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The Ultimate Wedding Party Playlist

Music plays such an important part of your life. It can literally take you right back to a certain year, a certain boy, or most importantly an epic wedding! My husband & I love playing the game ‘what year was that’ when we’re listening to the radio or flicking through the music channels & we both often refer to it as a memory; the year we first met or the year we had our first born.

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Promises of Love From Amanda Wyatt

We recently shared a preview of the the beautiful “Promises of Love” collection from Amanda Wyatt. Today we are lucky enough to share an exclusive look at the full collection with you, and it’s a beauty.

The dresses are some of my absolute favourite from Amanda Wyatt. Pretty and fun with all the romance and femininity that you could wish for in your wedding dress.

Amanda’s signature fit, cut and wealth of styles are presented in soft flowing chiffons, French and Italian laces, fine tulle and rich satins, adorned with frosted pearl beading and embellished details. A soft colour palette of Ivory hues, soft Gold and a hint of Blush Pinks and Powder Blue is Amanda’s chosen colour pallette.There are 25 gorgeous dresses in the collection so take a peek and do tell us if you think any of these could be your perfect dress.

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Pink Gold In Association With De Beers

This month we’re swooning over one of our absolute favourite colour accents – pink gold. This rosy, metallic hue ticks all the boxes – it’s achingly feminine, decadent but somehow still elegantly subtle, and it adds just the perfect touch of sparkle to almost any colour scheme! For us, pink gold is best pared with a soft grey or a dark navy and of course shades of white and cream – making it the perfect metal to chose for your De Beers bridal jewellery.

There are so many gorgeous ways you can incorporate pink gold into the styling of your wedding day, we’ve chosen some of our favourite ideas below and if you’re looking for a place to start, the De Beers Promise engagement ring would be an excellent beginning. Who says you can’t plan your entire wedding day theme around your engagement ring?! It sounds like a good idea to us…

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Carly & Justin

There is just something so magical about being engaged, you are just in your own bubble constantly throwing adorning looks at each other and all those reasons you fell in love seem heightened! You’re also super giddy about becoming the new Mr & Mrs and vowing to live happily ever after in front of all your family and friends, it’s just SO wonderful.

Nichola from Lemonade Pictures captured this special time for Carly & Justin perfectly. They gaze lovingly into each others eyes, tenderly hold hands and giggle like school children, it’s SO romantic you’ll be swooning for days. Did I mention Carly also looks super stylish in her Fedora hat & 70s dress too……

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Create The Ultimate Wedding Gift List with RMW & Prezola

Choosing your wedding gift list is a super fun part of the wedding planning. Who doesn’t love browsing lots of loveliness that you may (or may not!!) need for your new life as husband and wife. With so many beautiful brands out there it can be tricky to choose where to hold your gift list and even tricker deciding what goes on it. Rock My Wedding has teamed up with the utterly fabulous Prezola to solve all of your dilemmas for you.

Prezola has over 30,000 gorgeous gifts from their carefully selected Brand Partners meaning that you can choose from all the well known brands and smaller boutique collections in one place. If you already have everything you need for your house and would prefer to ask loved ones to help towards your dream honeymoon then you can do this too. Or choose charity donations or cash gifts. And if you still fancy a few nice gifts to remember the day then you can select a combination of all of these things. Their unique service isn’t award winning for nothing!