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The Magic Beans.

Anna Hardy Photography

Katie and Gianluca are also affectionately know as ‘The Beans’; a nickname that they first used as a term of endearment for each other but which has stuck for nearly seven years. This gorgeous pair first met in 2006 at a friend’s birthday party and got engaged five years later on New Years Eve.

Just wait until you see what we’ve got in store for you today lovelies.

Blue skies and sunshine. The sweetest bridesmaids. An ultra-luxe BBQ and the lightest of Victoria Sponges.

And did somebody say Wang?

Yes folks. Katie wore the fluffiest, dreamiest Wang dress I’ve ever clapped eyes on.

Utterly lush.

Vera Wang Gisele

A Secret Enchanted Garden

Katie The Bride: Gianluca is half Italian, half Austrian and has lived all over the world. I am half Turkish, half Welsh and a born and bred Londoner. We toyed with the idea of getting married abroad and in the end decided on a bit of countryside close to home and fingers crossed for the weather! We got lucky! Our wedding was on a beautiful sunny day in September.

We had our marriage blessing at a gorgeous tiny church in Colchester. A friend of mine, Victoria sang three songs in the church, one of which she had written for us. It was such a wonderful moment and her voice is truly stunning. The reception was held at Westwood Park, the one and only venue I went to see only three days after getting engaged. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was the perfect place for us.… View the full post.


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A Lovely Love Story.

Jodie Chapman Photography

Chris and Ele instantly fell in love with Notley Abbey when they went to look around its wonderfully aged walls and were determined that this was the place for them. So much so that they didn’t view any other venues.

When you just know, you know, don’t you.

And I can totally see why they picked this beautiful venue. Exquisite gardens, sheep in the surrounding fields and a whole heap of history.

And that’s not all. Ele looks like a fairytale princess in her Lyn Ashworth gown and Chris looks as proud as punch to call Ele his wife. Their love for each other positively emanates from the photos below.

Just you wait and see.

Lyn Ashworth Scarlett Dress


Ele The Bride: I was torn between a Lyn Ashworth dress called ‘Scarlett’ and a Jenny Packham dress (which had always been my dream!) but after lots of deliberating I just knew Scarlett gave me loads of confidence and felt like something I could swoosh around in all day and feel comfortable in. Scarlett was a full organza skirt with bodice top and detailed straps, with a detailed belt.

I never thought I would wear a veil as every time I put one on I just felt like the corpse bride! In the end though when my dress arrived and the lovely ladies from Brides of Berkhamsted convinced me to try a full length simple veil it was like the icing on the cake. I kept my jewellery pretty simple as I didn’t want to overwhelm the detail on the dress and just opted for some drop earrings borrowed from my mum.… View the full post.


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Love on the Thames

Paola and Darrens’ wedding is bursting with colour…and love. It’s literally spilling over.

The flowers are stunning and I’m loving the coordinating blooms, lips and nails. Breathtaking.

What I love most about this day is the joy that went into planning it, the months of collecting pieces and the dedication put into the cakes (wait until you see the cakes!). There is something very personal about it and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Breakfast By The Thames

My wedding was on a sunny Saturday, 11th August 2012. My name is Paola and my husband is called Darren. We live in Walton so married in my local church, St Erconwalds and then we had our wedding breakfast in the amazing Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington by the Thames.

A Happy Ending

I bought my dress from a shop in Weybridge called Surrey Brides (a shop I used to look at every day on my way to school!). The designer was Benjamin Roberts.  I knew I wanted a lace dress and as soon as I put it on I immediately loved it – it felt pretty and dramatic at the same time. I must admit, it was also within budget so with the two put together, it was the dress for me! 

For any brides that have a panic when the dress they order comes in, and think that they don’t suit the dress anymore, ignore the reaction!  When my dress arrived for my first fitting, I still loved it but didn’t like myself in it anymore and was convinced it didn’t look as nice as I wanted it to. 

Apparently this is completely normal.View the full post.


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You’ve Got The Love

Jemma and Ollie married at Larmer Tree Gardens in Dorset this summer. Their wedding was all about the personal touches from twinkling fairy lights to imports from Thailand. There are vintage roses, peonies, birdcages, a killer Vivienne Westwood suit and games.

So sit back and feast your eyes on the gorgeous images below captured by Lucy Davenport.

Oh, and please can more brides hold their dresses up? You can never see too much shoe. Ever.

Badminton anyone?

Delicate Details

I bought my dress from Beautiful Bridal Boutique. It was Amanda wakeley. It had really delicate detailing on the straps. My shoes were from Next and complimented the detail on my dress perfectly.

Simple Vintage

For my hair, I wanted a simple vintage look to show off the detail on the back of the dress. I bought Some hydrangeas for my hair from Etsy and finished my look off with a vintage brooch cuff, also from Etsy and some simple vintage droplet earrings from Beautiful Bridal Boutique.

Bombastic Blooms

My flowers were from Ena’s Florists and were a mix of soft Bombastic vintage roses, Sandblast, Amnesia roses and Peonies.

Brogues And Button Holes

The Groomsmen wore burgundy and cream polka dot Vintage bow ties by Peckham Rye. Ollie wore a Vivienne Westwood suit from John Anthony clothing, teamed with Crockett and Jones tan brogues, a Vivienne Westwood shirt, braces from Mr Porter and a vintage amnesia rose button hole.

A Chance Meeting

Our photographer was Lucy Davenport. We actually met on holiday after the engagement!View the full post.


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Determination, Strength And Above All Love.

What do Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior, Christian Louboutin and Vivienne Westwood all have in common?

Well… Apart from all being fairly super swanky designer type people, they also all feature in Elio and Carly’s big day.

Elio and Carly married in June 2012 at St John’s RC Cathedral Portsmouth and then had a reception at Farbridge. Photography today is all by the lovely Laura Babb.

Simple And Elegant

I always wanted a bespoke gown and as soon as I found Joanne Fleming’s website I knew that she was the designer for me. Lace was always my fabric of choice as it has such romantic connotations and I envisaged something very simple and elegant. As I immersed further into the planning of my dress I felt like I wanted to create drama for the ceremony so that is where the concept of the two-in-one dress was formed. For the ceremony I had a tulle overskirt that fixed over the simple lace dress beneath, the silk tulle was so light it created an almost cloud like affect especially in the very windy weather! One guest commented that it was so light it looked as though fairies had created it. I loved it so much I almost didn’t want to take it off for the evening.

My evening look allowed the beautiful lace to shine and also gave me the perfect dress for dancing! I loved the versatility of the dress – that I could wear two completely different looks without changing.… View the full post.


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Real Bride Laura – The Bedford Wife… Part 2.

So here we have the final part of the final chapter of Laura’s journey to become The Bedford Wife.

So far we have all ooh’d at Mrs Doubtfires dress and those legs… we have aah’d at the bouquet and the confetti… and we’ve chuckled at Laura’s unique grasp of language.

You will be glad to hear that we have more of all of these things in part 2, but throw a few Woohoo’s into the mix as the party moves towards the dance floor.

The Meet And Greet.

We did a receiving line outside the church – something that always happens at the Irish weddings I’ve been to. It gets the ‘hellos’ and ‘how are ye?’ out of the way early doors and you’re sure to catch everyone.

Meet Me By The Bridge.

And so we headed off to the venue – St Mary’s College at Durham University. On the way, however, we went down to Prebends Bridge and wandered around by the river so that our photographer, the talented Phil Smith, could take some pictures of us benig a bit, well, natural. Cue a load of Japanese toursits turning up and taking pictures of us. Surreal, but hilarious.

Snow Joke.

Oh, I should probably say what Adam was wearing, no? He went for a mid-grey suit from TM Lewin, a shirt the colour of an overcast sky and a tie from Victoria Richards (where Jon Snow buys items to decorate his neck). Walker wore the same. We were adamant we wanted lounge suits and we didn’t anyone to be too fancy-fancy/feel like they were auditioning to be an extra in a period drama.View the full post.


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Real Bride Laura – The Bedford Wife… Part 1.

Laura was our vintage-inspired Real Bride. Laura’s stories have kept everyone at RMW (and all you folk out in Blogland) entertained from the very start of her blogging days. But, like all stories, there has to be an end (Boo!) in the form of a massive vintage inspired W-day celebration of love (Hooray!)

Get ready then (cup of tea/coffee and bourbon/custard cream) for the final chapter, a chapter which is promising to be the best one yet…

Capturing the images on this most special of days was left in the capable hands of Phil Smith.

The Prologue.

Bedford and I were married on the Saturday 30th July 2011. Never before have I experienced such an overwhelming outpouring of spontaenous love and affection and generosity from the people I am blessed to be able to call my family and friends. It was the happiest day of my life. Yes, I AM the cliche.

But I suppose I should take you through the whole thing step by step? Go on, then.

Well Rehearsed.

The day started early, with a slightly foggy head from the night before. On Thursday night we’d had a rehearsal at the church, Our Lady’s – the church where I’d made my first holy communion and confirmation. Crikey. Bedford and I sauntered in, blase and excited. I left shaking like a leaf. I had no idea we’d have to say the vows. Walker, the best man, spent most of the rehearsal laughing at the shock on our faces.View the full post.


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Love Gets Sweeter Every Day…..part 2

Paz and Laila’s Kensington Roof Garden wedding was a really really stylish W-day. And pretty. So so pretty folks.

If you wrote it all down on paper, bright red accents, mismatched maids, bright pink flamingo’s, a gothic cake, feminine florals…..I just wouldn’t be able to visualise how it would all work together. But let me tell you, it so does. And all captured to perfection by Polly Alexandre.

It just goes to show, you don’t need to conform to tradition or indeed spend a small fortune to completely rock your wedding.


I did not want my best girls to have to spend money on dresses that they may not wear again so I opted for everyone wearing a black dress with a red polka dot corsage.

I knew they all had a black dress and every girl looks good a lil black number, so that made my mind up! The best boys wore their own suits, we didn’t want them to be uncomfortable.

Spring Gardens

Our wedding was in spring – 7th March 2010. The venue was the Kensington Roof Gardens complete with flamingo’s!

White and Fresh

I got my flowers from two different places. One was Kensington flower shop where I got my table flowers from. I am not sure what the flowers were I just knew I wanted white and green and fresh as it was a spring wedding and I wanted them to be in season. My mum helped pick them as well, it was great getting her advice.View the full post.


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Love Gets Sweeter Every Day…….Part 1

We are really spoiling you gorgeous lot with real wedding pretty this week, the big day of Laila and Paz is a delectable combination of soft delicate florals, contemporary fashion and quirky personal touches.

And if you are looking for a bride that stepped right off the Rock My Wedding style sheets then Laila’s your girl, think easy breezy up do ( with plaits!), an unstructured bouquet, luscious lashes and a pop-of-colour pout. This is one beautiful lady.

All of the drop dead delicious images are courtesy of Polly Alexandre.

A Pop Of Colour

My make-up was by my wonderful friend Naryschka Sydney Churcher ( * please email RMW for contact details) I really wanted a natural look and I was so happy with what she did on the day. She is a make-up artist full time so I had complete confidence in her.

Staying True

I don’t really wear a lot of jewellery so I wanted to stay true to myself and not go bling on the day (!). I did wear some earrings form Laura Ashley and a flower hair band from Monsoon.

Red Rocks

My shoes were the best part of everything that I wore! They were Vivienne Westwood and bright red. Not too high of a heel and a sort of plastic material….. I will definitely be wearing them again!

Simple Pretty

My dress was from Monsoon. I wanted a really simple dress one that I was comfortable in and one that I could dance the night away!View the full post.


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