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Hannah & Jon… The Most Perfect Start (part 2)

cover02 Hannah and Jon The Most Perfect Start 0001 Hannah & Jon... The Most Perfect Start (part 2)

Like A Dream

The ceremony went like a dream, we had readings from two of our oldest friends …who both know each other from primary school too! Andy read an extract from Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and Rach lightened the mood with a humorous poem by Bee Rawlinson.

We said our vows…I cried again!

Hannah and Jon The Most Perfect Start 0015 Hannah & Jon... The Most Perfect Start (part 2)

We sat and signed the register… girls if I have one piece of advice… look at yourself in a mirror when you sit down in your dress, I tested sitting down to see if I could, but didn’t see myself… I know I wanted cleavage… but not so much it was indecent! Those pics, unfortunately won’t be making the album!

Hannah and Jon The Most Perfect Start 0016 Hannah & Jon... The Most Perfect Start (part 2)


I felt like I was in a film walking out through the guard of honour, mum being mum had made and handed out dozens of confetti bags full to the brim! It was a moment to remember when everyone cheered and gathered round to wish us well. We couldn’t help but feel a bit overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness and with the Pimms flowing the day was off to the most perfect start.

Hannah and Jon The Most Perfect Start 0017 Hannah & Jon... The Most Perfect Start (part 2)

Keep The Weather At Bay

Anna our photographer, and now friend, did an amazing job of capturing all the moments. I had asked for as few group, posed pics as possible so we spent about half an hour having group shots and then managed to get some time as a couple having some fab pics with Anna. Gav one of our friends did a wonderful job of keeping the weather at bay with golfing umbrellas… which made for some equally brilliant pics!… View the full post.


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Hannah & Jon… The Most Perfect Start (part 1)

cover01 Hannah and Jon The Most Perfect Start 0001 Hannah & Jon... The Most Perfect Start (part 1)

Adam here… Introducing the next w-day from our last bunch of lovely real bride ladies, today is the turn of Hannah who married Jon on April 13th.

If you are new RMW reader unfamiliar with Hannah’s journey so far then read no further!!! Firstly read Hannahs whole planning story right here. Go. Now. Read…. and then come back for this, the penultimate post from Hannah…

Hannah: Hello again.. It’s been a while! I can’t believe that I’m now writing this post as a married lady. It’s been a wonderful year or so and great fun having you all along for the ride. Not only have we had a wonderful wedding, but we’ve made so many friends because of this blog and there are lots more exciting things to come, with Jon & I moving to RAF Valley soon and we’re getting a puppy called Bear! …

I’m one contented wifey!

Hannah and Jon The Most Perfect Start 0001 Hannah & Jon... The Most Perfect Start (part 1)

But before I go into any detail, I have to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped us during the run up and on the big day itself. Family and friends were just amazing, as were all the suppliers who have now become friends. It’s been a really great time, and I’m pleased to report that I managed to take a step back and enjoy it all.

Hannah and Jon The Most Perfect Start 0002 Hannah & Jon... The Most Perfect Start (part 1)

The Night Before

So the big day actually started the night before, Jon and I had agreed that from midday on the Friday we wouldn’t speak to, or see each other until the ceremony the next day.… View the full post.


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What Hannah Did… Began The Final Countdown.

cover What Hannah Did... Began The Final Countdown.

So here I am two days before the wedding… and my brain has gone to wedding mush! I have ticked off list after list, had crazy wedding dreams…to the point I’m starting to think some of the things I have dreamt are real… and now I’m chasing my tail ringing suppliers, packing up all the wedding ‘stuff’ and having those last minute beauty treatments! But mostly I am just sooooooo excited!!!!

Everything seems to be coming together now, and if I could give any tiny bit of advice to any brides to be out there, I would say do everything as soon as you possibly can…people thought we were mad buying our rings, or sorting out bridesmaid dresses or making the fruitcake 14 months before the wedding… but I’m so pleased we did! The two weeks running up to the big day are just crammed full of appointments and sorting out payments for things or having fittings…not to mention most of your guests will probably start looking at the invites… and then there are millions of questions that flood in after that! So whatever you can do to alleviate that pain… do it!

That’s where the ‘Bible’ has come in…no I haven’t suddenly found God, but I have written a wedding bible… this document is my life at the moment…even today is timetabled! It’s proven to be invaluable for making sure I have everything and trying to minimise the number of questions my suppliers have (I have sent them all a copy too).… View the full post.


What Hannah Did… Went Full Steam Ahead.

cover What Hannah Did... Went Full Steam Ahead.

So… with just over a month to go it’s full steam ahead with wedding prep and I finally feel like I have worthy things to tell you all about…and to show you!

It seems to all be coming together this month and with not a free weekend in sight, the big day seems to be quickly approaching!

So Jon and I kicked off February with our engagement shoot… the lovely Anna Clarke met us in Solihull’s Breuton Park on what was a pretty miserable and cold day to capture the feel of Jon’s magical proposal… Even though it was a year on and not a crisp Winter’s evening as the engagement had been, Anna really captured the atmosphere and although I felt a bit cringy at times (especially with people all around!) she really put us at ease and by the end of it Jon was pulling out catalogue poses all over the place! (See the great lunge shot).

I was probably a more difficult subject, and although I definitely won’t be giving up my day job to become the UK’s next top model. The shots Anna captured are lovely and will be adorning many of our families living rooms over the next few months. They’re delighted to get a good shot of us together; I think we could count the number we have on one hand which isn’t great after ten years!

So here’s a few… see what you think!

012 What Hannah Did... Went Full Steam Ahead.

I thought that the day of our e-shoot would be the best time to test out the make up for the big day… so Jodie Hazlewood arrived at my mums with a suitcase of lovely products to paint my face with and get me looking half decent for the pictures in the afternoon!… View the full post.


What Hannah Did… Venue Visits & D.I.Y

Cover Image17 What Hannah Did... Venue Visits & D.I.Y

Into 2013 and its all starting to feel very real! Jon and I just can’t believe how quickly 2012 went, so here we are with less than 3 months to go till the big day, we are both so excited.

Since my last post Jon and I have been finalising all the details which has been helped enormously by the Caterers and the Venue, the wonderful Dodford Manor. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve woken up with a start thinking how much we’ve got to do, only to have a meeting or two and realise that all is not lost and we’re in very safe hands.

One big decision has been to choose a delicious meal for all our guests… too many wonderful choices. After much debate we’ve decided to go for something a little different for the main course, fish! And though this might be a bit unusual I’m thinking it will be quite nice & fresh for a spring wedding… As yet the only guest who doesn’t eat fish is my lovely mum.. But she’s happy with her bespoke duck dish. Naturally, this will be followed by a selection of sumptuous chocolatey desserts. Yummy! Once we had made up our mind we passed our selections on to Jenkinsons and they are off to do the rest.

We also met up with Sabrina and the gang at Dodford Manor for our final meeting. It all felt so real, walking around the venue knowing that the next time I would be there I’d be all in white.… View the full post.


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What Hannah Did… Tea Towels And Love Spoons.

Hello again all you lovely brides out there, today I’m talking details..starting with favours.

These have proved to be controversial for many… To give or not to give, after all, you are providing people with entertainment and food… So do you really need to give them a gift too? I have decided that to me there’s something special about a favour… It doesn’t have to be extravagant and it doesn’t have to be expensive… It just needs to remind you of the wedding, mean something to the couple and most importantly offer a little thank you to the guests.

This year we have been to six weddings, some had favours others not but there were two that really stood out. The first being a couple who gave a spoon, not just any spoon but a Welsh Love Spoon! If like me, you didn’t know the origins of these hand carved beauties here’s a bit about them courtesy of the classic website wikipedia:

“The lovespoon was given to a young woman by her suitor. It was important for the girl’s father to see that the young man was capable of providing for the family and woodworking.

Sailors would often carve lovespoons during their long journeys, which is why anchors would often be incorporated into the carvings.

Certain symbols came to have specific meanings: a horseshoe for luck, a cross for faith, bells for marriage, hearts for love, a wheel supporting a loved one and a lock for security, among others”

012 What Hannah Did... Tea Towels And Love Spoons.

This was a lovely little gift to receive.… View the full post.