The Cambium Affiliate Programme

Working with the industry's best wedding gift lists, we aim to give your couples a seamless wedding gift list experience and an extra £50 to spend on their gift list. Becoming a Cambium Group affiliate also offers you the opportunity to diversify your income.

Rock My Wedding


The Cambium Group is made up of Rock My Wedding, The Wedding Present Company, Prezola, and The Wedding Shop. Being part of the same group means we can guarantee that whichever affiliate programme you decide to sign up for, you will be getting great service and can trust the brand you choose to partner up with. As a group, we believe in transparency and integrity.


Each affiliate programme has the same benefits so it makes choosing the one that's best suited for your business and your couples easy. Once you've been approved as an affiliate, you will receive a unique affiliate number. When a couple registers for a gift list using your unique affiliate reference number, you will receive £10 per registration. Then and there. 

Each time a couple's guests pledge funds to their gift list to buy a gift, you will receive 4% of that pledge amount. Once they have £200 worth of branded product pledged, couples get £50 added to their accounts. Keep track of your earnings in your affiliate account and we pay you any time you request. If you don't request payment we will reach out to you once a quarter to let you know what funds you have ready to be paid.


Signing up is easy. Check out the details of the three gift list providers below and choose which one you feel best aligns with your business and the needs of your couples. Click the sign-up button to get started.

Once you've been approved, you can log into your affiliate account and download all the digital assets you need to be able to promote your affiliation with your chosen gift list brand on your website and social channels.

Select your affiliate partner

Consider who your couples are. Which of the gift lists will best resonate with them? Choosing the best fit is important, not only so your couples get the best experience for them, but because this will result in more registrations which in turn results in more commission for you.

Rock My Wedding


TWS couple test 1-04.png


Couples choose The Wedding Shop for unrivalled choice, flexibility, and exceptional service. Making the wedding gift list journey memorable, meaningful, and a lot of fun. The Wedding Shop always strives to work with integrity, openness, and a smile and have been successfully servicing couples and building gift lists for over 30 years. Popular wedding gifts may change, but The Wedding Shop’s values won’t. 


  • An unlimited selection of gifts

  • A truly personal service

  • Over 450 brands

  • Showrooms

  • Financial guarantee

  • The only gift list with an app


TWS affiliate logo-02-05.png




PZA couple test 1-02-02.png


Prezola has everything couples need to start their newlywed adventure in style. Epic honeymoon funds. Unique homeware. The best tech. Exciting experience days and so much more, all on one flexible gift list. So whether they are looking to kit out their urban pad, embark on the trip of a lifetime or anything (and everything) in between, Prezola couples can add exactly what they want, when they want. 


  • Freedom - add what you want from honeymoons to homeware. 
  • Convenience - Leave the wedmin to Prezola
  • Sustainability - Prezola packaging is 100% recyclable 
  • Confidence - Funds are kept in a ring-fenced account


PZA couple test 2-03.png




WPC affiliate couple 2-06.png


The Wedding Present Company offers a bespoke experience. At their stunning Chelsea showroom, couples can discover an unrivaled collection of over 400 brands. With over 25 years of experience, they can curate a portfolio of favourite brands and special presents couples won’t find anywhere else. Expect excellent service, complete flexibility from the moment they visit the showroom to the day their presents arrive.

  • Two-Storey Showroom in Chelsea where you can view some of our 450 brands

  • 2% of the total list value will be donated to a charity of your choice

  • Dedicated Wedding List Advisor throughout for a truly personal service

  • 100% Ringfence Protection so you can rest easy that guests' pledges are safe


WPC affiliate couple-01-01-01.jpg



Some answers to some of your questions

How much does it cost to register as an affiliate?

It doesn’t cost anything to register on one of Cambium’s affiliate programmes. You simply follow the button to apply and fill out your information.

What is Tapfilliate?

Tapfiliate is the affiliate marketing platform that we use to host our affiliate programmes. You can log in once you've been approved to get all of the digital assets needed to promote your affiliation and also check your balance.

Who is Cambium?

Cambium is a group of companies that includes Rock My Wedding, The Wedding Shop, Prezola and The Wedding Present Company.

When do I get paid?

You can get paid whenever you want to. You can check your balance in your Tapfiliate account, send us an invoice and we will pay you. If we’ve not heard from you in a while we will reach out to let you know what balance you have and see if you want to take it.

Can I cancel my affiliation at any time?

Yes, you can cancel any time you like. There is no fee for doing this. You can cancel your affiliation by emailing

Can I switch affiliate partner?

If you’d like to change your affiliate partner you will need to cancel your existing programme within your Tapfiliate account. You can then come back to this page and sign up for a different affiliate by following the apply now buttons.

How do I get paid?

You will need to send an invoice to us for the amount in your Tapfilliate account that you want to get paid and then we will pay you via bank transfer. You can do this at any time. Once you get approved you will get all the details of this. The email to send your invoices to is

How much money will I make?

Each time a couple registers using your unique link you will receive £10 into your Tapfiliate account.

Each time a guest pledges an amount of money to the couples gift list for a branded product (i.e. Aunty Jane pledges £40 specifically for a Le Creuset pot), 4% of that value gets added to your Tapfilliate account too.


Here’s an example:

Jane & Josh sign up to one of our affiliates using your unique link. You get £10 added to your account.


On the run-up to their wedding, Jane & Josh’s friends and family pledge £2000 on the product gifts that they have on their gift list (this doesn't include any cash funds they might set up). This means that the total you make from Jane & Josh’s gift list is £90.


All for giving them a free, unique code!

Can I sign up to multiple affiliate programmes?

You are able to sign up for one of the affiliate programmes available.

We want both you and your couples to get the most out of the affiliate programme so it’s important that you align yourself with the one that is the best fit for your business and your couples.

You will have a much more successful experience this way. Of course if at any stage you feel you may have chosen the wrong affiliate for you then you can cancel and apply to join a different Cambium affiliate programme.

How do I know which affiliate partner to choose?

Take some time to read through the testimonials above and the service offerings for each gift list. Which of them aligns the best with your business practices, ethos and customer base.

Any other questions?