About Us

We want you to have your day your way and we’re here to support your choices with our ad-free (and therefore unbiased) inspirational editorial, advice, and recommendations throughout your wedding planning journey.

As well as our intuitive online platform where you can log in, favourite articles and peruse our network of recommended industry suppliers we also have a pro-planet, pre-loved marketplace aptly called Recycle My Wedding. We also have a podcast. And a book.

We want you to have a marriage even more beautiful than your wedding.

Love always wins.

If you want to read on we have plenty more to say. We suggest at this point a fruity beverage. Perhaps crisps, and dip.


Rock My Wedding was officially founded in September 2009 by Charlotte O’Shea, then a recently married newlywed with a desire to bring an inclusive and innovative digital wedding planning platform to the UK.

A few months after launch our curated network of talented industry suppliers was introduced and our community of forward-thinking brides and grooms continued to expand.

The brand grew beyond anyone’s wildest expectations and as we continue to grow we continue to invest in technology, people and the planet.


Rock My Wedding is now one of the most recognised and influential brands in the UK wedding industry and our ethos remains the same as when we began; we celebrate all marriage unions, all religions, all cultures, and all visions of what a “wedding” is. Please see our Black Love Matters pledge to find out more about our promise to increase racial diversity across the UK wedding industry.

In December 2020 we launched our most innovative evolution yet, an intuitive web application designed around you. Rock My Wedding is now a place you can truly be a part of, with your own integrated user dashboard and a range of extensive content filters that enable you to find the advice and planning tools that are most relevant to you.

Recycle My Wedding, our preloved pro-planet sister site to Rock My Wedding has been in the pipeline for years. And after months of research, testing, and the temptation to reach for the Sauvignon, we are now able to offer our community a place where they can buy and sell once-worn wedding outfits, decor, and accessories. Better for the environment and better for your budget.

With the donations from our curated supplier membership network we aim to have planted over 1600 hundred trees by January 2022. This will offset over 300 tonnes of carbon emissions. Ambitious? Yes, yes we are.


Rock My Wedding made the decision to be 100% ad-free in 2019. We don’t believe in taking payment in order to write an editorial that tells you an industry supplier, venue or designer is worth your consideration. Whichever way you word it: (“We only work with brands we align with” etc etc) that article has a bias - the author has received payment to write the piece. If we find talent, we’ll tell you about it within our inspiration and planning sections. 

We strongly believe real weddings should be formatted to make the most of the beautiful imagery and the wedding planning story our couples have taken the time to compose and share with our community. We won’t be interspersing ads in between the text and pictures. Submit your wedding or inspirational photoshoot to Rock My Wedding and we’ll take the time to showcase your celebration with the attention (and lack of advertisements) we think it deserves.

We are a revenue-driven business, how to build a business model based on maintaining both our values and our objective of profitability has been challenging.

Rock My Wedding generates revenue in two ways. We host a curated industry supplier network - it is subscription-based. Our members are selected - we approve in the region of 50% of applicants. The monthly fee is a flat £12. We don’t offer “premium” upgrades or preferential treatment, we believe in a level playing field. 

Recycle My Wedding is our pre-loved resale platform. We charge £10 for every wedding outfit listed and £5 for decor and accessories. We don’t take a commission on sales.

Photography by Epic Love Story