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Do you listen to podcasts? We love podcasts at Rock My Wedding. We spoke a few weeks ago about audiobooks and how our consumption of information has increased because of those and the same goes for podcasts too. We love them so much that we even have our own! Which some of you will have featured on in the past. It's a great creative outlet and who doesn't love a good chat? I think that's what draws us to a lot of podcasts - the conversational element. Hearing someone else's point of view. Being part of a journey where one person influences another via conversation. Connection is key to a great podcast.

Here are 5 of our favourite podcasts for inspiring your creative business. You can listen to any of them on Apple Podcasts by clicking the titles or just search for them where you'd usually listen to your podcasts.

1. Design Matters with Debbie Milman

This might be one of the longest-running podcasts ever. Debbie Milman is an American designer (and writer, educator, and artist) and her show is filled with a variety of guests from fellow designers to photographers to entrepreneurs. Guests featuring include people such as Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell, Priya Parker, and Brandon Stanton. The podcast has been running since 2005 so you won't be short of content to catch up on.

2. The Diary of A CEO by Steven Bartlett

Bartlett was the founder of Social Chain, a creative social media agency. He founded it at just age 22 and now has over 700 innovators within his business. His podcast, The Diary of A CEO gives you. look into what it's like behind the scenes. What is the day-to-day of being a CEO like? He also interviews other entrepreneurs including the likes of  Jamil Qureshi, Joe Wicks, and Diane Modahl.

3. How I Built This with Guy Raz

Guy Raz talks to entrepreneurs about, you guessed it, how they built their businesses. From backstories to all the bumps in the road along the way you get the full story. Guy has interviewed everyone from Riot Games founders Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill, to the creator of Lush Cosmetics and our very own Jo Malone. The podcast started back in 2016 so you have years of incredible stories to listen to. We defy you to not be inspired.

4. Creative Rebels with David Speed and Adam Brazier

Seeking our creatives who rebel against the normal 9-5 is David and Adam's thing. It's your thing too given the professional and industry you've chosen. You will definitely find some common ground within these conversations. Chats include Emma Gannon, Unsah Malik, and Poppy Jamie.

5. Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

Sort of does what it says on the tin. A podcast about how businesses have scaled and what you can do to scale yours. Reid (co-founder of Linked-In) interviews fellow CEOs and entrepreneurs challenging their theories as he goes. Guests include Richard Branson, Sam Harris about mastering your emotions and Sallie Krawcheck.

We'd love to hear what podcasts you find inspiring and that get your brain rocking when it comes to improving your business. Let us know and we can do another round-up including some of your suggestions too. Email us at

You can listen to our podcast by choosing from over 40 episodes on our show notes pages. And do let us know if you think you have something to offer and we can chat about featuring you on an episode. 

Becky Sappor

Written by Becky Sappor

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