.

I love hair info. Mainly because I am tres lazy with my own and rough dry it most of the time due to time constraints but if I could have one beauty luxury it would be a stylist on tap for daily blow-dries and styling. Today however, we’re sharing the knowledge needed for you to become masters of your own hair destiny and recreate a Bridal up and down do… even both if you want to convert them either which way during your big day. My advice? Practice makes perfect. Practice practice practice so there’s no fear of it not going your way on the day, until your desired style is 100% re-creatable.

Failing that, employ a true expert like Severin Hubert. THE bridal maestro when it comes to sculpting super cool, modern bridal hair, Sev started styling in the music industry and is now sought after by many a bride who wants to ensure their hair is their crowning glory. You can’t go wrong with this guy.

For now however, lets see his skills and enjoy the DIY tutorial ladies. I’d love to see the results posted on our FB page.

Preparing the Hair

Before styling, wash hair as normal but with no conditioner – I know it sounds crazy but if you want your style to hold for the whole day please try not to add conditioner.View the full post.


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