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RMW Real Bride Diary {Emma & Dean: One Month To Go}

The weeks are literally flying, and I now find myself with W-Day just around the corner. That crazy mixture of pure excitement / ‘how-am-I-going-to-get-everything-done’ fear / ‘everyone-is-going-to-be-looking-at-me’ nerves are all bubbling away frantically together. It’s a heady mix.

In a similar vein, today’s post is going to be a bit of a crazy concoction of some of the things I have been up to over the past few weeks…but don’t forget to use the comments box below to tell me what you have been up to as well!

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RMW Real Bride Diary {Emma & Dean: The Honeymoon}

I’ve always loved going on holiday, mainly to feel a bit of sunshine on my face – but before Dean and I got together neither of us would particularly have said that we had a penchant for travelling as such.

We have certainly made up for lost time though, and now exploring new places together tops our favourite things to do. We normally manage to get abroad, at least for long weekends if not a full holiday, about two or three times a year, and we spend as much of the interim time exploring England as we can too.

So wedding planning was a bit of a double-edged sword to our wanderlust bug. On one hand, we knew it meant we wouldn’t be able to squeeze in the quantity (or, perhaps more accurately, frequency) in our 2017 travel list, but on the other we knew that the quality that the honeymoon would bring would make it well worth the wait.

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RMW Real Bride Diary {Emma & Dean: The Stress}

Hello you lovely lot,

I’ve talked a lot about wedding pretty on these pages. That’s my job as Real Bride, right? It’s also my job to truly keep it real. With that in mind, I thought it was time to move the pretty talk aside for a weekend and pay homage to some of the more difficult stuff.

Wedding planning stress. Something I slightly alluded to in my last post.

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RMW Real Bride Diary {Emma & Dean: Bridal Beauty}

You might be forgiven for thinking that because I come from blogging stock AND I work for a cosmetics company, that I would have some beauty blogging credentials, right? Wrong. This lifestyle blogger is all adventures, rather than the glamour. In fact, my skincare regime was pretty non-existent before I joined said cosmetics company and, whilst I might be a long-time admirer of beautiful make-up, my skillset doesn’t really lie in creating it.

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RMW Real Bride Diary {Emma & Dean: Groomswear}

Happy Sunday, you fabulous wedding bunch. Hope the planning is going swimmingly.

Sunday is my favourite day to get some Wedmin nailed, so I hope you are making some progress today too (or relaxing and forgetting all about any hint of planning, that’s a good Sunday activity too).

Today the wedding chat is taking a bit of a masculine turn, as we talk about the groom and groomsmen…

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RMW Real Bride Diary {Emma & Dean: Bridesmaids}

Happy Sunday lovelies!

Today’s post is dedicated to our best girls, but with that vague brief in mind I didn’t just want to talk about pretty dresses…

For some, choosing your bridesmaids might have been a done deal from the minute you got a ring on your finger, but I don’t think I am on my own in finding selecting my beautiful maids one of the toughest wedding decisions of all.

There are more than ten lovely ladies in this world that I would genuinely call a best friend. Some may call it greedy; I just say I’m blooming lucky to have so many fabulous creatures in my life. And that’s before I even get to family, which is really important to me too.

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RMW Real Bride Diary {Emma & Dean: The Dress}

Hello fabulous RMW lot!

Today I am stopping by to chat about THE dress. Because that’s what you are meant to find for your wedding day, right? The one.

Well I was lucky enough to find the person that was my one, but that didn’t seamlessly translate to my wedding dress experience. I didn’t know when I had found my one because I found several ‘ones’ that I loved that were so completely different it became impossible to pick between them. Particularly for Miss Indecisive over here.

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RMW Real Bride Diary {Emma & Dean: Images & Film}

The photography decision was a tricky one for us.

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that we have already had the pleasure of being snapped by a super talented photographer in our introductory post. So you might be fooled into thinking that decision was easily made…

The thing is, that just so happens to be my brother (Joe Kingston Photography).

We both adore his documentary photography style, but I want him to be able to relax on the day and not worry about getting the next shot (unless of course, we are talking about the alcoholic type).

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RMW Real Bride Diary {Emma & Dean: Initial Plans}

Happy Sunday lovelies. I hope you’ve squeezed lots of lovely planning in this weekend!

Today, I wanted to share some of the first plans that we made for our big day when we touched back down in the UK (in case you missed it, read our American road trip proposal here).