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Long time no see! It’s Lauren C here. I’m hoping you’ve heard all about Rock My Wedding’s little sister blog, Rock My Style? If you have, we hope you’ve found a wealth of beauty, fashion and interiors inspiration, if not, where the devil have you been hiding?!

Over on RMS I can be found mostly talking about home décor and DIY’s (as well as a whole load of other lifestyle chat) so I thought it would be nice to talk about do-it-yourself over on these pretty pages.

In the run up to my own big day there was a whole lot of punching and stamping going on. No, that wasn’t me having a Bridezilla moment, rather myself and the rest of the family getting stuck in to some good old DIY. My own wedding is now a distant memory but my calendar is crammed with wedding invites from some of my closest friends and I’m only too happy to lend a hand with a home-made creation or two.

I’m not promising that I’m going to bring a whole load of new ideas to the table but I’ve gathered together a few essentials if you’re planning on including a bit of do-it-yourself for your Big Day.



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Twobirds Girls Night Out – TONIGHT at the Cafe Royal London.


If you’re London based and free this evening – you should definitely be attending the twobirds Girls Night Out. It’s in aid of Breast Cancer UK and there’s the opportunity to win incredibly generous prizes from many of the UK’s top wedding suppliers in the raffle.

It’s a great excuse to get together with your favourite girls while raising money for a very important cause. Prizes include twobirds Bridesmaid dresses (including a never-before-seen dress), Emmy shoes, Naomi Neoh accessories, a Raimon Bundo ‘Diana’ wedding dress and much more.

Tickets only cost £5 (incl one raffle ticket) or £10 (including three raffle tickets) and all proceeds go to Breast Cancer UK. We can promise you a fantastic evening of bridesmaid styling, wedding inspiration and pampering treatments with a fantastic line up of suppliers including Emmy, Maisie Fantaisie, Cutture, Sapphire Pink, Joseph Koniak, For Your Eyes Only Photography and Naomi Neoh.

21st October 2014 6:30-8:30pm Cafe Royal Hotel, Regent Street, W1. Tickets are £5 (incl one raffle ticket) or £10 (including three raffle tickets). All proceeds go to Breast Cancer UK.

To book call 020 7836 3222 or email


Twobirds are members of the RMW Fashion Pack

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I Should Be So Lucky.


This is the ridiculously beautiful wedding of Nicola and Jack. You will more than likely recognise Nicola as she was one of our 2014 real brides – her writing style is aces, as is her taste in venues. The French Chateau setting is the stuff made of dreams, as are the white on white florals with a smidgen of glitter and twinkle.

This is timeless glamour at its very finest, soft feminine decor touches combined with a selection of sartorial triumphs. It’s probably a big no no to admit you are jealous of someone else’s wedding but I’m going to come right out and say it – I am.

Nicola’s report is LONG, there’s no denying it but it’s well worth a read folks, perhaps gawp at the lush imagery and then come back later for proper sit down?

I expect muchos pinning action to be occurring this morning, I know we will be!

A modern wedding in France with a Pronovias dress gold Valentino shoes pink bridesmaids and white flowers_0296


The Sparkle Of Winter Frost.


I HATE in-between weather. I like my Springs green and fresh, I like my Summers filled with blue skies and bright sunshine and I need Autumn to be crisp and full of burnt orange and mustard yellows. So I’m tired of this windy/rainy/mild/cold combination. Sort it out weather…

I’m ready for the icy blue skies of Winter, the sparkling glimmer of frost and a low full sun that barely seems to make it above the horizon.

With this in mind, we’re going Wintery this afternoon. We’re looking forward to actually needing to wear a scarf and a hat – rather than just thinking you need to wear one, then leaving the house and ending up a sweaty wet mess within five minutes, because it’s actually rather humid.

I love Winter weddings. There is just so much you can do in terms of decor and styling. Metallics, rich deep berry tones, icy blues and greys, ivy green and Father Christmas red…the colour schemes are endless.

Experimenting with lighting is a dream too – creating a space that looks cosy and magical is such fun. And then there’s the accessories…this is where amazingly pretty scarves, gloves, jackets and even capes can all be brought out…

I’ve stuck to a white, silver and grey palette for this afternoon’s post – hopefully it will ease you into the upcoming clock change and make you look forward to Winter.

Frost 2


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RMW Rates – Rich Imagery


We are really pleased to welcome Rich Imagery to The Love Lust List. The Rock My Wedding directory with a difference.

Rock My Wedding hand select and verify each of our suppliers, we know for a fact that every member of our directory has the ability to make your wedding day rock!

You can find Rich Imagery in our North West Videographers category.

RICH IMAGERY is a shiny new contender in wedding videography, built upon a love of capturing beauty and emotion within moving images as they unfold to tell a unique story._0001

The Love Lust List | The RMW Wedding Supplier Directory

Check Rich Imagery out and remember if you are looking for vendors and suppliers with the RMW seal of approval, the Love Lust List is only one click away via the ‘Find A Supplier’ tab in the header section.

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A Pretty Pub Wedding With A Picnic.


If there was ever a perfect wedding to cure the Monday morning blues – Lorna and Will’s big day would definitely be it.

Honestly, by the time you’ve finished looking at the lovely images from David Long and read the report from Lorna, you’ll be smiling.

The brightly coloured details are perfect for a Summer marquee wedding – retro children’s party balloons, multicoloured pinwheels, floral garlands and an abundance of blooms create such a happy atmosphere. I also particularly love the table plan made from a sunshine yellow vintage door.

Lorna looks beautiful in a printed dress from Beyond Retro – we do like it when ‘the one’ is something unusual and a bit different.

Rustic Pub Wedding With A Marquee With Bride In 50s Style Print Dress From Beyond Retro With Lots Of Brightly Coloured Details And A Vintage VW Camper Van And A Picnic Style Wedding Breakfast 1


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The Weekly Round Up.


So another week has flown past – it’s been a busy one here at RMW HQ. We were up in Shropshire at the beginning of the week shooting for the second issue of our magazine. We’re ALREADY excited to share the results with you, but I’m afraid we’re going to keep you waiting…

Don’t worry though, issue one is brimming with pretty and you can view it right here.

In other news, our lovely Editor Lolly had her baby boy – huge congratulations to her and husband Ste. If you’re relatively new to RMW, you might not have seen Lolly’s very own gorgeous wedding – if not make sure you check it out. It’s every bit as stylish as you’d expect it to be :)

We also featured a plethora of stunning weddings – first up is this unbelievably elegant Italian wedding.

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Friday Filler – How To Apply Cream Blusher.


There’s something about cream blusher that sucks me in. I’m not sure what it is but every single time I visit the glittering make-up counters you can be sure as sure that I’ll be dipping my fingers into the latest range of creamy blushers of that particular brand. In fact I’m carrying at least three around in my bag at the moment – from Charlotte Tilbury’s Beach Sticks in ‘Moon Beach’, Chanel’s ‘Inspiration and Laura Mercier’s ‘Oleander’; I think I have all the bases covered.

With this in mind – this simple Friday Filler tutorial is right up my street.

Hopefully it’s up yours too…

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How The Cool Kids Get Married.


I’m not sure you get actually get much cooler than Millie and Christopher’s East End nuptials…

The pair began proceedings with a three week road trip around California – which included a stop at Coachella Festival (ALWAYS the most hip and stylish looking of all of the festivals).

They had planned a Las Vegas wedding, but Santa Barbra captured their hearts and so they married at the Court House there instead. On their return to the UK, the pair held an intimate and laid back reception in London for their closest friends and family.

A beautiful giant heart shaped wreathe, sparkling with fairy lights and adorned with tiny flowers brings a gorgeous sense of cosiness to the white walls and parquet floor of their venue, St John Bread & Wine. Where guests were served traditional British fare at long wooden tables, surrounded by candles and tulips.

A Relaxed And Intimate Wedding Reception At St Johns Bread And Wine With Bride In 50s Style Gown By Vivien Of Holloway And Vintage 80s Shoes 1


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Summer & Robin: The Witches Coven.

summer and robin 5

As we approach the spookiest night of the year, Halloween, Rock My Wedding readers – I proudly introduce you all to…my coven.

Also known as my bridesmaids (also known as my sisters). We aren’t actually witches by the way, we’re just dorks who love The Craft and Sabrina The Teenage Witch (SALEM!!) and dressing up on Halloween. The last time we where together for Halloween, Florence dyed her hair blue to be Enid from Ghost World, Roslyn was a scary dead bride and I was evil Mary-Kate (or) Ashley Olsen. Marianne was too little back then…she’s the baby.

Roslyn, Florence and Marianne or Roz, Floz and Maz, are all younger than me and we are spread out between Bath, Leicester and Paris. We don’t usually all find ourselves in the same place at the same time, so where better to do the introducing than The Canopy and Stars Chapel. Hidden in the woods around Walcot Hall in Shropshire, it was our first holiday all together without Mom n’ Pop.


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